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Glover at Noize in the Attic

Roger Glover, Kingston, Canada, Feb 9 2012; photo © Nick Soveiko cc-by-nc-sa

Roger Glover guested on the Noize in the Attic podcast on August 29. And although a lot of material was covered in the lengthy interview, what made waves around the ‘net as far as The Guardian was, obviously, the Hall of Fame bit (we’ve covered what he thinks on the matter before).

Use your favourite player to listen to the podcast (MP3, 155M) or the embedded the player below. The interview segment starts around 29 minute mark and continues for about 50 minutes, with music. (On a side note, Smoke was not played; it was Into The Fire, Hell To Pay, Meanstreak, No One Came and Wicked Ways, with a Judas Priest track thrown in for a good measure.)

Thanks to Blabbermouth and Andrey Gusenkov (deep-purple.ru) for the info.

PS. And kudos to the band’s publicist (or whoever did the job) on this past North American tour. Lots of interesting, well researched, in depth interviews, done by knowledgeable people, with very little to none of the “Mr. Grover, Mr. Gillian, you must’ve made a million” stuff.

2 Comments to “Glover at Noize in the Attic”:

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    Stephen James Smith says:

    I agree with the comment about the excellent publicist on the recent USA tour. Kudos to whomever it was. Deep Purple’s weakness in America (and Britain really) has always been lack of media exposure and airtime. The band is without doubt the best and most enduring rock band in the world, yet too few realize their amazing legacy to music. (This, imo, is why we have the Hall of Fame controversy.) But when Led Zep sneezes the whole world know about it. SO, let’s ALL get behind the lads and get Deep Purple’s “hype factor” multiplied, with more media coverage and MUCH MORE airplay.
    Finally, COME BACK SOON, lads: America loves you and this ex-pay Brit can’t get enough of you!

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    Stephen James Smith says:


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