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The Infinite Live Recordings in Japan

The Infinite Live Recordings Vol.1 Japanese artwork

The Infinite Live Recordings Vol. 1 was released in Japan on September 26, 2018, tied in with the Japanese let of The Long Goodbye Tour. Disc 1 includes 13 tunes from the live performance at Hellfest 2017 in France, and is apparently identical to the European release. Disc 2 includes more tunes from Hellfest 2017, other live performances from Europe in 2013, plus two studio outtakes from Infinite and radio edits of All I Got Is You and Johnny’s Band.

Disc 2:

  1. Hell To Pay [Live at Hellfest 2017]
  2. Key Solo [Live at Hellfest 2017]
  3. Highway Star [Live in Aalborg 2013]
  4. Strange Kind Of Woman [Live in Gaevle 2013]
  5. The Mule [Live in Gaevle 2013]
  6. Hell To Pay [Live in Gaevle 2013]
  7. Black Night [Live in Milan 2013]
  8. Smoke On The Water [Live in Milan 2013]
  9. Simple Folk
  10. Above And Beyond [instrumental]
  11. Time For Bedlam [First Take]
  12. In & Out Jam
  13. All I Got Is You [Radio Edit]
  14. Johnny’s Band [Radio Edit]

As for the studio outtakes: Simple Folk is a 1:17 long guitar instrumental which sounds like a demo of a haunting melody that never got developed any further; In & Out Jam is pretty much what it says on the cover — a 3:24 studio jam.

outer cover

Kaz Hirose, chief editor of Burrn! magazine wrote the liner notes explaining the history of Deep Purple briefly, concluding with

Ever since Steve Morse joined the band, Deep Purple’s live stage has been fun for everyone, including the audience and the band itself. Only bands that have transitioned to that stage of existence, without straining themselves, could become the “King of Rock”. In that sense, Deep Purple is, without doubt, the “King of Rock”.

Thanks to Akemi Ono for the info.

3 Comments to “The Infinite Live Recordings in Japan”:

  1. 1
    Hristo Yankov says:

    Their best live recording since looong time… and don’t forget every live album is totally excellent 😉

  2. 2
    thomas max says:

    Simple Folk & In and Out Jam had been released before – as bonus tracks on the singles for the Infinte album. As have Time for Bedlam & Above and Beyond as instrumental numbers.

  3. 3
    Geof says:

    If you want to find out the bizarre story as to what happened to Infinite Live Recordings Vol. 2, check out my post #49 in this thread: https://www.thehighwaystar.com/news/2021/10/06/turning-to-crime-release-details/

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