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Roger Glover in Halifax Metro

Roger Glover, Quebec City, June 4, 2011; © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Halifax Metro has published a short interview with Roger in anticipation of the February 4 Deep Purple show:

When asked by fans if he thought 40 years ago he’d still be performing today, Roger Glover doesn’t hesitate in his reply.

“Yes, it’s all going according to plan.”

Though the Deep Purple bassist makes light of his bumpy journey, he is grateful for the ride.

“I feel fortunate to have been born at the time I did,” he tells me over the phone. “I was in a band, living a dream and it wasn’t a dream.”

Read more in Halifax Metro.

Thanks to Monika Schwarz for the info.

21 Comments to “Roger Glover in Halifax Metro”:

  1. 1
    George says:

    here’s a rather interesting another new interview with Rog.

    ‘Well, they [Deep Purple] are not as good as they used to be.’ Someone said that to me once, not knowing who I was. I just happened to be wearing a Deep Purple T-shirt, I was standing in line to buy milk on a Sunday morning.” – Roger Glover.

    He also talks about the RARHOF and says the band will just say “No, thanks” if they will ever be inducted in it.

    Seems like the band (at least 2/5, Rog and Ian) doesn’t need RARHOF at all. Personally I would be happy if I saw them into it, but if the musicians itself think that they don’t need it, then. just f**k off, dear RARHOF. 🙂

  2. 2
    George says:

    Ups, I forgot the link:

  3. 3
    HardRockPete says:

    I don’t know Mr. Glover personally (I’ve only met him twice), but judging from the things he’s said over the years he seems to be a great guy to hang out with. To be in a band with him must be pure pleasure, and when you add Mr. Paice…..well, there you go! The best rythmsection ever:-)

  4. 4
    Juraj says:

    Great I love it!I am in love with Deep Purple.

  5. 5
    KT Sandersen says:

    Well said, HardRockPete !! I’ve also met Mr. Glover a couple of times and he’s a real GENT ! Would love him to do a re-make 2000+ of ‘The Butterfly Ball’ with Gillan, Coverdale, Hughes, Gustavson, Lord and the rest of the cast. Sadly we’ve lost Dio and Ashton, but that would be great, don’t you think ?? I belive Les Binks played drums on the album, but if he’s not available I could always enjoy a bit of Paicey :-)) What’s ‘Behind The Smile’ ? Time to ‘Get Ready’ ??

  6. 6
    NWO says:

    Here is another link talking about Deep Purple out on the east cost 🙂
    They have some heavy bands opening up for them. Make sure you go early!!
    http://www.paulmercsconcerts.com/ to see who is opening up for them on this Smoke the Nation Tour

  7. 7
    Patrick says:

    Roger is a class act just like his band …..LLrNr and llDP

  8. 8
    john says:

    Rog. I raise my Becks and thanks to you for being a friend to me!!!!!

  9. 9
    Roberto says:

    it’s really sad the place these canadian gig places are half full…

    and yes Roger seems to be a great person, as when I met him…

  10. 10
    Roberto says:

    Only in a band with Deep Purple’s history could guitarist Steve Morse somehow be considered “the new guy.”

    “We’ve actually played more gigs with me as the guitarist than any other guitarist,” said Morse, who joined in 1994 and this year will appear on his fifth studio album with the hard-rock pioneers.

    The band’s month-long, 17-city tour of Canada hits the Ottawa Civic Centre tonight, and Morse said fans can expect the mandatory classics (Smoke on the Water, Highway Star, Hush) as well as newer material, obscure cuts from their classic albums and some instrumental jams.

    But their latest music remains under wraps in order to keep audience recordings from spoiling the surprise.

    “If it wasn’t for YouTube, we’d probably be doing one of the new songs from the album that hasn’t been released yet,” Morse said, admitting even he hasn’t heard the lyrics to the new songs yet.

  11. 11
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Thought I’d add this little snippet….

    This is a short clip from YOUTUBE. The end of ‘When a Blind Man Cries’ and the beginning of ‘The Mule’. THE BOYS SOUND GREAT!!!!

    I’ve been digging around trying to get each song from that show. Looks like an incredible performance from what I have seen thus far. Yeah, pretty much the same setlist, but it seems that the guys really cranked in a notch. It appears that even though they loved the Orchestra venture, they are throwing out all the stops with this leg. The singing, the solos, the attitude. I think the boys kicked up their vitamin supplements and Geritol. These guys are on fire. Truly incredible. Wish I was there. This needs to be put out on DVD.

    Here is the set list I dug up:

    1. Highway Star
    2. Hard Lovin’ Man
    3. Maybe I’m a Leo
    4. Strange Kind of Woman
    5. Rapture of the Deep
    6. Woman from Tokyo
    7. Contact Lost
    8. Guitar Solo
    9. The Well-Dressed Guitar
    10. When a Blind Man Cries
    11. The Mule (with Drum Solo)
    12. Lazy
    13. No One Came
    14. Keyboard Solo
    15. Perfect Strangers
    16. Space Truckin’
    17. Smoke on the Water
    18. Green Onions (Booker T. & The MG’s cover)
    (intro to Hush)
    19. Hush (Billy Joe Royal cover)
    20. Bass Solo
    21. Black Night

    Truly looking forward to them coming here later in the year once they begin promoting the NEW ALBUM and revamp the list. I hope they leave ‘The Mule’ in though.


  12. 12
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Sorry, continuing from #10;

    This vid and comments pertain to the Halifax gig that this interview relates to. I recommend digging into the collection of YOUTUBE vids from this show. Center on the solos especially. Seems a revitalization is very evident from this incredible ensemble of musicians. The Good Times are Rolling.


  13. 13
    Drumguy1988 says:

    From what I’ve heard almost of the the Canadian shows are sold out.

  14. 14
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Not really being one to concern myself with fashion, and obviously Purple never have been concerned either, I am getting a little miffed at Gillan’s wardrobe. I notice he is wearing the same outfit with the Canada tour as he wore during the “Rock Meets Classic” tour. Come on Ian, you’re beginning to resemble an old homeless guy. Surely you can change tee shirts from time to time. Oh, and no more of those little boy striped tee shirts either. You are a friggin’ Rock God for Pete’s sake.


  15. 15
    Roberto says:

    I keep on thinking that Ian Paice’s solos are now a lot better the ones He plays for the clinics than for Deep Purple shows….

  16. 16
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Hmmmmm. Drum Clinic solos better than Purple Show solos…..go figure. Seems kind of a no brainer being it’s a friggin’DRUM CLINIC’.


  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    No brainer?!

    In 1995 I had the same experience.

    Perhaps he did not do clinics in the 70’s and thus saved the REAL DEAL for the DP shows.

  18. 18
    Roberto says:

    @16 what’s the problem? I now just prefer his drums solos during the clinics: longer but generally more complex and powerfull IMHO…

  19. 19
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    No problemo Roberto, just responding straight forward to your post. You came across as though you were complaining with your comparison, that’s all. Just as with solos from show to show. They vary in length and vigor…..


  20. 20
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Also I must give special mention to the version of ‘when a blind man cries’ from this show. Steve really took this one. Yeah, they may be playing a lot of the same songs, but they at least give them a totally new twist with each new tour….WOW!! Rally a good rendition.


  21. 21
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


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