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Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

It seems the annual “Why aren’t Deep Purple Inducted yet?” story may be closer to an end with the announcement of this years nominee’s for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, which finally includes Deep Purple, some 20 years after they became eligible.

This year you can also be a part of the voting, use the link below to show your support, let’s get Deep Purple in!

From Rolling Stone:

This year’s nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are one of the most diverse lots yet. In addition to classic rock acts such as Rush, Deep Purple and Procol Harum, the list also includes two seminal rap groups (Public Enemy and N.W.A.), two definitive disco hitmakers (Chic and Donna Summer) and two great blues acts (Albert King, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band). The nominees are rounded out by Motown’s Marvelettes, the sister act Heart, tough-as-nails crew Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, the masterful L.A. songwriter Randy Newman, New Orleans funk architects the Meters and the pioneering German electronic group Kraftwerk. Read on for more on each of this year’s nominees.

Nominees for the 2013 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

  • Albert King
  • Chic
  • Deep Purple
  • Donna Summer
  • Heart
  • Joan Jett & the Balckhearts
  • Kraftwerk
  • The Marvelettes
  • The Meters
  • N.W.A.
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  • Procol Harum
  • Public Enemy
  • Randy Newman
  • Rush

Vote here. Top 5 bands on list will comprise a “fan’s ballot” that will count as one of the more than 600 ballots that determine the 2013 inductees.

88 Comments to “Rock n Roll Hall of Fame”:

  1. 1
    IKEN says:

    Strange that Jon (Rip)would have to die for this to happen….sad.
    But,then again,Deep Purple in the RRHOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That would really be something!.

    Cheers from Sweden!!

  2. 2
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Make sure you VOTE!!! You can see the present status also. Deep Purple is in second place after Rush with Heart a close 3rd. I’d like to see all 3 of them in, but of course mainly DEEP ‘Figgin’ PURPLE!!! I stated that this would happen once I got wind of Bob Ezrin being involved in the next Purple album. Man how cool would it be for them to be inducted. Yes I do realize what a crap organization the RRHOF is, but seeing them involved in the ceremony would be incredible. What a show it will be. Performances up the ying yang. Too bad Jon Lord ain’t around but if he is where he should be….(up instead of down if you know what I mean), he will be there in spirit and will be witnessing the event from the best seat in the house…..


  3. 3
    videoman190 says:

    Bet they don’t get in. The hall of shame will probably put in a real rock n roll band like the Marvelettes instead of Purple or Rush. I would also bet Donna Summer the queen of the disco era that tried to bury rock n roll will also get in. The whole process is a farce overseen by the usual music business pin heads. Purple should have been in years ago. I hope if they get in they decline it.

  4. 4
    al greene says:

    Deep purple have been eligable for induction since 1993, nearly 20 years later and now they get nominated. This is an insult to this great band that I love. The Rock and Roll Hall of Lame, sorry (Fame} is a joke. I can only hope that Gillan,Glover and Paice will say NO thank you. Eligable 20 years ago……. Stay out guys, you don’t need this.

  5. 5
    Jim O'Brien says:

    ABOUT F—ING TIME!!!! As Eddie Trunk has stated, finally the Hall of Shame will correct its past error. However, they should have been in back in 93 when they were first eligible. Even more amazing is when I saw the list and saw Albert King on it. IT IS A TRUE SHAME THAT HE IS NOT IN!!!!

  6. 6
    Stefan says:

    This is a fucking joke…who needs them..??? I mean CHIC, Donna Summer, Kraftwerk, N.W.A. and Public Enema ??? What the hell has that got to du with Rock N Roll….???? Absolutely nothing….!!!!

  7. 7
    Willy says:

    Vote in http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/vote-for-the-2013-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-inductees-20121004. Just claim is not effective. Let’s go to vote!!

  8. 8
    Roberto says:

    I just hope Deep Purple will win the top of the bill before Rush (which seems to get more votes) and then they will refuse it (as they said before) !

    This R’n’R H.o.F. is simply ridiculous…Just an U.S.A event, not an European one where Purple would have added the first years with Zeppelin…!

    …and Madonna (and too many others) have been yet included or are going to be included even if they have nothing to do with Rock !

    So ‘ridiculous’ is the only word that comes in my mind…

  9. 9
    foxbatf says:

    No need for it now. It is too late and is insulting to the memory of Jon Lord.

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m NOT voting because it is an insult.

    So much mediocre and lesser shit in that hall, it makes me wanna vomit.

  11. 11
    Wiktor says:

    20 years too late! Who needs it, certainly not Deep Purple, they said so themself…And I agree!

  12. 12
    GerInAssen age 55 says:

    I’ve voted for DP, The Best Rock Band Ever !
    Cheers from Holland.

  13. 13
    Martin says:

    @ #1: Deep Purple already ARE one of the biggest Rock’n’Roll act in the world. What more can they be? These guys don’t need the RRHOF to remind the world who they are (and by the way: who do they think they are?). And think about the RB problem: imagine Ritchie and Ian G. and Steve at one ceremony. Or could there be one without RB? Or without Steve? Or without IG?
    OMG – forget it.

  14. 14
    Paul anderson says:

    What are the rules to be eligible?

  15. 15
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    I just have to state here once more……..

    Way overdue to see Deep Purple recognized for their contribution to the music world, in almost ever genre. From Pop to metal, from classical to rock, from country to jazz, from fusion to ballads, from blues to prog. Deep Purple has touched on every one of those and more. By far, the most comprehensive, influential and versatile Rock Band that ever did and still exists on the planet. I look forward to them being honored as they should have been 20 years ago when they first qualified. Too bad Jon Lord and Tommy Bolin won’t be there to witness this long time coming event. Can’t wait to see the tribute and the performances.


  16. 16
    João Fernandes says:

    Don’t disapoint me guys, the rrhf is a joke, give them the middle finger !

  17. 17
    kraatzy says:

    Chic, Donna Summer and Rock N Roll … lol




  18. 18
    dave_wallis says:

    Not very exciting, really. Roger Glover mentioned a while ago that the band would rather snub RRHOF, and I think that’s what they should do. They’re not a mainstream band these days and are very criticized (check Classic Rock’s reviews of Bananas and ROTD).

    The only thing that could excite Purple fans is any sort of gesture from Ritchie and Gillan in order to perform together on one stage for just one more time. Although since Jon’s passing it would only be a symbolic gesture.

  19. 19
    Anthony says:

    Deep Purple certainly should have been there years ago but wheres’ Ritchie Blackmore?? He should have been there years ago too. To be honest the so called rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame is a joke!

  20. 20
    rik says:

    I think the band have already mentioned, along time before this nomination that they wouldn’t acknowledge being accepted. I could be wrong of course. I won’t vote as al greene says, it’s 20 years too late. However it would be nice if they are accepted and then decline.

  21. 21
    mamakiponrokin says:

    not inducted yet due to a couple of times changed their lineup

  22. 22
    john says:

    finally….congrat for ian gillan and co

  23. 23
    Jim Murphy says:

    I hope they turn it down or refuse to attend or even tell them to shove it up they’re arses, if it takes the death of Jon to be nominated then that is a bigger insult than waiting 20 odd years to get a nod.
    Purple don’t need this crap considering who’s already in and those who ain’t, avoid like the plague!

  24. 24
    Marcin says:

    Agree with al greene
    THEY DON’T NEED RRHOF, The best Band on the Earth !!! Stay out Guys The RRHOF doesn’t deserve YOU.

  25. 25
    Rascal says:

    Does it really matter? I think not.

    The RNRHOL is just a farce. Why should DP bother?

    The only interest maybe seeing Blackmore stand next to Gillan – that would be worth a laugh if nothing else. But you can bet Blackmore will have better things to do than attend this rubbish.

  26. 26
    Drdp says:

    ‘Bout EFFFFFING Time!

  27. 27
    IKEN says:

    Instedad of Whining………………………………VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @14: To be eligible for nomination, an individual artist or band must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. The 2013 Nominees had to release their first recording no later than 1987…

  29. 29
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Ian Gillan has said this: “To us, with the greatest respect, it doesn’t mean a lot although it’s rather like an award in the U.K., if I were to get one. I probably wouldn’t accept it. But then again, after a week of thinking about it, I would accept it because it would be on behalf on the family and friends and everyone who supports the band and who’s looked after us after all these years. It’s kind of a recognition of everyone. But whether we deserve it, I don’t know. I always get embarrassed talking about this stuff.”

  30. 30
    Guntis says:

    You MUST vote FOR, of course, but they should say NO due too late, then it’s a good sign to the world that hese guyes behind the HofF follow their on f..ing business raher han reality. See EVERY r’n’ history and see PURPLE IS THERE.

  31. 31
    Peter Neumann says:

    This award is ruled by the record industrie and some “music-journalists” and they don’t want Deep Purple to get such an award. It’s too late to nominate them now. To me it is a mater of disrespect to a band like Deep Purple and to long-year followers of the band. You know what former opion leaders like “Rolling Stone” had written about them or should I say what they did not wrote about them. I don’t care about this crap – it is unbelievable what’s going on since Jon died – people who never said any good word about Deep Purple turn out to praise Deep Purple.

  32. 32
    Ron says:

    Purple and Rush are no brainers. Heart and King probably. Joan Jett and Balckhearts dont deserve it. The others no way. Purple gets in this year and Im glad. Should be all from MK 1, II, and III. Morse is great but not hall of fame with purple.

  33. 33
    ED says:

    now for the BIG question– if everyone remembers well metallica showed ALOT of class when they got inducted by including jason newsted in the induction and the performance stating that he had a big part in metallica getting to the hof…. so will all of the surviving deep purple family be invited to the induction and more importantly will they play — and im not only referring to blackmore although not having him there would be sick,,, so if deep purple are reading this (any of them) put the differences and egos away for one night and make this one for the fans cuz we are the ones who got you there

  34. 34
    Micalonues says:

    If they get in, DP should bring a flair gun….and burn the place to the ground!


  35. 35
    Dale says:

    I love Ian Gillan attitude towards all the glamore and glitz…fingers up…they are in the millions of fans Hall of Fame anyway…

  36. 36
    Scott W. says:

    Wow, right up there with ‘Chic’ (Who!???!) , ‘The Meters’ !?? I say F ’em (TR&RHOF)!
    They (DP) don,t need it! DP are a Musicians Band, not some second rate Fad Band. ‘The Ball’s of Shame’ lost any respectability long ago…

  37. 37
    Gary says:

    Ian Gillan said it right, ‘ Deep Purple’s ( possible ) induction is for the fans ‘. The R&R HoF admittedly lacks some credibility for not already havig perhaps the most influential hard/ prog rock bands in history ensrhrined already, but they sort of made up with that this year with a Fan Vote.

    As far as the Hall being an ‘ American institution ‘ I can’t disagree more. There are a few very influential British acts there such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who etc inducted.

  38. 38
    Rick Freeman says:

    The RRHOF is a sad affair. No DP No Rush No Warren Zevon..etc; At this point in time who cares? When you look at some that have been inducted you have to look back at the site you are on to make sure it says R&R. DP should have went in with Led Zeppelin, The Who among other greats. I will be happy for them and watch it. But, at this stage WE know who are the real Hall Of Famers. Marcin and al greene are right.

  39. 39
    Henrik says:

    I think it could raise DP´s image in USA.

    The americans have no real history, so they need these pop artifacts a la the Oscarshow.

    But it is a tough crowd!. I think Albert King has the same legendary status as Deep Purple.

    Is Ritchie gonna show?

  40. 40
    Henrik says:

    I think it could raise DP´s image in USA.

    The americans have no real history, so they need these pop artifacts a la the Oscarshow.

    But it is a tough crowd!. I think Albert King has the same legendary status as Deep Purple.

    Is Ritchie gonna show?

  41. 41
    Xarkon says:

    I hope they are inducted.

    I hope Ritchie shows.

    I hope he has a Strat with him.

    I hope that someone pushes a TV camera in his face.

    The aftermath would be exactly what the R’n’R HoF deserves for ignoring so many great bands and inducting so much slop.

  42. 42
    Mikey says:

    Ok, better late than never. It’s ridiculous but at least there is a permanent touch point beyond our own collections and memories (if they get in). Though, Remachined is probably the praise that says it best for most of us.

  43. 43
    Martin says:

    I believe it’s only bussiness, to me 2013 will be the Deep Purple Year. New record, a tribute album, a 40th anniversary edition of Machine Head, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination, a BIG US TOUR, and whatever else to discover. . . . . Enough to atract massive fans to the arenas. . . . . . Great!

  44. 44
    RB says:

    I agree with Tracy about Purple’s massive contribution and virtuosity. They should have been inducted years ago. However, I have this feeling that if dear Jon hadn’t passed away then they’d probably have been overlooked yet again. With this in mind the nomination feels like one borne out of guilt rather than respect, and as such I find it somewhat distasteful and shameful that this organisation has finally seen fit to grace this wonderful group of men, and particularly our dear Jon far too late.

    Members of Purple have always maintained that they wouldn’t accept if offered a place, so I hope they stand proud, keep their integrity and tell them to go fuck themselves.

    Moreover, I’m pretty sure Blackmore wouldn’t turn up and Gillan would no doubt refuse to take part. You can bet that Glenn would love to go and bask in the glory, as like Joe Lynn (who REALLY shouldn’t be part of it) he’d go to the opening of a bloody envelope if asked cos he’s such a media whore.

  45. 45
    cyclone says:

    It’s like hitting a home run only to be call out and lose the game. Then 25 years later they reverse the call and let the homer stand. That said, I will still hit the vote button for DP-the band like no other.

  46. 46
    Roberto says:

    Sir Gillan: “everyone who supports the band and who’s looked after us after all these years” doesn’t want you accept it, at least most of the fans…Win it and refuse it…

  47. 47
    MacGregor says:

    RB @ 44- I agree totally, all about guilt perhaps now that Lord has passed. Someone nudging someone else etc, you scratch my back & I will scratch yours! Blackmore would never show for this circus, & kudos to him for that! It’s a circus & the ringleader is the clown!

  48. 48
    CARLOS RUBIO S. says:

    La verdad DEEP PURPLE ,desde el año 93 que era elegible ya debería estar en el dizque el salón de la fama y no 20 años despues para en la realidad es un insulto para una de las más grandes bandas de rock de todos los tiempos,los integrantes son que decidiran aceptar (si son elegidos),larga vida a DP.

  49. 49
    Carlos (from Paraguay) says:

    rock n roll hall of shame…..SUCKS!!!……Deep Purple is the meaning of rock and roll and rock and roll was created by Deep Purple!!!!

  50. 50
    Rick Freeman says:

    Martin…you left out another reason. The lost of Jon Lord. Sadly, that what it takes sometime to get noticed. Henrik-you are right. The lack of touring here has not helped them at all. I saw them twice in 02, twice in ’04, once last year. Not to mention the two times I saw them with Ritchie. Always great crowds. Seem to me they were all sold out or near. I do wish they would tour here more. I do wish for a hugh US tour next year- as martin states. i also agree about Albert King. But, Rush will get in. Rightfully so.

  51. 51
    Juan Sebastian Rubio says:

    Hey Roberto, a good title for a new Deep PurpleAlbum “WIN IT AND REFUSE TI”

  52. 52
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    One of the problems that encompasses this situation is that you sometimes get what you pay for. Purple may have been snubbed by the RRHOF for years that is true, but Purple and their management truly played a big part in that by pretty much snubbing the whole industry with their self made reluctance to involve themselves in publicity or hobnobbing with any of the celebrated spotlight that most ‘honored members’ did. They chose to be quite reclusive and it bit them in the ‘popularity ass’. Yes, by all means they obviously deserve their proper place in line, but they made too strong an effort at staying out of the limelight and this is the result. I have maintained my stand on the fact that their management was terrible and themselves avoiding being more engaged in the public eye was their biggest downfall. This I would state is proof of the pudding. Either way, they should crawl out from under that rock where they had been hiding all those years and if they are nominated, accept it graciously and ‘burn the place to the ground’ with a blistering set of jamming tunes and celebrate like ‘never before’.


  53. 53
    The Shed says:

    we should vote. In the end we are left out. 🙂

  54. 54
    Bob says:

    The RRHOF is a joke, but that is not stopping me from voting… and voting often.

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    As far as I am concerned Lord must shit from above on these distaste ful persons of that so called R and R Hall Of fame.

  56. 56
    cyclone says:

    *52 have to agree. I never kissed ass and never got anything while seeing the world pass me by. It’s a phoney world. Play the game or get left behind. DP remained dirty and gritty…..but maybe that’s why we all like them. Your last sentence is spot on. Just hope Funky Claude can save the day a second time!

  57. 57
    Ron says:

    i dont think its a tough crowd. Other than Rush, Albert King and Purple. I think those three of no brainers. I might reluctantly say I see the Joan Jett thing but not with the heart brakers, That is ridiculous. Heart before other legends like Kiss, Dio…come on. I think they will let 5-6 get in as usual and Purple will make it, If they dont, the ROHF is a complete zero.

  58. 58
    Rick Christensen says:

    All I can say is “It’s about *%?&$ time!!!!!

  59. 59
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    To Tracy: being a Soviet pioneer thirty years ago I would opposite your viewpoints even subconsciously but being a Russian citizen now I totally agree with you and support every word in all of your posts. Every word. Being an ad man (mad man would sound better) I always stuck to the theory that DP management was to blame for the band being on the edge of oblivion in UK and US markets. I think the band members didn’t object too much, too. This rather odd ” we-stay-out-of-current-showbiz” approach as a rule leads to nowhere. With such a position towards mainstream the credit they deserve get lesser and lesser year by year and this is a matter of simple justice to give them what they should have. Their impact upon modern music and culture is so huge and enormous that I suppose it will take decades for next generations to realize it.
    To those who finds it amusing to rhyme Hall of Fame… Folks, let’s be honest. The gratest and biggest band in the world as we think can’t act like Sex Pistols. I love their huge eight song catalog but Pistols refusal was nothing more than a boyish PR move. Why decline? It’s an honor! Folks, let’s not be hypocrites. I’m absolutely sure each and everyone of you felt joy and happiness for the band when the news of their nomination surfed on the Web. As for me I felt happy both for the band and for myself. The Best Band In The Universe is finally on the verge of something really big!
    This band influenced me. It defined me. It helped me a lot in my life. It’s been my companion since that July back in 1977 when I heard Made in Japan for the first time in my life! I owe them folks! So do you! I’m sure all of you have already given your votes for our favorite band. I have.
    Tracy is damn right. Make sure you VOTE. It means a lot for us and it means a lot for them.
    Thank you.
    P. S. Still I think DP absence in US is a bit exaggerating. I had lived in Louisville KY for a while back in 1996 and my Machine Head T-shirt was a big hit. Wow, man, Deep Purple! Rock on, man! This was the ordinary
    reaction back then. Although I may be wrong.
    P. P. S. I’ ll attend DP gig in Moscow in three weeks. Damn deep inside I hope they will perform something new! I promise the review to post right after the concert.

  60. 60
    HZ says:

    When you see who plays on “Re-Machined” you get idea to which hall DP belongs… Mediocre American pop-award doesn’t mean much..

  61. 61
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    What the F..K?? Been trying to enter a statement and it doesn’t take????

  62. 62
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    For those whom don’t think ‘Ritchie Blackmore’ has any interest in the RRHOF, you are dead wrong. I am on the ‘Blackmore’s Night’ fan mail list and just received this e-mail from them regarding the contrary. Read it below:

    Dear Fans of Blackmore’s Night,

    Ritchie in the original Deep Purple have been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Cast your vote for them here
    Thank you


    Now let’s see how many Blackmore Worshippers change their tune on the validity of Purple taking part with the RRHOF if they are enducted now the their GOD has shown interest. Time to do some word eating I’m afraid…..Even the great Man in Black has finally come to his senses. Age. it’s a beautiful thing, then you die. Gotta go for it while you are still alive and well. All of the remaining PURPLE folks on the same stage. Come On. You have to admit it’s an awesome posibility. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!


  63. 63
    Deeperpurps says:

    Don’t vote at all! In voting you simply lend credibility to an entity (the so-called RRHOF) which has none at all, zero, nil. Too little recognition far too late for Deep Purple…..even if DP are “granted” entry into the hall this time around , it will mean nothing in the end. They have not been given their due…..proper respect for their musicianship and influence should have been recognized more than a decade ago, but the corporate rock and roll establishment and its assorted hangers-on and cronies have been dutifully neglecting this classic band for whatever twisted reason that the so-called arbiters of muscial taste have chosen to invoke. DP should wear all the snubbing and neglect of the past years as a badge of honour – they never sold out. The nomination to RRHOF is now meaningless drivel and should be ignored, not dignified with a postive response. True fans of Deep Purple do not need RRHOF’s hollow validation of our band.

  64. 64
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @62: Ritchie himself doesn’t write those mails, you know. 🙂 Just as the current line-up, chances are big that he really doesn’t know, or care, what his PR machine is up to.

    But having said that, I was also surprised to see that after the stories one have heard over the years about what his manager thinks about fans who want DP records signed.

  65. 65
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:


    I am aware that TMIB doesn’t correspond himself on the site, but the fact that the site (which is their official site and there is plenty of input from Mrs. Blackmore) gave credence to the ceremony makes it clear they are aware and concerned. All in all, the possibility that they might get to be exposed in such an extravagant celebration which will get global viewing is a great thing and please don’t any of you ‘nay sayers’ state here that you won’t watch it if you get the chance. You know you will.


  66. 66
    MacGregor says:

    What matters is the music, full stop! Nothing else is relevant at all, people either like it, or don’t like it, or even more people would never even know about it& never will! Forget the pseudo awards, the charade of pretending to give recognition, when that very recognition is there with album sales, musical influences & respect from other musicians & the like!
    Now, hello to Tracy @ 62 – {For those whom don’t think ‘Ritchie Blackmore’ has any interest in the RRHOF, you are dead wrong.} I doubt it, you must be privy to TMIB himself or have an amazing crystal ball. {Now let’s see how many Blackmore Worshippers change their tune on the validity of Purple taking part with the RRHOF if they are enducted now the their GOD has shown interest.} He isn’t my GOD, no one is & I mean NO ONE! {Time to do some word eating I’m afraid…..} What do those words taste like Tracy, I would like to know, I even crave flavour! {Even the great Man in Black has finally come to his senses.} Time will tell, & we know time waits for no one! Cheers.

  67. 67
    john victor says:

    Ritchie must be involved, Steve Morse & Don AIrey are only the replacement
    what is the real purpose of RRHOF without including Ritchie Blackmore?

  68. 68
    MacGregor says:

    What matters is the music, full stop! Nothing else is relevant at all, people either like it, or don’t like it, or even more people would never even know about it& never will! Forget the pseudo awards, the charade of pretending to give recognition, when that very recognition is there with album sales, musical influences & respect from other musicians & the like!
    Now, hello to Tracy @ 62 – {For those whom don’t think ‘Ritchie Blackmore’ has any interest in the RRHOF, you are dead wrong.} I doubt it, you must be privy to TMIB himself or have an amazing crystal ball. {Now let’s see how many Blackmore Worshippers change their tune on the validity of Purple taking part with the RRHOF if they are enducted now the their GOD has shown interest.} He isn’t my GOD, no one is & I mean NO ONE! {Time to do some word eating I’m afraid…..} What do those words taste like Tracy, I would like to know, I even crave flavour! {Even the great Man in Black has finally come to his senses.} Time will tell, & we know time waits for no one! Cheers

  69. 69
    john victor says:

    Ritchie must be involved, Steve Morse and Don Airey are just the replacement
    what does this real purpose of induction mean, without having Ritchie Blackmore??

  70. 70
    john victor says:

    Ritchie must be involved, Steve Morse and Don Airey are just the replacement
    what does this induction of RRHOF mean without having the original Ritchie Blackmore?

  71. 71
    Gary says:

    Hi Tracy, BN has an officially sanctioned facebook site called ‘ Induct Ritchie Blackmore into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ‘. It has over 5200 members. The site covers all aspects of Ritchie’s career and contains videos, interviews, essays, photos, news etc……Fan participation is encouraged.

    It is run by myself and quite a few dedicated individuals of all eras of Ritchie’s music, including Blackmore’s Night.

  72. 72
    Gary says:

    In reference to my previous post an explanation is necessary. The Induct Ritchie page’s goal is to have Ritchie inducted in the ‘ Influences/ Outstanding Musicianship ‘ category, although we openly support a Deep Purple induction in the Performers category.

  73. 73
    MacGregor says:

    Predictably, Blackmore has apparently released via Billboard, a statement stating what most of us seem to think. I just read this at Classic Rock & Planet Rock. Classic TMIB, Kudos to him! Hooray!

  74. 74
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I still feel it is an INSULT.

    Jon Lord no longer among us to get this much belated ” recognition”.

    Ofcourse Id watch it when it happens.
    But I d get so angry if this current line up stands there, and most people dont give a fuck who s standing there!!!

    It might give them a temporary sales boost.
    But is that really why we should vote?

    If that s the reason BN(Blackmore?)wants us to vote, because that way Carol and the rest can pull more cashj FUCK THEM!!!!

    And true, what about those stories that they very reacted very hostile when FANS asked him to sign Old DP and Rainbow stuff?!

    FUCK THEM!!!

    This ofcourse holds no connection with my undying love and respect for the REAL Deep Purple legacy .: )

    Deep Purple never sold out?
    I dare to question that.

  75. 75
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    MacGregor @66:

    All I can state here again is that I received an e-mail from the Blackmore’s Night camp with that attached link to go and vote for DEEP PURPLE for induction in the RRHOF. Don’t need a crystal ball. They are very interested, trust me. They have been monitoring the charts throughout their BN career. He has done more interview and media presentations lately with BN than his whole career with Deep Purple. He and his management have finally woken up to the reality that you have to rub elbows sometimes and you can bet he wants this. And again as I stated, all those here whom are adamant about Purple turning down the RRHOF will be right in front of their TV watching every minute of it when it happens, I guarantee.
    Dude, sorry to read here that you have no GOD in your life. Not only are you missing out, but eternity in Hell after you leave Earth is gonna be a real drag for you. There is still time man. Repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Hey if nothing else, just remember Ian Gillan was Jesus for short stent…..maybe that will help.


  76. 76
    Roberto says:

    “Personally, I couldn’t care less,” the guitarist tells Billboard. “I would never go. I’m not really a fan of that stuff. Considering some of the people that are in the Hall of Fame, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, so I don’t care one way or the other, actually.”

    Ritchie Blackmore.

    Now Deep purple it’s “your time to remember”

  77. 77
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @75: http://m.billboard.com/v/News/DeepPurpleRockHall/

    Read it and weep. 😉

  78. 78
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I guess this is old news by now :


  79. 79
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Happy weekend Tracy

    Appearantly you already took some. : ) to celebrate.

  80. 80
    Jim says:

    Great news for Ritchie Blackmore, He truly deserves it!!! He started Deep Purple, He wrote all the HIT songs, He and Jon were the main guys in Deep Puple !!! But on the other hand, I’am sad that it had to take this long, Now that Jon Lord has left us. It’s amazing!!! This should have been done along time ago, When they were all together and Rockin’ the night away!!! It just aint right!!! The whole thing is sad!!! But, Congratulations guys!!! Cheers!!!!

  81. 81
    MacGregor says:

    Tracy @ 75 – Surely the moderator at this site does not want the religious rant, either way that anyone may look at it, clogging up the system, there’s too much of that as it is, in this world! Gillan was NEVER Jesus, he was pretending to be, acting a part, nothing more & nothing less! To quote Dio, ” the world is full of kings & queens, who blind your eyes then steal your dreams, it’s HEAVEN & HELL”!
    Or something like that. Be a good day. Cheers!

  82. 82
    Tommy H. says:

    I voted, but to be honest: It’s way too late for introducing Deep Purple to the Hall Of Fame. I understand Ritchie’s opinion about it. On top of it all Jon has died recently. It looks like they woke up and realised that they have to introduce the band before it’s too late. The whole situation is really sad. If the guys were elected they should take it but it wouldn’t be an honor at all.

  83. 83
    Deeperpurps says:

    Hey Purple Priest @74……I’m thinking….please tell me where the purps sold out….

  84. 84
    oleg says:

    Agree too late for such band.

  85. 85
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Well, looks like I may be eating my own words regarding TMIB…..maybe. Though, Ritchie does have 2 mouths sometimes and a boss lady. Though I have the same sentiment towards the RRHOF that has been expressed by the masses here, I also feel if they are awarded the shot they should take it. All surviving members should participate. Yes, they could show ‘Big Balls’ and shluff it off. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. For who? I’d much rather see them standing on that stage being honored for their contribution to the Rock Music world and cranking out some tunes together though. Taking advantage of this situation and the opportunity to stand at that pulpit and show even ‘Bigger Balls’ doing the ‘Rock Thing’ such as expressing to the audience the terrible loss of Jon Lord and how passing Deep Purple up all these years and other noteworthy bands results in the unfortunate travesty of chancing the demise of iconic figures whom deserve their spot. This is the perfect time for Purple to actually start a movement towards changing that institution. Many other artists feel the same way about how wrong the RRHOF has acted regarding the choices they have made and how they have ignored so many huge talents and yet recognized so many mediocre and unworthy acts. They constantly whine about being only known for their ‘classic’ stuff and the radios not playing any of their newer material. Even wrote a song about it…’MTV’. That’s what happens when you seclude from the public eye all this time. Stand Up. Go for it! Thanks to some that have already been inducted, speaking out loudly in public venues such as “That Metal Show” hosted by Eddie Trunk whom has been adamantly bashing the RRHOF for ignoring Purple and others, the tides may finally be turning. Alice Cooper appeared as a guest on the show a while back just after accepting his long overdue recognition and expressed loud and clear what he felt about it. He specified Deep Purple mainly. Soon thereafter Purple hired Alice’s bud Bob Ezrin as their Producer. The political machine kicked in I do believe. When Alice accepted the award, he reunited with all the surviving members of the Original Alice Cooper Band for a performance in celebration of. Quite an awesome moment. The opportunity for Purple to do the same should not be passed up. I for one am hopeful.


  86. 86
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 83

    Think harder.

  87. 87
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I d rather sit out the last dsays of the current incarnation and be glad when it is all over.

    Then the suppressionmechanism finally can get into gear and for the rest of my days I ll cherish the Golden Period and forget the selling out days.

    You know, Tracy…..

    Concerning 1 thing you re absolutely right.
    They should have aborted this dishonest fake attitude(We ‘re still a undergroundband and we snub off the mainstream)and go for the big pot of gold.

    Now they did it half heartedly, probably old remnants of the past in which they were supposed to be underground.

    They probably never were. You re right, Blackmore always thought about commerc e.

    No, they better had dropped ALL the old principles and just behave like a whore, always wanting and getting more money.

    They aimed for money, instead of integrity, by always playing the old comfortzone stuff from MK 2.
    They gave up on their own ” classic material” which they made since he left.

    They better had taken the complete ride.

    Btw, who thinks Sharon did a better job for Ozzy than Bruce for DP?

  88. 88
    RB says:

    Please no ‘God bothering’ here. ‘What, no party? Let me OUT!!!

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