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Cal Jam book now comes with 4 autographs

California Jam book Signature Edition; image courtesy of Rufus Stone

Rufus Stone has announced that the signature edition of the California Jam photo book will now come with four autographs: by Jon Lord, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice. The signature edition is limited to 350 copies and costs £300 + shipping. Preorders are being accepted at the publisher’s site. The book will ship in December 2012. The is also the vinyl edition (at £200), and the standard edition (at £120).

23 Comments to “Cal Jam book now comes with 4 autographs”:

  1. 1
    mike whiteley says:

    Wow !!
    This is a true thing of beauty as far as collectible keepsakes go,but….
    £300 + shipping ?!?!?!? that’s about 600 bucks Canadian,or,let’s see…a mortgage payment !! Even in time for Christmas,Santa would never be so generous !!
    Put this at the top of my ” If I ever won the lottery…” list

  2. 2
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Wow, they were even able to get Jon Lord to come back and sign it, but no Ritchie???
    Will wonders never cease?


  3. 3
    Scoot says:


  4. 4
    Dave Hodgkinson says:

    Hm, wonder who is missing?

  5. 5
    al says:

    they re not getting my money that is for sure !

  6. 6
    Jeff says:

    Mike Whiteley just said it all. No need to add anything to that.

  7. 7
    buttockss says:

    Please !!!!!!!!.

  8. 8
    The greek tie- coon says:

    If Blackmore’s signature was included, i would pay, say, 300 euros for this. Looks nice but it just costs too much (for me, anyway).

  9. 9
    Anthony says:

    Maybe Ritchie’s mother-in-law didnt allow him to sign it!! 🙂

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:

    We were already informed that they got the ill Jon Lord for a signing.

    Blackmore missing is no surprise.

    I have several items with all bandmembers but as yet no Blackers
    : (

    Isnt it weird I never met the man?!Me!

  11. 11
    George Martin says:

    I’d love to have this but if I spent this much money on a book my wife would kill me! Once again the best things always go the wealthy, not to the best fans.

  12. 12
    kraatzy says:

    @ 4 … hey Dave.

    The Banyo-Man in Black could not sign, because his mother in law has no pencil for
    this kind of purple shit … 🙁
    BUT – it is too expensive . . . with or without his sign …



  13. 13
    Wiktor says:

    Its not that a great concert, and worse of all, they murder “smoke on the water”….

  14. 14
    byron says:

    a collector’s item for sure,but too expansive for a lot of people ,specially today.
    Just like the limited edition of Glenn’s bio
    Anyway I m happy for those who can afford it

  15. 15
    cyclone says:

    Price is always an issue**guess I will have to pose for some mags to come up with the bucks**

  16. 16
    funkilius says:

    What a rip-off………i hope people ignore this

  17. 17
    MacGregor says:

    Wiktor@ 13 – I have to disagree, California Jam is a cracking gig, especially when you consider the other bands that were there, the timing of Purples set & the fact that it is an outdoor festival! Purple kick ass big time at that concert, & as Jon Lord said recently, Blackmore was in sensational form in all aspects! Lord & Paice were bullet proof as usual, Hughes although he whoops & hollers a little too much, was wonderful on bass & Coverdale was ‘green’ so to speak, but sang powerfully! Sure the vocal on Smoke is ‘different’ but at least the music is played correctly, meaning also the riff on the guitar. Not like so many other guitarists, who don’t play it correctly. A stomping concert, one of the best in my book & the sound of Blackmore’s Strat was brutal & at times delicate, to say the least!

  18. 18
    Martin says:

    @ purplepriest1965 #10:
    Don’t be sad you never met Ritchie. Now’s the time to share my very own rencontre with the Man in Black:
    It was November 19th 1982 in the Munich Sheraton (the Straight Between the Eyes Tour). I was there to do an interview with JLT after the show. When the job was done, I saw RB walking through the lobby carrying an LP under his arm. I came close and asked “Is this the new Rainbow album?” He pretended not to understand me, so I repeated my question three times, but it began to dawn at me that this was quite a silly question to ask. Obviously he thought the same and said “No, these are quiet songs. You have to be intelligent to understand them. Perhaps nothing for you.” And off he went. I could laugh my ass off every time I remember this.

  19. 19
    byron says:

    I ve got the dvd and it’s quite excellent.Ritchie was as at his best,he really wanted to play and you can hear it.Jon and Paicey are great as ever
    .Hughes( so hairy in these days -what a change!) is ok and does’nt spoil too much vocals and and young Cov’ sings really well
    And the final destruction is history!

  20. 20
    Wiktor says:

    MacGregor, I meet you almost halfway, I agree with you that compared with the other bands Purple was, well, good…The best act.
    But as far as Im concern Ritchie was never better than during those legendary concerts in Japan 1972. He did a startling “comeback” as the guitarr magician sitting on the top of the silver mountain when he and Rainbow recorded “Rising” and he´s still the number one in my book!!

  21. 21
    alexjes says:

    @ Martin #18:
    Martin, here´s another story about Ritchie´s intelligence. I saw him in summer on stage on his last tour. Ritchie was in a gret mood, talking, joking, smiling… And between the songs a girl used the situaton and gave him a CD to sign. Ritchie quickly signed it and gave it back. And we all stayed to sit or stand with our mouthes opened. It was very unusual.
    But later I read on the net as that girl told about that. She wrote that Ritchie only pretended signing and gave her the CD back unsigned.
    So what´s that ? A joke ?

  22. 22
    Mark says:

    Well, I’ve got one of the Signature Editions, and it’s just beautiful. It wasn’t cheap, and meant I had to make a few tough choices about what not to buy, but I’m so pleased to have one.
    It’s really well put together and has some fascinating stories that I’d never heard before (and I thought I’d heard them all).
    I went down to Newbury to collect my book in person, and Mark Smith at Rufus Stone was both kind and generous in talking with me about this and other projects.
    Well done, Mark – for the band that’s been the soundtrack to my life for 40 years, you’ve given me a book to treasure – I’ll never part with it.

  23. 23
    TonyD says:

    I also have just received “The Signature Edition” and is well worth the investment. A wonderful book in a beautifully designed traycase and having the authentic signatures of four band members is a bonus. Only 350 copies available makes it a very desirable limited edition. I know with Jon Lord’s passing this opportunity was too good to miss being a Purple fan since ’73. Is it expensive, yes but no where else would you be able to purchase an authentic signed Deep Purple collectors book. I would have liked Ritchie’s signature also but as he has turned his back on Deep Purple I no longer have the respect for him as I did. Thank you Mark at Rufus Stone and also a thank you to Simon Robinson.

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