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Gillan in Polish Metal Hammer

Ian Gillan, Mühldorf, June 13 2009; © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Ian Gillan had a big interview published in Polish Metal Hammer before the beginning of the current tour leg. Now, with many thanks to Marcinn, we can present it to you in reverse translation from Polish.

MH: Before our conversation I just had a glance at Deep Purple official website and the news item I found there was: ‘It is not the end.’ Obviously it’s an official commentary denying rumours that had it the leg of the tour starting in October was going to be your last… Have you got any idea why such rumours?

IG: You say our website? It’s not our website. We don’t run it. I don’t even read it. These are trash. Every one of us, Deep Purple members, runs his own website and you can find the most accurate information there. We don’t read anything else and we don’t recommend reading anything else. It’s pure disinformation. You know… putting the last tour together would require a lot of special preparations, something extraordinary, special and at the same time it’s pretty hard for us to get together to record a new album so how could we even possibly thing about the last tour. You see, the Internet is music press of today. It’s full of shit. Don’t believe a word you read there.

MH: Let’s explain this once and for all. It’s not going to be the last tour of Deep Purple…

IG: How am I supposed to know? Things happen but I can tell you we don’t plan the last tour. We haven’t even had a single discussion about it yet… We never discuss things as such. We don’t even talk about new records, another tours; when the moment is right we just take the day off heading our own directions and then a short question arises: ‘When are we going to meet up again?’ It’s followed by a short answer like now: ‘Ok. See you in October.’ Things have always been like that with Deep Purple. We don’t read music press, we don’t listen to the radio and never done that. It’s a different world. Totally different from the one we exist in. We don’t and we don’t want to have anything to do with the music business. Everyone of us has an interesting life. We like each other and we’re great friends. We all love music, love playing live and it’s fantastic to be on stage together. We’re even better on stage when we get back after a longer break, long holidays. Everything happening around us – things people talk, write or gossip about us – has absolutely no influence on our inner relations… Let me tell you this… When we’re going to eventually meet in October… if I correctly remember we start in Prague… I can tell the content of our discussions on the night before the show in a hotel bar. It’s going to look more or less like this: ‘Well, how are you? Did you buy that new car? How’s the football team doing – heard they had a good start of the season? How’s your daughter? She married yet? How’s your mum? Is she having a swift recovery after the operation?’ That’s the way we talk… I remember, it was about two years ago, at the beginning of the tour we all got together in a bar and when I was on my way back to the hotel room I just had to smile to myself because during the two-hour talk, with a couple of beers and in a fantastic atmosphere none of us mentioned music. Nothing about music.

MH: Then I begin to wonder do you ever discuss the set list before the start of the tour?

IG: Of course we talk about it… just around 45 minutes before the show… It’s always been like that. I remember when we were kids: ‘Oh, what’s the set list tonight? I haven’t got a clue, make something up.’ Sometimes Ian Paice puts the set list together and sometimes Roger does that, and there’s the time I do that… Sometimes one of us goes: ‘You know, I’m tired of this or the other song…’ and then we just change it for another. It’s so simple with Deep Purple. You know the thing is our concerts are not those big productions with all the special effects preordained. There’s no need to tell the lightning guys, the sound guys and all the people responsible for production what songs we’re going to play so they could make the appropriate show. In our case these things are unnecessary. Lights on, we go on stage, play our music and when we’re done we go off stage and the lights are off. That’s the whole Deep Purple show.

MH: You’ve said it’s even hard for you to meet up and record a new album. In the meantime, after the fantastic ‘Rapture of the Deep’ our appetites are big. Can you tell us approximately when we can expect a new album?

IG: I can’t tell you because I don’t even know when I can expect it. You know, albums tend to HAPPEN. They are SPONTANEOUS. You see, we’re non-stop being accosted about a new album, because the record labels and the managers want new albums so I think we’re going to eventually record one day but the greater the pressure we’re under the further the new album is. It’s like gripping a soap bubble… Just do it and watch the outcome… The more we’re asked about the new album the less we want to go into the studio. If you’re being nagged about it all the time, how’s your attitude towards it going to be in the studio? We’re not commercial songwriters. We CREATE music. We write and record stuff that come straight from our HEARTS. We don’t write because we are forced to or because someone expects us to. We do it because it’s fun and we LOVE it. That’s why if we’re being constantly poked and asked: ‘When’s the new record? When’s the new record?’, the first thing that comes to my mind is: ‘Ah, maybe next year.’

MH: I guess you can understand the impatience of the fans who always wait for the new record with a fair amount of excitement…

IG: Well… what can you do… If you follow this train of thought what’s going to be next? It will eventually come to the situation when fans are going to tell us what songs should be on the album and they’re going to demand we record those songs for them. You have to ask yourself: ‘Do you write the songs for the fans or for yourself?’ We’ve always written for ourselves. The other question you have to ask yourself is: ‘Do we write commercial songs or the material that is honest and comes from our hearts, our emotions?’ Commercialism, writing at a push, for demand is an entirely unknown concept to us. I think to be completely honest with our fan base… you know, I’ve noticed that for the past 10 years the average age of our audience oscillates around 18 years old so I guess the thing they enjoy the most is the concept of listening to Deep Purple participating in the live experience. I think that’s the thing they want now and I guess they don’t really care about the new record. The journalists, managers, publishers, record labels, people from the business and our older fans – yes, I think they’d like the new album to see the light of the day, but we aren’t very willing to even discuss it because we’re simply getting bored with it. That’s enough for us. I’ve just spent the past two weeks in the studio working on my new songs. I’m in the process of recording another solo album. I love writing new songs. If the guys from Deep Purple called me now and ask me to come over because we’re doing a new album, I’d be there immediately. Yet no one calls me. Everyone is really happy with the ‘live’ situation of Deep Purple and the deep, mutual understanding on stage. That’s really a lot and it’s sufficient. One day you’ll hear the new album… You know, if for the next three months we won’t get a question about the new album then probably we’re going to record it.

MH: Okay. So I’m going to forget all the questions on the new Deep Purple record I have in my mind. Let me ask you about some older albums of yours instead. Recently ‘Clear Air Turbulence’ and ‘Scarabus’ from Ian Gillan Band have been reissued. You touched jazz-rock on those albums. Why jazz-rock back then?

IG: Imagine you’re going to have beer with your friends at a local pub. If most of them are avid fans of football, you can tell sooner or later the conversation is going to be about football. If you have a basic knowledge of football you will be able to join the conversation and even have some fun. The next day you’re going to your cousin’s party and everyone talks politics and again you’re able to join the conversation and even throw in some ideas. You know where I’m getting at? I used to work with Colin Towns, John Gustafson, Mark Nauseef, and Ray Fenwick, and those guys at that time were pretty much fascinated with jazz-rock-fusion and that was the music they wanted to record and I had to adapt being with them in one team. When you listen to my records you can see at once they’re not homogenous. They’re very versatile because I used to record them with different people and the final outcome was up to those people in this respect. You don’t talk politics with people who are football fans…

MH: Do you like to adapt?

IG: If you read Darwin you’re going to understand my answer. Adapt or die. The adaptation to different situations is the only thing human beings are really good at. We don’t understand many things, we can’t control breathing but at least we know how to… feed ourselves (laughs)… wait … I’m slowly losing my drift… yes… you have to adapt.

MH: I’ve read in the internet recently that you’re planning the release of a live album ‘Live in Armenia’ supposedly recorded with an orchestra…

IG: First of all, it’s not an album. It’s just a single song. Second off all, you won’t hear any orchestra there. Third of all, it’s going to be a song I co-wrote with Tony Iommi. I’ve already finished laying down my vocal parts and now we’re waiting for Jon Lord and Nico McBrain adding theirs. The song is for charity, for further help to people from Armenia who are still contending the aftermath of the earthquake that struck this country 20 years ago and took the lives of 25.000 people. Those people still need help and I decided to do something about it.

MH: So I let myself fell into disinformation’s clutches…

IG: Let me tell you this. When I have a beer with my friends and we run out of jokes we turn on the computer and read Wikipedia… (laughs). There’s so much shit there it’s even difficult to imagine. Unfortunately that’s where most of the journalists seek information because the traditional ways of obtaining information are now unavailable… 50 % of the time of the interviews I give is devoted to correcting information spread over the Internet. On the other way, please, don’t panic! Come to think of it not much has really changed. All the information delivered to the journalists in the times when the Internet has not yet existed… Who do you think wrote them? Of course some people wrote them… and do you think there wasn’t disinformation at that time? Do you think that in the ‘70s when the music press was in fool bloom people weren’t writing rubbish about us? You think we only met with understanding back then? After we recorded ‘Who Do We Think We Are’ in 1973, the press started to produce utter rubbish writing how dared we recording such an album when they’d wanted us to record only hard rock not blues, funky and whatnot. For this sole reason the press expected us to record something different and they were badmouthing us and showing us in a bad light. Utter junk… Then we were reading all of that and wondering if they were really writing about us, about Deep Purple? Did they really understand us?

MH: The new leg of the tour begins in Czech Republic and then you’re coming to Poland for three shows. I realise there are countries you visit more often but I think you’ve been to Poland frequently enough to have your own opinion about our country. I wonder what’s your opinion about Poland?

IG: (laughs)… Dear God… I haven’t got a clue. How am I to answer this? I have friends in Poland and that’s why I’m often here. I also have friends in Portugal and they also come to see me. I have a small house on the hills in southern Portugal. I go there to relax, ease off a bit, enjoy the weather and good food. I have a couple of friends there but friends from America, Germany… and Poland too… and Argentina, and Brazil drop by for a visit. You think they come to Portugal because they like the country’s geography? No. They like nice weather and good company… we meet… make music together… sip wine… whatever. I come to Poland because I have friends who from time to time invite me to play there. I clearly remember my show with orchestra in Gdansk – it was fantastic. If you like generalizations I can say I really have a liking for and feel bonding with Polish culture. I was chosen for narrating a documentary about Frederic Chopin; I’m to do this soon and I’m really looking forward to doing this. The recording sessions are going to be in Warsaw. When I come to think of it all now, I certainly don’t like Poland just for its geography. It’s culture. I like Polish attitude towards life.

67 Comments to “Gillan in Polish Metal Hammer”:

  1. 1
    alexjes says:

    Thank you very much Marcinn !!!

  2. 2
    stoffer says:

    So there, take it (them) or leave it (them)!

  3. 3
    Kev says:

    The more I listen to IG these days the more I frustrated and disappointed I get. To me he comes across as a bit of a hypocrite. It’s not so long ago he was complaining about ‘Classic Rock’ and castigating radio presenters for constantly referring to their back catalogue when he wanted them to be viewed as current. Now he seems quite happy to trawl the world churning out pretty much the same set aside for the odd couple of changes with no chance it seems of new material until all the stars align. His attitude to the fans doesn’t impress me either as it is they that have afforded him the artistic luxury he now wallows in. Oh and to get one more thing off my chest, please get over this rose tinted view of Purples average audience age being 18! He’s obviously trying to kid himself. Not at the many gigs I’ve been to. I have and always will love DP but I guess it’s for what they were not what they are! Kev

  4. 4
    james jay says:

    Lights on–Lights off— IG the inventor of the Clapper? Personally–I like the simple stage and go out and jam attitude. I want to see/hear real musicians–not a circus with a little music. Thanks

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Which DP site are they talking about?

    This one?

    The DPAS?

    That one which was set up by the management?

    He does not sound very motivated or caring about old hardcore fans or does he?

    Talking about BS on the Internet when being asked about a new album by a sincere reporter is also a bit, ahem, dubious?

    The public mainly made up by 18th year olds?
    Must have missed that.
    I havent seen them for almost 5 years.

    He s talking about the last decade……..
    Well; not over here as far as I know.
    Maybe in other countries in which they got deprived of seeing shows for so long.

  6. 6
    Svante Axbacke says:

    I repost a comment I made elsewhere because it is a comment on this interview:

    Sometimes I think Gillan hasn’t lost his voice as much as he has lost his mind. But then again, I know his favorite saying is, “don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”.

    Saying that the *average* age of DP’s audience is 18 tells us that IG is either blind or very very bad at maths.

    His talk about writing for one self or for the fans goes completely against the arguments of why they only play old songs live.

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:


    “The more they are asked about the new album the less we want to go into the studio.”

    “Yet no one calls me.” Excuse me?!

    And so on…….

    This must be a joke or he has really gone mad.

    Dont believe everything you read.


  8. 8
    Rudy Tamasz says:

    Give Ian a break. Yes, he is talking crap. No, we are not going to see another Purple album soon. Yes, he just badmouthed this very Website. No, he does not adequately perceives world around him.

    So what? He’s 65 and he’s been around in music for about forty years and made enough records to satisfy us all. Let us just forgive him like all of us would forgive our granddad, and go on to listen to his music. Unlike him, it is not getting older.

  9. 9
    byron says:

    Hmm..I can’t believe they discuss the set list just before the show…don’t they play any rehearsal before???
    And the average age of DP audience…there s no shame admiting it is 18*3!

  10. 10
    Mark Guscin says:

    This must be the first IG interview I have finished reading and thought, what an arrogant uncaring guy. The average age thing is a long standing joke, he can’t take himself seriously. But his attitude towards this web site for instance, and any fan over 18 (i.e. 99% of us) ….. Ian, what happened?

  11. 11
    Tommy H. says:

    Well, I would have won a punt if anybody asked me before reading what the answer to the “new album question” is going to be about. It’s almost the same thing he already posted to his homepage. I can understand the two points he makes:

    a) They are artists and only go to the studio when they feel it as an inner demand.

    b) He’s fed up with that question and can’t hear it anymore. Furthermore is so tired of it, that he doesn’t want to do it as long as people are asking (ok, that’s a bit childish in my humble opinion).

    The fans at first didn’t ask for another album! They just started to wonder after some years, why it doesn’t happen. That’s the reason why they’ve been asked a lot for it in the recent past. This is a whole different starting position on that discussion. He acts as if Deep Purple released “Rapture …” last year and those crazy people couldn’t get enough and forced them to work even harder. Questions like “Is this the end?” don’t come out of nothing. Of course Deep Purple is a very good live band, they have fun to play. People wouldn’t go to their concerts if that changed. I’m really happy that Deep Purple is still around. But the same people who join the shows don’t miss the fact that there hasn’t been going on much for some years now apart from minor set-list changes. Even Jon Lord wondered some time ago why there isn’t anything happening. It seems to me that everybody outside the band who loves Deep Purple feels strange about that.

  12. 12
    HardRockPete says:

    Grumpy, old man comes to mind:-/

  13. 13
    HardRockPete says:

    ….and I agree with all of the above! Gillan is argueing against his previous statements about music, fans and “why we do it and how we do it”. He’s turned into a real motormouth with an unhealthy attitude against the very people who’s paid for his f…ing house in Porugal, his wine and his lifestyle.

    Seems like he has a grudge against websites like this one too. Could it be he actually reads it? Yup, I think so, and it pisses him off for some odd reason. Must be very hard for him to have devoted die-hard fans I guess??!!

    Gillan, enough with the interviews! Let someone else take care of it. You’re allowed to speak a few words between songs, but other than that….just shut it will ya??

    Love from an average fan at the age of 18….in Gillans dreams!

  14. 14
    big al says:

    good old Ian, always talking bollox in interviews! had fighting man on today, now that was a band!

  15. 15
    Brian says:

    He should listen to his own lyrics and take heed. “I’ve used up all my words today”.(something like that anyway)

  16. 16
    With another name says:

    I didn’t even want to read all of the comments, because it’s the FIRST TIME I agree with Purplepriest69… unfortunately!

    According to the Interview, I think that Gillan is absolutely inadequate to the reality.

    1. The interviewers question about the “last tour” came from http://www.deep-purple.com, which is definitely the OFFICIAL Deep Purple website, (run by Thames Talent, Ltd). The fact is that this official website is DENYING the rumors about Purple’s last tour, with the headline like “This is NOT the end”, and inadequately Gillan says it’s NOT official site and that the news that DP aren’t going to split, is rumors. omg…

    2. The interviewer asks him about his SOLO concert in Armenia, with the Armenian State Orchestra. This particular gig was RECORDED and is going to be released worldwide on DVD discs… But he even doesn’t listen to the interviewer and says that he recorded a single with Iommi and it has no orchestral parts. (I think he even forgot that he had the SOLO concert with Armenian orchestra six months ago)

    What about the “new” album plans, I even don’t know what to say. 3 months ago Don Airey announced that they were bursting with ideas and are going to record new album “pretty soon”. Either Don was inadequate, or DP hired a new vocalist and Gillan doesn’t know what Don said.

    All in all, this was probably the WORST interview by Gillan I’ve ever read. He seemed to be quite aggressive, inadequate and totally out of his mind.

    The only thing I agree with him is that they truly record/play what they feel from their hearts. That’s why Gillan/Iommi called their new supergroup “Who Cares”, while the new single was titled as “Out of My Mind”.

    I’m so sad that I even don’t want to show my real name right here…

  17. 17
    dave smith says:

    purple priest-as you obviously dont go to shows any more, yes you will find the front rows comprise of 15-20 yr old kids. Hard rock pete-i think you know you are much older than this hahaha! the rest of you ( as there are only about 20 people who frequent this site) get a life!! purple are alive and well, and if you dont like it-go do something else-beleive me-they wont miss you. theres a whole new generation of fans who couldnt give two hoots what sad old timers like you have to say about them. the band are smokin at the mo, and im sure they, like the majority of real fans who occassionly view this site take what you bitter old sad cases say with a pinch of salt. at the end of the day ticket sales speak for themselves and at the moment they are very healthy! I for one am glad gillans spoken the truth-the band dont need weird obseessive freaks who go to every show- they are happier with the real fan!! 2 to 1 that theres a new album next year, and then a tour to follow it!!

  18. 18
    Jeff Goyen says:

    perhaps the message IG is giving is ‘live and let live’ as in the new album happens when it happens whenever that is….perhaps just enjoy them for what they are and not for what we want them to be…..i’m just glad they are still going at all- they could have finished in 1993….

  19. 19
    T says:

    “You say our website? It’s not our website. We don’t run it. I don’t even read it. These are trash.”

    First of all, what a thing to say about a fan site–especially as one as well run as this one. The Highway Star tends to be very accurate and as sound as a professionally run site as far as news is concerned. What I find to be “trash” are those “official” sites which offer little and are heavily editorialized, often offering next to nothing.

    Second, in order to keep in touch with the fans and how they feel on various issues, it would be a good idea if *someone* read this “trash”. As we know, various musicians related to the Purple family have come here before to get a handle on the fans outlook–and kudos to them for doing so.

    Third, the pressure to record a new album is obviously starting to weigh on Gillan: “The more we’re asked about the new album the less we want to go into the studio.” ?? This is a little ridiculous in that when fans say nothing, there still remains a half-decade between albums. This comment smacks of a cop-out–an excuse–a way out–that is, a kind of Well, we won’t record if you’re going to bug us so that’s it… Given the competition created by the immensely successful Black Country Communion project and the inevitable comparisons, I feel a new album is not forthcoming in the forseeable future.

    “I’ve just spent the past two weeks in the studio working on my new songs. I’m in the process of recording another solo album.” So is that what Deep Purple has become? A vehicle to finance solo projects? If the music comes from the heart and one must wait for that ‘right moment,’ is that to say that Deep Purple no longer has heart?

    The segment on a new album is evasive and vague at best, bitter and sarcastic at worst. It even has tones of dishonesty. Gillan leaves too many “outs” from recording an album–from the fans are pestering the band to “no one calls me.” Given the age of the band–a very real, relevant issue–any album would likely be the last, and given the attitude presented here, it’s safe to say that Rapture of the Deep is Deep Purple’s final statement.

  20. 20
    dave_wallis says:

    He sounds a bit arrogant, but I guess it’s a sign of aging.

  21. 21
    rainbow1975 says:

    The only thing that it could be added about the highly respected Mr. Gillan is that he’s lost in translation!!!

  22. 22
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Why don’t we all just have a big Ritchie Blackmore discussion instead? He has a new record out, he changes his set-list NEARLY every night… I almost wonder which one would produce more positive vibes here.

  23. 23
    Elinor Bostock says:

    An excellent opportunity for Ian to give his opinion. It all makes perfect sense to me. Well said Ian.

  24. 24
    George Martin says:

    If Ian does read this I really don’t care if there’s a new album or not. When you guys are ready it’s fine with me. I just want a long overdue tour of the states!

  25. 25
    Markus says:

    it comes to mind that Richie Blackmore is much more polite !!!
    Very disappointing, Mr. Gillan.
    In the beginning 70-ties I bought all DP records, later again as they were a less damaged due to use on parties, than bought all CD in analog quality, when they were digital reissued I bought the new versions and at least all Anniversity stuff. Not to mention all the uncountable concerts,DVD`s and some books as well. Also I have all Gillan solo work.
    I really would appreciate that one of my favorite musicians would accept that the internet is the best oppertunity to get some informations for a normal fan.

  26. 26
    Darryl says:

    Fighting Man, ahh yes.
    I was at both Hammersmith gigs last year and there were a lot of bald heads from my view, clearly kids lose their hair early now days and I saw a guy with a walking stick! I also saw the Durban gig in SA and I was definitely one of the kids there and I’m 45.

  27. 27
    james jay says:

    The only kids I saw at the NJ AC show a couple years back were brought there by their 40-plus parents. Hopefully, IG talking cheek and gum or somebody better call the nurse.

  28. 28
    saturn says:

    Every time I read/hear an interview with Gillan he contradicts himself and comes across as out of touch with the fanbase

    Compare to any interview with Jon Lord, who is articulate, polite, sincere and respectful

  29. 29
    Jeff Summers says:

    I think you’re all being a bit harse on IG here. It sounds to me as if he is fed up with ansewering the same old questions. It also sounds as if he is ready and waiting to do a new record but, I quote: “If the guys from Deep Purple called me now and ask me to come over because we’re doing a new album, I’d be there immediately. Yet no one calls me.” Also, he is reffering to the avaerage age of the audience, world-wide. so some are 14-15 year olds and some are 60 year olds…I would presume there wouold be more young people as they tend to go to more shows.

    @ 13 Pete, he has earned his money, his talent was extraordinary and he sold an estimated 100-150 million records. Don’t begrudge him having a few bob to spend during the years leading up to his retirement, he’s earned it!! Their are far less talented musicians who have sold a fraction of his output but are multi-millionaires despite this 🙁

    Good, honest interview Ian :o)

  30. 30
    Svante Axbacke says:

    What I immediately think of is how a stale setlist is always defended
    with “it’s what the fans want to hear” and here he is talking about
    that he can’t listen to everything the fans want. I agree with that,
    bands should do what they want and don’t do their jobs solely for the
    fans but IG is just contradicting himself.

    The “no one calls me” bit is just sad. Not because it makes me think
    they hate each other or something but because it really nails down
    what I have come to realise over the years, and some band members
    agree with, that DP is the world’s laziest band. Again, something I
    can relate to because I am very lazy too but it’s not something I
    relate to creative people.

    If everyone is enjoying doing solo stuff as much as IG do, then it’s
    time to break up DP. That way we as fans would get much more music.
    Also, DP takes time from those solo ventures. At the end of ones life, someone might regret going around the world acting like a jukebox when they could have been home with the family creating stuff. Like Jon Lord told me about his solo work, there is only so much time on this earth to get things out.

    But don’t listen to me, I’m just a simple fan on the internet. And I’m not bitter. 🙂

  31. 31
    David White says:

    Dear all.
    I have to say that I feel the interviewer did ask some pretty silly questions and from past experiences when ig sits before a poor interviewer, he responds accordingly. I personally was not offended by anything he had said.
    My respects remain intact.

  32. 32
    OzMcErwan says:

    Hello everybody. I’d like to add my comments to this tumultuous debate! =)

    Talking about Blackmore, yes he is spawning us with new albums almost every year. And every new one looks more like the one before over the years, I would say! I prefer much more a new album every 7 years but original ones! Like Purple (almost) always did until now! So yes, like every fan I am totally upset that they don’t write some new stuff, but also I am comprehensive, that they do what they want, we don’t have to say how they HAVE to play/write/record music!

    Then… as I often had to handle with journalists, I wanna add that written interviews not always do justice to what the interviewed person said. And in this case, as it allready was mentionned, it is a translation. And … did you allready hear Ian talking like that about fans in the past?

    Then, I think that Ian did not especially talk about THS when he criticized the web, you know, there are a lot more others websites on the net, THS is not its center.

    To finish, I want to answer to an too much heard idea, saying that Purple is the world’s laziest band. People who think that, should take a look at the tour section and think that both Ian, Paicey and Roger (I don’t know about Don) are over 60… I think that considering these both arguments, there are not a lot of others bands who could stand this strength test, next to purple.

  33. 33
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 19: “So is that what Deep Purple has become? A vehicle to finance solo projects?”

    @ 30: “If everyone is enjoying doing solo stuff as much as IG does, then it’s time to break up DP. At the end of one’s life, someone might regret going around the world acting like a jukebox when they could have been home with the family creating stuff.”

    I totally agree. Good thoughts!

    I also recognized that solo projects play a bigger role to them at the moment than the music of Deep Purple.

    @ 16: Well said!

  34. 34
    purplepriest1965 says:

    If Ian does not care why then doing an interview?

    He can say no, or not?

    Lost In Translation, good movie with one my favorite actors, Bill Murray.
    Kinda funny this is brought up because Bill in that movie already reminded me of Ian, hahaha.

    It must have to with age because I see Ian in my old and grumpy drinking neighbour as well.

    It became clear to me that even people like my neighbour once were attractive and sexy young men.
    It surprised me, because I only knew and know the older version of him.

    When I gain too much weight and tired by too much pain I also look, ahem, too old.
    Who wants that?!
    Well, one can only do so much trying to keep it all up with food, exercises and so on.

    Some have the strenght to grow old gracefully, others dont…..no matter what they they try.

    OFTEN I dont care if there will be another DP album.


    That has to do with my dislike for a band without Blackers and Lordy ofcourse.

    But sometimes I kinda like things like PURPENDICULAR and some tracks by later albums and think……Wouldnt it be grand if they pulled something like that off again?


    Ian may call outing like these shit.
    Well, he is entitled to his opinion.
    But me and countless others are entitled to feel whatever they feel.

    I wanted to be open for information that proved the audiences are made up by youngsters.
    For now it seems controversial.
    Maybe I should get glasses and look better at the tubes to see those 18 year olds.

    Never knew that it was a critera for being a good fan.
    Ian suggests he could not care less about people following him for decades and favouring the less critical newbies.

    If I would be very young and I d never have seen DP but also impressed by the old records I would try them out too I think.

    I dont say DP cant play live but its not to be compared with the legendary times.

    How tight they play, even Morse doing a Blackers lately, Ian cant keep up the way he did.

    Its not about bashing him when saying I feel he should avoid doing the things he cant anymore.

    Ofcourse I can leave it alone and ignore whats happening.
    Am I really to blame for caring in my own way?

    I am to blame for taking it a bit too seriously too often.

    Ian Gillan contradicts himself so often, its unbelievable.

    “Dont talk politics with someone who is a football fan?”
    I had the impression he takes his thoughts on politics very serious and he does not let it slide into oblivion as well.

    I dont care about football, I often despise a lot around it, but I dont think they are all morons and every football fan is someone not to be reasoned with.


    Never knew Ian did not have a say in the course of the music way back.
    I always thought HE was the leader.
    Werent those IGB members not introduced by Roger?
    Roger introduced Steve as well.

    Lets think that one through for a while…..

    Certain people have been called flip floppers.

    One of the greatest flip flops in DP has been Ians statements why he wanted to leave DP around 1972.
    The nonsense of “DP becoming a boring and stagnating formula” on a moment they were at their peak is very annoying.
    The more when HE returns to the band and makes that band into a machine that plays the same songs over and over again!!!!!

    Lordy has been known to flip flop again and again.
    At least he admits it.

    Turner proclaiming too positive about the S and M period is also very weird.
    But thats not flip flopping.

    Yesterday I found some tubes with REHEARSAL stuff from S and M and TBRO; Great stuff I never heard.

    I am completely losing thread.

    I KNOW I m not perfect.

    The text posted above I did not read too carefully.
    Funny enought the part “with another name” is pointing at with point 2.

    Isnt that hilarious?

    Tot de volgende keek.


  35. 35
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @32 I also agree that I don’t think IG was talking about THS. If he did, I really don’t care. 🙂

    By lazy, I mean not taking any chances. Touring is easy when you play mostly old material. You don’t need to rehearse, you don’t need to do soundcheck, you just walk up on stage and do what you already can.

  36. 36
    Tommy H. says:

    @32: If this interview was not doing justice to Ian Gillan, he wouldn’t have a problem to write a few correcting lines if he cared about it.

  37. 37
    Roberto says:

    @3 and 16@ I TOTALLY AGREE!

  38. 38
    marcinn says:

    Hello. I think I should step in since I translated this interview from Polish into English.

    Regarding this recurring theme of the new album. Imagine a married couple having no children. They are invited to a family dinner and are seated at the table among their distant cousins (who have offspring), old aunts and uncles. They all talk shop, enjoy the meal and general mood. Suddenly a question is thrown their way. ‘When are you going to have a baby?’ The couple want to be nice to their family and say: ‘We’re trying’. The family dinner continues. Everyone have already enjoyed a glass of fine wine. The question strikes back, now asked by the cousin, the mother of three. ‘So when’s the baby coming?’ The lady says: ‘Will you give us a break? We’ve just come here and everyone asks us only about the baby. It’s gonna come when we decide the time is right. Period.’

    Imagine another dinner, a guy in his mid thirties, straight but single. This seemingly nice, plump aunt attacks him. ‘Oh, John… Don’t you think it’s time to settle down and get yourself a fine wife?’

    These are real life situations and they happen probably every day. Those situations DO NOT motivate people to action – they just put them off. People either change the topic abruptly or decide to back up their answers with something reasonable and honest or leave the party telling everyone to mind their own noses (I would).

    Ian’s reply here is brutally honest, and I respect it for what it is. We all love his music, and the fact he’s been performing in and out of Purple for 50 years now enables him to say what he simply wishes to say. The constant discussion of the possibility of them getting together in the studio and record is tiring and can be cheesing. I’d compare the situation of a band in the studio for a bedroom situation of a couple. It’s very intimate. Are couples very willing to discuss their bedroom stuff? Again, their artistic freedom, their uplifting live performances, hard-to-come-by musicianship grants them the liberty to even refuse answers about the new album and the studio situation. But Ian being respectful towards his fan base, discusses the matter in his own, original manner. And rumours being what they are – they tend to piss people off.

    Average age of Purple audience is another topic I just need to try refer to it. He uses figure of speech here. Saying ‘the average age of our audience is 18 years old’ what he really means is that the audiences are getting younger and Purple live is a generational thing. I’ve seen the band 13 times over the last four years, and I’m just 25. Couple of shows I experienced with my dad who is nearly 60. My dad has a friend who is 70 (so she’s already a grandmother) and she brought her granddaughter (15) to the show. They were both rocking like hell. I can only tell you that the situation looks the way Ian says. The audiences are really getting younger, and the shows are sold out with no promo campaign whatsoever. Take a look from the stage at the first 10 or 20 rows. That’s where the fun is happening. YOUNG people clapping, jumping, singing along, and dancing around. It is all accompanied by crush, sweat and almost unbearable heat.

    Now, take a look from the stage at the sectors in a hall than holds about 15 000 people. I can guarantee you won’t be able to make head or tail of what kind of people are sitting there, age-wise. So I take it Ian judges the audiences from what he can see in a dozen or so rows, and it so happens, in Poland those are occupied by YOUNG people.

    The Internet as music press of today is really full of things that have rarely anything to do with real music. To give you just an example of this I was laughing out loud when I read a ‘report’ from Jon Lord’s last show in Poland published on one of the Polish respected internet portals. The news report mentioned that some tabloid celebrities were at that show. The author didn’t even take an opportunity to put down some words about Jon’s performance… Sad…

    As far as the translation goes, it was done in a rather ad-hoc and immediate manner, yet I don’t think it diverges much from Ian’s original words. Please also take into consideration that it is, as pointedly noticed, a reverse translation from Polish. For me personally, it is a great interview even only because there’s no question about SOTW in it. Ian was given a chance to speak his mind and so he did. I know most of you don’t like the tone of this interview… but he’s been 50 years on stage he can say everything he wishes, and has legion of fans to back him up (in the minority here).

    Artistic freedom is based on the artist’s honestly with the inner self, not with the Internet, trends, fans’ wishes. Ian and his music have survived the changes of times and the art he produces will only be judged properly by future generations, and I’m sure it’s going to be appreciated long from now. Ian is an artist who pursues his own feelings and his audience comes to him out of respect for his ‘pure’ and ‘sincere’ art. There’s plenty of room for amusement and entertainment there too. This level of artistic expression is hard to be maintained today, kudos for that! I think he pursuits artistic ‘truth’ and at the same time does a lot of good along the process.

    Solo projects? Love ‘Morocco’. Music tastes evolve with age. Solo projects allow Ian to come up with a music distant from Purple poetics. Just ask yourself one question: are you going to appreciate the same kind of music in 20 years’ time?

    This may seem to be irrelevant for you, but I’m going to close my comment with my father’s opinion (big Purple fan from the very beginning) on this interview: ‘Finally a honest account I’ve been expecting from Ian for years.’ I trust my dad’s judgment – never failed me.

    I don’t have any expectations towards Deep Purple. Had a glance at this leg of the tour, came back totally satisfied. I feel secure… or I’m a plonker.

    Majority of you here says Ian comes across as non-respectful towards his fan base… Read this then: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=141296862570795

    Didn’t anyone think he might have had a bad day when he was interviewed? That happens to us all from time to time. Really… the negativity that’s been bursting here is frightening.

  39. 39
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It s indeed possible Ians words very translated incorrectly.
    On the other hand, good point, Ian could care a “bit” and correct us on this subject.

    I think “correcting Internet BS” like he appearantly calls it is better done through THS than a Polish magazine.

    All kudos to any magazine abroad but I think that English and THS have a wider appeal.

    He could diminish doing interviews that way, rest his voice at the same time, and spend more time on recording.

    I m afraid he likes to do do interviews more than he wants us to think.

    Ofcourse the interviewer repeated old questions but thats how it goes.
    Why acting to annoyed, if thats the case?

    Again, its not so strange being asked about a new album.

    He should feel flattered.
    Maybe they should ask him when its time to throw the towel?
    Or is that even more annoying?

    Man, I wish had problems like that, people asking for a new album.

  40. 40
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    I think it’s a shame Gillan has these feelings regarding Purple in the Studio. Being the Frontman in one of the most well-known, long lasting Rock Bands on the Planet truly comes with a little more dignity and responsibility. There is a fine line here that I believe crosses into actual disrespect towards those whom follow and support their career and he really needs to do a little more soul searching toward a more balanced approach to what he harbors in disapproval in the industry. “Don’t Blame the Fans”……

    On that note, I do kind of get where he is coming from regarding recording a New Album. In all actuality it follows suit with his prior complaints and makes perfect since….(unfortunately). They truly are dissatisfied with the fact that the only Radio Air Play they get is those same old songs from the 70’s and 60’s. Nothing else ever makes it to the Radio. At Concerts the masses only really get energized by the Same Old Songs…..the new stuff gets a sit-out. Sorry, but I totally agree with his attitude regarding this and like it or not, ‘It takes the fire out of the desire…..’. So instead, they kick ass by touring relentlessly and maintaining a fairly rounded array of songs from the library of Purple and make their money, then just fill each of their creative aspects separately whenever they feel fit. And yes, one day they might even feel like doing another Purple Album…..If so, that’s great. As we all know, Purple could have been finish many moons back. But they are not, and we get what they give. That’s how it works and That’s better than nothing. I am one of those hard core fans whom desperately wishes for another record from Purple. But at the same time, what has been done is more than one should really expect anyway when one really considers the end happened more than once.

    So, “Thanks Purple for all those Extra Albums that have been produced after every MK ended”. I just really would like to see and hear a couple more before it really does end…..


  41. 41
    T says:

    It’s safe to say that Deep Purple fans are a different breed. Many bands–particularly “supergroup” type bands–have legions of casual fans. Deep Purple, on the other hand, has *relatively* few fans–but the fans they have are TRUE fans–that is, fans who go back a lifetime who follow the group and remain devoted through thick and thin, and whose lives are deeply affected by the group.

    That is why this whole episode is so sad. Gillan is correct when he says that the members of the band have to do music that affects them and perform in a way that gives them personal satisfaction. However, it is the fan that buys the album, purchases the concert ticket–and often times–follows the group from venue to venue, perpetuating the band’s existence. The group must address the balance between meeting their own needs with throwing us hardcore fans a bone every now and then. Putting “Hard Lovin’ Man” into the setlist was a step in the right direction. Another could be releasing a single song every now and again via the internet, or recording a new song or two from time to time live in concert. Alternatives exist. Purple chooses not to record.

    Just based on past work, Deep Purple remains the world’s greatest rock band ever–spawning groups and music careers that at times rivaled–and occasionally superceded–the ‘original’ group.

    However, we now find ourselves making excuses for the band. Indeed, even Gillan is making excuses. I *never* thought I would say this, but Svante is right: If a new album is not forthcoming in the near future, it might be better that the group disband and record individually.

    The situation is not as dire as the one in 1976, but the net result is similar: The reputation of Deep Purple is unraveling. Is the group relevant, or are they 70’s dinosaurs on a ‘greatest hits’ tour?

    It is time to make a final recorded statement. Unplug the synthesizers and stomp boxes, run the Hammond through a Marshall amp, riff like crazy and cement the legacy of Deep Purple.

  42. 42
    hotblack says:

    Please guys – Ian Gillan was NOT talking about the THS site when he called it crap!!
    Instead, he was referring to http://www.deeppurple.com/.
    Or don’t tell me that nobody save me knows that that one actually IS THE OFFICIAL DEEP PURPLE WEBSITE (and not the THS, sad as it is). So no reason for feeling offended.

    As for the new album – well, he’s perfectly right. After all, they are not machines where you can press a button and get the final product. They are artists, for God’s sake! As he says: In the end they would have to let the ‘fans’ decide which songs will be on the album, and so on.
    And no, don’t confuse a live show with the creation of a new album. It is very justified to say, ‘We play those and those songs live for the fans, because these are the ones they want to hear’, and NOT listening to all the pressure about a new album. I mean, what would be the point playing half empty venues…?

  43. 43
    OzMcErwan says:

    @ 35: Hey you “simple and not bitter fan on the internet”! =) Touring. I don’t know if it is really always as easy as it looks like from our daily lives… I mean: from Roger’s note “road life 2”,(on HIS website xD) it doesn’t look quite simple at all. (an entertaining story!)

    @19&30 But to return to the topic, DP always claimed to be a live-band, not especially a studio band. And in my opinion, that’s the very point about the problem of saying they care more about personnal projects: they are a lot on tour with DP, do not record a lot with this band, but they are a lot recording each for himself but almost not touring solo at all. Where’s the surprise? They are just handling as they always told the would!

    But also I totally agree with a lot of persons here, saying Ian contradicts himself very much! Who didn’t hear about him, on stage during the last shows of 2009, telling the audience about a new album to be recorded in the beginning of 2010?
    And this story about the age-average of 18 is a bit funny, too. Either him or me should wear glasses during the gigs! =) Probably he just meant that there are a lot more young people than for several years, what is probably true…

  44. 44
    purpletickler says:

    Hmm, at least IG was honest. At the same time it sounds a bit like he is asking us all to take a big F… Off tablet ?

  45. 45
    Rascal says:

    Amusing how so many people seem to be SO upset by a crap interview.

    Do I care what Gillan says or thinks…………..not really, why should I?

    I have enjoyed the music over the years……………thats all! I couldnt give a fuck about what Gillan likes, dislikes, his beliefs, or what he has to say.

  46. 46
    Dirty Dog says:

    I think the website talked about is “deeppurple.com” – the so called official website. The whole interview is typical Ian Gillan, you cannot really believe that he believes what he is talking. It#s Gillan humour or so, it is entertainment don#t take it too serious. And it is obvious, that he sees so many 18 year old guys at the concert. 18 out of 20 18years old fans attending at the show stand in the front row, so he can see them. He can not recognise the 5000 grey wolves in the back tehy are too far away. So – take it easy. DD

  47. 47
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Creating new music.

    Again, using the “not being played by radio or asked for by the fans argument” as an excuse for not caring is beyond me.

    @ 45

    Obviously we and you care enough to come on this “board”, so do not suggest YOU dont care.

    Gillans suggests he does not care either.Nor about new DP albums nor our feelings about whats “happening”.
    If he does not care why bother at all?


    Maybe once he cared and was really passionate.
    Its hard he still does today.

    I already figured it was “deeppurple.com” he referred to, not THS.
    I also noticed several DP websites have gone dead when I vistited them through the LINKS.

    Does not matter,we dont need tons of sites anyway.

    Ian…..just post “something” on THIS site.
    You could at least try to typ “Fuck you all!”.

    Maybe you could hit me hard seeing me again.
    After all, I m the one that being an old silly fan; followed you in everything but also asked for a load of autographs and later on getting very critical.

    Ofcourse I m not entitled to feel frustrated about how you developed.
    I probably should be very grateful and just shut the fuck up because I m not worthy.

    For the zillionths of time :

    If people dont like to hear your great Morse era stuff then you should be able to conclude why and act upon it.

    But ofcourse its your right to milk the machine for some more years.

    Still open minded.

    Like T says…….

    Get off your arses and do something worthy your name!!!!!

    Cheers, lets have a wine or two next time.

    Hit my lights out, whatever…….

    Btw, as yet I m NOT sad that wont be visiting Holland this time it seems.

    Mark, silly old fan.

  48. 48
    Peter Steiof says:

    I suggest that IG should just use his mouth for the activity that he is getting paid for. “SINGING”

  49. 49
    HZ says:

    Now, I don’t know whether admin will pass this through or not, but I have to say:
    This kind of IG’s attitude is what makes me love Ritchie Blackmore, with all his .hit towards fans and band-mates. Ritchie was and is eccentric, Ritchie is rude like Django Reinhardt or more, but he’s creative machine with emotion for every and each tune we still listen from day to day (apparently from current DP formation mostly). With this “we love each other” attitude, and “we create music regardless of fan’s wishes” he denied all that garbage he said about RB. Actually he started imitating RB’s “I don’t care about anybody” style, with one difference – Ritchie was creative in both DP and Rainbow (even today for all those who love this New Age neoclassical thing), and IG isn’t at all.
    IG became that guy that doesn’t want to allow DP to finish what they started 42 years ago with dignity – like if DP is IG band (well it is now, except that they are playing all old RB and JL Deep Purple stuff much more then their own material).

  50. 50
    Gary says:

    Did any of you consider that Ian may have been having a bad day and his answers reflected in the interview ? His interviewer was Polish and he may have had problems understanding the questions from a deep Polish accent ?

    I know the person who translated this interview VERY well, and I consider him a very close friend of mine…almost a brother. No, I actually consider him as MY brother.

    Marcin is the biggest Ian Gillan fan you’ll EVER meet anywhere anytime ! He was trying to illustrate Ian’s opinions as they are right NOW. What Ian may have said in the past about
    a new Deep Purple album…the ages of the audience, whatever…is irrelevant. Things and times change as well as opinions.

  51. 51
    Gary says:

    …and Marcin is my right hand man on the Induct Ritchie Blackmore into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Facebook page…the Author of the Ian Gillan Birthday card page. His blood runs Purple ! Check out his work 🙂

  52. 52
    stoffer says:

    Judging by all the comments here the DEEP PURPLE “fan base” is alive and well. Agree with IG or not the passion of the hardcore fans is real and they would like a new album, and may never get another one. They have outlived so many of their peers on the tour they undoubtably unwind by solo projects, music, art or whatever. There is probably not much time for studio with DP (besides it would not sell well other than the fans that liked ROTD), so touring is what they like and where the $$ is.
    DEEP PURPLE is a legacy if they ever put out new music or not, they owe us nothing they have given us plenty but we, (myself included) want more. New music, a tour in your city, its all a bonus from here on out, just enjoy!

  53. 53
    Gary says:

    Sorry..one more…If you want to know what kind of man Marcin is, his family ( especially his father )…read the ‘ Power of Music ‘ section on the Induct Ritchie page. You’ll never take Freedom for granted again !

  54. 54
    marcinn says:

    @ 49

    Hmmm… ‘One Eye To Morocco’, the upcoming solo album, ‘Who Cares’ project, the Frederic Chopin documentary, shows with the orchestra – if you want to talk about being creative.

  55. 55
    Rascal says:

    @47 I am not suggesting that I dont care, I am telling you I dont care what Gillan thinks or says.

    I have and do enjoy DP music. Do I have interest in the individual band members thoughts, interests, beliefs or quotes? – NOT in the slightest. Why should I?

    I find it strange that people have to hang on every word spoken by these people.

    Their age is enough to suggest that the DP machine has only a very limited time left – enjoy it while it lasts.

  56. 56
    Nigel Young says:

    Regarding ‘Live in Armenia’ which IG dismisses in the interview, this quote below surfaced on http://news.am/eng/news/ back in March (including “DVDs from the Yerevan concerts will be realized in the international market, Gillan said at the press conference in Yerevan today.”):

    Ian Gillan – the frontman of legendary “Deep Purple” rock group gives charitable concerts jointly with State Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia on March 26-27 in Yerevan.
    The proceeds from both concerts will go to reconstruction of Gyumri music school #6.
    DVDs from the Yerevan concerts will be realized in the international market, Gillan said at the press conference in Yerevan today.
    He also expressed his admiration with professionalism of the Armenian philharmonic orchestra. “Orchestra having no rock experience played professionally. I was surprised that musicians knew all our songs,” Gillan added. The musician underlined that considers Armenia his spiritual motherland.
    March 27, RA President Serzh Sargsyan received Ian Gillan and Rock Aid Armenia project initiator Jon Dee. On behalf of Armenian people RA President expressed his gratitude to the rocker for his assistance to Armenia since 1988. Sargsyan also thanked Jon Dee for his efforts aimed at uniting renowned musicians to help Armenians to overcome bereavement of 1988 earthquake.

  57. 57
    Nigel Young says:

    Regarding ‘Live in Armenia’ which IG dismisses in the interview, the report below surfaced on http://news.am/eng/news/ back in March (including “DVDs from the Yerevan concerts will be realized in the international market, Gillan said at the press conference in Yerevan today.”):

    Ian Gillan – the frontman of legendary “Deep Purple” rock group gives charitable concerts jointly with State Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia on March 26-27 in Yerevan.
    The proceeds from both concerts will go to reconstruction of Gyumri music school #6.
    DVDs from the Yerevan concerts will be realized in the international market, Gillan said at the press conference in Yerevan today.
    He also expressed his admiration with professionalism of the Armenian philharmonic orchestra. “Orchestra having no rock experience played professionally. I was surprised that musicians knew all our songs,” Gillan added. The musician underlined that considers Armenia his spiritual motherland.
    March 27, RA President Serzh Sargsyan received Ian Gillan and Rock Aid Armenia project initiator Jon Dee. On behalf of Armenian people RA President expressed his gratitude to the rocker for his assistance to Armenia since 1988. Sargsyan also thanked Jon Dee for his efforts aimed at uniting renowned musicians to help Armenians to overcome bereavement of 1988 earthquake.

  58. 58
    Peter says:

    I think that the interview is not so controversial… It´s just honest and maybe that some parts of the interview are not said in so serious way as you understand them.

    1.) that 18 years old problem – it´s funny because a lot of fans here clearly dont understand what IG really means by that – it´s clear when they are discussing that number 18…. It´s NOT about that number, don´t take it as any studied statistic result of their fanbase or anything. He does NOT mean it in that way! He just wants to say by it that they are able to make and find young fans by their live playing – the fans which should watch TV hitparades, listen to Billboard hits etc, but no – they are going to Deep Purple shows and NOT because they are coming with their parents, but because they simply wants to see live music! I believe that this is not only about Czech Republic, Poland and these countries – I think that this description fits to almost all European countries! Deep Purple as band are more “in course” between “young fans” than any other band from their generation. That´s basic point of Ian Gillan says by that 18 years average!

    2.) It´s absolutely correct not to do the music because “anyone” wants them to make music! They have to find that feeling to go to studio – they will probably have to find another producer, because AFAIK IG is not the fan of Michael Bradford´s work on latest records, but truth is that he bring them something – different vision. But now it´s time to find someone else – OR let Roger Glover to produce it again. I´ve seen 2 shows in October (few weeks ago in Prague and Olomouc) and I have to say to you probably disappointing fact – I clearly UNDERSTAND them why they dont want to go to studio, the reason is that they would lost the time which they can spend together with LIVE playing for FANS…. That´s what really make them happy – and fans too! I´m probably one of that guys which IG describes in that interview – I´ll rather see for example five great live shows instead of one show on tour for new album…. Why? Because DP are, were and always WILL be basically concert band. I´d like to see their new album – yes, but if I´d loose because of that just one chance to see them live, then dont do that – if you dont feel it´s right time!

    So my opinion is that the part about “new album” and awaited fans – it´s NOT arrogant – it´s just really honest how he really feels it – when he would say that “yes we will do it as soon as we will find time for it” and then new album would NOT come (because simply they dont feel to do it) – you would be frustrated even more, because he LIED…. That´s exactly as he described it – when you will ask him, his first answer will be “maybe next year”…

  59. 59
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 50

    I m afraid Ian has too many bad days.

    Again, he can refuse to do interviews on the last spot when he feels bad.
    That might cause people, when they feel so, to think he is arrogant or something.

    Ritchie often was said to act that way and nobody cared as well.

    Never knew Ian was into Chopin btw.

    He s good at narrating I think, listen for example to what he did on DARWIN by Bolland and Bolland or just many interviews.

    Its not to be denied that Ian, like Ritchie and some others has a voice that takes the listener into a story.
    Enchanting almost.

  60. 60
    HZ says:


    OK, “One Eye” – good thing; but living on past glories of DP, and acting as if it’s all done after RB and JL left is hypocrisy.
    Let them stop pretending being DP, and all continue with solo projects.
    I’m all hope that they’ll not record any new thing under DP label, and leave some good name for once great group.
    IG just isn’t good acting as RB – he is so contradictory, accusing Blackmore of what he’s dreamed to become actually…
    It just happened to late, as he hasn’t had capacity for that in past, and for sure not now.

  61. 61
    Roberto says:


  62. 62
    dale says:

    People are a taking things a bit too far. Ian has been the Front man at DP for a while. He has done a great solo album last year and said he is recording another one soon. He said Adopt or die can’t you get the message guys. He is refering to his voice he is adopting his voice for his solo work but he is still carrying live with DP because the demand is still there. He can record his sings with the purple guys but his voice and music won’t be DP style. As for Average fan age he is been saying its 18 for year so what we i saw them last year I felt 18 inside and had a great time. I respect Ian he made DP music Live and Alive with the rest of DP members.

  63. 63
    Quoting Gillan says:

    “Well, I know exactly what you’re thinking
    But you don’t know what’s in my mind
    You went too fast and now your sinking
    Because you forgot to read the signs”

  64. 64
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 62

    I thought Ian was using the word adapt, not adopt.

    And it was in the question about why he chose to go for Jazz Rock in IGB.


  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:


    YOU are taking things too far.

    1 You are talking about ADOPTING and Ian was talking about ADAPTING.
    2 It was about IGB and not what you make up now.

    Cheers, Mark

  66. 66
    dale says:

    I take my hands up thanks for the correction Purplepriest1965
    I am trying to see the positive side of the current DP direction to the point of Blindness
    I still love IG but he droped a bomb shell on us all with his comments

  67. 67
    jasonzhdz.inube.com says:

    And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him
    about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes. The insights you gain may not
    just be about your health directly, but also about how you
    relate and interconnect to the world. The constant
    change in medications made Lia’s body immune to medications which made her vulnerable to diseases.

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