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Simper shan’t lose any sleep

Nick Simper and Don Airey meeting together for the first time, Vienna, Austria, Sept 21 2012; image courtesy of Christian Shoen

Classic Rock reached out to Nick Simper for a comment regarding his his conspicuous omission from the Hall of Fame inductees:

The first I knew about the Hall Of Fame induction was when I read about it and fans were complaining that I wasn’t being inducted.

Maybe I am being naive, but I always thought that if a band gets into the Hall Of Fame then all members, past and present, are part of it. Obviously not.

Yes, it is a little strange that I am only only one from Marks I, II and III being left out, but I shan’t lose any sleep over this. It’s not as if I need to be given this award to know what we did in Deep Purple made an impact. And I’m sure it wasn’t a decision that came from the band.

He continued on to elaborate that there’s no (more) bad blood between him and the other members of the band:

I was in regular contact with Jon Lord before he died, and Ian Paice is always sending his best wishes through mutual friends like Bernie Marsden. And I have also toured with Don Airey, with whom I get on well.

Thanks to Classic Rock for the info.

46 Comments to “Simper shan’t lose any sleep”:

  1. 1
    Solitair says:

    When the f*** will this man finally be involved in the Deep Purple Circus (guest musician, Celebrating JL or whatever)? Nick Simper was (and is) a fine bass player and did a good job in Mark 1. There was no need to replace him, by the way. He should be given some more respect, by the band, by fans, and — last but not least — by the Hall of Fame. He deserves it!

  2. 2
    John Harjo says:

    What ??!!!! I thought he was in and Mk1, 2 and 3. Really?

  3. 3
    Scoot says:

    What a gentleman. Taking the high road when it comes to this slight.

  4. 4
    Michael Huck says:

    it’s just a proof of the ignorance of the responible jury (RRHoF). in their opinion DP is just a “one hit wonder”. this induction doesn’t change anything to me: EVERY line up produced great music, above and beyond … 😉

  5. 5
    HardRockPete says:

    It’s a given! Mr. Simper should be inducted, and so should ALL members, past and present. Otherwise the band should ignore it. The RRHOF is just a bad joke anyway…

  6. 6
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    My understanding is that Nick IS being inducted with the others, it’s just that at some stage there was a publicity statement issued where his name had simply been forgotten to be mentioned along with the other Deep Purple inductees. Has anybody (other than me) even been bothered to try to check their “facts” before running their mouths off?. Think I’ll start my own Rock & Popular Music Hall of Fame & just induct the muso’s & goups etc that appeal to me personally…… Right, now who’s with me on this?. Happy New Year!.

  7. 7
    LeonR2Z says:

    Ridiculous decision by the RRHOF. Some great music came out of DP Mk1 that set the tone for later triumphs.

    Hush, Wring That Neck, Chasing Shadows, Painter, Emmeretta to name but a few.

  8. 8
    MacGregor says:

    I cannot believe that his omission, has not been amended! Unbelievable! Cheers.

  9. 9
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    I think this had to have been an administrative oversight. To me, it shows how little the Hall knows and cares about Purple. This half-assed induction is an insult to the band. All members should be included. And to keep the event from becoming a circus, either only the current line up should perform or no one at all.

  10. 10
    ERROL ARIAS says:

    After this , there is no doubt that RRHOF is a **SHAME** as institution. Very disgusting.

  11. 11
    nupsi59 says:

    @1 Hi, Nick Simper was replaced because Deep Purple needed new songs and Ian Gillan and Roger Glover were a songwriting-team at that time.

    “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business” (Jon Lord)

    I’m irritated too, that only a handful of bandmembers are involved, so let’s wait and see what will happen.

    Have a nice Day and a Happy New Year to everyone…

  12. 12
    john says:

    he was sacked 45 years ago why he should be inducted??

  13. 13
    john says:

    the stage of the induction at the hall of fame is too small……why you just invite and bring all the whole troops and their wives included their manager wives to be inducted……how silly it is.

    the decision of the hall of fame is ok, they just focus on the line ups in their glory days from 1968 until 1976

  14. 14
    Donald Withers says:

    You mean TURNER.

  15. 15
    Les Hedger says:

    I think Simper will be inducted. Other articles have listed him as being inducted as part of MKI. If he isn’t, this is a major muck up and the HOF will have lost what little credibility it had!!

  16. 16
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    We who love the band do not give a sh*t about RRHoF. Long live the music!

  17. 17
    Purple Haze says:

    I love Mark I Deep Purple. Nick was on 3 albums with Deep Purple including hit single Hush. He was an original member who took a gamble with a band which might not have (seemingly then) gone anywhere. Believe he was more for music than merely fame. 1969 LP an absolute classic! As was Burn LP from Mark 3 line up sans the brilliant Coverdale / Hughes I both saw recently. Saw and met Nick too a few years ago. Lovely man. Never invited on stage with any later line ups. He was / is a good player, nothing wrong and is not forgotten by the real fans. That goes for Rod Evans too. Sure he wasn’t a suitable vocalist for the heavy stuff but nonetheless was a key Purple member. The whole Purple story fascinates me. They are no ordinary band so no one should be left out! I for one will be angry if I see the elitist industry do that to those real human beings we all love.

  18. 18
    errol arias says:

    I’ve been reading that Rod Evans is being inducted… why not Mr. Simper?.. Is not logical !! After Captain Beyond Evans made a fake Deep Purple and disapeared.. In the other hand, Simper made a name working hard in the music business.. Warhorse, Fandango,Quatermass II and now his work keeping alive the pieces of the MK I with the Deep Purple Mk1 Songbook, just to name a few… I cannot understand this madness…

  19. 19
    Kim Peters says:

    Mr. Simper is already in my HALL of FAME.

  20. 20
    George Martin says:

    We’ll some still say he’s in while others still say he’s out. What’s the deal! Can anybody prove it one way or the other?

  21. 21
    LRT says:

    Apparently neither Nick or Purple seem to understand how this happened. Clueless that they got the 70s band list from the HEC publishing list because of line-up changes. They cannot induct the post 1984 line-up without starting with the 70s. It looks like they bagged it altogether and went with who’s receiving publishing royalties and Nick never received any and Rod is now receiving his royalties as of 2015 again, he’s paid up, you can find that at his Wiki page. It takes a about a sliver of a brain cell to figure these facts down to why the Hall has inducted them this way. I suspect Tommy Bolin was never engulfed by HEC, he was a hired hand? and it all went down so fast and he doesn’t collect the royalties, once again I suspect that is a company through his family or a family member, or otherwise who the hell knows. He’s sadly not in the picture. But Nick hasn’t been a collector of any royalties so he’s not even listed with the now defunct HEC as a founding member. R&RHOF, why not pick up an album cover, read some names and induct Nick with the rest. This is true PC snobbery, simply because of a lack of knowledge at the Hall. It’s easy, they’re building this around all they know, and they have to look up what they do know, and they should start with Deep Purple, rather than the OLD publisher. What bothers me more is fans who don’t listen to common sense of other fans who might be using half a head even. There are no opinions involved at the Hall(be better off if there were), they go off of disparaging facts to arbitrate this, but nevertheless facts. Figure it out then, here’s a big clue for ya.

  22. 22
    LRT says:

    Tommy IS the most grossly neglected one. Nick is too, but when, why and now most importantly HOW will this angel ever be inducted? No other act he was involved in will get in. Shame shame shame!

  23. 23
    Ron says:

    @22, I think Bolin was talented but his stint in Purple was a disaster. Come Taste the Band showed promise but the live performances were bad at best to embarrassing. Bolin, even in the highly praised California shows could not play the riffs right. The lead guitar solos were garage band quality. Why I don’t give him a pass are the interviews he gave. He showed a lot of disrespect to the MKII hits in interviews and when you hear how he fumbled through it live it’s clear the crap sound was more than him just being fried on drugs. Add that to Hughes’ poor performances and you get total disaster. Neither were fans of the band and both were cashing in and on an ego trip. Neither, IMO, deserve high praise for what they did to Purple’s reputation and fans.

    The big omission is Steve Morse. The guy has been nothing less than consistently great for 20+ years and really does the MKI and MKII tunes justice.

  24. 24
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @ 21 LRT Sorry, but I am unable to confirm your statement regarding Rod receiving his royalties as of 2015 again, as Rod’s Wiki page (that I’ve just viewed) still says otherwise, unless there is a new Rod Evans Wiki page entry that I’m unfamiliar with?. I believe that Nick took a settlement for leaving Purple way back when, however he is apparently free to try & renegotiate to get some royalties should he so wish. Also, I’ve been looking around on the internet & I cannot find any confirmation of your statement that “…they got the 70’s band list from the HEC publishing list…”, so who or what is your source?. If I am wrong or incorrect in anything that I’ve written here, then I stand corrected & I apologise for said errors. However….. go on & prove me wrong, pleeeeaaaasse… ( said in good humour & not at all with a hint of sarcasm!).

  25. 25
    DeeperPurps says:

    LRT @ 22. Precisely. It is criminal that Tommy Bolin is being snubbed too. All others that have been in Purple should be inducted too. If we go back to the original premise, the genesis of Deep Purple….the band that Chris Curtis et al envisaged was called Roundabout and would encompass a revolving number of musicians….exactly what Deep Purple became. Every member in the band has been a virtuoso in their own right. To ignore any one member of Purple is unacceptable.

  26. 26
    LRT says:

    @24, apparently the Wiki gods don’t like you. That has been edited, as two weeks ago it read otherwise, saying as of 2015 he was back in royalties. Also, might want to add that Ritchie’s suspected financial troubles from spending a non taxed payment from HEC in which he had to sue for is also an example of how the now defunct HEC operated. He’s booking shows to pay for his own mistake that if HEC had only subtracted and paid it, he wouldn’t be doing. Perhaps these guys best interest isn’t always looked after. Your guess is as good as mine as to why it was even there if it’s already down from Wiki. I do believe I posted a link while it was also live. That’s interesting and all, but the fact remains that HEC doesn’t recognize Nick for that very reason(whether or not he can deal for them now, which he actually wouldn’t be dealing with HEC for, since the company is no longer it would have to be with whoever picked it up). Use your head, common sense. Why does it have to say it somewhere on the petty internet for it to be an OBVIOUS fact? Really?! 😀 That’s ridiculous to any self respecting active follower of DP. I think people are way too stuck on this fitting a smite by the Hall, who are obviously only working within their knowledge of a band they’re inducting. It’s like a machine that way, there is no personal touch. Someone on behalf of the band should be working out how and when to break some things to the Hall about who should be inducted and who should be playing. ‘The band will decides who plays.” Ian Paice, Dec 15th.

  27. 27
    pascal says:

    The omission of Nickie is the most chocking one..He was there from Day One..Hope it’s an unwanted mistake and he will eventuelly get it.

  28. 28
    Svante Axbacke says:

    “Use your head, common sense.” Yes, do that and realise Wikipedia isn’t the truth. I can go in on that page now and write that Blackmore has joined the band again, kicked Gillan out of the band and replaced him with Rod Evans.

  29. 29
    NWO says:


    Are you saying JLT belongs in the RRHOF?? LMAO!! Tommy Bolin? No one knows who he is unless you are a DP FANATIC! Not saying he wasn’t a good axeman, but people have to know you existed in the band. Too me it is like Rush including their first drummer. They have hits off the first record but he is not in Rush! John Rutsey or Neil Peart. Who is the drummer for Rush?
    Black Sabbath – Many lineups but to all Ozzy, Geezer, Tony & Bill. Great music from other lineups. Maybe they have the same discussion on their forums! Should IG have been inducted with the band? LOL!!!

  30. 30
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    The R&RHOF website seems geared towards self promotion & sales, without any means for members of the public to ask questions about Nick’s induction etc. The website does however offer an email address apparently for “proper” journalists only. The address is: forthemedia@rockhall.org . So I implore any of you journalists out there to make enquiries on behalf of the fans & other interested parties. Maybe someone knows someone within the organisation who can clue us in?. Just the facts Ma’am!.

  31. 31
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    NWO @ 29:

    The BAND is being inducted. Not an individual. There are many BANDS that have been inducted and in those bands, the individuals in it are not necessarily known. Yes, there are FANATICS whom might know the names of the band members but usually the BAND is the name and the reference to the actual award and if a band member is of ones awareness, that is fine but the BAND is the issue here. The BAND is DEEP PURPLE. Not an old band from the past that is finally getting the nod, but a PRESENT BAND that has been in existence since 1968 and still going strong. Due to the fact that the RRHOF procrastinated in their due diligence, the BAND has gone through a few line-up changes since their eligibility and even lost one of the founding members due to death (JON LORD). Each line-up is as important as the next regarding the longevity of this hallmark, influential and iconic musical institution. So to answer to your question…. YES! JLT and even more so, Tommy Bolin should be given credit. PERIOD!


  32. 32
    DeeperPurps says:

    NWO @29 – you seem to be very good humoured and well amused!!! 🙂
    The way I see it, each incarnation / Mark brought out something of good value in the band. Each player was a virtuoso musician or singer in his own right, (ie): the price of entry into such an illustrious group.

    Each album has its merits and strengths. Each player in the band, no matter how brief their tenure, brought something special to the band, and contributed to its longevity. The fact that Deep Purple are now where they are, is a result of all those who have gone before them and kept the flame burning. There could not have been a “Now What ?!? if not for Come Taste the Band, or Slaves & Masters. Key players from those albums are still with the band now. They grew as musicians with those albums. It is a continuum.

    So even if certain haters don’t like TB, or GH or JLT; I dare say they would be hard pressed to deny those players were incredibly talented. And again, that talent is what brought them into the band, and contributed to its longevity.

    So yes even poor old Jolene has a right to be recognized as a full member of Deep Purple. If he was good enough for Ritchie Blackmore, then he is certainly mighty fine by me!!

  33. 33
    NWO says:

    @31 & 32 .. Are you both suggesting that any member in a band that is induced in the RRHOF should be named and be a part of the ceremony? I can not disagree more. Having fun here but c’mon. No mention of all the Sabbatha members. Seventh Star was supposed to be a solo album, but the label wanted a Sabbath record! Like I said, John Rutsey with Rush? Please!! How about GnR?? The last lineup was a joke. Or when Buckethead was in the band! Should they be induced as well? Kiss?? again same thing. Aerosmith – Jimmy Crespo (Great axeman – ask Joe!) Rick Dufay? (I had to look him up as I even forgot who he was!) Like they said – Same old story, same old song and dance!
    I could keep going, but I think you can see where I am coming from. I like most if not all these players, but they are NOT the reason the band is being induced. The music/works from those who were periphery members of bands are not the reason these band get selected or even talked about. On their own – most of their work would be shelved in the 15 minutes category.
    If a band feels a former member should be induced as a part of their group – that’s fine with me as well.

    Yes I mean induced, not inducted! LOL 🙂


  34. 34
    DeeperPurps says:

    NWO @ 33, You make some very valid points, some of which I cannot disagree with. I think though that we are talking about an entity, a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. In effect Deep Purple is the product of the musical contributions of all those who have been in the band, past and present. Ideally they should induct all who have been members. The inner turmoils and conflicts themselves led to some great music being produced.

    Yes admittedly I have my favourites in the band: Blackmore, Lord, Gillan and Hughes; but all the other players have brought something special to the band as well. Ideally the nomination would be for the band only and there would be no exclusions. I don’t think it is necessarily fair to exclude certain members because of the amount of time they were with the band.

    What ever way this whole RRHOF debacle goes, it certainly has no shortage of controversy.

  35. 35
    Ron says:

    @32 it is so lame to name anyone who calls out Bolin and Hughes for there poor performance a hater. That is total BS and a weak answer.

    There is no question….none….that Bolin and Hughes during the CTTB Tour could not perform to standard. Tommie Bolin could not play many of Blackmore’s riffs at all. What Bolin gets in the RRHOF for being wasted on Coke? Worse, any pro musician could play decent versions of the Purple hits but Tommie did not even bother to learn his part. His flubbing the solo to highway star and the main riff to lazy are frankly embarrassing. Garage band quality is not a virtuoso musician.

    MKII belongs in any hall of fame, MKIII maybe because of Coverdale not Hughes, I can live with MKI because they were grossly under rated and quite good. Morse without question should be in if Evans and Hughes are in. Turner no and Bolin hell no.

  36. 36
    DeeperPurps says:

    Sorry Ron @ 35. I do not mean to imply that all those who do not care for Bolin, Hughes or JLT are haters of them, though there is no shortage of people on these boards who do in fact hate a couple of them.

    And it depends which albums with Bolin & Hughes you are listening to. The last concert in Toyko is definitely a pitiful performance. Whereas Wings of a Foxbat / Long Beach is very good. And there is some great work on the CTTB rehearsal jams.

    As for Tommy not being a virtuoso musician, have you heard any of the stuff he worked on prior to being picked for Purple? There is very good reason why he impressed them and was given the nod to join the band.

    By way of comparison, if we extend the debate outside of Purple to something like Black Sabbath, Ozzy was a total drugged out train wreck in the late 70’s before he left the band. He was an embarrassment. That opened the door for Dio, Gillan, Hughes, and Tony Martin. All great quality singers who did wonderful albums, and the musicianship in Sabbath became much stronger as a result. Yet all we hear about is Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy and that era. Besides the nostalgic appeal of album 13, really what have Sabbath done of any note with Ozzy since the 70’s?

    All that to say that if one is good enough to get into a band and contribute to its legacy, then one should be included in the roll of honour too. My 2 cents.

  37. 37
    Ronnie says:

    Nick, i agree totally when you say: “It’s not as if I need to be given this award to know what we did in Deep Purple made an impact.”

  38. 38
    Ron says:

    @36, thanks for the thoughtful response.

    I honestly think only MKII was the iconic elite lineup on par with BANDS LIKE Zeppelin, Stones, The Who, ACDC, GNR, and Aerosmith. When most people think about Deep Purple they comment on Smoke on the Water, Machine Head, In Rock, Made in Japan, Highway Star, Child in Time, Women from Tokyo and the reunion. I can see your point and I’m happy that MKI and III got recognition. I’m a huge fan of Coverdale and loved what he did in Purple.

    I think the resentment towards Hughes and JLT are from the pot shots they take at the current band (and MKII) in general and Gillan specifically. They’ve both done it yet to this day they sing MKII songs for a buck. It’s so hypocritical. Look, I don’t give Ian a pass for the feud with Ritchie because they are both at fault. But Ian Gillan with Ritchie, Roger, Jon and Ian Paice wrote some truly timeless gems on par with the best of any band EVER and they performed it with excitement and energy live. In that vein, the cheap shots while grandstanding of GH and JLT deserves contempt. Just look at what GH is doing in Kings of Kaos as the singer “from Deep Purple.” What songs do they play? Highway Star, Smoke on the Water and Burn. How many times has he said he is not a fan of MKII? Too many!

    Regarding Tommie, I don’t think he had a professional sound with deep purple outside of the album CTTB. His tone was pretty bad and his ability to play the songs is as bad as it gets for a professional musician….who by the way in an interview said he made $1 million in his year with Purple. In today’s dollars that $5 million. You’d think he’d learn the songs! I’ve seen a couple of interviews just prior to the CTTB World Tour when asked about what songs they’ll play he was dismissive of the well known songs of MKII as “yada yada yada.” His poor performance was more than just the addiction. He was not prepared.

    Last point, the guy I think is the big omission is Steve Morse. Without him, his playing and great personality Purple would be long gone. So I agree with you regarding Evans, SIMPER, Morse and Coverdale as being important.

    Anyway, I’m going to New York to see the band inducted. When and where is the Purple People Party?

  39. 39
    TC says:

    When a band gets inducted into the Hall of Fame every member should be part of that story – warts and all. For better or worse the lineup changes of Deep Purple are part of their legacy and make for a very colorful story.

  40. 40
    DeeperPurps says:

    Ron @38, all valid points. I do vividly recall JLT saying something derogatory about not wanting to sing “other people’s drivel”. I was not aware GH was taking pot shots at Mark 2, apart from a comment about the present day line up being not dangerous and all too polite. What else has GH said of a negative vein?

    As for Tommy Bolin, I admit he was not my cup of tea in on CTTB when he took over in 1976 from Blackmore. When I first listened to that album in ’76 I promptly disposed of it at a second hand store. However some 25 years later I rediscovered him via Billy Cobham’s Stratus, and a few other fusion projects he was involved in. It led me back to his time in Purple and a resassement of CTTB.

    Yes admittedly Bolin’s catalogue with Purple is not on par with Blackmore’s. However he did bring something different and special to the band in CTTB and in some of their jams, as well as a few cuts on Foxbat. Had he not got all drugged out, I think there may have been some huge potential there to make Mark IV as relevant as the 3 preceding ones.

    Yes of course Mark 2 is the ultimate line-up. The 5 of those musicians were completely matchfit. I must say that Burn is very close in terms of quality as well, and GH is a big part of that.

    I agree with you, both Steve Morse and Don Airey are hugely deserving of being up on the stage with Purple at induction time, as inductees, not side men. Now What?! is a testament to their contributions to Purple’s longevity and success.

    Yes I too hope to attend the induction ceremony in April. Getting tickets might be the challenge though.

  41. 41
    LRT says:

    @27, riddle me this. Why would someone go into Wiki and put an entry such as Rod being back in lieu of royalties if he weren’t? Some kind of sick joke? It was pointed out to me and I caught it. Sorry if you missed it. Let’s also look at how much he owed them and how long it took to pay and how little royalties the band received from 1980 to 2015. That can and has been figured. Over 700,000 talking 35 years. Get out the calculator and it should tell you how little they were paid in royalties over 35 years in the first place. They’re paid up and I will be you money, I have enough to go around.

  42. 42
    LRT says:

    Svante, I can also tell you a lot more about Rod Evans and what he’s been doing, where he’s been living, and everything you also don’t want to know. But I won’t provide that here all the same. He’s just been a regular Joe all this time, trying to live his life but the truth is, in 1980 what he did may have been a shock. But, since then Ritchie has sued the band twice and won, and they’re not even completely at odds anymore. Leonard Haze was involved in four lawsuits with his old band and they had him up for a reunion in the midst of it all as well. I think Rod might want to know by now that’s it’s business and people do funny things and laugh later about it. The Bogus DP was wrong, he made a mistake and learned from it but should not hide himself away over it anymore. Get over it and realize you had a gift, Rod. Btw, the old Wiki drunk driving story, is true, Svante. Not only that but he’s not the only one in his family with a record. I’ll stop there. So don’t count truths out there just because anyone can modify it if they have a Wiki account.

  43. 43
    LRT says:

    Then ban me just for disagreeing and providing facts you won’t find elsewhere while you’re at it. 😀 This isn’t about the fans, it’s about the band members.

  44. 44
    Steve Hawker says:

    @40 said “Burn is very close in terms of quality as well, and GH is a big part of that.”

    I’m going to assume you mean Burn the album as opposed to Burn the song although the contribution Hughes made was similar in both quantity and quality.

    Zero credit for songwriting due to “contractual obligations” yet years later when even Pink Floyd have given a songwriting credit to a session musician, Hughes has NO songwriting credits. You’d think he’d be screaming for recognition now IF he had half a valid case. So… no songs written on Burn. It’s not like he made a major contribution on SB or CTTB so what would make anyone think he made any significant contribution on Burn?

    Vocals: You could edit out every single vocal by Hughes and the album might actually be better. Utterly superfluous to requirements. When played live it’s even worse.

    Bass: Please, tell me which song only Glenn could have played bass on. You can hear Simper and Glover’s work clearly. Hughes? For all we know Blackmore played all the bass parts.

    As for Coverdale, he totally deserves recognition although subtract a point for every “ere’s a song faw ya!”. Burn, Sail Away and Mistreated are highlights for me lyrically and vocally. Without Hughes, Purple might have been credited with Rainbow’s first album – pretty sure Coverdale could have written decent alternatives to Dio’s lyrics (though no chance of that on Rising).

    I just wish they’d kept Glover and saved us all from whatever Glenn Hughes thinks he was doing. You know Blackmore thinks so too.

  45. 45
    DeeperPurps says:

    @44, I was referring to the Deep Purple album “Burn”, of which Glenn Hughes played an absolutely integral role, and who has in fact rightly been credited on several years later.

    Per several different websites which touch on the liner notes of the 30th anniversary edition of Burn, the following applies: “Glenn Hughes participated in song-writing, but wasn’t given credit due to unexpired contractual obligations. However, the 30th anniversary edition of the album included Hughes in the credits for all the tracks except “Sail Away”, “Mistreated”, “‘A’ 200” and the bonus track “Coronarias Redig”.”

    Furthermore, here is a breakdown of the actual credits on the 30th Anniversary album:
    Vocals – David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes (tracks: 1 to 6, 8 to 13)
    Written-By – Coverdale* (tracks: 1 to 7, 10 to 13), Hughes* (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 6, 10 to 13), Paice* (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 6, 8 to 10, 12, 13), Lord* (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 6, 8 to 10, 12, 13), Blackmore* . Notes – Tracks 1 to 8 originally released in 1974. Digital remastering at Abbey Road Studios. Tracks 9 to 13 mixed at Metropolis Studios, London.

    As for Glenn Hughes’ particular and distinctive funk-rock bass playing style on the Burn album, it is fully apparent, evident, and totally par excellence. And his singing completely enhanced the quality of each and every song on that album too. As for Stormbringer and CTTB, his contributions on those albums are even more pronounced.

    I think you and I might have to agree to disagree on all things Glenn Hughes. There is no greater talent scout than Ritchie Blackmore, and if he picked Glenn Hughes to play for Purple way back in 1973, it was because Hughes had all the right goods to bring to the band.

    I maintain that with the possible exception of Ritchie Blackmore, Glenn Hughes has the strongest back catalogue of all the Purple alumni. And at the age of 63, he can still hit notes that men half his age can only dream of touching.

    So yes, all that to say, that no matter what one’s personal opinion about Glenn Hughes might be, his talent and contribution to Deep Purple’s legacy cannot be denied. His place as one of the rightful members of Purple in the RRHOF induction process is fully justified.

  46. 46
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @ 45, hear hear. “Ya gots ta funk da funk…”.

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