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Chopin — The Polish Years

Some time last year Ian Gillan was in Poland where he narrated a new documentary called Chopin — The Polish Years for the local company TV Project. The studio has released a teaser while putting final touches to the film. Expect to see it on a TV channel near you or on DVD in 2011.

Thanks to Yvonne Osthausen for the info.

37 Comments to “Chopin — The Polish Years”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Chopin was so great! But who is this Ian fellow? Gotta like this getting a release and not just an airing.

  2. 2
    kraatzy says:

    Nice video about Chopin … but … take a closely look:

    Our Big Ian seems to look like an peaky old man (0:02)
    We see, that a life on the fast lane could be reading on his unflattering face.

    I hope / we hope, that this not a tip-off of a serious healty problem ???



  3. 3
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @2 Well, he is old! I think he looks good for his age.

  4. 4
    kraatzy says:

    @ Svante

    You are right, but old man or not, he looks like an alcoholic …
    Pardon me, maybe I exaggerate, but I know this kind of guys … and he looks like these guys.

    But, no way… *LLRnR* (LL Ian Gillan)


  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I already said he is great for narrating with his voice.

    Could do without the face by now to be honest.

    How a great rockgod shrinked to a screeching raisin…..

    We all get old, that sucks.

  6. 6
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I think they made him up well enough for the show, the rest is rather sloppy for this trailer and I don’t see it be included in the show. Pretty much a no-brainer, ya think? Man, can I get lessons on how to listen to music with my phreaking eyes? Pathetic, really. And as for alcoholics, what does this make Blackmore, a health nut? Jesus crimeny!

  7. 7
    marcinn says:

    Isn’t it exciting enough for some of you here that one of the greatest singer on the planet narrates the movie about one of the greatest composers of all time? Do you always have to go into this nasty, off topic area? How snap you are to judge anyone only from the matter of looks. I know where exactly the recording of this trailer took place. It was in Spodek, Katowice. Ian was after a recording session in Warsaw (for the purposes of the movie), and after the show in Rzeszow and after/before the show in Katowice and had in prospect the other show in Wroclaw. Isn’t it an achievement for a 65-year old? He manages the passing of time gracefully unlike some of his peers who choose to cover it with intricacies the ‘Stay Beautiful Until You Drop’ magazines dictate.

  8. 8
    HZ says:

    He doesn’t look that bad, come on, au contraire, I agree with Svante. But if he’s doing an alcohol, then he’ll disappear very fast – his age isn’t time for drink.
    Ian will always stay my favorite rock singer, even though I don’t like what he’s doing right now with DP’s legacy.

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I think Blackmore very soon realised he had to add some healthy behaviour to the alcohol fury.

    Broccoli,supplement/vitamin pills and enough sleep and not an overload in touring to stay sane come to mind.

  10. 10
    T says:

    I’ve been into Chopin since my college days. To this day I can’t listen to the “Military” Polonaise (Op. 40 No. 1) without singing in my head, “Po-lo-naise…in the key of A ma-jor” to the tune of the main theme.

    A Deutsche Grammophon recording of the Raindrop Prélude and other works was one of the first CDs I ever bought back in the 1980s when records went extinct (Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” was the VERY first CD I ever bought). I am a bigger Beethoven fan, but Chopin piano music is up there with “Onkel” Ludwig and another piano favorite–Rachmaninoff.

    I liked the trailer. The production value of the documentary appears high with the sweeping camera shots and sharp contrast landscape scenes–beautiful photography. I especially like the shot of Ian walking into the light, and the scene in which he sits at the piano. I would love to see this.

    I agree Gillan’s voice is great for a project such as this. But what is his connection with Chopin? How did he get involved? Is he an aficionado?

  11. 11
    Rascal says:

    What is this???

    I can spot an alcoholic at 50 yards contest? Whats next…………you want to see his ‘stool’ samples to check his diet??

    Gillan doesnt look like he did in the 70’s…………..can anyone guess why?

  12. 12
    Crimson Ghost says:

    …and Blackmore will always stay my favorite guitar player, but having met him twice I can attest to the FACT that he is a lush himself and then some… now what? Take away old Gillan and the focused Morse and put back the wiggies Blackmore and JLT, a full blown alcoholic and reforned drug addict? Please!

  13. 13
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Typo, oops, I must’ve had a drop of something from a green bottle, oh dear… hey, where’s my rug comb?

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I must admit having trouble with my outings about his exterior.

    He looks relatively good maybe, compaired to his age.

    I was just acting a bit childish, mourning that his development went this wy.

    Once I saw them live and looked up at the stage.
    A great performance and it was like watching Gods.

    One wishes they could be frozen in time, cast in stone, …..

    I know that that is unrealistic to say the least.
    Still I think he could do without glasses, jumping around, white pyamas and so on.

    The clip with Pavarotti showed a tanned Gillan in t shirt which suited him very fine.

    And why not colour your half long hair?
    I think that wouldnt be out of place.

    Perhaps I would not blabber on about exteriors if the rest was not that dissappointing.(……)

  15. 15
    marcinn says:

    Anyway, the show is aired tomorrow at 16.15 (4.15 pm) local time on TVP1 (Polish national TV).

  16. 16
    Rascal says:


    Quote ‘Perhaps I would not blabber on about exteriors if the rest was not that dissappointing.(……)’

    And yet you ‘blabber on’ about Blackmore……………………..has his output from the last 15 years been anymore than disapointing?

  17. 17
    no name says:

    Constant touring, over 100-150 LIVE shows per year, constant traveling, constant recording, absolutely NO time to rest – in the age of 65 he still manages to actually DO that. Isn’t that surprising for you? In 2008 during the South American tour he cought a flue and he made 10, I mean TEN LIVE SHOWS with the 40 degree celsius inner temperature! Can you imagine a 65 years old man DOING 10 live shows and putting all the energy into each one while he has 40 degree celsius temperature??? If you can’t imagine that, then look to Ian Gillan and teach from him.

    One of my European friends had a backstage pass during this 2008 South American Tour. She told, that there was a special bucket at the backstage. After every 4-5 songs Gillan kept going backstage and vomiting in the bucket. He vomited for 3-4 times per show and still managed to do it somehow properly.

    This is unachievable for many of us, young people, but he DID that.

    And now, you’re talking in an abusive way towards the man, who always made his best to not to let himself/his health conditions to cancel the show and upset the fans. What you say, this is NOT they way we should care and think for big Ian, for big Ian Gillan…

    The only big reason I’m very *upset* for him is that he definitely IS an alcohol-addict.

    After one show last year I met him backstage and he couldn’t stand on feet, because he was absolutely overdrunk. That friend of mine told me, that Ian eats almost nothing for the whole day and only keeps drinking a huge amount of whiskey, beer and vodka.

    But I love him anyway, in any conditions and any situations. He’s already a legend on the planet earth, his name will be written with the golden letters in the history of world music. So, let him to enjoy HIS life how he feels it better and let HIM to enjoy the happiness, how he sees and feels that…

    Love you, Ian

  18. 18
    no name says:

    World’s one of the greatest singer tells a story about world’s one of the greatest composer. Isn’t that anought for you to feel happy for Ian?

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Doing all these shows while living so unhealthy or being soi ill is not brave but stupid.

    One should CANCEL shows when the health cant provide a professional level of performing.

  20. 20
    no name says:


    but what if there’s 100,000 ticketholders waiting for the Deep Purple show? (@ Cosquin Rock, Argentina)

  21. 21
    Rascal says:

    Gillan retains a ‘professional level of performing’ – for a 65 year old man he does very well.

    I guess his professionalism is evident in the fact he does go on stage despite a cold or flu – rather than disappoint an expectant crowd.

    Or maybe people would be happier to see him remove himself from DP and do something that is well beneath his capabilities and talent……………..you know……. like………..Blackmore has.

  22. 22
    james jay says:

    Back in the late 70’s or maybe 80’s i was watching “The Mike Douglas Show” and out comes Mel Torme and does a pretty cool shew-b-do rendition of SOTW, complete with tuxedo and bowtie. That cat was in his 60’s at that time. Have to say, IG held up much better.

  23. 23
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @20: Sorry to burst your bubble about DP’s popularity but Cosquin is a festival and those 100.000 people are not only there for DP.

  24. 24
    T says:

    Re: #23

    What? People come to see bands other than DP? I thought they were just there for filler. 😉

  25. 25
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Fairly put, I know you.


    Nice one!

  26. 26
    no name says:

    Svante, I know it was a festival. But can you answer me: who do the most of the festival goers go for? for the headliner of course… and there were 100,000 people waiting for DEEP PURPLE, the headliner of the fest.

  27. 27
    purplepriest1965 says:


    This reminded me of the RIFF in Gypsies Kiss.

    “Gypsies Kiss”!? WTF?!

    Yep, the time Purple still rocked.

    @ 16

    Its a painful point indeed.

    But still……

    Whatever you may feel about BNs format, singer and so on…..
    Its not to be denied that his playing not only is in great shape but he developed as well.
    Compare this to the wreck called Gillan.(….)

  28. 28
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @26: Were you there?

    @27: Do you really have to insult Gillan and/or Morse in every post you write? Yes, you are entitled to your opinion but I think you’ve gotten your point across by now.

  29. 29
    Rascal says:


    Blackmores playing is in great shape?? Developed as well?? How can you tell? His music contributions and song writing for the last 15 fifteen years has revolved exclusively around a bunch of minstrels!!

    You are so engrossed by this man…………….it borders on obsession!!

  30. 30
    james jay says:

    @23 take DP off the ticket and you have a cancelled show. That est. 100,000 number would dwindle like a Dick in cold water.

  31. 31
    purplepriest1965 says:


    As you know I DONT do that in every post.
    And its not just me, so why pick out on me again?

    Most importantly,there s more nuance to my criticisms than some appearantly like to absorb.

    I shall try to pull back a bit and put my energy in better things, ok.

    So now dont get me on my horse again with another thread which is clearly designed to invoke a certain response : }

  32. 32
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Then again, what about insulting his fans with the inferior quality he offers?

    DP once was a band that held standards.

    Whats the point of a site that :

    let people only creep into his butthole and praise his bad performances, his lack of drive for making new DP music, and so on?

    Dont tell me and otrhers to bugger off, sayting we are too negative so no reasoin to visit this site.
    EVERYONE should know this site is not only for praising the latest line up.

    They should not need the support some people suggest they need.

    QUALITY breeds respect, not an attitude like with football that they try to support a club that fucks up for years.

  33. 33
    Rascal says:

    Quality breeds respect? Where did you get that? Cereal packet?

    Check out the ‘quality’ of your posts – I guess you get the ‘respect’ you deserve then?

  34. 34
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 33

    Try to speak for yourself, buttholesurfer.

  35. 35
    Rascal says:

    @34 Another ‘quality’ post………….I can see the ‘respect’ that it breeds!

  36. 36
    purplepriest1965 says:

    We should stop use the word ” breeding”.
    It begins to frighten me.

    I think it was Larry that contaminated us. : )

  37. 37
    LRT says:

    Priest: Please keep your semi-personal attacking agenda to a transparent effect and concerntrate on what people write, rather than what you think of them because of it. This is how an adult conversation usually works, respond to the topics and don’t define people who write something by what they write. It’s like judging entire careers by one performance, which is something I have also seen in your posts.(this is how you reply to someone who brings you up a year down the line in a blog, having nothing to do with anything but your opinion of a word being used, and re-using it comepletely out of context at that, with insult attached to it) Since you mentioned me, the best advice here is to just read and don’t reply at all… ad_vice, nothing more, before you waste more precious time.

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