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Coverdale denies retirement rumours

David Coverdale; photo: Steve Johnston; image courtesy of Frontiers Records

Blabbermouth reports that David Coverdale spoke to Argentinian Vorterix radio and when asked whether is there any truth to him retiring, said:

Well, no. I made the mistake of saying to a friend of mine, a journalist, when I was mixing The Purple Album, my tribute to Ritchie (Blackmore) and Jon (Lord) and Ian (Paice) and Glenn (Hughes). I thought, ‘Wow! This could be an interesting last project for me to finish as I started, ’cause the first time anybody ever heard of me was the Burn album. So it was kind of a foolish thing of me to say. Then we went on an incredibly successful fucking tour, which we’re finishing up editing, a DVD and a CD for spring next year of The Purple Tour experience. But, yeah, so I turned around to a friend of mine and said, ‘You know, this would be a great way for me to stop.’ I was very pleased with the album. And my co-producer, Michael, looked at me like I was fucking crazy. And then, of course, we had an amazingly successful tour last year. And then we started getting invited to come out this year. I think it was Reb Beach who said, ‘Why don’t we do a ‘greatest-hits’ tour? We’ve never done that.’ Which is why we’re doing songs like ‘Judgement Day’, ‘Slow An’ Easy’, ‘Crying In The Rain’ — stuff we haven’t done for many years.

Well, David, that offhand remark was not the only one which may have given fuel to the speculations.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

14 Comments to “Coverdale denies retirement rumours”:

  1. 1
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    YES!!!! A DVD and CD of the PURPLE TOUR!!!! Glad DC ain’t quitting. He still has plenty left. Wow, this and an actual PURPLE Album next year. WHAT NEXT?????



  2. 2
    Wiktor says:

    Wish it was true………. LOL

  3. 3
    adel says:

    Retirement as a true musician doesn’t exist so stop being lazy Mr Coverdale and do a new album and tour with dignity not on the back of Greatest hits. Unless you want to be the warm up act for the next cliff Richards tour!!!!

  4. 4
    Arthur says:

    I didn’t believe it at the time, I’m glad he’s not retiring ?

  5. 5
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    We still love ya David!.

  6. 6
    RB says:

    Having seen clips of the dvd, and of the latest tour on Youtube, it’s pretty obvious that David can’t sing these songs very well live anymore. The band and the crowd appear to sing the toughest notes for him. I thought I’d read somewhere that he’d said he couldn’t keep lowering the keys to songs, which I took as him alluding to retirement. Several years ago David did say that he had about three years left in him for doing the “Tarzan” vocals, and then perhaps doing something more relaxed, maybe ‘An Evening With…’ acoustic type vibe, but he seems to have given up on that idea. It’s about time he folded the current Whitesnake as he’s clearly struggling, even with the lower keys. Studio material might be easier for him rather than touring, but there’s not the money in album sales as there was previously. However, it must be difficult giving up that limelight and money.

  7. 7
    Jeogger Matthews says:

    Hi Dave,

    How about a more upgraded project like Coverdale, Hughes and Blackmore. Following Yes initiative…?

  8. 8
    Iain C says:

    Can still sing well enough if he doesn’t try screaming, should do an acoustic tour of the ‘old’ Whitesnake stuff with Bernie Marsen

  9. 9
    max says:

    Ah yes, an “Evening with DC” …that would be more like it! Something a bit like Starkers in Tokyo or his first solo albums Whitesnake and Northwinds would suit his age and his voice much more than sreaming or screaching through the ole arenas I think. I always loved that bluesy soul feeling in a lot of the mans early recordings or even in stuff like Summer Rain or Fare thee Well of the more recent ones.

  10. 10
    RB says:

    Does anybody notice the similarity between the above picture of David and Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie?

  11. 11
    Adel says:

    RB @10
    Love your similarity. I can’t stop laughing. Cool and cheers.

  12. 12
    Rock Voorne says:

    A greatest hits tour, we ve not done that before(sic)

    Well, I saw them tour in 1994, that for starters was one gretest hits tour.
    And I think he (…)delivered more tours like that.
    Just a few changes now and then.

    Same like the Purps anyway

  13. 13
    Janez Pelko says:

    The band is still going strong and exciting!
    Here are some photos from the recent show in Ljubljana:

  14. 14
    Da Doc says:

    Oh come on — never done a greatest hits tour? When have you not done exactly that in the last decade or more? FFS, any excuse to keep the old cabaret going. Loved the music over the years but time has marched on, DC needs to find a new way of singing and performing if he wants to continue but the insistence of maintaining the rock star act is not doing him any favors. Get out before it becomes embarrassing.

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