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What’s gonna happen when they’ll run out of movie titles?

Roger Glover, Windsor, Canada, Aug 21 2014; photo © Nick Soveiko cc-by-nc-sa

Italian webzine Truemetal has a lengthy interview with Roger Glover, which was done by an obvious fan. That makes it twice as interesting for us as the usual fare from the mainstream press (even the musical mainstream press).

This album is the band’s twenty-first over more than 50 years of career. I guess this is a question you hear a lot, but where do you still find the inspiration after all this time?

[Laughs] That’s a good question, the best answer I can give you is something I thought when I was about eight years old.
When I was about eight, I lived in Wales, in a village, and every week we go to the market in the main town and there was a cinema there, and the cinema had big posters outside with the catchy titles of movies, and I actually did think, “What’s gonna happen when they’ll run out of movie titles?”.
Now, that’s a silly thing to think, that’s a typical eight years old thing to think, you can never run out of anything.
Things change and evolve, there are new ways of doing even the older things, that’s how mankind has been going on; we find new ways of doing the same things.

And the question that caused quite a stir in certain quarters recently:

I’ve seen the booklet of the album and noticed that Bruce Payne is not mentioned. He’s been your manager and Deep Purple’s manager for a long time, what happened with him?

We kind of reached an end to our productive years with a manager.
It’s very sad, Bruce is one of my best friends, we still talk, we’re still friends, but we felt the need to change and so we changed.
It doesn’t make any difference to the band, to the music of the band.

Read more in Truemetal. Seriously, it’s well worth your time.

Thanks to AndreA for the info.

Comment to “What’s gonna happen when they’ll run out of movie titles?”:

  1. 1
    Rock Voorne says:

    The topic internet, Spotify et all comes up but it does not really shine much light.

    I used to get familiair with a new album first through family, friends, Sometimes through radio(HeavyRock being boycotted more or less overhere so that was already looking for a needle in a haystack.
    Of course we had recordshops , I m talking end 70’s here, but there werent many around .

    Years later I moved to the city where it was still the situation that one could listen to music in recordshops.
    But there was always this cloud hanging over you that kinda pressed you into buying something.

    I tried to avoid that, why buying something you dont really fall in love with?

    Deep Purple has made it a habit not to promote their new music on YouTube.
    Its understandable.

    But hey…..
    I m no longer that fan that would buy it instantly, just because it said DEEP PURPLE.
    I lost that drive after The battle rages on.
    In those days after TBRO it was still possible to get to know a new album by going to recordshops.

    Purpendicular I postponed buying I think, untill I found a 2nd hand copy of a japanese pressing. Bonustrack Dont Hold your Breath plus allegedly better sound, what else could I do?

    Right now I dont even know if there is a recordshop here. I might go looking for it.

    Once in a long time I visit a certain 2nd hand store. Once in while I feel the irrational urge to do so.
    Looking for something that got lost?
    Sometimes I order a special vinyl Deep Purple, but refrain to extend that “hunger” too much.
    Very weird experience, seeing shop owners grow very old and bald or grey , youngsters I never saw around them.
    The same old smell of the stuff.
    The same large basement.
    New vinyl for ridiculous prices….

    Listening to small short samples through , what it called,I tunes or whetever?

    I never became a radiolistener so I dont have a clue if thats still a possibility.

    I must admit in recent years a friend of mine was able to dig up a Torrent of a MP3 and that became my first taster.Which sucks because MP 3 sucks.
    Youtube was also MP 3 but they bettered that, I think?


    How do you people get acquainted with new music?

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