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Creation and recreation

Ian Paice in Kingston, Canada, Feb 9, 2012; photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Paicey spoke to Forbes about the new album Whoosh. While he may not have said something groundbreaking that had not been said elsewhere, it’s good to see the band getting exposure in mainstream media (and along with CNN and Fox News that makes as mainstream in American media as it can get). But Paicey is being Paicey, and he’s always insightful one way or the other.

It sounds like everything came together pretty quick. What kind of an impact does that have on things?

IP: If you can make a record quickly – and that means getting things caught in three or four takes – it’s generally a good record. Because you haven’t got bored with playing it.

The albums that are a problem are where you just can’t get the backing track and you’ve had to play it fifteen or sixteen times. Which times, you may have gotten it perfect – but it’s no good. It’s lost all its humanity. It’s lost all its inspiration. Everything you’re doing is something you did before. So that act of creation is gone and it’s now recreation. And it just isn’t the same.

When we started working with Bob Ezrin in 2012 – which is amazing, three records ago now – he just took that out of the equation. He just said, “No. Once we’ve done it three or four times, I promise you, I have all the bits I want. We’re gonna move on and we’re gonna keep it exciting and vibrant.” Which is what he’s done. And which we’ve found is so enjoyable. So it’s not unusual to go in the studio for six hours and come out with three backing tracks. That’s how quick it can be. So that’s refreshing.

And it’s fun to record. Because for years it wasn’t fun. For years it was a labor of work – where being on stage is a labor of love. And now it’s all a labor of love. Now it’s something we look forward to. And that is a wonderful feeling.

Rad more at Forbes.com.

Thanks to Yvonne for the info.

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    Dr. Bob says:

    He makes it sound likely that there is at least one more album to come.

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