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A household name

PR people at Edel are certainly learning their upkeep this time around as Whoosh got a mention on CNN:

Darker than Blue also reports that adverts for the album have been spotted on a famously red double-decker London city bus.

Blabbermouth has a review of the album, giving it 9 out of 10:

Depending on which generational camp you may fall into, DEEP PURPLE might be a household name. The band is absolutely legendary, and rightfully so. After establishing a psychedelic rock sound, the band’s format morphed into something significantly heavier, helping to create heavy metal’s template. Outside of their eight-year-long disbandment, the act has been running strong for over fifty years. Now in 2020, they’ve returned with their 21st studio album: “Whoosh!”, an album that is likely to satisfy a bulk of the English band’s devoted fanbase.

Read more on Blabbermouth.

Thanks to Akemi Ono and Gary Poronovich for the heads up.

6 Comments to “A household name”:

  1. 1
    Stephen James Smith says:

    So wonderful to see Deep Purple supported by such magnificent PR.

  2. 2
    uwe hornung says:

    Well, better than Fox News!

  3. 3
    stoffer says:

    FANTASTIC piece of PR by Edel, lets leave the politics for different websites👍

  4. 4
    Andreas Neudi Neuderth says:


  5. 5
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    uwe horning @2,

    Let us leave politics the heck out of this forum. I am a moderate leaning right common sense cat. :> I can get nasty, and not proud of it, on things right and left if challenged to a “debate”.

    I leave this with good will to you and all. :>

    Ted :>

  6. 6
    Attila says:

    Agree. No politics here. We have much more important things to discuss.

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