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How to deal with your midlife crisis

Street of Dreams documentary artwork; image courtesy of Gustavo Solinas

Joe Lynn Turner will be featured in the upcoming documentary Street of Dreams, which is currently in postproduction in Norway to be premiered at the Trondheim Dokumentarfestival on November 29.

The film is about Norwegian bass player Jan Erling Holberg — the man behind JLT’s 2011 album Sense of Time. Although educated at LIPA, Jan Erling never made his way into the world of the stars. Meanwhile, he has been living a normal family life with wife and kids in a small community in Norway. He had everything a man could ever want. House, boat, stabile job and a beautiful family. Despite of this, Jan Erling got depressed. His 30 year old ambition of becoming a professional musician seemed to fade away into a suburban dream. Jan Erling decided to do something about it before it was too late.

Recording demos at night resulted in a handful of tracks that raised the attention of his childhood hero Joe Lynn Turner. Jan Erling quit his job, raised the money on his own and a year later he was closer than ever before to fulfil his dream.

Director Håvard Gossé Bergseth says:

This is an universal story of never giving up, seizing the day and following your heart. We want to give the viewer the feelgood-sensation as we follow our main character, Jan Erling, at home, in the studio, the kindergarden, skiing in the mountains and of course on tour. But will Jan Erling ever become a rockstar? My goal for this film is to reach out to a broad audience. This is not only a film for the fans of Joe Lynn Turner, but for every preson that ever had a dream about wanting more of life than the A4-existece.

The documentary movie will follow Jan Erling through the beautiful landscape of Norway as he gets his first and only chance of a major breakthrough on tour with his favourite vocalist of all times – Joe Lynn Turner. We will follow him on his ups and downs to see if his dream of becoming a rock star will be realized or if he has to go back to his former job and a anonymous life in his wooden house by the fjord.

The project have recieved financial support from Midtnorsk Filmsenter and Hemne Kommune.

Produced by Christian Falch @ Gammaglimt AS
Directed by Håvard Gossé Bergseth
Cinematography by Viggo Knudsen
Edited by Marius Smit

Thanks to Gustavo Solinas for the info.

12 Comments to “How to deal with your midlife crisis”:

  1. 1
    micke says:


  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    does someone saw “blue deville” movie with Joe Lynn Turner? that would be interesting?

  3. 3
    al says:

    and why should we care about it ?

  4. 4
    buttockss says:

    It’s a good song brings me back to my high school days, but this reminds me a bit like the “anvil ” documentary . except this person looks more goofy.

  5. 5
    Jim Sheridan says:

    I could see putting my beautiful, loving family at risk by quitting my job in the hopes of meeting my idol Joe Lynn Turner and becoming a a rock god.

    Oh, wait, no I can’t.

  6. 6
    dr g says:

    @5: well, Jim, that would require that you had some musical talent, too, of course. Our loss, i guess…;-).
    I saw this guy on tour with Joe Lynn Turner, and have seen him since then, too.
    He recently toured with Tony Carey’s band in germany & scandinavia.
    The comparison with Anvil’s movie seems a little out of place to me – they released a couple of so-so albums in the early -80’s, each containing a couple of so-so tunes, & then went off the radar…until recently, when the movie came.
    Jan worked hard, as a session musician, for any years, financed his ONLY CD last year, & released it (contrary to what the above text says) under his own name. He really just started. And – as opposed to Anvil – it’s full of great tunes & musical craftsmanship. He’s got his 2nd release coming out shortly (also featuring Joe Lynn Turner, as well as Tony Carey & Aage Steen Nilsen of Norwegian band Wig Wam).
    Jan Holberg is nothing short of a virituoso on bass, he’s got å bucketful of stage presence & he’s determined.
    As for “looking goofy”…well, i’ve seen “goofier” looking people on stage with, for instance, a band who’s name starts with a “D” & ends with an “E”
    …but then, i don’t listen to music to find good looking dudes :-).

  7. 7
    Brad DeMoranville says:

    I think an anonymous house by the fjord sounds better than risking everything to work with JLT. 😉

  8. 8
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Comments above me remind me of having to finally watch my Spinal Tap copy. : )

  9. 9
    Bo says:

    This I would love to see. Where can I see it – living in Denmark.
    Always great to see one of the best singers for the last 20 or 30 years – Joe Lynn Turner.

  10. 10
    neil davies says:

    saw the blue -deville film years ago.JLT was a bigger ham than Jon B Jovi

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 10

    I tried to find an upload of that film, but failed for now.

  12. 12
    dr g says:

    –ell, the first single from the Jan E Holberg Project will be released digitally on Spotify & the usual channels on Jan. 7th, 2013. Judge for yourselves – the tune is, somewhat odd, NOT sung by Jan’s teenage favorite Joe Lynn Turner (although he contributes on the full CD), but instead Tony Carey has written & is performing the vocals.
    This is an outtake from Jan’s FB-page, which is somewhat ironic concidering the content of TC’s lyrics on this one…:
    “”OUTTA MY FACE” will be the first single release from the new album. The song is written by Tony Carey (Rainbow/Planet P Project) and myself, and will be released 7th January 2013. The Jan Holberg Project is back, beside Tony you can hear the great talents of Joe Lynn Turner and Åge Sten Nilsen Privat (Wig Wam) on the new album…..get ready!!!! btw: Tony is playing the keys and singing lead vocals on this song:)”.

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