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Mark 2 picks up a songwriting award

Deep Purple Mark 2 are the the winners of the 2019 Ivor Novello Award in International Achievement category. This is sort of a “lifetime achievement” category, as opposed to any particular song or album. The awards, knows as The Ivors, are presented annually in London by the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA). The award itself is a bronze sculpture of Euterpe, the muse of lyric poetry.

Update May 24: The awards were presented yesterday, May 23, at the Grosvenor House in London, with Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, and Ian Paice in attendance. Deep Purple Mark 2 were honoured “acknowledging an exceptional legacy that has inspired and shaped generations of hard rock musicians all over the world”.

Thanks to M Magazine and Blabbermouth for the info and to marcus for the heads up.

15 Comments to “Mark 2 picks up a songwriting award”:

  1. 1
    Adel Faragalla says:

    I love Ian Gillan and Roger Glover and if it wasn’t for them DP as we know might has never took off but please let’s open our hearts and minds and praise MK3 line up. Burn as an album is the complete DP album in my opinion. It has all elements of heavy rock funky and blusy elements. Nothing on earth can challenge the material of Burn as an album. Peace

  2. 2
    MacGregor says:

    Nice to see. A prestigious award indeed. Cheers.

  3. 3
    Allegra Hill says:

    Why only Mark II?

  4. 4
    La Shezza says:

    I’ve no idea what this award is about in all honesty but Mk2 made such a significant contribution musically that if they get more recognition than other lineups, I can see the logic.

  5. 5
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Well… I guess it’s a bit better than awarding it to them posthumously! .

  6. 6
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    This is a nice recognition. Congratulations! They had some great songs, e.g., Speed King, Child in Time, Fireball, Fools, Pictures of Home, Never Before, Woman from Tokyo, Our Lady.

  7. 7
    Wiktor says:

    They (Mk 2) deserve it, the only purple formation worth listening to…

  8. 8
    Suze says:

    Congratulations to DP. Well deserved. RB absent as usual.

  9. 9
    Jean says:

    Cool news! MK2 receiving the respect it deserves. Let’s be honest: all other marks contributed to (or surfed on) the success of the MK2, but the legend, the real one, only comes from the songs out of this era!
    Every single member from these years is equally vital to this great achievement.

  10. 10
    Micke says:

    @ 7 I started with mk III and mk IV and they are just as good in their own way. As is mk I.

  11. 11
    Dr. Bob says:

    No doubt that other versions of the band contributed a few good songs to the DP legacy, but songs from 1970-1973 are among the core classic rock songs. All due respect to other versions of the band, but DP wouldn’t still be touring with set-lists heavy from Made in Japan and we wouldn’t have a thehighwaystar website if not for the brillance of the Mark II songwriting and sound.

  12. 12
    NWO says:

    @1 – Maybe you would consider Machine Head over Burn? I know most DP fans would!

    I was in Mexico a few months back at the Hard Rock Hotel. Every night they had a different cover band out in the lobby. TO my surprise every night but one they played Highway Star and really rocked it out! I talked to the bands after the show, the only Mk 3 track they liked to play was Mistreated…

  13. 13
    Buttockss says:

    @1 In Rock is the complete album, and is more solid then burn. Ask many the influences of artists that will say that’s what got them into playing…..and they all start with In Rock or Machine Head, not Burn.

  14. 14
    MacGregor says:

    Some people commenting here seem to not understand the Ivor Novella awards, or more to the point, the category for each award. International Achievement was awarded to Mark 2 Deep Purple. Pretty straight forward if you ask me. Cheers.

  15. 15
    Pete says:

    Richly deserved,Deep Purple Mk 2 are the best band of all time.In Rock is the best album of all time.Simple as that.

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