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Well, it’s official: Deep Purple have been snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Again. After being nominated earlier this year, the band is conspicuously absent from the final list of inductees.

Thanks to Kevin Dixon for the info.

160 Comments to “Snubbed”:

  1. 1
    Toxic Avenger says:

    I guess that puts an end to any debate or discussion regarding which personnel will show up at the 2013 induction ceremony. Amazing that DP cannot get the respect they deserve.

  2. 2
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    So what? Donna Summer was inducted. That says it all.

  3. 3
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Deep Purple wouldn’t play ball (Blackmore: “I couldn’t care less!”), and the Hall of Fame (sic!) decided to play safe and ignore one of rock’s pioneering bands. This will sit well with its claims of being ‘an underground band’. But for the rest of us it is a doubled-edged sword. or is it?

    We’ve been mocking this institution of self-appointed music judges for ages, and when they finally afford our pet band a little attention, we jump up and down – and then the band goes on record to (more or less) ridicule the fact that it hasn’t been inducted earlier and question whether the place has any credible worth anyway.

    We need to move away from the notion that RnR HoF is basing their decisions on the artistic merits of their inductees. The shame lies in the way rock’n’roll as an art form is being mistreated here. RnR HoF’s goal is to promote their own fame rather than celebrate everybody else’s.

  4. 4
    Joe says:

    F*#% Jann Wenner & that piece of crap magazine Rolling Stone, they should change the name to Rapping Stone because another rap group got in before Purple !!! What a disgrace !!!! this is DEEP PURPLE we’re talkin about for God’s sake !!!

  5. 5
    pete says:

    Well, Quincy Jones is around since 1951, so there is still time 😉

  6. 6
    Willi says:

    Shame on the Hall. Purple will live and the Hall will go into history as corrupt clowns. Deep Purple forever.

  7. 7
    Pedro J. Nunes says:

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… Blargh!

  8. 8
    brian mullins says:

    i love the music of deep purple and have so since 1980 when i first heard made in japan…and i am beyond pissed about the hall of fame snubbing of deep purple, who did they choose, donna summer….disco, public enemy…rap, randy newman…crap, it’s rock and roll , right….someone needs to tell this to the dummys at the hall of ignorance…they put in Heart…what the hell, purple has been around a lot longer, and then we have Rush…ok, rush deserve it, but not at the expense of DEEP PURPLE….but what do you expect from the land of justin bieber and lady gag gag!

  9. 9
    Carlos (from Paraguay) says:

    Purple is more important than the rock and roll and all that shit!!!! never forget, DEEP PURPLE IS ALL!!!!

  10. 10
    al greene says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen…. the Rock and Roll Hall of LAME, I coudn’t care less.
    Lets move on. Long live DP. Happy Christmas to all

  11. 11
    Alan says:

    The RARHOF is nothing more than an industry way of trying to boost sales like most music awards. It has no musical merit. As a follower of Purple I am not in the slightest bit bothered about it.

    Here in the UK a few years ago I understand Purple were to be offered a Lifetime achievement award at the BRITS but when the organisers realised Ritchie was not going to attend it was withdrawn.

    Ask yourselves a question. Does the lack of an award mean you enjoy the music any less ? No, thought not

  12. 12
    stoffer says:

    I had a bad feeling about a week or so ago this could happen, and it did. I was going to take my wife there this summer and celebrate with a little vac time, but they can all kiss my ass and will never get a dime of my $$ till the boys are in. Public Enemy, Lou Adler, Heart, Donna Summer congrats, you don’t deserve it!

  13. 13
    al says:

    Wow,that tells you a lot about the so called Institution where “genre” like RAP gets in the HOF(SHAME)! I mean Purple undermined themselves by dismissing them for years but can you blame em !

  14. 14
    Robert Prior says:

    Geddy Lee from Rush summed it up very well:

    “…there were other groups like Deep Purple and Procol Harum, who I respect greatly and I assumed would be voted in as well.”

    “To be frank, I am disappointed that Deep Purple is not included in that group. Certainly Heart and Rush would not sound the way we sound without Deep Purple.”

  15. 15
    stoffer says:

    Sorry my apologies to Donna Summer fans…..ooops MY BAD

  16. 16
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Looks like The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame got the last word……AGAIN.


  17. 17
    George Martin says:

    Well I guess the rock and roll hall of shame is continuing it’s great tradition of being a complete and total joke. I would never visit that piece of shit! Deep Purple have always been considered the one of the pioneers of hard rock. Many bands have been influenced by them. Any person with a vote that did not vote for Deep Purple is obviously a moron and knows nothing about rock and roll. Shame on all of them.

  18. 18
    Mark says:

    1. Purple should take back “Smoke on the Water” and see how rock does without that.
    2. New album title: “Hall of Shame”

  19. 19
    Alec says:

    The five inductees are the exact inductees I predicted. I foresaw this coming. The only thing I thought might have given Deep Purple a chance was Jon Lord passing away. Sadly this has always been the case with the majority of artists in any performing or visual arts medium, therefore I figured Donna Summer would be selected. Deep Purple never had a chance, they were competing against the more popular Rush and you can’t have five hard rock or heavy metal bands all inducted. I notice how mixed it is, not just by music genre but by ethnicity and gender as well. I guess for PR reasons that’s a good thing though I’d rather they pick the best musicians unbiased of their race, gender or if they have a death certificate. You have to have at least one rap artist in there and Public Enemy (I don’t know them that well) but the selection committee might have been afraid to hear about it from the NAACP. The committee probably likes to mix gender too so Deep Purple can’t compete against Heart – who was competing against Joan Jett and not a hard choice. I like Heart and the Wilson sisters who I am glad were selected. The other I figured would get selected was Albert King and I do like that choice as well.
    Randy Newman? Gotta have one solo act selection so throw him in the mix.

  20. 20
    videoman190 says:

    Randy Newman? LOL!! Yea a real rock n roller. Smoke On The Water alone probably sold more than all his releases combined. The hall of shame continues to be a farce.

  21. 21
    Kerry says:

    Having purchased 100 to 130 million Deep Purple records, the true governing body of the music world, the fans, have voted with our checkbooks and wallets.

    No need for the pretentious, pompous, self=glorifying ‘hall of fame’ here. Perhaps being inducted is a snub unto itself.

  22. 22
    21BLACK says:

    Talk about getting the rug pulled from underneath. W T F

  23. 23
    CARLOS RUBIO S. says:

    Como es posible este terrible desaire a una de más grandes bandas pioneras de hard rock alrededor de todo el mundo, es una verdadera porquería lo que el supuesto hall of fame hace con estos músicos ,no tengo nada en contra de los nominados pero son rockeros?,claro que no rap,dance music,blues,es una verdadera mierda lo que hacen,con orgullo digo soy fan de Deep Purple desde finales de los 70s desde la Cd y Pto de Progreso de Castro Yucatán,México.

  24. 24
    Tommy H. says:

    Whatever Hall Of Fame this is, it’s NOT a Rock ‘n Roll one. But it’s ok. It should have been done decades ago. Without Lord and Blackmore an induction would have made no sense to me anyway. They were a major part of the band’s success.

  25. 25
    purrfect stranger says:

    Anyone that thinks Rush is better than Purple is without question a full blown Idiot. Geddy Lee could be one of the greatest bass players but his singing is absolutely atrocious. Jon Lord is/was the greatest keyboard player ever and what kind of respect do they show him. NONE.

  26. 26
    dave_wallis says:

    That’s great news!

  27. 27
    James Gemmell says:

    Deep Purple was second in fan voting up until almost the end. I suspect the powers-that-be weren’t familiar with their work, and secretly fixed the ballots. There should be certain baseline criteria that absolutely gain an artist into the Hall of Fame. One of those should be that any group or person who sells more than 100 million records, certified, automatically is inducted.

  28. 28
    rik says:

    Rock an’ Roll Hall of Lame. DP are too unique to be included.

  29. 29
    Zsolt Bagdi says:

    Shit the all rock and roll hall of fame! Deep Purple is the biggest rock and roll band since the 70’s! Very rare is that a 45 years old rock band is in active at the moment. Where’s the Zep., the Floyd and so on… But the Dp hit 20 concerts in a month, nowadays too! This is the “rock and roll hall of fame”.

  30. 30
    jim murphy says:

    Who cares!?

  31. 31
    Guntis says:

    Very strange decision indeed: 1) longevity of the band, 2) mentioned in every rock encyclopaedia among three pioneers of hard rock, 3) hard working musicians and pr team, 4) outstanding musicians in all Marks with super status… So what? They shoud have been accepted already BACK THEN. Strange indeed

  32. 32
    Purple fan says:

    I really thought the list of nominess out side of Purple and Rush were weak. I thought Purple would be a no brainer decision. Then on sunday I read an article from one of the 600 voters…a writer for a MN paper and he said voted for heart and not Rush or Purple. He described purple as a one classic rock hit wonder. I dismissed the guy as an idiot but he ultimately proved the people who vote as not at all connected to Rock music or the legacy of these bands. I counted Purples gold and platinum records world wide as listed on line and it is over 30. Not bad for a one hit wonder. Then yesturday I saw on line that Donna Summers family jumped the gun and announced that she was inducted. At this point my thoughts of a Purple land slide win came into question. How could Donna Summer be considered Rock. She was disco. Most of the comments here are spot on. Blackmore and Paice were right and in hindsight Ian Gillan’s initial instinct was correct. Purple should never ever again give any thought to this fraud of an institution and definietly should tell the RRHOF to drop dead if they are ever inducted. One last point, I’m sure Public Enemy were suprised to learn that they are a rock group.

  33. 33
    MacGregor says:

    Great news indeed, why would you want to be ‘inducted’ into a turd? You would have to be glad that you were not ‘inducted’ wouldn’t you? How many of the great true rock bands are not ‘inducted’? It is such a false, shallow & pretentious facade! ‘Inducted’ the word sounds like a disease! Even Geddy Lee from Rush sounds a little ‘surprised’, maybe he was also hoping they (Rush) wouldn’t be ‘inducted’!

  34. 34
    kraatzy says:

    That THE thing Ritchie said … it´s not from the music – it´s from the commercial – and only the music is important – not others … So that is his reason …

    For me, I like this “Snubbed”

    RnRHoF is holy bullshit …



  35. 35
    dirtydog says:

    It is how jim murphy said: Who Cares? “Rock and Roll” Hall of “Fame”: F#+# Them! Forget them.

  36. 36
    highveldlion says:

    This is not a surprise Deep purple has been dead in the USA for 20 years now . The last time Deep Purple had airlplay on radio was with Love conquers all and King of dreams back in the fall of 1990… Since then if you want to hear some Deep Purple you have to listen to classic rock radios ( playing only Smoke on the water, Hush, Highway Star and Women from Tokyo). Granted if you have SiriusXM and listen to Deep tracks, Classic rewinds, Classic Vinyls and the Boneyard you may be able to listen one or twice a day to a Deep Purple,Rainbow and even surprisingly Blackmore’s night song . If you are awake between midnight and 6.00 you are treated from tracks from various DP albums from 1970 to 1990 ( last week I heard Wring that neck, Never Never, Call of the Wild, King od Dreams, Highway Star, Smoke on the Water, Knocking on your Backdoor, Maybe I’am a Leo and twice a Deep Purple song was followed by a Rainbow song ( Long Live Rock and Roll and Stargazer ). On Deep Tracks they played a couple of Blackmore’s night cuts… By the way I have not heard a single track from the Morse era Deep Purple. Where is Deep Purple playing right know ? Not in the USA but in the French countryside… Tonight there is a concert at the Madison Square Garden where a lot of stars from the 70s will be playing ( WHo, Clapton, certainly the Stones, possibly Robert Plant and Jimmy Pages, Paul MC Cartney Bruce Springsteen….Not Deep Purple ) . The last time I saw Deep Purple in Dallas in 2007 they barely attracted 900 fans in the House of Blues, 3 months before I saw Rod Stewart packing American Airlines Arena (19000 seats ). Aerosmith, Bob Seger, Rush,Paul MC Cartney, Roger Waters Hearts, Van Halen sold out American Airlines Arena the last few months. Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac will this spring…. Deep Purple will not ( even with a new album which is not going to sell because of marketing reasons ). The New album might be an instant classic purple album, a pure gem but nobody except die hard fans like me is going to care. First of all rock and roll is dead in this country, listen to the top 40 radios… only Hip hop and garbage teen idols music…. Secondly what is the record company is going to do to distribute the album. I bought Rapture of the Deep at Borders Bookstore ( Which does not exist anymore ). If Walmart, Target and Best Buy do not carry the album you might as well order it from Amazon.com. You want to sell the album do like the Eagles and AC DC did : sell it through Walmart. Or like Bob Seger and Aerosmith did, sell a special edition with extra track through Walmart. Another big problem for Deep Purple is that despites the fact they are incredible musicians, there personality lacks presences or charisma….or flanboyance compare to other musicians from their era ( Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page , Rod Stewart…. ). ..

  37. 37
    dave_wallis says:

    I think it’s a very wise and thought over decision which actually spared controversies and embarrasments that could occur if the present and former band members would have to decide who should take part in the event. If the event was to be valid, Rtchie Blackmore would of course have to appear. And he clearly gave everybody to understand that he wouldn’t. Gilland and the rest also wasn’t too keen. Only Hughes and Coverdale were interested, but they now live in America and they probably treat RRHoF differently. But I wouldn’t be suprised if it came out that the band /along with Blackmore/ were asked about it by the RRHoF and they jointly agreed to be “snubbed”. The band doesn’t need it, and the RRHoF prefers to be spared the situation when inductees don;t appreaciate the honour. And I think that’s very much fair.

  38. 38
    Ritchie's right says:

    Who cares? It doesn’t affect how much I enjoy listening to their records.

  39. 39
    Roberto says:

    R’N’RHOF should have inducted Deep Purple the first day opened to be considered as a respectfull event…going to nominate DP for 2013 (after Rush!??? are we joking!??) has no meaning, so I think they took the right decision…they saved Deep Purple’s time to refuse that just american “X-factor style marketing” rubbish…I’m glad DP (an “underground band” which sold the triple than Rush) will not mix together with them and hope they’ll never be nominated…and like a common Eu person, and most of all, a true rock fan (I’ve never listened music due general recognitions, no one should…), “I can’t care less”…

  40. 40
    cyclone says:

    This is a bad and early April’s Fools joke right?

  41. 41
    HardRockPete says:

    Who cares??? Deep Purple can still wipe the floor with whoever, and they don’t need the HoF to prove their worths. HoF is just another record company joke, and I’m glad my favourite band still is to be considered “underground”.

    Long live Deep Purple!!!!!

  42. 42
    Bopper says:

    I live in Cleveland Ohio where the hall of fame is located. What I have learned is that the the building here is not affiliated with the Hall of fame committee. They have no say in who is inducted and get no money from the committee itself. they have to fund it themselves. The do not hold the ceremonies here and if the committee had their way would probably try to move it to NY or LA.
    that said I am disappointed that DP was not inducted as I would enjoy walking through there and viewing a display about my favorite band.
    Does it dimish the music as was asked on here earlier? No of course not. I still await the new cd with much anticipation.

  43. 43
    micke says:

    This is an American affair.. in any other country they would be in long time ago!

  44. 44
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Sorry boyz and girlz, but you get what you get when one does and says what he says. As much as I totally agree with the sham of an organization the RRHOF is, I also have enough common sense to get the fact that when members of a band publicly commit induction suicide by slighting the honor of being considered, the organization is going to take heed. Come on, it’s totally expected. Especially since Purple has been ignored by them up until now. They are finally considered and what do the fans and Purple do? Spit on the event. Yes, again the RRHoF has shown signs of bias and political aim along with complete neglect and even unwarranted inductees. So what? It’s a huge ceremony that I would have given my eye teeth to have seen Purple and Co. be a part of. Time to stop whining about them not getting the notoriety they deserve. With actions like this, is there any surprise? Yet another example of poor decisions regarding publicity. Gillan actually seemed to get it regarding his turn around in resent interviews, but too little to late…..

    “Too Little Too Late”….perfect album title…..


  45. 45
    victor ponzo says:

    I say we never speak of or refer to the RRHOF ever again. They obviously have no clue so no further references to them should be made!

  46. 46
    Barfy Gypsy says:

    1/3 of all inducted maybe even more arent even in the rock or rockn roll category next year they might chose Barry Manilow.
    So dont cry about it, dont want to se purples name together with less than half of the inducted

  47. 47
    Savkunin says:

    Boswell’s Johnson says:
    So what? Donna Summer was inducted. That says it all.

    Ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa :))))))
    I love Purple my son too … And many Purplepeople
    That Really Matters

  48. 48
    Craig Neely says:

    No need to get ourselves in a tizzy about this. Deep Purlple is a REAL rock and roll band, and always has been–no gimmicks, no fluff, no pandering to the media or critics. The “Hall of Fame” is all about appearances and marketing. For Deep Purple, “It’s all about the music.” Consequently, it is not a surprise that the band was snubbed. However, you cannot determine a band’s complete historical impact on music until its work is concluded. Purple’s has not. I am firmly convinced that as time passes, when the “real history of rock and roll” is written, there will be a special place for Deep Purple. In all of its variations, the band demonstrates a commitment to music over, at this point, almost a half century, that is unparalleled in the music industry. It will not go unrecognized. In the meantime, we can continue to enjoy the band, eagerly anticipate the new album, and be proud of the band’s accomplishments–regardless of the opinions of an industry that is more concerned with appearances and political correctness than with the quality of songwriting and performing, which, to us, is most important.

  49. 49
    Matt D. says:

    First of all the RRHF is an American institution who is made up of snobby, artsy idiots who know nothing that is going on around their little circle. Secondly, the whole USA is ignorant to what Purple has achieved. They have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world and I am surprised that the rest of the world lets these bankrupt idiots take the lead when it comes to most things.

    Its obvious that the RS definition of R&R is different than ours but when you see a band like Heart (and I do respect Heart) get in then that leads me to know that DP will never get in. No matter how many times DP could be nominated they will always lose out to future nominees like Journey, Styx, Kansas, Boston, Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper, Kiss, etc, etc, etc. because these bands are more popular in the US.

    When the selection committee is made up of respected musicians from around the world is when DP will get in.

  50. 50
    Juan Sebastian Rubio says:


  51. 51
    AndreA says:

    this is a good new,Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a shit..for sold souls..not for real genuine good musicians men..Deep Purle is not a bitch for mass media.

  52. 52
    Randy says:

    I think Deep Purple gets more respect and notoriety by getting snubbed, because its fascinating. The anticipation is more fun than the induction, which, when it happens, will be such a foregone conclusion it will be a letdown.

  53. 53
    Paul says:

    This is the time I’m feel like screamin’….
    Is this that moment, when a rockman cries? No,no,no!

  54. 54
    Deeperpurps says:

    I knew this would happen….I am not surprised at all at all by this. Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine have a complete total bias against Deep Purple, always have and always will. Their influence on the RRHOF is such that there is not a snowball’s chance in hell of DP ever being inducted. This nomination was simply a teaser, there was never any hope of DP actually being given any fair consideration at all. As I have written before on this topic, Deep Purple should wear their exclusion from the hall as a badge of honour, they do not need validation by some sham institution to prove their worth. All us DP fans know what real rock music is.

  55. 55
    al says:

    @18 its all bs and politically correct reasoning,exactly HOF(SHAME) thinking,This is not a logical and charity mission,you know it and I know it that Deep Purple is much better than Rush and Heart ( no disrespect) but they never sold out and never had the exposure that RUSH AND HEART had.There’s no other rock band with more influence and they re up there with Zeppelin and Sabbath,but HOF doesn’t deserve them wit hall the garbage that they have in there !

  56. 56
    victor says:

    When you read the Hall’s criteria for induction, you think, not a bad idea. As always, though, the implementation of those ideals don’t always mirror the initial thought. I’m not gonna slam other artists – that’s never cool. However, when you read their own criteria for induction – Deep Purple is most definitely – over qualified! Long live Purple!

  57. 57
    louis says:

    It’s the fans that matter, not judges who probably know nothing. Purple are a majestic rock group that are constantly rated by top grade musicians time and again for generations. They are the only major rock group who could, create an electrifying atmosphere in a pokey early 70s tv studios, or to the wizardry displayed at the huge California Jam.

    A band most probably weighed down by the sheer, weight of their individual and often astonishing talents destined; was destined to implode in the mid seventies. The band that created an institution, that created confusion and fustration for me and thousands of fans, is a band that no one and I mean no one can touch in a live context. Not all the Metallicas and Dream Theatres in the world come close, there is a down side to this but ever so small it’s not losing sleep over it.

    It is this institution that is most probably responsible, for all the shit music out there to understand this you have to do research and connect the dots. No disrespect to Donna Summer but she isn’t primarily known as a rock musician, she was the disco queen. Rock is and should never be part of the establishment, the media hated these rock groups decades ago why the sudden about turn?
    If there was an alternative Hall of fame it should be created by real rock and roll musicians and musicologists not aligned to the establishment elites. The way I see it is that rock is a gift from the gods, it should never be bottled up, and be resold as spring water from the mountains.

  58. 58
    Eric says:

    Rasmus nailed it. They shot themselves in the foot with their comments after the nominations came out. That said, they are not wrong to feel that way. Rolling Stone has ignored them more or less for over 40 years. The comments from the band just gave them an easy way out.

  59. 59
    Joe Caiola says:

    The hall of shame is a fucking joke. Public Enemy? Donna Summer? Randy Newman? They have no idea what rock is. I thought that maybe they would show some respect this year but they had to appease all the Rush fans that don’t seem to realize that Rush stop making great music ages ago.

  60. 60
    daviep79 says:

    Really? Randy Newman & Public enemy over Deep Purple? I’m dumbfounded! WTF!! Dont really know what to say about this right now except I’m Really Fucking pissed off about this!!!

  61. 61
    Gregory J Cummings says:

    Who cares! The RARHOF is a sham!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 62
    Blane Puderbaugh says:

    What a load of crap!!! I would agree Deep Purple is above the caliper of nominees picked for the “Rock” and roll hall of fame. It should be re-named… What in the heck does Donna Summer have to do with “Rock’ for goodness sakes. Dont take me wrong she’s a grerat artist, but come on… get real people. Rock on Purple… your music speaks for itself.

  63. 63
    ed says:

    donna summer???? PUBLIC ENEMY?????????????????????????????

    the hall of shame blows it again

    i have to say now that im suprised zeppelin and the beatles are in the hall of fame … what a joke

  64. 64
    stoffer says:

    @18 Alec, unfortunately you hit the nail right on the head…………too bad politics play such an integral role in EVERYTHING!?!? the only thing I would say is that Joan Jett would kicks Hearts butt…anyway I am much more calm than I was yesterday at this time and I say to the RnR HOF..kiss my ass its your loss…..long live DP

  65. 65
    mamakiponrokin says:

    i don’t think there’ll be any advantages for DP if they are in the RRHOF. DP was and is still one of the greatest hardrock band in the world.

  66. 66
    RB says:

    Sales in excess of 150 million doesn’t seem to count for anything these days. People forget how big Purple were (perhaps the band should have employed that publicist after all!) and still are a big live act. Oh well, we all knew it was bollocks anyway so nothing lost. Would have been nice for Jon’s family to see him get the recognition he so rightly deserves though.

  67. 67
    purplepriest1965 says:

    THANK GOD!!!!!

    Maybe in the future, as with the Armstrong gate people will come to re-reconsider to find integrity again.

    Maybe they will re reconsider all those non rock acts they did put in over the years?

    It is remarkable.
    Calling yourself a ROCK AND ROLL entity instead of making seperate sections.
    Way back around 1978 overhere we had bands like Boston and AC/DC in the top 5 but they were not shown on tv.
    They just sabotaged that!!!
    At the same time they were very eager to call the programme ROCKPLANET!!!!!

    Appearantly the word ROCK appeals to non rock afficiaonado’s as well.


    Make yourself a POP hall of fame. Funnily enough even then rock acts can be included : )

  68. 68
    OL says:

    I never understood all those who take that Hall of fame seriously, it wasn’t created by a gathering of all important band’s fan clubs, or major rock critics, or whatever in the first place.

    Beside Purple, last time I checked, there’s also no Blue Oyster Cult, no Queensryche, no King Crimson… in it. So why care ??

    Purple rules, that’s all, those who recognise it know who they are,
    …and to those who remain with their mass media-imposed idols… keep them for yourself.

  69. 69
    cyclone says:

    one hit wonder? the cat who printed that must be a short bus alumni*

  70. 70
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    I refer everyone here to read #36…..

    Overall, he (or she) truly has a grasp of this sad but true situation that has us all spinning like a ‘stormbringer coming’. Yes we all know the absolute absurdity of the RRHOF. Yes we all know how awesome Purple is and that they are completely under accounted for in the US. Yes we can be truly proud of our heroes for thumbing their nose up at such an institution. Yes we should all be happy. Funny thing is, the band has complained about their inability to escape the ‘classic rock’ stigma. They even wrote the song ‘MTV’ about and put it on their last album….7 years ago. Yes, SEVEN YEARS AGO. Hard to stay current and known if you don’t put new stuff out and promote the NEW STUFF instead of traipsing around the 3rd World doing Greatest Hit shows.
    If they don’t want to play the political game in order to uplift their popularity and recognition, then don’t bitch about the negative results. They have been in the business for 50 years as ‘professional’ musicians, making records and trying to live on the proceeds. Poor business savvy is the main reason for their obscurity. Plain and simple. As I stated above……’You Get What You Get”.

    Don’t want to play the game?
    Then forget about the ‘Hall of Fame’.

    It isn’t rocket science. I would be totally fine with the outcome here had Purple not whined about their inability to step out of the ‘classic rock’ status over the last 20 years. Stop whining and do something about it. HIRE BETTER MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTERS AND PUBLISISTS. Had they done that 20 years ago, everything would be different. Much different.


  71. 71
    purpdawg says:

    Just consider. If you take all of quote, “rock & roll”, jam it into a 3 bedroom 2 and a half bathroom house with a 2 car garage, then threw out everything that was unbearable garbage, you would be left with just enough to fill the downstairs half bath. The rock & roll hall of fame has always been a screaming joke along with the Grammys. Purple is in that half bath, and there actually is a little elbow room.

  72. 72
    Dirk says:

    That joint is simply a pop culture museum.
    Let me know when the REAL rock and roll hall of fame opens.

  73. 73
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 36:

    I enjoyed your comment, thanks. It’s interesting to have an inside view from someone overseas who can talk about the poor situation at first hand. That makes the decision a lot more clear to me. When I compare Lord with Airey, or Blackmore with Morse, although they’re all masters of their instruments, there’s no comparison when it comes down to charisma. That’s a kind of magic you have or have not. But as a performer it can be very important. Some have to practise all day and prepare so much to deliver perfect shows without a wrong note. Others have the magic, are able to do whatever they want on stage and still be more sought after.

  74. 74
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    I’m afraid I’m gonna be white crow here among the fans (die-hard fans). I’m afraid to be the one to die from the stones you’re gonna throw but I think what Hall of Fame did is a absolutely normal thing so to speak. No snubbing as we put into the notion, no conspiracy, no insidious plans to slam the band we love. Just in the eyes of many and many DP are one hit wonder. In my opinion Smoke put an eternal stamp upon their bio. Smoke on the water is all they did. That’s how many and many and even more people think of the band. Moreover, I always suspected that the band were always rounded by countless myths and one-sided hype.
    The myth No. 1 is DP sold more than 100 mln. copies across the globe. Excuse my French but don’t you think that this is a lie once thrown in by the record company possibly and copied obsessively by fans mostly and by lazy provincial journalists considering Wikipedia the most reliable source of info. If DP sold 7.5 mln. copies in US where the hell they sold the rest? In my Russia? Who counted? In Turkey? Brazil? China? UAE? I sometimes think that in Japan. We can have our own opinions of USA but can anyone name the other biggest music market? Come on! Didn’t you notice the band were excluded from the top-selling performers of all times (Wikipedia again) as the sales are not confirmed? LZ sold 100 mln copies in US alone that’s a fact. That’s being big. LZ don’t deserve being in HoF? Metallica? I’m absolutely indifferent to their catalogue but let’s be honest — DP are the band of another level.
    The myth No. 2 is their being influential. We all know they are influential but to what extent? Have you seen lots of citations from accomplished and famous and popular performers from all over the world that they were influenced by DP? Yes, we all know of Lars Ulrich and Co, Steven Tyler, J. Elliot of Def Lep. That’s all, folks! Yes, yes, I know — millions of Scandinavian extreme metal bands. Is that all? Any confirmed links?
    The myth No. 3 is they have lots of famous songs. Sorry, false report. Dive into YouTube and you will see Smoke, Highway Star, Child in Time, Burn, Perfect Strangers exceed 6 mln views. How about the rest?
    And this is not the myth — this is the fact. Their management’s still been living in eighties or even seventies. Their PR service if it exists sucks. These guys should be shot to death thrice for killing the DP legend. An interesting fact. Here’s the link http://www.billboard.com/#/news/hot-tours-jay-z-kanye-west-brad-paisley-1006079152.story. Did you know that? Why not make a noise about that for instance? But Who cares? We live in a society ruled by info.
    You may object by saying who cares about the business side? Sales, marketing, TV shows, interviews etc. They do care. If the band didn’t care they’d have already disbanded long ago.
    DP will be in a Hall of fame sooner or later. In four or five years? Maybe?
    There must be a real comeback! There must be a real grand finale! There must be a real exposure to crowds. That’s what they deserve but not the whining of a hundred die-hard fans! Your posts mean their not being inducted matters to you!
    Unfortunately, only a thousand people on Earth know this the best band in the world. Nothing really depends on the fans. The management should (of course, they shouldn’t) change the whole situation. DP as “underground band” is a real joke. The current year is dead! Long live the next one — the year of honours, credit, respect, good sales and new songs as good as Into the Fire or Stormbringer or Highway Star!
    The world get ready to find out more about the best band in Universe!
    Thank you!

  75. 75
    HardRockPete says:

    I don’t understand what the fuzz is all about!?! RRHOF? That’s just another American syndrome, and it’s worth absolutely nothing!! Donna Summer in the RRHOF says it all! It’s not even a bad joke! Deep Purple don’t need ’em, and they are still to be considered an “underground band”…. Thank God!!! They have proven their worths for well over 40 years now, and they’re still at it in a big way, and they don’t need an “intitution” to recognise that fact.

    In short, RRHOF was, is and will be a joke. Deep Purple was, is and will never be!!! That’s what counts in the real world!! Long live Deep Purple!!!

  76. 76
    Micalonues says:

    Congrats to Deep Purple for NOT being inducted.


  77. 77
    Bob says:

    We love the band, but what should influence the voters of the so-called hall of fame is to read the legacy of Deep Purple on wikipedia. They have influenced so many rock bands & artists, and it is the rock stars (not pop stars!) who are even more perplexed than us fans on why they are not inducted.

  78. 78
    ivica says:

    Deep Purple

    You never walk alone

    big fan
    Split Croatia

  79. 79
    schiele says:

    There’s something quite clear about Deep Purple: an aura of splendid semi-failure — don’t get me wrong: I’m not talking about the musical side of it. But the business side. Of course they have had huge success in the old days (top selling act in the US in 1973), but as Jon once put it they never made it to superstardom, for many reasons (most of which have nothing to do with the music).

    Today, they play nice medium-sized halls in Europe, to an audience of 3000- (rarely)10000, which puts them among the popular touring acts (especially considering the number of shows they’ve been doing in countries like France and Germany — must’ve been more than 30 or 40 DP shows in France over the past five years and even more in Germany (too lazy to check) — they’re in the First League, but not Champion’s League (I don’t know if the Americans get the point, here). They get snubbed by many rock fans who worship Led Zeppelin and others, being called off as a-one-riff-band (you know what riff I mean). And, oh yes, Ian Gillan can’t sing anymore, except I haven’t noticed, but if you say that’s simply not true, you’ll get the “Child in Time”-return. And I’m talking about EUROPE.

    But even if you call me a masochist — this semi-confidentiality, and that feeling of incredible injustice (in which the RnR Hall of fame episode is just an epiphenomenon — can you say that in english ?) is somehow wonderful, it’s sour and sweet and … I love it !!!!

  80. 80
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Another example of perception from America regarding what good rockmusic is :


  81. 81
    RobH says:

    Hmmm…..In guitar shops the world over there are two tunes which you are not allowed to play…..one of them is ‘Stairway’, and the other……’Smoke’ of course!
    Now it seems to me, that if you’ve come up with something as iconic as one of those two tunes, then induction should be automatic.
    Then again, perhaps I’m a little dumb….I mean, writing the most recognised riff in the world (guiness book of records I believe), selling vast quantities of albums and being one of the big three bands that originated the heavy rock genre (Zep, Purps and Sabbath), and also being the only one of those three originals to still be a viable act producing new material, and going great guns on the touring circuit obviously isn’t enough!!

  82. 82
    Arthur says:

    Apologies if already referenced in the many posts here but I think David Coverdale sums it all up on his website in his posts – “I think I can hear Ritchie laughing”

  83. 83
    Chrissy says:

    Its kind of funny that are favorite Purples are dissing the whole Hall Of Fame thing.I don’t see Led Zeppelin,Stones,Rush,Cooper,Neil Young, and I can name many more that were very happy to be inducted.Even Black Sabbath who dissed the Rock Hall are in.I remember Ozzy saying what Gillan said Who cares.There are a lot of rockers who would be happy to be inducted.I guess it must be a UK or European thing pretend it all does not matter because its a so called American thing.By the way how many of you voted for the Purples?I guess not many of you.

  84. 84
    oleg says:

    DP music even without it will live forever in hearts of millions!!

  85. 85
    Alfredo vega says:

    No vale la pena. No es el hall of fame. Es el Toby,s Club… Escribo “hall of fame” en letras pequeñas porque es el valor real del salón…es pequeño, minúsculo y comercial… Salón de que?…bah!

  86. 86
    21BLACK says:

    Being snubbed by the RRHoF should be considered a badge of honor. Deep Purple are above and beyond the phoniness and trivialness of the HoF. True listeners of music should in turn snub the HoF. DP fans and supporters know the HoF holds no credibility whatsoever. What we know for certain is that Deep Purple has proven throughout our lifetime that they are unequivocally one of the premier, influential, and innovative rock bands of all time.

  87. 87
    francisco aviles says:

    esto del salon de la fama del rock es puro marketing es un fraude no creo que a los miembros de deep purple les importe no haber sido incluidos en este seudo salon de la fama del ****rock and roll**** los organizadores son unos farzantes son una verguenza para la verdadera musica dp es y seguira siendo una de las bandas mas importantes en la historia del rock.

  88. 88
    Les Hedger says:

    Purple are the Best band, especially live, of all time! Most of those already inducted cannot compare to Purple’s musical ability!! The RNR HOF is a big joke.

  89. 89
    purple is B-grade band says:

    Canadian progressive rock band Rush easily won the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    The sisters’ band Heart is very popular worldwide.
    Randy Newman is great singer-songwriter.
    (Blackmore’s Night once covered Randy Newman’s song in their New York live concert.)
    Blues guitarist Albert King was respected by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.
    Disco queen Donna Summer just died this year.
    Hip pop band Public Enemy is creative and they have influence socially.
    “Rapture of the Deep” sold only about 5000 copies in the U.S. in 2005.
    Possibly, the rival, reunion Black Sabbath’s new album would rise on the top of the billboard chart in 2013.

  90. 90
    Tibor. says:

    Ref : Post 83.
    I voted for Rush. 🙂
    It worked.

  91. 91
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Why cant it simply finally sink into our brains that we should not get aroused in such a big way because of this?

    Maybe it has something to do that we, humans, always want to be liked by everyone, get recognition or something like that.

    The timeless music they produced is there forever for us to enjoy, get uplifted by.

    Is that really gonna change when that bunch of idiots gave us and our band some recognition?

    Are we really going to be very happy and partying our band has finally made it because of some clowns think so?

  92. 92
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Btw, I hear Oliver Hardy laughing, at the end of Difficult To Cure : )

  93. 93
    George says:

    Forget this f…g hall. There is no reason for D.P. to be in there. Richie said it. And he’s right. Oh yes, Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite groups, but Purple is much better. Listen to “Made in Japan”, listen to Richie (and Steve) playing guitar, listen to Jon (and Don) playing the organ. Listen to the whole band. You can here it! There a lot of american reviewer, who don’t understand, what good music is. D.P. is an european, classical influenced hard-rock-band – no band for the american market, no band for this hall.

  94. 94
    cyclone says:

    They guy who grabs the shovel and digs the ditch never gets the credit for “job well done.” It is the guy who kisses the right butt that receives it all.

  95. 95
    Roberto says:

    @83 I guess it must be an American thing pretend that the rest of the world would care about their untrustable joke…and yes, as a fan, I voted for Purple just for the pleasure to win and refuse that rubbish…
    “I don’t see Led Zeppelin,Stones,Rush,Cooper,Neil Young…” look better…

  96. 96
    Arturo says:

    No dudo sobre que este salón sea una mierda, pero sí que me duele que nos sigan ninguneando en todas partes. Al final, si tus contemporáneos están, tu debes estar también. ¿Por qué ser menos? Es cuestión de orgullo y dignidad. Pero claro, es difícil apelar a estas virtudes cuando echas un vistazo a la banda y ves que los dos creadores del sonido Purple no están en el grupo. O cuando ves que llevan ocho años sin editar un disco. ¡OCHO! Está claro que no podemos esperar nada bueno. ¿Hasta cuando está pantomima llamada erróneamente Deep Purple?

    P.D. Lo dicho, es cuestión de orgullo y dignidad. ¿Estos tipos lo tienen?

  97. 97
    Arturo says:

    No doubt about that this show is crap, but it hurts me that we continue to ignore everywhere. Finally, if your contemporaries are, you should be too. Why be less? It’s a matter of pride and dignity. But of course, it is difficult to appeal to these virtues when you look at the band and you see that the two Purple sound creators are not in the group. Or when you see carrying eight years without releasing an album.EIGHT! Clearly we can not expect anything good. How long is erroneously called Deep Purple pantomime?

    P.S. That said, it’s a matter of pride and dignity. These guys have it?

    (sorry for my bad English)

  98. 98
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Led Zeppelin did not really release stuff for many years at the time they were inducted.
    Or should I count in that great BOX of remasters Jimmy did in the early 90’s?
    Not to forget that Plant/Page were starting a new period of work together, including the ” controversial” Walking Into Clarksdale and the UNLEDDED album and shows?

    But still, ther has not been a proper studio album since” Inthrough the outdoor” .

    Same counts for Black Sabbath
    Sharon and Ozzy lured Iommi, who just had delivered some of the most underrated albums in the previous years, into a REUNION.
    That period gave us a very fine live album. I wont split hairs about the question of overdubs in the studio.

    But a studio album of that classic line up STILL has to appear!!!!

    Whats even worse : All those reunionyears touring with original drummer Bill Ward was not a problem but appearantly they had ” writers-block” ?! I still cant belive that.

    Iommi is an ocean of great riffs and ideas.

    I dont think he felt intimidated by the prospect having to compete with the older albums while trying to make NEW music.

    And now, and this really pisses me off, they are recording with OZZY’s drummer instead of Bill?!

    But returning to this thread, which will probably never end(….):

    The criteria of being current resulting from new music made does not hold.

  99. 99
    purple is B-grade band says:


    Purple was popular mainly in Western Europe (particulary Germany) and South America since the 70s

    The ratio that foreign musicians sell in Japanese music market is only 14%, Japanese musicians sold the rest 86%.

  100. 100
    Chip says:

    No justice. No peace!

  101. 101
    Pete says:

    This is an absolute joke,just like so many other things in rock music.Deep Purple are the greatest band of all time,they are still the very best in the world,their recent ,amazing concerts are testimony to that.I am still incensed that Jon Lord,an absolute genius never to be equalled,was never officially honoured,he should have been knighted years ago,along with the rest of the band.Anyone who knows anything about rock music appreciates Deep Purple for who they are and what they have achieved,and that’s the important thing!

  102. 102
    highveldlion says:

    Thanks for your reactions to my comments. I have the distinctive perspective to have experienced Deep Purple at their prime ( 1970-1976 ) while living in two different countries ( Paris-France and California-Texas in the USA ). In France Deep Purple was huge and enormous, you could not go to someone house and not find a Deep Purple album in their collection. Everyone had a Deep LP ( or several ) and several 45s. Even an LP like Made in Europe was certified gold in France…. I remember seing Deep Purple at the palais des sports in Paris in april 1975 everyone in my lycee in Versailles was counting the days before the concert. It was a huge event… The guys were like goods in France…In 76 , I saw Deep Purple in Fort Worth and it was not such a big deal for most of the guys. It was not more exciting for them than seeing Foghat for example. If all DP albums charted in France at the time . Deep finally ( Mark II ) charted in 73 in the States with Machine Head and Made in Japan at the same time ( due to the release of the single Smoke on the Water which went top 10 in June 73 ), We do Think and Burn released in 73 and early 74 took advantage of the Deep Purple momentum to chart sucessfully in the USA. But you all know the story, the constant touring in 73 and 74 ( to conquer the US market ) took its toll on the Band….. .To make the story short, yes it is true in a sense that Deep purple is kind a viewed as a on hit band in the States , compare to huge band in Europe. After all out of over 150 million album sold, Deep Purple sold less that 10 million copies in the States…. In comparison for example Bad company which sold roughly only 90 millions albums worldwide was huge in comparison to Deep purple in the States .. ( all five first albums platinium or multi platinium ) going to a Bad Company concert in 74-79 in the States was a huge thing … All they tours were sold out… I saw them only one time in France at the same time and they were virtually unknown in France ( In fact I did introduce them to a lot people in France at the time ). Led Zeppelin was far less popular in France than Deep Purple in the 70s and at the same time in the US. All my friend in the US had every Led Zep albums… The difference was the management ( Peter Grant for both Led Zep and Bad Co ) and also the personality and charisma of the musicians in the bands. Ritchie Blackmore is one of the greatest guitarists in the world but his introvert personality and unfortunate weirdness had turned off a lot of people. Compare Gillian to Paul Rodger and Robert Plant and Gillian ends up on the loosing end. Gillian despite his incredible singing abilities had no charisma compare to Paul Rodgers . Bad Co promoted the image of outlaws drifter, leaving a trail of broke hearts and empty bottles… an image ochestrated by manager Peter Grant, the eminence grise behind Led Zeppelin. … I am not even going to mention how instrumental Peter Grant was in making Led Zep what is was and still is : 2007 , Led Zep plays in concert in London and 30 millions people apply for a ticket… A month earlier I see Deep Purple at the House of Blues in Dallas with barely 900 people in the audience…. and Deep Purple is amazing on stage… Even Gillian was incredible that night…. 5000 copies of Rapture of the Deep sold in the USA ( and I bought 3 of them.. ) and Mothership went multiplatinium…

  103. 103
    Edward says:

    This is bullshit! One of the greatest guitarists and bands of all times, Jon Lord rocking his organ, come on. I saw them 7 times, and everytime they were just awesome! Randy Newman, Public f&* Enemy, they suck! Gimme a break. This hall is so political it’s unbelieveable. Till next time DP, they will eventually get in.

    Congrats to Rush, Heart and Albert King

    And #74 Andrey Barabanshchikov, you must be a barry Manilow fan because you have no idea what the hell you are talking about!

    R.I.P to Jon Lord the best Organ Player to ever grace a stage

  104. 104
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 102

    Great post.


    Did you create that forever buzzing false name?

  105. 105
    Jeff R says:

    Deep Purple snubbed by the R & R HOF. THe R & R HOF has to be the biggest joke going. The Queen of Disco makes it in but one of the greatest R & R bands evers gets snubbed. ? That says it all. Blackmore said it best when they were nominated “who cares” He knew all along they would get by passed. Randi Newman are you kidding me.

  106. 106
    Anthony says:

    why why why is Ritchie Blackmore not inducted??? Well if they are hardly gonna induct Purple they wont induct Blackers. It does raise a lot of issues nonetheless but sure what can ya do…

  107. 107

    they don’t need the induction crap they are the best band in the world.

  108. 108
    ivica says:

    Maybe in the Anglo world, Deep Purple have a legendary status in the first row,
    first-class attractions
    The Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, Scandinavia, Japan
    to share the honors in the Hall of Fame Rocen n roll
    They entered 1993 at the latest 1994 years
    The most important rock riffs with “Smokie on the Watter, one of the greatest concert album “Made in Japan”, a group of excellent musicians, virtuosos, Whose salts and concert sessions were generations, musical influences in any set of
    Deep Purple still filled the hall, minorities do not need any advertising, scandals, celeberty status, videos, hits
    It is sufficient to say
    Deep Purple
    The rest is legend

  109. 109
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Does anyone know if Y & T are in?
    Van Halen?



    Michael Schenker?

    Ten Years After?

    You know, what a greatest band is, is subjective?

    Rolling Stones and The Beatles are probab ly in.
    You would say : Ofcourse!

    Yeah, I d like to think so too.

    But I m not a big fan of The Stones, but who cares what I think?

    |Same with all those bands . every band /artist has the idea that their idols are the greatest thing on earth.

    Are NIRVANA in?

    Personally I think that’s TRASH, but hey……what do I know?

  110. 110
    Moreblack says:

    Deep Purple is suposed to be in the earlier versions of RRHOF,when Beatles Elvis Zep Cream Stones were nominated.To be reconized Now is B….Sh….Lets forget about this.

  111. 111
    Jose Luis says:

    The so called rock and roll hall of fame has become the rock roll hall of shame, Donna Summer, dancing music singer, not rock and roll is in and one of the greatest bands ever Deep Purple, is out!!!!

  112. 112
    LRT says:


    If you actually collect records and do research concerning them, and you say that about sales, you are off your rocker!!!!!!! You say 7.1 million in the US, care to link some proof to that? Although I don’t need it, let me tell you how a unit sale works. Deep Purple have over 600 singles issued globally, SIX HUNDRED! To understand what I mean, there are SIX HUNDRED catalog numbers for singles and counting… they’re discovered by record collectors doing this research and SHARING it with you. It’s a territorial thing, yes, you say they haven’t sold “units” in such countries where IN FACT they have sold in these countries, and a single sale, is a record “unit” sale, period. That is how so many sales are accounted for, as where a band like Led Zeppelin “sanctioned” singles in MOST countries, Deep Purple did not! Believe me the figures are not off by miles like you say, and could possibly be more than what’s told. Now, after saying what you said, you can look in the BCC bio and see they attibute Glnn Hughes HIMSELF with a hundred million in sales. Now that would have to be “hype” which is not against the law, you have to know your business to know the truth. Now that we’re onto “truth” you want to explain to us how Zep can sell what is now an estimated 200 million, along with Floyd and Queen? Well, talk about “hype,” I’d stick around in there somewhere and try figuring that one out, I say NO WAY have they sold in upwards of 200 million from album sales only. It doesn’t knock Purple’s figures down any, but let’s stick to the facts and you obviously don’t collect records for their individual numbers to see any kind of estimated release figures in what are surely at least 60 out of 200 existing countries. Each sale counts as a “unit sale” and furthermore, how did they do an extimated billion pounds worth IN OVER THE COUNTER SALES BY 1999, WHITHOUT SELLING IN UPWARDS OF A 100 MILLION? Those were the numbers according to inside sources by ’99. Now, 1999 was 13 years ago, right…. I think you might just need a calulator if you really want to talk about it. You’re wrong according to my 30 years of collecting, alone. I’m not saying it’s an exactly correct figure, I’m saying it is more than likely correct due to single sales in multipile territories, I collect them, the numbers do not lie.

    As for management, ha ha, I really get tired of that one. Is Bruce Payne a good manager, is Thames good at representing them? Well, if you throw someone out there that is used to their ways, tell them to wear a new cape and they fail, just once, there can go their entire image. They just don’t take stupid risks, don’t prove to need to, that is why they’re not looking at getting their first publicist since 1968, anytime soon. I can just imagine the “inflated” figures if that were to happen. You don’t shit in your own nest, so to speak, and they don’t have anything to prove to anyone but their “former selves,” just like you and me, which is the only thing in life superior to us.

    As for “influence,’ okay I’m done with you, I’ve revealed anough, now you’re into pure nonsense if you don’t think they’re at least as influential as it seems. All one has to do is open their ears for that, no sources needed. All of this “everyone had a DP record” stuff is way too misguided to even read past to try and get to some actual proximity of facts.

    In closing, all I can advice ios that you keep at the research, trying to figure out US records sales is never going to get you anywhere really, becauise different sources claim different things, such as the IRAA, if you go off their figures you will never be satisfied. Since Fireball only went gold in the US to them at the turn of the century around 2000, something tells me they smoke some powerful medicine. It was number 1 in the UK in 1971. In those days they charts were airplay driven, but riddle me this: how does a record still top the charts in one country, and take thirty years in another country to reach gold? It doesn’t even make sense. I would set the IRAA down if that is where you’re getting your figures. I’ve been at this snce 1978 concerning their product, but someone comes along and tries to debunk it, I have a prtoblem with that. I’m glad you enjoyed them at HOB in Dallas, too bad Zep didn’t open for them, but if they were to, I’d hire a tribute band before them, cos at least they would pull off more than one show, ha ha. Zep opning for Purp, that is a little rough, but dude set the pipe down.

    What does Blackmores image have to do with their clout concerning the HOF? It just keeps getting funnier.

    Fact are facts, you seem to adore Led Zeppelin, that is the only FACT I’m seeing from you.

  113. 113
    James Gemmell says:

    I’m 50 and have lived in the United States my entire life, almost all of it in the great state of Michigan. Things became commercialized in the early 1980s with MTV, which was hugely popular. Crummy bands quickly discovered that they could utilize the visual medium to make a name for themselves. If they couldn’t sing or play very well, they would put on lipstick and dress up as girls (“hair bands”) and play a lot of shlock. The weirder or more perverted they looked, the more play their music video got on MTV. Top rock bands, the ones that focused on sound more than looks, were soon pushed to the back of the heap in favor of the ones with the slicker/gorier/more perverted videos. That was the beginning of the end. MTV lost almost all of its viewership, and we Americans said “to hell with it. We’ll just buy CD’s or listen to Classic Rock Radio”. It wasn’t long, though, before the big corporations de-regulated the radio industry, allowing mega-corporations to own up to 7 stations in a given market. At that point, they began playing nothing but the same 200 songs over and over. You know the rest….rap became big, thrash metal, this kind of thing. So, for you Europeans who like to constantly bash “Americans”, please realize that you’re generalizing. It’s the corporations – and the Hall of Shame committee is corporate (read: “money”)- driven – that have killed the Golden Goose. We Americans who are 40+ still love Purple and “Bloodsucker”, “Pictures of Home”, “Hard Lovin’ Man”….but Corporate America doesn’t care about us. Please, for you European haters of America, please know that us older Americans are as pissed off as you are. But our hands are tied. So, we silently play Uriah Heep in the car, or Purple in the home, those of us that still love the music. Most older Americans, though, got fed up, and don’t listen to much music at all. Call it greed, call it what you will.

  114. 114
    rider lee says:

    People stand up! Let your voice be heard! Boycott the rock industry til they do what’s right! Somebody gotta stand up to get change

  115. 115
    LRT says:

    I think anyone who’s looking at the them for the HOF, needs to think about them as an entire musical institition, which they have no competition in the area of. ZILCH! Don’t do that, and don’t expect to be taken seriously about it. And never take it personally when someone takes you to task, you ask for it, plain and simple, especially coming off to seem so educated on the subjkect. They likely top them all in the category of influence. I don’t discredit Zeppelin, you just give them too much credit.

  116. 116
    LRT says:


    We have a winner, folks, the rest is yawnworthy, including my effort to show someone what a “unit sale” actually means.

  117. 117
    f miller says:

    The rock and roll hall of fame is a joke. Rock music in its true form is made up of true musical artists not junk like rap etc. I am an american but true rock came from the UK. Some american rock bands are great but the best come from the uk like Deep Purple which is the best of them all. To put the so called rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland ohio is a joke in itself. The real Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be located in London England. GOD bless all.

  118. 118
    James Gemmell says:

    The Recording Industry Association of America and other organizations don’t even include Deep Purple’s original albums in their calculations of record/album sales. So, it’s difficult to know precisely how many records were sold. But you have to keep in mind that Purple were very popular in Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Brazil. Accurate sales calculations there cannot be known, either. But as for the ridiculous assertion that Purple weren’t/aren’t influential, perhaps this article will educate you, LRT:


    Deep Purple are cited, along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, as pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal.[3][5] The group have influenced a number of rock bands, including Metallica,[98] Queen,[99] Aerosmith,[100] Van Halen,[101] Alice in Chains,[102] Pantera,[103] Bon Jovi,[104] Rush,[105] Motörhead,[106] as well as many New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands such as Iron Maiden,[107] Judas Priest,[108] and Def Leppard.[109] Iron Maiden’s bassist and primary songwriter, Steve Harris, states that the band’s “heaviness” was inspired by “Black Sabbath and Deep Purple with a bit of Zeppelin thrown in.”[110] Lead vocalist of Def Leppard, Joe Elliot, has stated, “In 1971, there were only three bands that mattered, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple.”[4] In 2000, Deep Purple were ranked number 22 on VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” programme.[111] In 2011, they received the Innovator Award at the 2011 Classic Rock Awards in London.[16] A Rolling Stone readers’ poll in 2012 ranked Made in Japan the sixth best live album of all time.[46]

    “To be frank, I am disappointed that Deep Purple is not included in that group. Certainly Heart and Rush would not sound the way we sound without Deep Purple.”[114]

    Toto guitarist Steve Lukather commented, “they put Patti Smith in there but not Deep Purple? What’s the first song every kid learns how to play? [“Smoke On The Water”]…And they’re not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? …the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has lost its cool because of the glaring omissions.”[115] Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash expressed his surprise and disagreement for the non-induction of Deep Purple; “The list of people who haven’t even been nominated is mind-boggling..(the) big one for me is Deep Purple. How could you not induct Deep Purple?”.[116][117] When asked what band he’d like to see inducted into the Rock Hall, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich lobbied for Deep Purple.

    Smoke on the Water” has received the following rankings:

    #434 on Rolling Stone magazine’s The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (2004)[2]
    #37 in VH1’s 40 Greatest Metal Songs[10]
    #12 in Q magazine’s 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks (March 2005)[4]
    #11 in VH1’s “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs” (January 2009)[11]
    #4 in Total Guitar magazine’s “Top 20 Greatest Guitar Riffs Ever”[3]

  119. 119
    James Gemmell says:

    From Wikipedia: “(Deep Purple) have sold over 100 million albums worldwide,[8][9][10][11] including 7.5 million certified units in the US.[12]

  120. 120
    purrfect stranger says:

    Merry Christmas to all. So all of us need not to get so Bent Out Of Shape regarding the Hall of Fame. Think about all the great bands that have been overlooked even before Purple. Such as Hansen, the Partridge Family, and 1910 Fruitgum Company therefore, none of us should feel so bad that Purple have been snubbed once again. (LOL) Really though think about how incredible Joe Satriani and Micheal Schenker are and they too may never get SATISFACTION from the RandR HOH. In fact look at how incredible Edgar Winter is probably the most talented musician/vocalist on the planet and also he has been neglected by the HOF. All of us know that other than the DIO ERA Rainbow, and the DIO ERA Sabbath there is no band greater on this planet than our beloved Mark Two Purple. So when Uriah Heep gets inducted next year because of their great hit song Easy Livin I hope all of us will be Livin Easy and not thinking about those mindless SCHMUCKS at the R and R H of H. And finally this @ 102 have to agree to disagree with your assessment that Gillan lacks charisma compared to Plant and Rodgers. Seen all three they are all equally boring compared to Morrison or someone like Jagger. @ 102 also Blackmore is the reason people came out from around the world to see Purple he and mainly he alone was the key to the greatestness of Purple even Jon Lord admitted to this fact on the Come Hell or High Water Video. I hope all of you have a great holiday even those that disagree with the facts that I have presented,

  121. 121
    Deeperpurps says:

    James @ 118, I agree with you on all counts.

    Look at the numbers you posted and the problem in all this is obvious, there is an acute bias on the part of Rolling Stone Magazine against all things Purple. Rolling Stone Magazine has a stranglehold on the Hall of Fame, so it is not surprising that Deep Purple do not receive due consideration.

    Look at the Rolling Stone Album Guide 2004, Deep Purple are not even listed. You get as far as “Dee Lite” and then it jumps over Purps to Def Leppard. Go figure! Again it is totally obvious, there is a complete and absolute bias in the U.S. music industry against Deep Purple.

    Classic Rock Magazine , a very good publication from Britain, unfortunately falls into the same trap as many American publications, it far over emphasizes the importance of bands such as AC DC, Kiss, Slash, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, and others, rehashing the same old stories over and over…..just take a look at their front covers over the past 10 years – each of those bands / personalities has had close to a dozen or more in that period whereas I count two (2) only in that same time for Deep Purple. I do not / do not count their special Deep Purple music pack released in September / October of this year to commemorate Machine Head, that was a specialty release only….I would have like to have seen a good general overall issue dedicated to Purple. Unfortunately, Classic Rock Mag and others failed to do that.

    I don’t know what the problem is, perhaps there are many reasons that Purple is not the darling of the music industry like so many other bands are:; possibly its is the constant turnover of personnel, maybe it is Ritchie’s perceived animosity to rock media, maybe the band dissed somebody from Rolling Stone mag and others sometime way back, maybe it was poor management and poor media relations, or any combination of the foregoing.

    Unfortunately the net effect in all this is that Purple does not get an iota of the recognition they deserve. They could mop up the floor with most other bands past and present in terms of musical ability and their back catalogue, but the music industy establishment fails to recognize that.

    Now how are we fans of Purple supposed to digest all this…….I say take it for what it is, it is what it is…..if people choose to be ignorant, let them be. We Purple fans know what we like. The music speaks for itself. It is superior to the crap many other band have put out, and continue to put out. At some point in the future there will be a proper critical re-assessment done by objective rational parties who don’t have an axe to grind, and Purple will eventually receive its due. For now just accept that the Hall itself , by its actions, is completely lacking in any kind of credibility, and is not worth worrying about any longer.

  122. 122
    Kasper/Denmark says:

    Like Ritchie I couldn’t care less.
    Whether DP gets inducted in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame or not doesn’t really bothers me. It’s the music i like – not if they are approved by some halfwit americans.
    Hey, it’s propably the same guys who gave Jethro Tull a Grammy for “Best Heavy Metal act” who are responsible for snubbing DP for the induction.
    I think’s it say’s it all!

  123. 123
    James Gemmell says:

    @deep Purps 121….you raise some valid points. As an American, I can tell you it’s been decades since rock and roll received much attention in this country. The corporate conglomerates have been pushing rap, teen idols and country music for more than two decades. No one at the Hall of Shame, I promise you, read any comments by Blackmore. They don’t even know Purple exist, other than as a “one-hit wonder”. That’s because people younger than 40 have only heard one Purple song in their life (“Smoke”), which is still part of the “Classic Rock” rotation. Even when rock was big, the “In Rock” album got almost no attention on this side of the pond. It was “Hush”, “Smoke”, “Highway Star”, “Woman from Tokyo”, and once in a while, “Space Truckin’ ” or “Burn”. We “older Americans” are just as disgusted as anyone else with the sad state of affairs in the rock-and-roll world, which I would say is on life support….except, the truth is, the plug on that has even been pulled. Corporate greed has won, quality music has lost.

  124. 124
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Sorry to burst the “American” bashing bubble but America was the main territory to be discovered and be made successful.

    James Gemmell @123 states: “No one at the Hall of Shame, I promise you, read any comments by Blackmore. They don’t even know Purple exist, other than as a “one-hit wonder”. That’s because people younger than 40 have only heard one Purple song in their life (”Smoke”), which is still part of the “Classic Rock” rotation. Even when rock was big, the “In Rock” album got almost no attention on this side of the pond. It was “Hush”, “Smoke”, “Highway Star”, “Woman from Tokyo”,”….

    That is all true, but don’t blame anybody but Purple Management or Purple themselves. Many Rock Bands were noticed and pushed back then and made it big. Led Zep, Sabbath, The Doors, Floyd, Hendrix, Stones, Beatles…etc. There were tons of bands that made it big and most of them are still well known names today…dead or alive. They all have one thing in common…..They Made themselves available to the public and didn’t hide from it. Big names in the States still. By all means the industry here has changed, but those other names still get tossed around and if they were to put out a record or go on tour, it would be publicized and known. Hand over foot Purple was and still is the better band. We know that. The rest of the country doesn’t even know there has been Purple albums since the one that gave birth to D D D, DD DD, D D D, DD…..


  125. 125
    Deeperpurps says:

    James @ 123…..I agree. And as you have noted in your other postings, several real musicians from real rock bands are perplexed as to how it is that Deep Purple is not in the Hall, versus some of the other very questionable acts who have been inducted. When it all comes down to it, it is not about music at all, it is all about hype and shilling product. It has all become very corporate. The unfortunate thing in all this is good bands such as Purple and others will never be discovered by future generations because of such ignorance and neglect on the part of the current rock “establishment”.

  126. 126
    James Gemmell says:

    @TracyZerotheHero: You may be right about Purple’s management dropping the ball; I have no ammunition to quarrel with you about that. But let’s not forget that the classic MK II line-up of DP disbanded in June 1973. That would’ve been like Zep or Sabbath hanging in up in ’71 after seminal albums came out that year – “ZOSO (Zep IV)”, and “Paranoid”, respectively. (As a side note, I realize Zeppelin actually left their fourth album unnamed, but those are the two titles most people give it.) // Led Zeppelin continued to put out quality albums (in my opinion) like “Houses of the Holy”, “Physical Graffiti”, “Presence” and “In Through the Out Door” throughout the 1970s. And Sabbath continued to put out some great (“Master of Reality”) and not-so-great albums. Purple put out one excellent album after the Gillan era (“Burn”), and some mediocre ones (“Come Taste the Band”, “Stormbringer”). Had the MK II line-up remained intact, Purple would undoubtedly be as big as Zeppelin or Sabbath. That’s a reasonable assumption, based on the (certified) 13 million records DP sold in 1973. The band was red-hot, and fizzled by 1975. The proof of how popular the MKII lineup was evidenced in 1985, when the resurrected Purple was second only to Bruce Springsteen in tour earnings. But, by then, classic rock was already starting to die. It was being pushed out by pop/hair bands, thrash metall, and synth/disco/ whatever you care to call it. By 1990, rap had driven in the final stake.
    // I understand the lament about (mis)management, though. And I have to say that Purple’s management has never taken advantage of the TV medium properly. I’ve said for years, “Why doesn’t Purple’s management try to get them on one of the big TV talk shows in the United States when they put out a new album?” The David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel or Jay Leno shows would probably welcome Deep Purple; those guys may even be Purple fans – they’re old enough. Also, why no advertising on TV? // That’s what boggles my mind. It’s almost like Purple advertises by handing out fliers or something. // And one last marketing gripe: Purple needs to play at some big events that are televised. They’re not big enough to play halftime at the Super Bowl, but they could’ve participated in the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert. They could play at halftime of a big college football game (US), or the Champions League (Europe-football/soccer). But I think getting on more TV shows in the U.S., Canada and England would help immensely.

  127. 127
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    @126 James Gemmell;

    I will have to state here that I concur with your whole response here and have also stated those same sentiments in one shape or another over the years. Especially your reference to the lack of TV appearances. Where we differ a little is regarding the 70’s. Back then, even though the line-ups changed, the name was there and California Jam proved that Purple could continue on. But don’t forget, if it wasn’t for the fluke of ‘Smoke on the Water’ being finally discovered on the ‘Made in Japan’ LIVE album, it’s hard to say when and if they would have been taken to the level they achieved because of it. The song was totally overlooked on the studio release of Machinehead. One wonders what would have happened if not for the release of Made in Japan which by the way, the band wanted nothing to do with except for a Japan only release. Luckily it finally hit the States and D D D DD DD, D D D DD was discovered. A song that was actually an afterthought and added to the album because the record company wanted one more song on it. Then they record a LIVE album that the band demanded not to be released in the States. Their success due to circumstances the band actually came close to sabotaging on their own happened strictly by chance. Once that was achieved, they successfully eventually threw it all down the toilet by refusing to do the proper ‘record biz promo work’. They and their management are their own worst enemy. Your reference to Led Zep and Sabbath don’t quite work. Regarding Purple, pretty much all the songs played on Classic Rock stations come from one album. Machinehead. Except for Hush from MK1 and Woman from Tokyo from ‘Who Do You Think We Are’. They play songs from every LZ album. Actually multiple tracks from each. The same for Ozzy era Sabbath. The same for the Doors, Grand Funk, most others. Purple on the other hand has put out many albums. Great albums, yet who would know. They never show up in the ‘New Release’ section of sales ads. They don’t exist on any televised concerts. They actually did it up big with the televised performance on California Jam and got great notoriety for it but where did they go from there? Nowhere. They pretty much vanished from existence into oblivion. Never to be heard from again on American radio stations except for those songs mentioned earlier. Meanwhile those other bands you mentioned all kept on getting airplay from every album they released. Great name for the upcoming Deep Purple ‘? Mark’ album…..”OBLIVION”.


  128. 128
    Deeperpurps says:

    @126 James, yes more television exposure might be helpful, however again I think there is already some sort of music industry bias against, or at the least an ignorance of all things Purple. Back in July 2005 for the Live 8 beneift concerts organized by Geldof and Bono in 8 cities around the world, most of the attention was lavished on other bands. Deep Purple hardly received any exposure or credit for its appearance at Toronto show. Hardly any mention at all. The big Live 8 DVD box set which was released after the event featured many different acts from the 8 shows, but failed to include Deep Purple. Sure its understandable that big names like McCartney, Pink Floyd, U2 would get the lion’s share of attention. But many lesser bands and acts, several I dare say don’t exist any longer and were simply one hit wonders were included on the DVD box set, but no Purple. Only on the actual Toronto Live 8 limited release DVD did Purple get any attention and it was for one track only, guess which one!… Smoke on the Water. Its as if the band has been deliberately relegated to the minor leagues. This again speaks to the prevaling corporate mentality which pervades the rock music industry. At its best the industry gives only a cursory nod to Deep Purple. More typically it shows total ignorance. And at its worst, it shows total neglect.

    We will soon be entering a period which will most probably be Deep Purple’s last best shot at getting some proper attention, the release of a new album with a big name producer (Ezrin). If there is one good hook-laden track which can be put out into TV land by appearances on Letterman shows et al as you have rightly suggested, yes there might be hope. Some might call this “selling out”, others might say this is the reality of business if one hopes to make it past the starting line in the current music industry configuration. Let’s see what happens.

  129. 129
    Bryn says:

    I am heartbroken as well that DP did not get inducted. It was cruel and unfair. But Ritchie shot himself in the foot when he initially commented that he “could care less” about the RNRHOF and that he would not attend. The RNRHOF does not like ingratitude. Also , they are seeking good television, and if Ritchie threatens not to show up; it will not make a good show, because the audience wants to see him perform. Also Jann Wenner and the whole Rolling Stone establishment never has warmed up to DP, Ritchie, or Rainbow. DP has never been on the cover, and they and Rainbow have usually received negative album reviews. The irony is, now that DP has not been inducted, Ritchie has announced on his Facebook page, that he was “to be frank, disappointed” and that DP deserved to be inducted. Well, if maybe Ritchie had kept his “everybody is entitled to my opinion” mouth shut for once, maybe the band would have been inducted. I know Ritchie a principled man who doesn’t play the showbiz game, but there is some room to be civil and perhaps during his career has rubbed many industry people and colleagues the wrong way. Do you think that could be why it has taken so long for the band to be acknowledged? Ritchie is not known to be a gracious person or great humanitarian like his other contemporaries such as, Eric Claption, Pete Townshend, Rod Stewart, Stephen Stills, and Neil Young — all musicians born the same year. I am not trying to demonize Ritchie, but I am trying to present the way the rest of the music business may view him and his reputation. The “Ritchie Problem” could be a factor.

  130. 130
    MacGregor says:

    I still cannot accept any of these comments regarding a so called lack of decent management & or lack of promotion! Really, if people are not interested in something, they are not interested! Any one who is interested will know what is going down, only a few may not. Deep Purple are simply not a ‘mega’ band in the global status! They were a ‘mega’ band at a few points in their existence, early to mid 70’s & the mid 80’s, nothing lasts forever! All that matters is if you like it or not, whether you can obtain the music that is released & if you are interested, attend some live performances! It is irrelevant that they are not global ‘superstars’ or inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Shame! Totally irrelevant & that has absolutely nothing to do with the music.
    I actually prefer the bands that I like these days not being so called ‘mega’ bands. That usually means you get better seats or a standing position at their gigs, in a smaller more intimate venue! Rather that than being in a concrete bunker with ten zillion other people, woeful sound & all the other crap that can go with a ‘mega’ concert! Having said that, I will ‘have to’ attend the concrete bunker next April for Sabbath here in Oz. Not much choice there though, either go or don’t go! At least I am standing behind the so called mosh pit next to FOH, should be a good position for decent sound & visuals! Cheers!

  131. 131
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m not unhappy.

    As a matter of fact I m very very very happy that Deep Purple made much better and interesting songs than just SOTW.

    Again and again I m amazed.

    Amazed that so many stay amazed or get amazed by things like this R & R Hall of fame crap.

    Even now speculating about how ” things” could go different after the new album.

    It is too late for all that, espescially with ” things not being quite up to a certain standard” .

    THEY ARE OLD!!!!!

    Just embrace what there is and was.
    The rest is bonus/extra.

    Happy 2013 everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

    Mark XXX

  132. 132
    Deeperpurps says:

    MacGregor @130 – you raise valid points re management and peoples choices, however I still firmly believe that the music industry media (Rolling Stone magazine et al), the Grammy organization, RRHOF, Hard Rock Cafe, and sundry others play a major role in shaping consumer and public opinion by bringing exposure to certain acts, and neglecting or consciously omitting to cover others. There are some current acts that are without a doubt darlings of the music industry: Springsteen, Dylan, U2, Sting, R.E.M., the Ramones and others – it is as if they can do no wrong, and the fawning coverage they receive is almost embarrassing. Then there are the major acts of the past: Hendrix, Cream, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Queen. Sure they were great bands but the god-like status accorded them by the music industry is so overblown and disproportionate in relation to other bands of equal or greater talent. It is all about “HYPE”. That hype is a combination of recording industry promotion, industry insider preferences, connections to / with certain media outlets (radio, tv, print, internet, etc), and the interpersonal relationships that all of the foregoing have or do not have with certain bands’ management and promotional teams. I believe that Purple’s teams simply did not have the connections or relationships needed to boost that group up into the big leagues with the other aforementioned acts. The fact that Ritchie Blackmore was perceived by antagonistic to the music media et al, probably did not help either.

    That all said, what are we Purple people supposed to think of the current snubbing of the band from RRHOF and the continued indifference of the wider music industry. Let it be, nothing will ever change it. Those of us who appreciate Deep Purple will continue to do so, and many of us will continue to expose other people to their music. As I have mentioned before, maybe some day in a distant future when they are all dead and gone, there might be a proper critical reassessment of Deep Purple’s contributions to music, and they will finally get the recognition they rightly deserve, albeit embarrassingly far too late.

  133. 133
    purple is B-grade band says:

    Blackmore told Billboard.com at the time, “I’m not really a fan of that stuff”.
    It was too terrible rude for faithful purple fans.
    From the 70s Deep Purple was a special band for Gillan.
    Therefore, Gillan was disappointed very much that purple was snubbed from Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
    I’m sure that Blackmore was pleased inwardly that purple was snubbed from Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
    Blackmore has a character of perverse nature by maliciousness.
    Purple fans should understand that Blackmore have both professed principle and the true intention.
    I realize that purple want to sell the next studio album in U.S.
    I guess Gillan want more money, because he did not keep the money that he made in 1970s.
    Blackmore lived in U.S.A. from 1974, so he save much money for lower tax.
    Many hard rock based fans cannot understand it that rainbow was not extension of the purple, but I believe Blackmore’s Night is extension of the Rainbow.
    Old purple had several open plagiarism of guitar riff, and had trashy albums such “The Battle Rages On”. But the rainbow was not so.
    The many music of Deep Purple naturally came out of the jam session of the members, but the many music of the rainbow came out of Richie’s cello play at private time.
    When a rainbow was nominated for a Grammy award in 1983, Richie did not attend at the ceremony, and Joe Lynn Turner attended instead.

  134. 134
    Deb S says:

    I’ve been reading these RRHOF posts with great interest so I may as well put my two cents in.
    I really wanted DP to make the RRHOF inductees list, but I had my doubts because a lot of the performers who were later inducted didn’t make it on their first attempt. With the current crop it took Donna Summer five nominations to get in, and both Heart and Randy Newman were on their second. Pink Floyd, Cream, The Grateful Dead, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Aerosmith, Muddy Waters, Queen and The Yardbirds weren’t chosen during their first nomination, either. But I was still upset when the 2013 inductees were announced! And like #42 I wanted to go into the museum and see a DP display. I even planned on attending the museum’s induction watch party in April.

    And about Ritchie’s “I couldn’t care less” remark…..IMO the members on the RRHOF committee that truly wanted DP inducted this time around would have voted for them anyway. Ritchie’s statement would have had no effect on them. The committee members who had already decided not to vote for DP wouldn’t have given a hoot about it either. But it may have influenced a few of the voting committee members that were still “sitting on the fence” so to speak.

    But looking at the flip side, DP got a lot of publicity from their nomination and they could very well be nominated again in the future….but the longer they are snubbed by the RRHOF the more support and sympathy they will receive from their outraged fans. It ain’t all bad!

  135. 135
    MacGregor says:

    Deeperpurps @ 132 – Yes, I know what you are saying & it is no doubt an over rated thing with Springsteen, Neil Young also & Bob Dylan & Sting. I respect them for what they have done over the years, but their music in general, excepting the occasional classic, never rattled my cage so to speak! U2 are the biggest over rated band ever & the most boring. But, all the above artists are money spinners in many ways, so yes, recognition of the almighty dollar from the knobs perhaps? As we are all aware in this capitalistic world, money talks!
    Regarding Hendrix, Cream, Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd & Queen, they are all mega commercial artists. Well, I am not sure of Cream being commercially still viable, but another over rated by the media guitar player was in that band, so the money & fame influence is still no doubt, a deciding factor me thinks! Commercial appeal? More than likely, Sabbath with Osbourne is also commercially popular with Ozzy’s US based influence! Deep Purple must not be the flavour of the month, year or past decades even! For whatever reason!
    Now I am going to suggest something here that may get me burnt at the stake, dragged behind a horse & my head impaled on a spike perhaps, by certain Purple aficionados who post here regularly. I wonder if Purple ceased to exist in the mid 90’s, would they have been inducted by now? Has their classic reputation been tarnished over the past 15 years? I am not saying this for any other reason than to try & speculate why the knobs don’t recognise them. It is just a thought, as many of the big bands mentioned earlier had much shorter careers & then ceased to exist! Sure some are still going around in some form, The Who for example, but their reputation was sealed many years ago & Daltrey & Townshend are still very popular & influential personalities! It is only a guessing game, who can tell? Cheers!

  136. 136
    James Gemmell says:

    @ Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder…….Purple were at their prime, and drawing millions of new fans, and then Gillan and Glover left. Had they continued on with, say, another five or six albums like Sabbath and Zep did, DP would’ve become a supergroup, as famous as Sabbath or Zep. Indeed, one could argue that Purple, briefly, were as big as those two bands, based on 1973 sales. But the band didn’t strike while the iron was hot: it basically dissolved. Sabbath and Zeppelin, meanwhile, carried on throughout the 1970s with albums and tours. That put them over the top.

    @Deeperpurps…..I have never believed in “bias against Purple.” I believe that the media flock to what is popular. Deep Purple’s profile was extremely under the radar during the Live-8 era, as it is now. Purple actually gave it’s best performance since 1973 at that event in Toronto, in my opinion. The “Highway Star” and “Smoke on the Water” were outstanding, and the crowd loved it. But, as you mentioned, the media focus was on the concert in London, and the big-name acts. If you want to get right down to it, Purple shot itself in the career foot twice: 1) With the resignation of Gillan and firing of Glover in June 1973; and, 2) With the release of “The House of Blue Light” in 1987. After a platinum-selling comeback album in 1985 (“Perfect Strangers”) and the second highest-grossing tour in 1985, Purple were off and running. But they toured too much, waiting to release the follow-up album (H.O.B.L.) in 1987. By then, the air was out of the balloon. And instead of a jamming lead song such as “Knocking at Your Back Door” or the side-2 title track, “Perfect Strangers”, the first song on “House of Blue Light” was the singlest worst song Purple ever recorded with Blackmore/Gillan: “Bad Attitude.” That song was so lame and I was disappointed when I first heard it, I almost drove off the road. A friend actually heard it on the air before I did, and I said, eagerly, “Well, how is the new Deep Purple album?” He said he heard one song, “Bad Attitude”. I asked: “Is it good?” His response: “I can’t believe Deep Purple would put out a song that rotten.” And when I heard it, I agreed. I knew right then, Purple’s fame was finished in the United States.

  137. 137
    Doutdrawn says:

    @129 Bryn

    I feels Rolling Stones magazine doubt Blackmore “isn’t he politically anti-American?” during mid-east wars.
    This doesn’t mean strong supports for Ian Gillan in U.S..
    “Live at Montreaux 2012” have usually received negative album reviews, because Ian Gillan’s vocals are lacking charm & power.
    I perceive Gillan loves Deep Purple heartily, although Blackmore seems to have hatred to Purple.
    Gillan loved three studio albums of Rod Evans era Deep Purple even before he entered to Purple in 1969.
    In contrast, Blackmore never loved Rod Evans era Deep Purple, it was sound initiative of Jon Lord.
    In addition, Blackmore publicly disliked “Fireball”, “Who Do We Think We Are”, “Stombringer”, “The House of Blue Light”, “The Battle Rages On” – , it was lack of his sound initiative of Blackmore..
    In brief, Blackmore favours only 5 studio albums among his works of the purple era, –
    “In Rock”, “Machine Head”, “Burn”, “Perfect Strangers”, “Slaves & Masters”.I noticed On the other hand, I noticed Blackmore never criticized Rainbow including “Stranger in Us All”

  138. 138
    Deeperpurps says:

    James @ 136 I agree re House of Blue Light and how disappointing that album was after such a triumphant come back by the band a couple of years prior. That certainly did not help Purple’s cause.

    As for the issue of media bias against Purple – perhaps in general terms there might not be one, however I do firmly believe that Rolling Stone Magazine (and by extension RRHOF), does have an axe to grind with the band. The fact that Deep Purple is completely omitted from the Rolling Stone Album Guide 2004 is quite telling. I have great difficulty believing that such neglect was inadvertent. Purple had at least been included in previous issues of the RS album guide, even if the commentary about them had been lukewarm at best. Such a deletion is very strange indeed.

    MacGregor @ 135, on the matter of Deep Purple’s longevity as possibly being a barrier to induction into the Hall, I’m thinking that it did not really hurt Black Sabbath who got in there in 2006. Both bands started up in 1968 and similar to Deep Purple, Black Sabbath had numerous personnel changes and each of its incarnations had varying degrees of success. Black Sabbath was a continuous entity in one guise or another from its inception in ’68 until early 2001 when the key members went off in other directions to do various solo projects. In fact the overlap of musicians who have played in both Purple and Sabbath is quite remarkable. However what Black Sabbath had / has and what Deep Purple didn’t have is the influence, connections, hype or whatever else, of “Sharon Osbourne”. Insider connections are key in this type of situation and Purple’s management and promotional teams simply do not seem to have such pull.

  139. 139
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This Led Zeppelin YouTube makes me think.
    Wow, if only things like that could happen for Purple.


  140. 140
    purplepriest1965 says:


    (The whole show)

  141. 141
    purplepriest1965 says:

    For impatient people :


  142. 142
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Zeppelin at Letterman.


  143. 143
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @139: Why? What do you think that would give DP?

  144. 144
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 143

    Hi Svante


    As with the so called recognition by the Hall Of Shame I dont lose sleep if NOTHING happens at all, but…….

    It is very clear that lots of others would like to see such a thing.
    And personally, after that shameful Hall of Fame taleI d not mind a series of events as pointed out in the YT’s.

    I know, see other post…….of which I m truly a bit emberassed, concerning Jon that is, that we are too late to let the complete MK 2 do it.

    Ofcourse Zepp used Jason, but IMHO Jon was a much bigger person than Bonham.

    Yes, I know the worth of Bonham, but I think Lord’s influence goes goes much wider and deeper.

    So, yes, RECOGNITION and some enjoyable spin off like DVD’s and maybe more releases because they might reach a broader audience that way.

    I know it probably wont work, a dozen of reasons have been discussed all over the place, but just……..maybe…….please? : )

    Wow, if it would work as with Zepp, Gillan can finally earn enough money to save his voice for a great ending of his career, going solo, doing all kinds of music like Cherkazoo.

    Cheers. Mark

  145. 145
    Doutdrawn says:

    revised “Live at Montreaux 2011″

    James @ 136
    “The House of Blue Light” sold more than 800,000 copies in the U.S.
    “Bad Attitude” was broadcasted well in MTV.
    “The House of Blue Light” sold more than 2,500,000 copies worldwide.
    “Slaves & Masters” sold 1,500,000 copies worldwide.

  146. 146
    j.gemmell@comcast.net says:

    I work for 1340 WJRW-AM Radio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1968, the call letters were WLAV. How many do you remember or hear? I’ve asterisked the ones I remember.

    Here is the playlist from Sept. 20, 1968 (first 23):

    1.* Hey Jude/Revolution – Beatles
    2. *Harper Valley PTA – Jeannie C. Riley
    3. I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You – Bee Gees
    4. *1, 2, 3, Red Light – 1910 Fruitgum Co.
    5. *Fire – Arthur Brown
    6. *Hush – Deep Purple
    7. *Midnight Confessions – Grass Roots
    8. Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do – Betty Wright
    9. The House That Jack Built- Aretha Franklin
    10. *On the Road Again – Canned Heat
    11. *Baby Come Back – Equals
    12. Slip Away – Clarence Carter
    13. *Light My Fire – Jose Feliciano/Doors
    14. 5 O’Clock Traffic – Freric
    15. *People Got to Be Free – Rascals
    16. *Time Has Come Today – Chambers Brothers
    17. *Over You – Union Gap
    18. *Suzie Q – Creedence Clearwater Revival
    19. My Special Angel -Vogues
    20. Shape of Things to Come – Max Frost
    21. Poor Baby – Cowsills
    22. I Met Her in Church – Box Tops
    23. Fool on the Hill – Sergio Mendez

  147. 147
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @145: How do you know. As others have stated here before, it’s almost impossible to determine sales numbers. Just the fact that they’re always in exact full millions or half millions make me suspicious. And what period are we talking about. All those albums still sell. When do people stop counting? What about cut-outs, returns etc.? Or is an album “sold” once it leaves the distributor’s warehouse? Even if there are thousands of copies in record store basements all over the world?

    And why are numbers so important to so many people? Is just as puzzling as why people care so much about DP’s reputation in the media, in radio or in the HoF. Do you really need someone else to justify your taste in music? Isn’t Purple the best band in the world to you even if no one else in the world cares?

  148. 148
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 147

    DP from the past will always be, together with several rainbow incaranations my favourite bands.

    But, saying that DP, no matter what is the best band around, is abit childish and narrow-minded.
    Dont take that personal, although I know that seems logical, please.

    It all began with them and a few other bands like Zeppelin for me,and it really shaped my life…. but I d really someone without a brain not to recognise there is so much more very good music.

  149. 149
    Deb S says:

    @146: I’m from Ohio. I never heard your Grand Rapids station (probably too far away) but I listened to CKLW (Detroit) quite a bit. I turned 13 the same month as your playlist and know all the songs except for 8, 14, 19, 21 and 22. I remember hearing ‘Hush’ on the radio in ’68 and then getting the single because I liked it so much. The next time I heard Deep Purple was in 1971. I went over to a friend’s house and he played ‘In Rock’ while I was there. I took special notice of it after recognizing the name Deep Purple from ‘Hush’. But I was sure the singer was someone different after hearing ‘Hush’ so many times. The friend I mentioned was the only person I knew who had a DP album in ’71…..but that would soon change!

  150. 150
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 149

    I wonder if many MK I fans did not accept the MK II version of Deep Purple.

    I once read, I think it was during the ABANDON tour, that Simon Robinson (The Mother of all DP fanclubs, that is. Youngsters we have to educate)wrote something alike :

    Walking out of the hall we heard someone say :
    ” They were never the same after MK I” . Simon replied : ” I know who you are!!!”


  151. 151
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    Numbers don’t mean much — they are stubborn thing to ignore the reality. All I want to share with all of you is that it can’ be so unfair towards the band which is love of my life. I questioned some figures previously so that we could turn our attention to how deep is oblivion for the band is in USA and in UK as I suspect (correct me if I’m wrong owners of British passport, please). It can’t be so glaringly unfair. Look, the mediocres rule the world. U2, Springsteen, Nigel Young — why the hell are they recognised and DP aren’t? The band could always wipe the floor with everybody.
    Purplepriest1965 gave a link to Heart doing their thing with Stairway. Amasing! I was always indifferent to LZ but… Wow, forgive me for being sentimental but I want the same moment for DP. Recognition everywhere — that’s what I need. I won’ t get anything from it personally except for my heart fast pounding and may be teary eyes (sorry) but I need it. I need it for the band that defined my life. I know they are the best so should the whole world.
    But at same time I know the chances of this happening are vague. And I’ m sure as I repeat it the band and their management are mostly to blame for it. They did everything to be “snubbed” and keep doing it. Surprisingly though but THS editors find conspiracy in so-called snubbing, too — look at the top of this debate. Conspicuously absent…
    And one more thing. Many of us gave their own reasons of why or when the band’ s fame started to fade. This is my personal and of course subjective viewpoint but I think that with a such attitude to their fans the band won’t get more respect. Don’t you think the band turned into Gillan’s backing band? His whining about not willing to perform the songs from other eras (I’m speaking for myself) offend me a lot if not more. This f…. comparison with making love with your ex — you all know the story — sounds so offensive and selfish and even childish to me. And please notice the rest of the band never publicly critisized this statement. Do they agree with him? Will Morse or Paice mentally suffer from performing Burn? Oh, yeah — I can clearly see the torments of jealousy on their faces. The answer is obvious. They found the most comfortable status for themselves ignoring fans and fans keep getting Machine Head tours on and on. I know, I know — Gillan’s words on this issue were copied everywhere. But this position sucks in my opinion.
    You can’t be a little pregnant. You can’t disrespect the legacy of all incarnations and shrug your shoulders with an innocent smile on your face answering the question if DP deserve to be inducted into HOF. Many people agree with me — check out rock forums.
    Thank you.
    P.S. Can anyone tell me please what the point is in deeppurple2013.com? Look again, the management tried something new in their opinion to promote the album. Yes, it is time of Internet technologies they thought. So what? 2240 likes on FB during the month? Damn! If this is a good promo Bono is outstanding singer.

  152. 152
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Andrej

    I m glad that my post not go unnoticed except for picking out the so called negative ones.

    I do empathise with your post but….

    I dont think DP gets ” snubbed” because of Gillan’s denial of other DP incarnations.

    Black Sabbath with OZZY were installed and Ozzy never sang stuff made by other singers.

    Gillan DID in BS, to put the record straight. Hell, he even did Heaven And Hell and Neon Knights. Maybe some more as well, I dont remember right now.
    On top of that he did SOTW!!!!

    Why he really does not want to do any other stuff besides HUSH is beyond me. Oh wait, HUSH is a cover.

    In general it has become too painful to listen to, hell it even was in the 80’s, but Gillan soldiers on.
    I would not blink an eye he will be 100 years old and singing Woman From Tokyo for his loyal fans, like some reporter once suggested when a reunion of sorts was still far away. I speak around 1978, I think.

    I m not sure that Bruce Springsteen is mediocre.
    Not really my cup of tea, but still……

    Paice will play anything as long as he gets paid : )

  153. 153
    Svante Axbacke says:

    I don’t get all the discussions about Gillan not doing Burn etc. In Sabbath, IG sang Ozzy and Dio songs because he entered the band AFTER Dio and Ozzy. Coverdale sang Mk. II songs because he joined the band AFTER Gillan. Gillan won’t sing DC songs because they were made AFTER his initial stint with the band.

    I don’t see what’s so har dto understand about this. Ozzy sure didn’t sing any Dio, Martin or Gillan material in the BS reunion. If Rainbow had reunited with Dio before he died, I can bet a large sum of money he wouldn’t have sung any JLT-era Rainbow songs. BTW, Dio didn’t sing any Born Again songs with Sabbath in 1992 either. All perfectly understandable.

  154. 154
    Deb S says:

    @150: Interesting point about MK I fans! I loved Hush at 13 but the majority of MK I fans, who would have bought their albums, were probably older than me. And yes, some of them might not haved liked the heavier MK II sound. By 1971 I was hanging with people who were listening to bands like Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep, so by the time I heard DP that same year I was already accustomed to a harder rock sound. Deep Purple became very popular with my age group when Machine Head came out, and Made in Japan was a big favorite to play at parties! Like everyone else I’m very surprised they weren’t inducted into the RRHOF in the 1990s when they became eligible. Maybe they didn’t have enough people on the nominating committee pulling for them? Metallica’s manager joined the RRHOF nominating committee in 2012 and then Deep Purple gets nominated. Coincidence or not?

  155. 155
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    Hi Purplepriest1965!
    You definitely remember that despite total covering Coverdale with miscellaneous adult words Plant still covered Coverdale’s songs after Coverdale/Page split. My soul doesn’t sell it’s only tickets that sell, huh? Speaking of tickets. I’m not pointing out that Gillan’s refusal to sing non-Gillan songs is the reason they are overlooked or underestimated or whatever. Gillan’s ego is only one of band’s problems. They made a cozy formula for themselves long ago — the more remote places to tour where the sellout is almost guaranteed the better. The places which high profile performers never attend. As a result sold out Moscow Olimpic Stadium with a capacity of 20000, or permanent German or French or Brazilian halls etc. For the last October date in Moscow I paid 220 USD and it was not a fifth row centre. The cheapest one cost 80 USD. At the same time if they tour US they are compelled to play in sheds somewhere in Midwest. You remember Glover’s complaining about this? Under such conditions Gillan’s verbal gymnastics on different issues doesn’t gain additional popularity for the band. People pay attention to everything, don’t they? They make conclusions out of tiny details, right? If they carry on saying the same things about different things for decades, if they tour obsessively the same circuit for years, if they continue ranting after so many years, if they play the same songs (sorry, they improvise every night) I’ve been asking myself the same question since that very Blackmore’s finger fell off. What can you think of the band like that? Not too much positive, I suppose. I’m not stating this is the basic reason the band are fully ignored but still media coverage (today I love the root cover!) emerges where there is an interesting coverage opportunity. DP unfortunately don’t produce any. Am I right?
    P.S. I honestly tried several times to dig in Springsteen and still pristine. How can he gather the packed stadiums remains a mystery to me. As well as The Who whose I Can’t Explain, Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, My Generation, Magic Bus and the rest of their catalogue sound like the same song. Rolling Stones — shoot me folks but I can’t see why they are so big! Maybe not my cup of chilled vodka.
    Thank you and best wishes,

  156. 156
    purplepriest1965 says:


    It is not I lose any sleep on it but……

    Because the AFTER phenomenon is always there I d say why not break that ” rule” ?

    Bruce did songs that were once made with his follow up Blaze, so……

    IMHO Bruce was the one that could improve any song by Blaze.

    Maybe in Purple and Sabbath that result is impossible?

    I d loved to hear DIO sing songs like The Shining and many other underated Tony Martin gems.

    I m sure he , lke Bruce, could have conquered all the way with those NON Dio songs.

    I still feel that Gillan could have, maybe not anymore thats true I m afraid, give some tracks originally done by MK 3 and 5 a fresh new life?

    But what’s more frustrating, indeed, is that comparison with the ex wife thing.

    Glover did BURN during S & M tour.
    Is he so much more vulnerable than old Rog?

    And always that non argument about the TBRO, HOBL and WDWTWA albums.
    We were in bad spirits them, nag nag….

    He does sometimes tracks from that albums, but ITS NOT ENOUGH!!!!

    Where Place In Line, Smooth dancer, Bad Attitude, Dead Or Alive, The Unwrittyen Law, Anya, Twist In The Tale, Solitaire, etc.

    If he can do mediocre stuff from ROTD why not have a full go at Strangeways?

    Not to forget the Bananas album.
    Once he saw that, jokingly perhaps, as their new Sergeant Pepper!!!!

    We still have not heard SUN GOES DOWN!!!!

    Great song, espescially when beefed up with some added organsolo’s and a bit longer so the song properly ends.

    They cant say the audience soes not want it, they never even tried to do it!!!!

  157. 157
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Svante hits the Mark here except……

    Gillan has been in the band as the lead singer obviously for and during it’s most known and successful periods. BUT, other members such as Steve Morse and Don Airey have been their only since all the rest have come and gone. Ian Paice has been involved throughout all of the incarnations. Roger next due to being involved in MK5. Though I completely understand Gillan’s reluctance to sing MK3,4 and 5 tunes, the rest of the band should weigh in and their weight should matter. If there is a demand by the other members to do a tune from those eras, it should be accommodated. I doubt there is anybody putting forth any pressure to do so and therefore there is a joint respect regarding Big Ian’s reluctance to do so. That being said for that matter, what is more irritating is the lack of M7-8 tunes being played in the sets. Forget the fact that old tunes from prior MKs are ignored, how about the fact they are discounting their own newer songs from more recent albums that as far as I’m concerned is a far worst infraction. One thing though that would be a win win for both the fans and the band would be doing an instrumental from MK3 or 4 such as ‘Owed to G’ and ‘A2000’. As for MK5….oh well, but mainly I believe the biggest ball has been dropped by the fact that they have all but dropped MK7-8 tunes from their live set. Steve and Don can’t feel good about that.


  158. 158
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Andrej

    ” You definitely remember that despite total covering Coverdale with miscellaneous adult words Plant still covered Coverdale’s songs after Coverdale/Page split.”

    Mark : Yeah, I do remember Shake My Tree, always thought that was very Zeppelinish when it first got out on the Cocerdale/page record.
    Did they do more of it?

    ” Gillan’s ego is only one of band’s problems. They made a cozy formula for themselves long ago. @

    Mark :

    Wow! Intersting piece follows ther.
    I m not sure if it is so.

    Well, I m reasoning a bit alike along those lines as well, Andrej :

    I wrote about this theory before :
    I concluded that Gillan, when he returned in 1993, decided to opt for a more buisnesslike approach.

    I could understand that partly, getting older, having lost a lot in the past, taken a lot of ” shit” from, amongst others, you know who….

    Diehard Purple fans kept begging for more changes and all that on this board for years.
    They, or should I say HE?, threw us some bits and pieces here and there.
    So it is not entirely true they just played the MachineHead album.
    They did do THAT : ), and sometimes we got something ” special” .

    It is the formula of a love potion :
    Never totally do what your lover wants.

    Well, appearantly for loads of people it worked.
    We kept on yapping, moaning, crying……and went not so vavoooooom : (

    Btw, what do you mean with ” that rootcover” ?

    Cheers, Mark( Proud Grandson of a communist).

    Question :

    What are your thoughts on this :

    Many Christians appearantly love Jesus Christ, not?
    Sounds solid to me.
    But why are so many of them agains t hippies, commies, et all that people?

    JC was advocated many things lefties promote.
    In a certain way JVC WAS a hippy/communist.
    He would definetely not called himself a Republican!
    Neither would he endorse certain political praty’s that say they believe in him.

    Dont understand the discrepancies here.

    Steering this away from the obvious sensitive aspect(…) :

    And on top of that loads of Christians loath people with long hair. : )
    They might as well sent Jesus statues to the barber.

  159. 159
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    Hi Purplepriest1965!
    … Loads of Christians loath people with long hair…
    I have an impression that you mean Russia. I still remember back in early 80-s it was usual that school director and his or her deputies used to check the length of the hair cuts for the boys as having long hair was hallmark of belonging to “rotten” Western world. The boys who had hair say one inch longer than allowed should have gone to the barbers. That’s one of the examples of what moronic communist ideology did in Russia for decades.
    In Russia Purple were always a cult band. They were and still are mega band. They were always more popular than BS and LZ. And I have a theory for that. Communist ideology taught the people for years to stick to one of the basic Marxist principles: the essence always comes first and the form is always second. Russians tend to give a credit to the musicianship than to the showmanship.
    As for your interesting remark of Christians vs hippies and commies or left wing I think it’s not about Christians who declare the war against the long hair or flared jeans or clumpy shoes or feminism or ear-rings worn by men or gay marriages or whatever. I personally divide people into decent/ indecent and conservative/ advanced or as my sons put it bad guys and good guys. Naive and simple? Thank God I’m an atheist.
    I concluded that Gillan, when he returned in 1993, decided to opt for a more businesslike approach.
    I doubt. We all know what kind of businessman Gillan is. Here’s the extract from Telegraph. We all know the story.
    Now if I want to buy something I simply ask my manager, Phil Banfield, whether I can afford it. His team looks after my bank account and I haven’t seen a bank statement in 30 years. I’ve been with him since the Seventies and I trust him completely.
    No, the band I suppose do what the management is up to. I doubt that the band don’t want major tours or the best venues or like in our case HOF. In my opinion if they didn’t they wouldn’t comment on that.
    Thank you.

  160. 160
    purplepriest1965 says:

    For those who still give a shit :


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