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Deep Purple with Orchestra “Live In Verona”

On 20 October 2014, Eagle Rock Entertainment release “Live In Verona” by Deep Purple on DVD and Blu-ray[Cat Nos EREDV0121 and ERBRD5218]. This amazing performance includes “Smoke On The Water,” “Lazy,” “Strange Kind Of Woman,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Highway Star,” “Woman From Tokyo” and many more.

Deep Purple Verona DVD cover (lr)

Filmed in the spectacular surroundings of the Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheatre originally built in 30 AD, this concert from the summer of 2011 sees Deep Purple joined on stage by a full symphony orchestra for performances of all their classic tracks.Deep Purple remain one of the finest hard rock bands on the planet and are undoubtedly at their best when performing live.

The line-up for this show features Ian Gillan (vocals); Ian Paice (drums); Roger Glover (bass); Steve Morse (guitar); Don Airey (keyboards). As bonus features we include two extra tracks, “Hush” and “Black Night” recorded that night.


1) Deep Purple Overture 2) Highway Star 3) Hard Lovin’ Man 4) Maybe I’m A Leo 5) Strange Kind Of Woman 6) Rapture Of The Deep 7) Woman From Tokyo 8) Contact Lost 9) When A Blind Man Cries 10) The Well Dressed Guitar 11) Knocking At Your Back Door 12) Lazy 13) No One Came 14) Don Airey Solo 15) Perfect Strangers 16) Space Truckin’ 17) Smoke On The Water

On “Live In Verona” the orchestral arrangements give an added depth and range to the familiar songs and the band respond to both playing with the orchestra and performing in such a historical location to deliver a brilliant show in front of a huge and enthusiastic crowd.

20 Comments to “Deep Purple with Orchestra “Live In Verona””:

  1. 1
    Tom Koifman says:

    awesome! No black night? No cd?

  2. 2
    Larry Toering says:

    Open for much criticism, but the bootleg is good, so this should be even better. Take a beer or restroom brake during Space Truckin’, or rate the entire product on it, in-fact if you do, you’re liable to rate their entire career on that(one of the risks video products always take, and some consumers take too seriously). Your choice. 😀

  3. 3
    Dirk Kahler says:

    “Bonus” … Hush and Black Night … that’s a joke. Encore are bonus?

  4. 4
    appiantiqua says:

    Sound is bonus!!!!

  5. 5
    Felix Gauloises says:

    same stuff again…

  6. 6
    Keith Livingstone says:


  7. 7
    Hornoxe says:

    I wonder why they release that now, it’s been 3 years since the orchestra tour, and they already released a DVD of that back then… the Montreux show just the day before this one(!)
    Also encores are bonus – wtf? If there is no other bonus material, release it complete without bonus?!?
    And while the Orchestra stuff is an interesting change, I feel it only strengthens the impression that the show these days is just as well structured as every other band’s, without the potential for bigger improvisations outside of the solos (which still sound similar every night…)
    And while it is still kind of ok on Perfect Strangers, the lower key for Woman From Tokyo sounds just wrong… don’t know why, but it is just so noticable – guess it’s for the better that they don’t do it on the recent tours.
    Not sure if I will buy this… but I guess the visuals will be quite impressing in the arena.

  8. 8
    Emiliano Ricky Lawrence Lupi says:

    I was there…

  9. 9
    Mihajel Jurišić says:

    awesome awesome!!!!!

  10. 10
    mike whiteley says:

    As I own the Montreux Orchestral video,I’ll pass on Verona.
    Celebrating Jon Lord will be my next Purple purchase.

  11. 11
    Cameron says:

    Will there be a CD version of this?
    Hopefully with much demand there should be.
    Will preorder asap.

  12. 12
    Les Hedger says:

    The days when Blackmore and Lord would stretch a 6 minute album track to 30 plus minutes is long gone!! It seems that the last song to be stretched out in concert was “Almost Human” on the Abandon Tour. Great work by Lord!!

  13. 13
    Cosimo D'ambrosio says:

    senza Blackmoore e Lord, questi non sono nessuno…………

  14. 14
    Andreas Nagel says:

    Deep Purple is, was and always will be the best live rock band!!!!!!

  15. 15
    Finn says:

    Funny or strange – I dont know, but so many years after Blackmore left, and many Morse area CDs later, STILL 11 songs are from Blackmore area and only 3 from Morse area. And then the solos. Does it say something about trust in the newer life of Purple or is’t just more easy?

  16. 16
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Finn @15,

    And still ALL the SONGS are from Gillan, Glover and Paice era…… They are still in the band and co-wrote those songs. He is gone. They are not. Their songs and they do them well don’t they?


  17. 17
    metaljim says:

    Finn @15
    I agree completely. By now, with five (5) albums under their belt Mk Morse should be playing no less than 50% of their own material in concert. I simply can’t bring myself to buy any more of their DVD’s or live CD’s, because they contain the same core songs that have been part of the setlist for decades.
    The really irritating thing is that the band had the audacity to record a song like MTV a few years back. How can they complain about being categorized as a “classic rock” band, when that’s how they promote themselves in concert?

  18. 18
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:


    Yes I feel as you do regarding the lack of newer tunes in the set lists. The reference to ‘Blackmore Era’ songs is where I become irritated. 3 fifths of the present band are from that ‘Blackmore Era’ and those songs are theirs and PURPLE’s. These guys play what they want to play. We are not in the band. /we don’t get to pick. As frustrated as I get due to the lack of MK7/8 songs in the setlist, I don’t refer to the tunes they play as ‘Blackmore tunes’. Know why? They are Purple tunes and 3 of the 5 present members wrote and recorded those songs. Blackmore left. Purple continued on without him. The songs are theirs now. It’s been AWESOME without him! I’m not saying it wouldn’t be awesome with him, just that his absence has been great also. They have played many live shows with many MK7/8 tunes over the years since ‘Purpendicular’ was released. They always tour and promote their albums and play many songs from them during the initial stages of each album release tour. Then it’s back to a more mainstream setlist later on. Same thing happened when ‘Blackmore’ was in the band. They are unfortunately cursed with the branding of classic rockers with a limited amount of hits that the masses want to hear at concerts. It is what it is and we as hard core fans have to unfortunately ‘Bite the Bullet. As with you, I will always be pushing for a more balanced setlist of ‘present Purple’ songs mixed with the older one but I ‘Won’t Hold My Breath’.


  19. 19
    Marcello D\'Agostino says:

    does anyone know if Eagle Rock releases the CD version or there is only one Japanese Ward Records?

  20. 20
    Marcello D\\\'Agostino says:

    I asked to Ward Records (the official label of japan): cd version released is only for Japan.

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