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Hughes the storyteller

Video recording of the Glenn Hughes’ Q&A ‘storyteller’ session in April 2013 in Australia. Prepare yourself for an hour plus of stories about booze, drugs, more drugs, then even more drugs, and, occasionally, music.

Thanks to Official Deep Purple channel for the videos.

8 Comments to “Hughes the storyteller”:

  1. 1
    Ernest Geering says:

    “Occasionally music” haaa….love it! \m//

  2. 2
    Mark says:

    Wow he is talking about meeting with the Beatles and drinking with Ozzy Osbourne:)

  3. 3
    Paul says:

    Well the bits I clicked on had no drugs but some great stuff that reflected Glenn as an articulate and emotional guy, honest and self effacing, committed to his audience and intent on finding ways to continue in a changed musical world where no one buys albums. It’s made me want to book tickets for his upcoming tour. Of course I love a good drug war story as much as the next man too…

  4. 4
    Kim Peters says:

    He has A LOT of “friends.”

  5. 5
    albertz says:

    A wonderful bass player & singer but complete diva

    Gary Moore the greatest guitar player he’s played with? As we say in my country – “aye, right”

    Love the DC impersonation tho

  6. 6
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    @5 Albertz

    I would think GH probably has a pretty good grasp on his opinion regarding guitarists. He has played with a boatload. Actually he is in good company regarding that statement. Don Airey has claimed the same. I concur.


  7. 7
    albertz says:

    @6 Tracy

    Fair cop, Tracy!

    I’ve seen GM with Colosseum II, G-Force, Greg Lake, solo (with Ian Paice), with his blues band, with Scars & his Monsters of Rock tour with Whitesnake. Hell, I even make an (uncredited!) appearance on the 2 live albums he recorded in Glasgow.

    A phenomenal guitar player, but I frequently felt he lacked clear direction, especially his 80’s rock albums which seldom sustained interest from start to finish. There’s certainly no “In Rock”, “Machine Head”, “Burn” or “Rising” in his catalogue. His move to more blues-oriented material in the 90s produced some fabulous albums & tours, but he still had a tendency to make some strange leaps (BBM or the Hendrix tribute anyone?)

    My personal favourite is his work with Colossem II, especially the live stuff. Check BBC’s Sight & Sound & the various radio sessions that are around – scintillating playing from both GM & Don Airey.

    And “Empty Rooms” can still bring a tear to my eye.

    Truce, T?

  8. 8
    Anthony says:

    Not a big Hughes fan..still don’t get the hype around the guy. Regarding Gary Moore ( hails from my part of the woods )…excellent guitar player though his style was very blues based and not much variety beyond that other than the odd flourish of celtic . I agree his ‘rock’ albums were hit and miss. A massive talent sadly missed

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