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Chopin’s Story presented by Ian Gillan

The premier of the film ‘Chopin’s Story’, presented by Ian Gillan, is to receive its premier on November 25th at Progresja in Warsaw. As well as the launch of the film the venue will also play host to Polish rock band Kruk. A potential November DVD release is also being planned.

Chopin Poster
Exctracts of an interview with Jerzy Szkamruk below:

Who came up with the idea of getting Ian Gillan for the project and what did you want to achieve by that?

It is a long story. The idea of getting a worldwide formula star as a narrator for the documentary had been evolving for a couple of years. We were to do a film about the salt mine in Wieliczka with Ruthger Hauer, but nothing really materialised. Roman Rogowiecki was involved in that project and we were really close to make it happen. In the Chopin Year [2010] I asked Roman to find a person who would narrate Chopin’s story in an entertaining way. We were considering a couple of people, but Roman was bent on getting Ian Gillan who received our film and developed a great liking to it. And so Ian became the narrator of our film.

Okay, we all know that film recording requires some sort of discipline. Was Ian disiciplined on the set as the presenter?

Indeed, he was. Ian comes from very firm branch of show business and we knew it perfectly well that if he copes on stage and in many different projects (the one in Gdansk with Baltic Philharmonics, his duet with Pavarotti and many, many more) he must be somewhat disciplined. It’s no doubt, because years of working on stage, shape every human being. Apart from that, all the show businnes people, or people from what we call in Poland ‘the West’ are folks who succeeded thanks to the discipline and nothing else. Work, work and work!

Exactly. Ian recollects on your cooperation with a lot of warmth. How did you feel the work with such an artist as Ian was going for you?

I’ve said it before that I’m glad we did the shooting before Deep Purple’s concert in Katowice not after. It was in concert where it dawned on me how mighty Deep Purple and their music is. Owing to this seemingly unimportant fact, I treated my work with Ian as a laid back experience. Of course there is always stress because of vartious doubts, but after the first few takes it turned out Ian was very good on the set. He also swiftly memorised the narration text and learned to dance Oberek (Polish regional dance). There were slight mishaps on both sides but that’s how it goes when you work on something big for the very first time. I remember Ian had some objections when it comes to the script itself, because it wasn’t written in the language he would have liked. Ian always paid attention to the English language. I remember him joking: ‘If my English teacher heard this and not the other phrase, I would have my hands treated with a ruler.’ That’s the way it was both in Polish and English school back in the day. As you can see the old methodology of teaching is still preserved nowadays. We didn’t always keep up with Ian. The fact the script needed stylistic reworking was actually a waste of time. But I think those two were the only elements that shattered the harmony of shooting the film a bit – ‘shattered’ is not the best, I’d say they made the work a little difficult. I don’t know if we should say this to people, but on the other hand I think it’s our common experience – Ian’s and mine. Looking at things in a different way, the atmosphere in places where Chopin actually was, was very inspiring to Ian. I think it was for the better. When you’re in places where Chopin was…

And you see what’s going on around you…

And you see what’s going on around you, you can see the surroudnings, architecture, scenery, folklor you’re yield to inspiration. Your imagination opens up and everything works better then.
Tell me how Ian reacted when he got to know about the project?
I haven’t got a clue really. I sent my promotional film entitled ‘Fryderyk 2010’ to Ian. Roman was involved in that, and he said Ian really liked the film and that he would like to work with us. I was really surprised that in our times, where everything is in a constant rush, and people are overwhelmed with their daily routines we got the swift answer from people who are well known. It was a great, optimistic feeling – Ian saw my film and liked it but first and foremost he wanted to do the narration.

When seeing Ian in new role for him what will the old fans experience?

Some kind of Ian’s universality as a human being. The man who is mature, shaped by life and has had a lot of experience and considerable knowledge. I remember being young and all the older people, especially the parents, were saying rock was evil, and that it turned peoples’ grey matter to the left. It turns out rock musicians have proper education and immense life knowledge. It wasn’t what they were trying to talk into us back then. For instance, Brian May of Queen has a PhD in astronomy! All of the musicians are vastly characterised by positive divergence from the musicians of today, presenters or DJ’s. I’m positively surprised by this fact and we have acheived what we wanted to in the first place.

59 Comments to “Chopin’s Story presented by Ian Gillan”:

  1. 1
    Maybe I'm A Leo says:

    Let’s just get this new album out, Too Many side projects!

  2. 2
    kraatzy says:

    I agree with MAYBE I’M A LEO …

    Too many construction areas will get the main building site neglected.

    *LLRnR* and not Chopin …


  3. 3
    dave_wallis says:

    Exactly. Who cares about Chopin when we need new Purple/Gillan album.

  4. 4
    jeff says:

    Interesting how IG has time and is amenable to do this sort of collaboration, yet DP collectively seem to have lost the creative spark that once made their next work worth waiting for- alas, i fear the next ( group ) work is at infinity….

  5. 5
    buttockss says:

    Where’s Oko Yono ?

  6. 6
    dale says:

    Well said “Maybe I’m A Leo” Musicians should write music as a natural profession.

  7. 7
    marcinn says:

    To all of you, who are way too ready and willing to bash Gillan for his participation in this project. He did his narration in the first take, and did the shooting in between shows Deep Purple played in Poland last year.

    And what’s wrong with putting some of his side projects in the spotlight?

    He did great on camera!

  8. 8
    Larry R. Toering says:

    This project was done some time ago, distribution for the DVD is being persued, and apparently at least a deal for Poland has finally been made. The show is remarkable indeed, as Gillan tours Chopin and narrates the experience, embellished with bits of history about his Polish years and Poland in general. So, I do recommend the DVD when it comes out, and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t like it, because it’s fantastic, and everyone who has screened it agrees. This event is basically just one of the pre-release activities, it will be out soon enough, hopefully.

  9. 9
    George Martin says:

    Ian Gillan’s next project (album) will be with Tony Iommi. I spoke with Tony last week. It was at one of his book signings. I told him I really liked the Who Cares cd and the remastered Born Again album with the live from Reading disc. He then talked about working with Ian again and said it is going to happen. Sometime in April of next year. I can’t imagine Purple having anything new come out before this Gillan/Iommi cd. Who knows when anything new from Purple will be out? No info on who else will participate, what the band will be called or if there will be any touring.

  10. 10
    Annemie says:

    First of all, I agree with #1 /2 /3/4 etc… As opinion, I couldn’t say it better.

    But the good news…Ian’s voice is most probably still suitable as narrator.And also concerning his memory of the lyrics…he can look at his script whenever he needs to !

    And perhaps worth knowing for the more rich fans amongst us…what would be the rates of exchange from the Polish Zlotty?
    Interesting to know what’s in it…

    Chopin gave all what he had for the fans and for Poland…even his life…
    Lets hope that perhaps this gives some inspiration to Gillan …even only for an album 😉

    Cheers to hard rock and to all true fans 8)

  11. 11
    Maybe I'm A Leo says:

    Ok Purplites. Let’s just list all the side projects since Rapture was released; Ian Gillan-2 solo albums, Who Cares w/ Tony Iommi, Don Airey-2 solo albums, Roger Glover-solo album, Steve Morse-several side projects(not really a Morse fan) , Paicey- none that I know of. Please list more. In that time we should have seen at least 2 Purple albums. I think they have run out of creativity , there tours have the same basic set list. Enough said.

  12. 12
    Larry R. Toering says:


    With Black Sabbath back together following straight up on finishing their album and embarking on a world tour… that is where Iommi will be hung up by April, unless he still wants to do something with Ian, at which they will squeeze out? Naw, with Sharon’s hooks I highly doubt he will have the room in his contract, seriously, if I know her, she worked it all to that exclusive advantage… here is hoping I’m wrong, but she pulled all kinds of that nonsense the last time Iommi and Ozzy touched one another. I spoke to Iommi myself in ’07, and he said he would in fact be doing another album with Glenn, more likely than a solo album, and as you can see, well too much has transpired in Glenn’s world for that to have been even possible, so it goes to show these guys with their rubber carrots… there is just no way little deals are going to trump bigger deals and get projects of that sort out in front of them.


    Oh dear, what now? Two albums for the sake of it? Enjoy that thought while it lasted?

  13. 13
    Roberto says:

    @9 I don’t think so…now the original Black Sabbath are reunited and I don’t think they will have much time to do side-projects…being with Deep Purple Gillan got much more time to spend on other things than on a new album with his band…
    anyway I don’t have any problem with Chopin dvd and the reason why lay on Marcinn’s explanation…

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Considering that they have been able to squeeze out little or bigger things in a short time……

    I read that the BS album will be be there in Fall of next year.
    In june they will gig that one off show.

    Right now they;re working on the new album I guess.

    So, Ian and Tony could spend some time between april and fall because one show does not really interfere with doing something together.

    Looking at the press conference I feel that they are aiming to come back in proper condition.
    I mean they will work on their physique and perfect the live show.

    But still, between april and june?

    A bit about “Chopin”.
    I always found his voice perfect for narrating, espescially when oI0 heard ‘his contribution to the Darwin album.

    I dont think a side project is something to be negative about related to not releasing a new DP album.

    Carrots? Oh well : )

  15. 15
    Joanna says:

    I can agree there are too many side projects, but I’m also glad Ian Gillan is interested in Chopin. I’m always glad to hear rock musicians are interested not only in rock music. Don Airey always plays one of Chopin’s polonaises when DP is in Poland.
    Haha, and Mr Gillan’s dream has come true: he’s become an actor 😀
    If you only can, I advise you to watch this film, it’s exciting indeed.

  16. 16
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    As far as Gillan being an actor…..if that was his dream, he truly missed the boat long ago by turning down the film production of Jesus Christ Superstar which was offered to him. Oddly he stated at the time that it would mar his reputation as the singer in Deep Purple. Meanwhile prior to that, Purple did Lord’s Concerto, and then Glover’s ‘Butterfly Ball’ live performance? Sorry, but I do believe JCS would have been a great catapult to not only Gillan’s but also Purple’s popularity and success. So many poor decisions in the past have led to the unfortunate lack of proper due for this band. Their personal decisions and management. What a shame.


  17. 17
    olivier says:

    it’s the persons that interrst me, any side project is good to me, I don’t live or die by how many fans I have converted to my fav band at school (I’m not in school since long), if a record or other project has persons i care for on it, I buy, and judges it only by its own merits, what are you trying to realise by bashing everything like that ?

  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 16

    I think you’re absolutely right.

  19. 19
    Roberto says:

    @16 I really agrre…and Gilla refused the “don’t cry for me argentina” movie with Madonna if I’m not getting wrong abut the title…

  20. 20
    Larry R. Toering says:

    @Priest, you must have glossed over the part where a massive world tour is being booked, which will likely start before the festival gig. It’s just their only confirmed gig to entice the public. Is that not orange enough for you? The rubber carrot actually digesting belongs to making good on out loud thoughts in the press. I’m willing to bet serious cash against Ian and Tony resuming any of this hardly sketched plan. The mention of such a thing takes a back seat now…. you talk as if they signed a deal and Sabbath stand in the way of nothing.

  21. 21
    Larry R. Toering says:


    You are the first I’ve heard to acknowledge JCS as anything but a joke. :)He said it would hurt his current financial opportunities, as they offered him practically nothing for months away against his nightly take with Purple, which was a split of five grand minimum net pay per show, and potantially thousands more, depending on the gig rates, which varied from five thousand a night to figures such as sixty to a hundred and sixty thousand, and increased to that tune over the next couple of years. Had he done the movie he would have lost a small fortune. The Concerto and BB performances took very little rehearsal and resulted in something 3 shows altogether, with touch and go studio time production on the albums? How did that stand up against a 3 month film shoot? Just curious how you arrived at that, perhaps I’m just missing your overall point there.

  22. 22
    Larry R. Toering says:

    “potanially” -call it a new word, ha ha.

  23. 23
    Roberto says:

    doesn’t Gillan himself said that refusing to act in the JCS movie is one of his greatest regrets? …mine for sure…;)

  24. 24
    RickF says:

    The Chopin Project is one of pride. Ian loves central Europe. Nothing wrong with this side project. Hopefully it will get wider recognition. Here in the States they tend to want to “Remake” anything out of Europe. It is a great piece of work. On the business side is where the funds are. I am glad Ian did this. I have always felt he was a natural for acting. In the Music world what does Ian have left to prove? I think that the new album is done. They just release the dates for the Winter tour of Europe in ’12. I am sure that they will at less play a few different songs. Look at the groups from DP’s Era. How many of them are steady putting out albums? Look at the Who. One in over 20+ years. The Rolling Stones. Nothing since ’05. People in general..mind you I said in general could care less about new songs from any of these bands. The average fan goes to hear his or her favorite song. In some ways they are prisoners to their own past. What do you think the record company wants? A nicely remaster and packaged Greatest hits or a new album that will not get any air play and most stores will not even carry? Not to mention being all over the net before it’s released. Sad? yes. Personal I rather them release a new album. But and this is a big if..they release something that is well…not very good. I feel if part of the Bands heart is not into it, leave it along. Ian is happy doing his first of the year solo touring they back with DP for more shows to earn a living. At this Stage of his life he does not want chance. Most people his age are like that. Only Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan are putting great new material. Nothing we can do. It will happen.

  25. 25
    RickF says:

    Meant to said Ian does not want to CHANCE something that does not work. Then decided to said that Ian does not want CHANGE.

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    No, change is small money : )

  27. 27
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Larry, you love splitting senseless pubic hairs…..

    Yes, Gillan refused to take the part and yes for that moment it may have cost him some cash. Especially if he was to go on the road with the ‘LIVE’ production. I get that, and so does he, BUT the Overall Point you MISS here is over the long run what probably cost him and the band. My point again was that taking that job would have put his name in the Spotlight and since it is a Cult Classic, even more notoriety which is that ‘Right Place Right Time’ thing that changes everything. The guy whom took the job ‘Ted Neeley’ was a nobody whom receive instant attention and became very well known then. Gillan had the look and the VOICE. Being the singer for Deep Purple and then also going on the Big Screen would have changed everything. It’s that simple. I actually saw the stage production at the ‘Coconut Grove Theater’ in Miami Florida in 1974.

    Simple enough for ya???


  28. 28
    Roberto says:

    @27 you extended my words…

  29. 29
    Gary says:

    What you’re suggesting, Tracy, that Gillan should have pursued then would have killed Deep Purple’s creative momentum at a crucial time in their development. You most likely wouldn’t have Machine Head or Made in Japan. Deep Purple, as we know their history today, would be vastly different, if existing at all.

    Was the band supposed to wait around, not making money and touring, until Gillan was finished with JCS ?

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 29

    It’s all wild speculation and guessing but……

    Maybe DP would have got “credibility” after the Poppy image they appearantly had to wipe away anyway?

    Gillan could not see it’s eventual potential maybe but I feel a wider audience than ever to be reached with touring would have followed Gillan in his return to the fold with MK 2.

    Ofcourse, bands were pressed to deliver and not to take a break for something like this.

    No, the best moment would have been after Made In Japan.
    They could ALL have a rest and then reunite after the succes of JCS.

    What are we talking about anyway?

    I m not going to see them live again.
    I m gonna waste my money on cheap wine, women : ) and……..ahem…..a DVD with Black Sabbath with Martin and Rondinelli.

  31. 31
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    @29 Gary,

    Speculative “What-If’s” are open ended issues that can be mulled around forever. Yeah, everything is affected when a change takes place in the past. It’s impossible to say what would be, but the thing that is for sure, Gillan doing the Screen version of JCS would have definitely catapulted his popularity to the forefront. Had he been able to shuffle his spot with Purple also we will never know. But one thing for sure, if he did the film and remained in Purple, all would be different. What it would be? Who knows? As stated before, right place right time. Just as with Smoke on the Water from Machinehead which you mentioned. It wasn’t a hit until the LIVE version from ‘Made in Japan’ was released. Totally overlooked. Would it be the staple it is today had the live album not been released? We will never know that either. Either way, what we got is over 40 years of some amazing music. What they got is what they got due to good and bad decisions over that 40 plus years. It’s all good.


  32. 32
    Gary says:

    On that we agree upon, Tracy 🙂

  33. 33
    Larry R. Toering says:

    It appears they like to take sides here on the editing team… nice! @Tracy, your semi-personal attacking needs serious work. The fact is he laughed at the idea after apparently doing the math, and that is all that matters. Now, tell me how it’s going for Ted and all the other theater actors for that matter? You’re saying because he is who he is, he would be somehow more worldly famous for the role than they have been? You’d be dreaming… he’s not Elvis, he’s not Robert Plant, he’s not Bono, he’s not Sting. But I get your point, it’s just moot, plain, and yes… VERY simple!

  34. 34
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    LRT @33,

    Simi-Personal Attacking??? Editing Crew taking sides??? Larry, you are showing signs of paranoia. I was in no way attacking you. I was just responding to your condescending tude @21. You took a simple point and as usual, expanded and threw in needless info that had nothing to do with the issue. My opinion again is that combining JCS with proper Deep Purple promotion (which to this day still sucks), would have obviously changed their level of notoriety. It ain’t rocket science. It’s simple. Exposure, exposure, exposure……Publicity, publicity, publicity. There such thing as bad publicity in showbiz. That’s a Fact Jack.

    As far as your whining about the editing here, what else is new?


  35. 35
    Gary says:

    Pointless ‘ What if’s …If Napolean had fighter jets and tanks he would have won at Waterloo !

  36. 36
    Gary says:

    Hopefully my post @35 didn’t come across as sarcastic. It wasn’t meant to be. Both Larry and Tracy made good points in the ‘ What if ‘ scenario.

    I was merel trying to ( humorously ) point out the futility.

  37. 37
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Tracy, -condescending what beyond your constant level? Grab some proper Enlish bro! 🙂 And if you can’t do the math involved in a few quid compared to the loss of stacks in this example, so be it, you can’t crack the actual potential whatsoever because it was a lost cause concerning that, and you’re right, such things still suck in that area. And whether or not it ‘would’ have constituted otherwise what you say, never could a nickle hold up such a dollar. Besides the fact that it didn’t do anyone else any favors there in the fame department, regardless of who played the role, as well as if you have taken the time to notice that Ted can screem on Gillan’s far lost ability to do so to this day, and he is older. Prove it yourself by having a look at his most recent performances, his voice is immaculate! Myself, I have never put a lot of stock in JCS, it was a mockery, however good it may be, and his part on the album is good, but if you like that sort of thing. And since Jesus didn’t even have the lead role, Ian would not have been in the starring role, which who knows, since you’re speculating for fun, just as well might have turned out as nutty as the film actually turned out to be, or I agree then, might have been the thing to actually legitemize the movie. I’ll work that close with you anyway. But the Purple factor needed it, not. He could only do Andrew and Tim favors there, probably not the kings of heavy, but then speculations is fun sometimes, I know.(I did have another note submitted, or perhaps not through Word Presses glitching, it was less copromising and more ‘tude’ filled)

    I’m just so glad Purple are of the best, rather than of the most popular… sorry you’re not, but I like to keep things where they belong, without the teenie boppers getting their mitts on it. Fame is easier to fail at that you apparently think, as it goes in the vaccuum and gets sucked back out into nothing as fast as it went in. Purple can thank their lucky stars they aren’t out of style, simply because they were never IN style. And anyone who hasn’t gotten that by now is likely never going to.

  38. 38
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Copromising… that’s what I was doing… see what it does… man it’s useless and near abusive.

  39. 39
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Speaking of Napolean…..

    Do you know where he kept his Armys????

    In his Sleevys……..


  40. 40
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Larry again….condescending…..BRO.

    Look, I know you are in the clouds mentally due to your minor position on a site that gets to do some interviews with musicians…..basically a groupie with a job. Gee I bet it pays plenty. Based on your constant reference to how much money might have been lost by doing the JCS movie, I’d say the dollar is at your forefront. Sometimes the investment seems like a lot, but the payoff in the end makes it worthwhile. I have never slighted the band on their ability or performance level. I only empathize with their (mostly Gillan’s) complaint about not being recognized except for the classics. That seems to be their main bitch and I have to agree. They have been their own worst enemy in that regard, and their management has dropped the ball excessively. Nothing wrong with a little notoriety. It’s supposed to go with the territory. Lack of it creates what we have today. Greatest Hits Specialists.

    None of this matters to us as fans. We get whatever music they put out and we are none the wiser. Happy for what we get. They on the other hand could have so much more. Like the guy who gets to interview a truly talented artist, but really can’t relate to him…only admire him. You get what you get in life….Bro.


  41. 41
    Larry R. Toering says:

    You’re saying you’re bigger than me? Pobably, I’ll just have to settle for…. 🙂

  42. 42
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Only Bigger in the sense that I don’t look down on others because of some temporary position that will only last a short period of time, with no future advancement. Thank God you aren’t talented and in some sort of actual professional showman position. Your head would be bigger than a planet (now just bigger than a basket ball). Kind of like the ‘Alligator mouth that overloads the Hummingbird asshole’……LOL.


  43. 43
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    One more thing…..

    You put so much emphasis on how much money would be lost if he had taken the JCS job. How much money do you think he lost when he quit Purple entirely in 1973 at the very time Purple went through the roof when SOTW was finally discovered and they hit their peak? He left and didn’t do anything for years after, until Glover talked him into participating in the LIVE performance of the ‘Butterfly Ball’. Like I stated prior…..MANY bad decisions that had they done it differently, would have change everything. Yeah….’What If?’ But ask HIM. He will be the first to agree. Trust me. Why do you think Touring has been ramped up so high? CATCH UP. Bad past decisions cause desperate actions down the road. They wouldn’t need to tour so much for the money had they made better business choices earlier on. Simple and contrite.

    Hey, it’s win win for us fans. We get more opportunity to see them perform. Good for us, work for them.


  44. 44
    Larry R. Toering says:

    I don’t recall ‘looking down’ on anyone… did you see that with bionic vision? I didn’t put any emphisis on money, Ian Gillan did. Do you not watch? I was just repeating him in agreement because I agree with him. No bells and whistles about it, although you might be convinced otherwise by some kind of complex… not my doing Tracy. You become trashy in the process of not getting along in discussion and it goes from there. And how do you know I’m not talented, and what can that possibly have to do with anything in the first place. I think you should take a deep breath before firing off at people, that much I know. Don’t be so abrasive and things will naturally play out smoother. I know you’re probably not really a dick, so just reflect a bit on that and we won’t find ourselves here. This is like polishing mud.

  45. 45
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Yes LRT,

    I do from time to time take an aggressive approach in my communicating. More sarcastic than not. I am totally aware of that, and I actually do (believe it or not) pull back the reigns. I more-so than not, hold back on the sarcasm (be thankful for that….LOL). You actually get the toned down version. What ramps it up is when one addresses me as you did. I will again use the word ‘condescending’. I also ramp it up when one seems to misconstrue or side-step the point I am trying to convey in order to hold onto what fact or point they are standing on, thereby completely avoiding the issue, just in order to be RIGHT in their own eye. If you go back to the beginning of our banter and follow it through, you can’t help but see my reason for addressing you as done. Yeah, I got a little bold, but then you started that fire with your “know it all due to your interview position” attitude. Trust me, that’s how you come across and I do own up to my demeanor. You should humble yourself and look within. Knowing is half the battle….Bro. Yes, I sometimes can be a Dick…..’Dick Tracy’ some call me. It usually happens when I am addressed by one.


  46. 46
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe we should put some more energy in diverting our passion towards outside this site?

  47. 47
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Sorrt Priest, but most Purple fans are very passionate about Purple. You know, just as you are about TMIB to the point you almost can’t respond to any other subject without bring him up. If we weren’t passionate, we wouldn’t waste time expressing ourselves here period.


  48. 48
    Scott W. says:

    #46 I agree…

  49. 49
    Gary says:

    Hi Tracy :-)…What is wrong with purplepriest being passionate about TMIB ? He equates Ritchie with Deep Purple, as well he should. Just check their current set-list concert after concert after TMIB left. Notice a pattern of songs performed from the ‘ present ‘ and the past ?

    No need to go on…too obvious a conclusion.

    But I will spell it out anyway…Ritchie
    was the heart and soul of Deep Purple, and now it’s missing
    no matter how great Steve is…and Steve is FANTASTIC !

  50. 50
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Gary, did you read my whole point or did you do what Priest does, only concern yourself with the word ‘Blackmore’? My point was the hypocrisy of Priest requesting we aim our energy of passion outside this site….REALLY? He of all people here projects a mountainous amount of energy over and over again on the same repeated subject, yet he requests a tone down of passionate energy here? Come on Gary, surely you get my point with him in this case, huh? My issue had nothing to do with TMIB and if anybody knows Ritchie’s monumental influence on what was and is Deep Purple, I do. A fan since 1969. Just not a Blind Man Crying about his departure.


  51. 51
    Scott W. says:

    #49 Well put! Sums it up for many of us.

  52. 52
    LRT says:


    I don’t polish a turd as long as you do, that much is true either way. And where things like ‘talent’ and ‘interview’ come in I have no idea, and you have nothing but paranoia concerning evidence in any pertinence to this. Man alive! Did Gillan say something in an interview with me that has anything to do with this? I was on the project to get it released and distributed many screener copies, but other than that I can’t see any connection, bro. Perhaps it’s something to do with interviewing him before the show this Feb.26th, I don’t otherwise see where it has anything to do with it.


    Oh dear…. been here since 1993, spend plenty of time being published at at a premium outside location… never mind.

  53. 53
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Tracy, I used the word WE.

    Talking about tone, one cant escape the ahem very personal level in this thread.

  54. 54
    Gary says:

    Hi Tracy 🙂 …I will admit I’m in error this time. There are some posts where discussing Ritchie isn’t really appropriate, such as this one.

    The topic is the Gillan narrated Chopin dvd 🙂

  55. 55
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    LRT….I have no problem polishing the turd till it shines. That’s how one learns ‘Shit from Shine-ola”. My references to your talent or lack there-of were in response to your arrogance and condescending tone when you address us ‘underlings’ whom aren’t professional fans from a music review website. A little less ‘snot’ would go a long way towards addressing your insolent tone. Yes, a have no problem admitting my sarcasm and I understand that many don’t quite get it. That’s why I spend a lot of time clarifying my points on many occasions. That’s my load to bear. But my sarcasm is just that. Sarcasm that I happen to find humorous and is done on purpose. Many don’t get the joke. But at least I get that and I go out of my way to correct it when one misunderstands the message because of it. In your case it’s an attitude that is exuded. Point blank and completely serious. Sarcasm vs. Arrogance…..sorry, but I’d rather deal with one’s sarcasm, especially if the reason behind it is for a harmless, humorous gesture. I guess that’s because I get it.


  56. 56
    LRT says:

    I see, Tracy, you can detect something and try to justify it somehow as not being paranoid. Fine and dandy! Think about it, before you fire off at ANYONE though, and that’s just a suggestion, before you turn it around to fit your point, if you do. It seems easier to just let it go, though. By now you should know that ‘intent’ can only be proven by the intending poster, not the other way around, unless such intention is perhaps admitted after the fact. Now this is where we both get often simply misiterpreted a lot, and even with each other. Netiquette comes to mind, it really does, and I know I might go outside such a box now and then, but you don’t seem to know or even care to know your way around the inside or outside of it when you come off like this, not to mention how I already descirbed. This is just you going the extra mile for yourself, something I do, something Priest does, and possibly a few others, just to try and make our points as clear as possible sometimes. None of us have to be humble of course, but I think it brings out the best in people anyway. The problem around here is fighting for point time, I think anyone would agree with that much.

    Also, some of the problem can be down to language, or in our case where we hail from in the same country. I guess you’re a southern man, and I know I am not. For instance I know one hell of a lot of people from the south, Florida in particular that value nothing about the northwest, including speaking in tongues. I’d say that is fair enough, we just don’t speak so sarcastically to begin with, but I do have a sense of humor, just perhaps not a southern one? That’s really all that is about… how we carry ourselves, and no sense of paranoia or anything else can account for it, no matter how much anyone tries. People don’t generally act competitive without being provoked, I’m sure you agree. That is where the ‘turd polishing’ really dwells. Perhaps I made the mistake of keeping that interview hyperlinked in my name here for way too long, and that can have a rub for sure, and when I noticed that, which too was quite a while ago, I changed it. And now, thanks to you I have changed it again with no hyperlink to anything, however with a new moniker that I credit you for sort of coming up with.

    All due respect should cross my, yours and Priest’s minds now and then too, it does wonders but aparently seems to be rare. Sacrasm should be easier to sense than arrogance, simply because one’s demeanor behind a monitor can be difficult to get across, as where a joke is simply a joke, plain and simple. But when you start being an asshole to the point of profanities and other jargon you might be able to simply excuse as ‘southern’ -I don’t see where the famous termanology of ‘gentleman’ comes into it, and well it just becomes much easier then to sense some arrogance, rather than what plays out in posting details and using any degree of facts to back them. As far as what you started in this topic goes, anyone should have the freedom to elaborate on, and you won’t seem to let go of this theory of yours either way it seems. Now I respect your opinion and even respect this theory of yours, but I also feel it’s going the extra mile here for something you simply cannot prove. You do make a seriously good point with it though, I just happen to feel an understanding as to why it remains nothing but a theory, albeit it an interesting enough one.

    I should’ve just referred to 21:26 of this clip which I am positive you have seen. I simply agree with and accept this reality, over and above what your theory might have played out like. That is all, nothing more, nothing less, but perhaps it would have saved some of the redundant argument that turned into even more redundancy concerning the both of us. Whether you agree or not still is your prerogative, but this is what it is, and remains the reality of the situation, and I just happen to find it more reasonable enough to get past such a headstrong thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY1M81gODIY

    Otherwise, peace and tranquility to all, wherever you hail!

  57. 57
    LRT says:

    Sorry for the typo on ‘descirbed’ -meant to say described. But I’m sure you can tell me what I actually intended, or if I was being ‘sarcastic’ in the process. 🙂

  58. 58
    LRT says:

    Oops, hyperlink removed… no spiff, just pure arrogance? 🙂

  59. 59
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    OK, you’re condescending and arrogant. I’m aggressive and sarcastic. Priest is a little of all four. Paranoid? Hmmm. Might want to go back to #34. Either way it’s obvious we can ALL pull back the reigns a little and that would go a long way toward less infighting and less time involved in areas other than what we should be consumed with here….Deep Purple.

    Hey we are what we are. Knowing is half the battle. As I stated, I admit my sarcastic way of expression. I am totally aware of it and as I also stated, I actually do edit myself to come across less harsh most of the time, but sometimes I let loose that little ‘silver tongued devil’ and the target many times just doesn’t see it as that and takes offence. I’ll do my part taming the beast; I suggest you do some soul searching of your own though. I own up to my end….


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