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California Jam book preorders

Rufus Stone is now taking preorders for the California Jam book. There will be three editions: Standard, Signature and Vinyl. Between the three of them only total of 1000 copies of the book will be available. The book content remains consistent throughout, but the extras and production techniques change according to the package. Use coupon code DPCALJAM14 to get a 5% discount when you go through checkout in the online store.

California Jam book Signature Edition; image courtesy of Rufus Stone

The Signature edition will set you back £300. 350 copies of this edition are numbered and all were individually signed by the late Jon Lord in June 2012:

Back when we began work on the title we thought that it would be great to have one or two people connected with the original concert to sign an edition, and with this in mind we have spoken to some of the crew of ’74 to get this organised. At the same time, we were working with Jon Lord’s manager on some publishing ideas and told him of the California Jam book. Somewhat to our surprise, as he was deeply involved in the re-recording of the new Concerto at the time, Jon told us he’d be happy to sign copies of the California Jam book. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, we sorted the details out and prepared the printed, translucent pages, with a view to binding these into the final publication once Jon had done his bit.

As the agreed date for the meeting came round, Mark from Rufus Stone took the pages to Jon’s house for signing. Jon was out at the time and the pages were left for him to sign. A few days later we were told they were finished and that Jon wanted to meet to chat about the project. On Monday June 25th Mark returned to Jon’s house and sat down with him to discuss the project over a cup of tea. Jon, despite being tired, was happy to talk about the Jam itself, his career in general and was very excited about his forthcoming Concerto release. He said he had done the signing while listening to classical music in his kitchen. He had taken great care with each one. Mark left Jon that day with a shake of the hand and an offer from Jon to help further with the project if he could. He was looking forward to seeing it.

It was our intention to make an announcement quickly but just a few weeks later Jon was suddenly taken into hospital and as we all know passed away in July. Since then we have been trying to decide how to progress. There was naturally an immediate reaction that the signed pages should be quietly put to one side and not mentioned. Having discussed the matter further with his manager and members of Jon’s family, it was agreed that the signed edition will proceed, and that the cover price will include a donation to Jon’s preferred cancer charity.

The 288 page Signature edition book is bound in leather with silver foil emboss. Printed on 170gsm art paper, the pages will be guilt edged and hand stitched. The book comes in a recycled leather slipcase and is presented in leather style clamshell box with inlaid colour graphic. Alongside this is a double vinyl album of the live recording from the concert, together with reproduction back stage passes, poster and certificate of production.

California Jam book Vinyl Edition; image courtesy of Rufus Stone

The Vinyl Edition £200, 150 copies. Packaged in slipcase together with the vinyl recordings. This edition of the book is the same book without the guilt edging to the pages. Individually numbered with a certificate of production.

California Jam book Standard Edition; image courtesy of Rufus Stone

The Standard Edition £120, 500 copies, is just the book on its own and quarter bound with a photographic cover and supplied in a card slipcase. Individually numbered.

You can preorder the book at the publisher’s online store.

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