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Classic Rock Innovators Award

Planet Rock Radio’s Darren Reddick has just interviewed Ian Gillan and Roger Glover in the UK. During the show it was mentioned that tonight Deep Purple are to receive the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Innovators Award (whatever that is…)
You can listen to the show, and the interview here using their listen again feature.

for those having trouble finding the link try here the interview starts at about 1hr20 in

43 Comments to “Classic Rock Innovators Award”:

  1. 1
    errol arias says:

    I couldnt find the “listen again” feature you mentioned above in the Planet Rock Website.. could anybody please be more specific? i wanto know what the heck is “Classic Rock Roll of Honour Innovators Award”…

  2. 2
    Paul Jacklin says:

    Sorry to be a bit thick – but couldn’t find the ‘listen again feature’. Any clues?

  3. 3
    dave_wallis says:

    That is for Rapture of the Deep, isn’t it?

  4. 4
    stephen says:

    try : http://player.planetrock.com/?odCat=33&odItem=9243, it’s about 1 hour 20 into the show

  5. 5
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Here’s a clip.


  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Who the fuck are the Steel Panthers?
    Gene Simmons almost looks like a mummy.

    What a waste of time.

  7. 7
    dave_wallis says:

    Or simply click here: http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/cr-awards-the-winners/

  8. 8
    Roberto says:




  9. 9
    StratKat (a.k.a. 'T') says:

    Outside of the very loyal fan base, Deep Purple remains a bit of an enigma. When speaking with other musicians about their influences, I get the same blasé, trite and predictable answers. But when I mention Deep Purple, it’s always, “Oh, yeah. I forgot about THEM! They were the BEST!”

    Mark II slid right into the slot between Hendrixesque psychadelia and stadium hard rock. As such, they were the transition with a huge underground following and changed the face of the rock map while most (particularly in the US) hardly noticed. By the time the group was the “Biggest Band in the World,” it was Mark III faces on the photo shoots with a sound that was quite different than what most consider to be the “original” band. By the time it was all sorted out, the band didn’t exist, and the Reformation came in the waning times of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with rap just around the corner.

    None of that mattered. In the meanwhile, they were the group with the organ and the guitar player who played with his feet–a group famous for long jams and theatrics under the strobe lights–the Loudest Band in the World, knocking people unconscious and causing riots. And they did it without make-up and glitter.

    Deep Purple were not the first at anything–but they made it cool, be it Hammond-fueled rock or a group pitted against an orchestra. The skyline of Marshall amps behind the band became the symbol of hard rock music for years to come, taken to extreme by hair bands standing in front of walls of empty Marshall cabinets. Playing a Strat in a group was the big deal, despite the declining quality of the instrument at the time. Smashing a guitar into oblivion became almost cliché. Mixing medieval modes and classical or baroque structures into the songs paved the way for later musicians. Then there was all that screaming. Deep Purple were like Henry Ford. He didn’t invent the assembly line–he just perfected it.

    So Deep Purple *were* innovators. Unfortunately, today’s kids picking up a Strat at Guitar Center and banging out some power chords on a Marshall probably do not realize it. These guys were never “trendy”. They often didn’t speak to the “right” people, or become politicized. But the band was always there–even after their demise. A long list of big names can be attributed to having Deep Purple as an influence, and just about all of them more recognizable than the band without whom these musicians most likely would not exist.

    The kids today might know “Smoke on the Water”. They might even have heard of “Highway Star”. But they probably can’t name the band who recorded those songs.

  10. 10
    micke says:

    @6 Maybe he is a mummy..? 😉

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    In the meantiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..

    Wow, Black Sabbath MK I yesterday announced their return.
    This time a new album seems a bigger probability than when they last reunited in the 90’s.

    Personally I d loved to see them return with Martin and Rondinelli but this is exiting as well.

    It kinda brings back the feelings I had when DP MK II reformed in april, 1984.

    With Deep Purple I ve lost hope for anything good concerning MK II but hey, at least I had my shots in the 80’s and 90’s.

  12. 12
    Tommy H. says:

    The Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame would be an honor. It’s a shame, that years pass and nothing happens. What does a rock musician or band have to achieve that Deep Purple hasn’t already done?

  13. 13
    dave_wallis says:

    @12 You shouldn’t tarnish the legend of the band, and Purple legacy is unfortunately a bit smudged, not as solid that the one of LZ, BS or Queen.
    There were too many line-up changes and too many medicore albums. I’m not so sure if Purple is as relevant these days as the above bands. The truth is that the best Purple lasted only a couple of years, say 1969-72 whereas when you have a look at other Greats careers it lasted much longer.

  14. 14
    Larry R. Toering says:


    “With Deep Purple I ve lost hope for anything good concerning MK II but hey, at least I had my shots in the 80’s and 90’s.”

    Just glad I know the facts while you speculate when and why this became the case. Look no further than your guitar hero, and his seriously impossible agenda. Man, some of the stuff he pulled is why it all went south for you.(but apparently not them, just your opinion of them) He single handedly tried to screw them, and himself in the process. Oh yes! Funny as hell to know, rather than pissed as hell to not… but it was clearly all of his doing, it’s just too bad you can’t fathom that, somehow. Maybe he just knew he was out of Rainbow rehash at the time, ha ha, who knows what he was thinking. The man made a fool of himself in the process, at least to his immediate work environment, and it all reads very well, because it’s true. And you want to run your mouth complaining about it with no clue as to why… well, no one has stopped you, so good for you… but don’t think it’s because you’re right, ha ha ha!

  15. 15
    Roberto says:

    it is really strange Deep Purple receive the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Innovators Award when they perform with the same old set list from years while being without a new album from 2005…

  16. 16
    StratKat says:

    Re: #12

    “What does a rock musician or band have to achieve that Deep Purple hasn’t already done?”

    Answer: Become PC, political, trendy, and hob-knob with the “right” people.

  17. 17
    stoffer says:

    @12 I understand what you are saying, LZ never had lineup changes but Sab sure did and Queen had their issues too, but medicore albums?? take a long look at some the bands in R n R HOF and you have to look hard or should I say SCROUNGE for any decent albums. Its all a ******* popularity contest and the Purps no matter what MK, were never out to win the contest, the same goes for Jethro Tull, Steve Miller or even bands like Little Feat these groups along with our DP could start their own…………. ; )

    btw MK III & the reunion of MK II in my opinion still better than anything BS or Queen ever did, and the legend continues

  18. 18
    ormandy says:

    >>> Deep Purple were like Henry Ford. He didn’t invent the assembly line–he just perfected it.

    Love it T.

  19. 19
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    “T” @9…

    First off I still say you should change your handle to Strat”T”Kat. Second, that is probably the best overview of Purple’s existence and ‘place in line’ that I have read. Everything I have said in various parts of expression over time, but in total here and concise and no wasted words like I would have added. This really hit their position in the music realm to the “T”. Good job.
    Uh oh, I used another letter reference. Let’s see where the scrutiny comes from this time.

    Priest @11…

    Yes Black Sabbath MK1 are reuniting with Ozzy Osbourne and a new album will be produced followed by a world tour in 2012. Though I am glad that a new album will be offered from BS, I too am not that excited regarding Ozzy being back. Ozzy won’t do any DIO, Hughes, Martin, or Gillan tunes. Would love to hear his take on “Heaven and Hell”, “No Stranger to Love”, “Zero the Hero”, or “Headless Cross”, but he as with Gillan in Purple won’t do any songs from other line-ups. But at least they are doing an album whereby it won’t be just the same old Original Sabbath greatest hits setlist as has been offered in their shows at the Ozzfests over and over. They will at least be able to offer some new material to go along with the reunion. One had to see this coming though on the shirt-tail of DIO’s demise. Sharon has a knack for jumping on a lucrative bandwagon and didn’t want to let this moment pass before Iommi and Co. snapped up another singer to continue on. Timing is everything and with all the hoopla regarding DIO bringing Sabbath to the spotlight it was a no-brainer for someone as savvy as Mrs. Osbourne to take advantage. Too bad she didn’t marry a Purple. She knows how to promote. It would be a totally different story for Deep Purple had she been at the helm….


  20. 20
    Larry R. Toering says:

    The remarks in my previous post in no way define or lean my opinion of him, just a fact hint concerning one thing, and one that has been speculated for what appears to be justified after all. You would think knowing it would change certain minds… we’ll see…

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 14

    That might be so, more or less but….

    To me it always was a BIG FACT that Blackmore couldnt stand Gillan’s lack of professionalism way back.

    Not that he minded Ian drank, he did himself so, but for a singer smoking and drinking is a’much more destructive stupid behaviour.

    Ofcourse, what conflicts my idea is that Gillan seemed to sing better around 88 and later.
    But by then the reunion was about 4 years old, so maybe Blackmore already had enough of it and not able to become positive about again.

    Seeing Ian doing Garth Rocket I felt so frustrated.
    I wish he did look and sing like that in 85!!!

    There are so many aspects of the DP history that have been discussed for ages now.

    One of them is the Jon Lord quote about the demise of them in 1973 :” We writing so well!!!”
    Why then did Lordy not persuade the others in 1996 to use great tracks from WDWTWA?
    Was he vetoed?

    The Gillan/Blackmore debate.

    Although I think all 5 MK 2 memebers were great in their own right I still think Gillan should not have fought the battle of “Who’s boss.”

    Face it, Gillan’s voice was GOD like ten years earlier and now shot.
    Unlike Blackmore he is no big composer.

    How much I like the GILLAN albums, Toolbox and so on, the RAINBOW material is the stuff that’s timeless.

  22. 22
    George Fotis says:

    That’ s great news Purple Priest, about Black Sabbath, i have just learn’t it from you. But the Ozzy & Tony realationship is a bit like Gillan & Blackmore . They have had their problems in the past & how long will it last. I’m interested to hear how heavy the new album is going to be.

  23. 23
    HZ says:

    DP has in it’s opus more than enough to become 2 times member of r’n’r hall of fame, still it will not happen as there’s to much negativity about this band. True, Ritchie is anti-media persona, whether he tried to become friendly or not, he is weird in a way and truly eccentric (I think he couldn’t chose his nature, and in my opinion it’s related to his ingenuity music wise). From the other side Gillan is very, very lazy person, and I think that lyrics in Lazy are to kind to him, as well he indeed deteriorated for mentioned reasons. Still 69-74 is more than enough to make them after LZ in conventional way, not to say that DP family is what counts for music lovers in fact. First three Rainbow albums are among any other Purple album, but it’s different story.
    I disagree that they had a lot of “plane” albums, I find that more to be applied to LZ, even more than to BS. Still their image is bad, and there’s a lot of .hit between them, to much, to many bad words and bad attitude.
    From the other side if we are to be musically correct, DP is on of the best bands ever, with the influence that can’t be denied eve though people try to avoid mentioning it. And if we’re to be correct from business side, they’re one of the worst bands from management point of view, with 0 points marketing wise, etc. .hit over .hit, to be precise.

  24. 24
    Rascal says:


    Gillan/Blackmore debate?? Only in YOUR head

  25. 25
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Comical as usual… rock music is not about technical prowess, it’s about fun… four against one there, the rest is history. It lends very well to them not just pumping out an album for the sake of it, face it, without the unity thru compromise, people lose just the same as you see it. It’s very simple for dime o dozen great guitarists to be technically hung up, great singers don’t have to be so concerned about the small stuff… they’re way too rare by comparison.. get it, yet? You struggle with your own image of it all, just don’t join a band, it might kill you to co-exist that way. You can only swim against this tide for so long… sooner or later the music is all there will be to remember, rather than this massive moral victory stuff. Blackmore and Gillan = two guys who really have you concerned with everything but music.

    HZ for manager, or leave it to Chuck Norris with a Harvard degree.

  26. 26
    igor liba says:

    sabbath makes a reunion.
    why not MK2?????
    the best what can be happen

  27. 27
    deep lavender says:

    #9 “T”

    Couldn’t have been said more perfectly.

  28. 28
    Jaro says:

    Too old to rock and roll ,too young to die …

  29. 29
    Roberto says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3vD1uvQ_4s “Deep purple” and “innovation” ?

  30. 30
    HZ says:

    Larry, Larry. Big words again. I merely tried to give my humble opinion on R’n’R Hall of Fame and mind-frame of people pulling the strings over there, with our heroes sad position in such world, and you came with this complex analysis of nothing even implied here.
    As for music, I agree, in the end music will remain to speak for itself, as always.
    And Chuck Norris doesn’t need Harvard Degree, Harvard needs his approval to give such degree.

  31. 31
    soonpush says:

    No award that matter for current Purple — when Glenn Hughes’ Black Country Communion made real big success.
    I see it as a kind of consolation prize to Morse Purple.
    because “Rapture of the Deep” could sell only 5,000 copies in U.S.A.
    Roger Glover suggested the next studio album might be EP.
    Ian Gillan recently said that I can’t understand rock business so well.
    Joe Elliot once pointed out that Deep Purple lost forever potential commercial advantage for musically failed album “The Battle Rages On”.
    New DVD “Live at the Montreax 2011” was a splendid performance, but I noticed several great songs didn’t be included there – For example “Sometime I Feel like a Screaming”, “Seventh Heaven”, “Razzle Dazzle”.

  32. 32
    Roberto says:

    @31…Was Joe Elliot joking? I think that TBRO could be described as the machine head of the ’90….the best post-reunion Purple album with PS and Purpendicular…a masterpiece of an hard rock album…
    “Rapture of the Deep” could sell only 5,000 copies in U.S.A? so, where’s the problem? it sold 1.500.000 copies around the world…

  33. 33
    stoffer says:

    Only 5,000 copies of Rapture sold in the US?? I will believe that when ‘someone proves that on this site’……not that it was a great LP but only 5,000 copies!!, I will be sad if that is the truth…………….

  34. 34
    Bigger Al says:

    I have to agree with Roberto,all you regulars who don’t care for RB remember,its only an opinion, I think TBRO is an excellent pice of work, there isn’t one bad song on it,Anya and Solitaire are my favorites. all involved in its making should be proud of it. Too bad thats all gone…….at least for now????????

  35. 35
    dave_wallis says:

    Well, “A Twist in the Tale” is a bit of a boring stinker, and “Time to Kill” is a a bit below the usual standard, but overall it’s a decent album.

    What Joe Elliot meant was that TBRO was a commercial (not artistic) failure. And that’s when Purple lost in the US.

  36. 36
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I love every brother or sister of Spotlight Kid : )

  37. 37
    Larry R. Toering says:

    @HZ -if you said anything comical and I followed it with ‘BIG’ words, it might help to know I only addressed you with the management comment, the first part was directed at Priest, and NO ‘BIG’ words used, in fact not one. So follow the thread, please. As for the management comment, I have always had a respect for Bruce, but others tend to think they know what entertainment middle management is all about and they think they could handle such a job or something. My comment was concerning your ‘humble opinion’ of that, nothing more… you lept hard there, not my mistake, yours.

    @Roberto or whoever said Rapture only sold 5,000 in the US, well… what the hell difference does it make when sales in Bulgaria brought them above the million mark within a year, and the tour edition helped that I’m sure, but it is what it is. I would stick closer to that figure than the 5,000 US copies crap.What on this earth does the US have to do with Deep Purple record sales since 1987 when THOBL capped out here at 900,000 that year anyway?

  38. 38
    Larry R. Toering says:

    @Priest -the drinking comments, ha ha ha… so, you think drinking half a bottle of scotch before the show does wonders for a guitarists fingers, timing, dexterity and hand/eye coordination? Especially when he does it all before the gig, as where Ian’s heavier drinking is after shows when the performance is over. You really are funny! Blackmore said something like one time about Ian’s itinerary while they were on tour, and the fans make a mountain out of a mole hill while Blackmore goes around admitting on film that all he does while on tour is play futbol, visit casltes and DRINK while on tour in 1993. Here is another fact for you, according to the radio interview on the day they landed down in Japan without him… everything shut down when Gillan did not visit one castle with them, since then Blackmore has not spoken to him. So, unless Ian is a diabolical liar, Ritchie simply could not handle Ian’s choice of activities while on tour, which really was just his choice not to spend his

  39. 39
    Larry R. Toering says:

    time the same way…. who on earth thinks they can tell anyone how to spend their free time? Blackmore left over that, but tried to point the finger at other things, which by 1996 constituted 3 completely different reasons for leaving, all published in the press. But the thing is, doesn’t he even know his own contradictions? Once again this has nothing to do with my opinion of him in any way, just a factual counter balance for all of your bitching.

  40. 40
    purplepriest1965 says:


    It was you that told me not to believe everything Ian Gillan says. : )

  41. 41
    Mccu says:

    In sad thing, Steve Morse’s solo albums also is left by the wayside due to too low sales compared to Joe Bonamassa’s’ high sales.
    I worries his solo carrier might be neglected as having a long term with DP position.

  42. 42

    Mi sentimiento como Fan de DP es que si merecen dicho premio y más,porque no están en el salon de la fama,por que siempre ha sido una m… injusticia y nada más.La mayoría de las grandes bandas tuvieron cambios en su alineación y tambien hicieron discos mediocres ¿o no?.solo muy pocas bandas como LZ,QUEEN,U2 son entre las pocas bandas que no tuvieron cambios de alineación,pero discos mediocres tambien ellos los han tenido.El caso de BS Tambien tuvo muchos cambios de alineacion y así pudieramos seguir escribiendo cientos de lineas con respecto a este tema.Para terminar hace poco entronizaron al salón de la fama a la banda G&R,¿se lo merecen más que Deep Purple,yo no estoy de acuerdo ¿uds?.

  43. 43
    Super Purple says:

    Es una verdad absoluta que ganar un premio Grammy o ingresar al Salón de la Fama NO significa calidad de un grupo o artista musical. La historia ha demostrado las injusticias que se han cometido en la entrega de los Grammy’s. Que mejor ejemplo que los Grammy’s 1989 cuando le REGALARON el premio a Jethro Tull pero debería haberlo ganado Metallica.

    Y el Salón de la Fama es otra injusticia. ¿ Como es posible que Deep Purple lleve tocando 44 años desde su fundación y aún no ingresa ?

    Las ventas de álbumes tampoco valen pues quien aparece más en los medios de comunicación más discos vende. Y si un grupo tiene amigos en la prensa, radio o TV estos mismos amigos lo van ayudar a tener más difusión.

    ¿ Entonces que representa calidad ?

    La calidad es IMPROVISAR en vivo sin ser ayudados por Synclavers ni Computadoras. La calidad es mantener un buen nivel musical hasta la actualidad como lo vemos claramente en el último disco de estudio “Rapture of the Deep” y en el último álbum en vivo “Deep Purple with Orchestra: Live at Montreux 2011”. La calidad demuestra a un cantante que tiene casi 67 y aún tiene voz aceptable sin ayuda de efectos.

    En lo anterior Deep Purple no tiene competidores y ahora ha sido demostrado justamente en este premio que le ha entregado la revista británica “Classic Rock” en la categoría Premio a la Innovación (en inglés: “The Innovator Award”).

    Pero Deep Purple no debe conformarse. Merece ganar no uno sino VARIOS Grammy’s y muchos premios más y además ingresar al Salón de la Fama. Debemos presionar para que esto suceda.

    ¡¡¡ Felicitaciones y larga vida a Deep Purple !!!

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