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Jon Lord photo book

Jon Lord photo bookRufus Stone has announced a Jon Lord photo book All Those Years Ago ready for publication in April this year. At £275 the book certainly will not come cheap.

The book is 224 pages measuring 310×310 mm (about 12″x12″), bound in purple silk material and comes in a clamshell box finished in faux purple suede and gold foil embossing of Jon’s signature. The package will also include a 10″ vinyl single featuring two unreleased tracks by Jon and a full DVD with 2009 performance (studio? filmed live in Bucharest, Romania) of the Concerto for Group and Orchestra. The DVD will also contain the two vinyl tracks as MP3 files.

The book features an introduction by Rick Wakeman, who also signed all 500 copies of the limited edition run. Other contributors include Ian Paice, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover and Ritchie Blackmore. Jon’s brother Steve has written an essay on his early life before forming Deep Purple.

The publisher swears up and down that said artificial scarcity will be strictly enforced and once 500 copies are gone, they are gone.

Preorders are now being taken at a reduced price of £250 + shipping. One can get an extra £10 off by using coupon code CONCERTO at the checkout. The price will revert to £275 on April 4.

38 Comments to “Jon Lord photo book”:

  1. 1
    Cory H Lambert says:

    SHould have made it more affordable…only those with surplus cash can get to enjoy this….sadly….

  2. 2
    Tor Johansen says:

    EXPENCIVE!!!. WTF???

  3. 3
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Ouch! Over 300 US bucks? Not sure I’ll be springing for that one. Nice piece though. Seems a little steep to me. About half that would be fair.


  4. 4
    Cameron Hons says:

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee it’s worth it

  5. 5
    Dave says:

    Well, I guess it’s about time some people realised that £275 is a lot of money, for some it’s a monthly income. I was very pissed off when I saw the price of this book yesterday. It’s been about 12 months since the website of the book was lanuched and I was so eagerly waiting for the release since day 1. I don’t care if these money go to somebody’s pocket or if they go to charity. It doesn’t matter to me because I can’t afford buying it anyway. The worst thing to me is that it seems like dividing fans – fot the rich and for the poor. The first can have better goods and the latter can just bugger off. That’s what it is for me. Sorry.

  6. 6
    Pete Sklaroff says:

    I’d love a copy of this but sadly the price is too steep for me.. 🙁

  7. 7
    George Martin says:

    Agree with most of the responses, just to much money for the average fan. I really wanted the California Jam book but if I spent that much on a book I would be divorced now. Once again the rich always get the good stuff.

  8. 8
    Ianz Inn says:

    Wow,,, thats approx $2.25 per page (CDN) I would love to own this book but I cannot afford it.

  9. 9
    Chris Mallinson says:

    I did buy the Cal Jam book,i say me but it was paid for by the Boss for a Christmas present, but i think the price for this publication,that does not have signatures of DP members nor LP’s,is too steep for consideration.

    Make it £100- £150 and you will have a lot more takers.

  10. 10
    al says:

    Well.I have been wanting to buy an I pod 5 gen for a few months now,but since I’m working part time I’m trying to be careful with the money,but I guess this is a personal matter and taste.As much as I love the man,May Rest In Peace,I’m not crazy to spend that insane amount of dough! please ! Give us some good news! I have been very selective with the spending since I am a starving artist.


  11. 11
    henrik h says:

    I wish they would release it as an official download. The price is fair. I just don”t to buy physical books or cds anymore.

  12. 12
    mike whiteley says:

    Same story as with the CalJam book back in 2012: Those to whom $$ is no object won’t blink at the cost….
    The rest of us will hope to win the lottery so we can afford it.
    Until then,other priorities prevail.

  13. 13
    cyclone says:

    I will need the 300 US bucks to put fuel in my car and heat inside my house. I would love to own this piece- but hard times are here..Maybe Wal- Mart can do so magic and sell this book in their stores at a third of the jingle : )

  14. 14
    Robert says:

    I can afford this book. But I will not buy it out of principle. No production cost can justify such a price tag. So we clearly see yet another attempt to monetise on admiration and respect towards great musician.

  15. 15
    Drdp says:

    I just don’t understand the pricing. Why would you charge nearly $400.00 to 500 buyers instead of $200.00 to 1000 fans?

  16. 16
    Chris Mallinson says:

    The Cal Jam book was better value IMHO, signatures of most of the band and the LP.

  17. 17
    Scott W. says:

    Over $300? Try $436.80. That’s with the 2 Discounts. Yes i did….

  18. 18
    Nick Soveiko says:

    henrik @11:

    funny you should say that, but exact wording is “this will be the only physical copy of the book available”, actually leaving the door open to a digital release.

  19. 19
    al says:

    @ 11 what is your definition of fair ? Or you just saying things for the heck of it! that is everything but fair.

  20. 20
    MacGregor says:

    The ‘physical’ hard copy of the book is THE only way to have it! There is something special about a quality book, there will never be anything special about a digital ‘book’! Having said that, man why is this so expensive? That price seems utterly ridiculous indeed! Cheers.

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    High prices seems to become the standard.

    I already refrained from buying earlier books of Whitesnake and Dio 🙂

  22. 22
    Thunderhawk says:

    I don’t understand this, sure a limited edition signed by the artist who made this book happen is very cool and all, but $275, what are these people thinking that money grows on trees, $275, that’s one and a half month of fuel i can put in my car.

    500 limited signed copies fine, for the people who can afford this, but why not put out another cheaper version without the autographes.
    I for one doesn’t really mind if it’s signed or not, i’m just interested in what the book has to tell about the life of one of my greatest heroes, a signed copy would be a nice bonus, but that’s not the reason i would buy a book, and that shouldn’d be the main reason to buy the book in my opinion.

    A great let down that’s what this is, and i don’t blame Jon for this, it’s what happens with every great musician that dies, their legacy is getting abused by the people who are left behind, and this book is a great example of the fact that Jon’s legacy is being abused by the people who are left behind, only to make as many money as possible.

    the sad truth.


  23. 23
    MacGregor says:

    Gee it is a huge temptation though, when I see something that is pure CLASS as this is, money usually isn’t an issue at all! Hmmmmmmmmm! Cheers.

  24. 24
    Henrik says:

    How is it possible to fix a price for such a labour of love, including the comments from Blackers?

    I do think the price is fair. I would have ordered right away were it a download.

    Just like they did w/ Phoenix Rising.

  25. 25
    al says:

    @ 24

    go right ahead,you made your pitch dude.I think you re trying to convince yourself with that.Lots of us aren’t buying it.

  26. 26
    Scott W. says:

    I feel that i will have something i can hold in my hand/read when i want to, for years to come. People spend twice this amount or more to go to a show! The show may give great memories, or not. Sometimes the hassle and expense of attending a concert, lodging, fuel, plane ticket, overpriced Concert ticket, food, etc adds up to much more than this book, which lasts forever. That said, it is a lot for a book. I hope it is worth what i paid for it….

  27. 27
    MacGregor says:

    Scott W @ 26 – Yes indeed, a quality book is worth owning & I agree with the concert price comment! I have spent big money here in OZ getting to a gig or two over the years for some of the bands I am into, that rarely ever if ever, tour Australia! When it comes down to it, if you want it, you go & get it! I own Nick Mason’s ‘Inside Out’, A Personal History Of Pink Floyd & I love owning that book, it is pure quality & any serious Floyd fan would have it, surely! Whilst it was not as expensive as this Jon Lord masterpiece, this book is very tempting indeed! I just wish it wasn’t available at this present time as I am in the process of trying to sell my house, other expenses are all around me at the moment! I will have to balance my books a little & damn quickly I would think! Trouble is, that will amount to about $500 Aus dollars at the present rate! Glad to hear you purchased it & you will NEVER regret having done so! Cheers.

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Twice the amount of 250 for a show ?????!!!!!!

    Are you off your rockers?

  29. 29
    MacGregor says:

    pp@28- you could be right there, I often think back to the one & ONLY time I actually did pay app $560.00 for 2 tickets for a night of nostalgia in 2009! I NEVER pay that (280.00) for a ticket & had to battle with my pride when considering that purchase! But when the missus says I REALLY want to go to that concert, well some of you may know what the possible ramifications could be if that doesn’t occur! So me being the easily dominated (not really) male that I am, I relented & bought 2 tickets to Simon & Garfunkel & went along.
    It was a great night of superb songs, by one of the greatest songwriters & his musical partner & a wonderful ‘support’ band!
    However, back to what you asked, yes I may have been ‘off my rocker’ at that moment in time, but I don’t regret it at all! I loathe the wealthy & extremely successful artists over pricing for a concert ticket, but as I have now joined in the ‘contribution’ to their wealth, even only on that single occasion, I now tend to keep my mouth shut in regards to the rip off prices that certain artists charge for a ticket! I still loathe it (over pricing) though! Cheers.

  30. 30
    sbaru says:

    good news..this song is a jon’s song?tks

  31. 31
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Simon and Garfunkel are cool 🙂

  32. 32
    RB says:

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t have printed many more copies, thereby reducing the cost to consumers and reaching so many more fans. Just seems a little short-sighted.

    PS. I wish $275 would buy me one and a half months of fuel, here in the UK it’d be double that.

  33. 33
    MacGregor says:

    RB@32- Yes I agree. Usually with these sort of releases, the bells & whistles issue is a complete collectors item & then there is the ‘standard’ issue, available for us ‘peasants’, who wallow in the basement without a coin to our name! Seriously, this book should be available in different formats, it is a classy looking book indeed & what a shame if it is only ever available as a ‘over the top’ release!
    I personally don’t care for autographs & all that extra jazz. Still, collectors may go for it & good luck to them! It will be interesting as to how many copies actually sell. Cheers.

  34. 34
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    I would almost have to guarantee there will be a basic book release once this special limited edition sells out. Any betters out there????


  35. 35
    MacGregor says:

    You may be correct there Tracy, I suppose they are not going to make available the ‘cheaper’ alternatives, whilst they are trying to flog these ‘collectors’ editions! I hope they sell all of these 500, because they may not release a ‘standard’ edition if they are left with a pile of the originals! Classic marketing from the publisher though, to say there will ‘only’ be 5oo available! That gives us hope! Cheers.

  36. 36
    Harald says:

    500 copies of the book, that seems to be for privileged people only. But Jon still has thousands and thousands fans all over the world who would love to buy this book for a reasonable price. – I am pretty sure that this price wouldn’t have been in Jon’s personal sense!

    I remember very well, when I met him for the first time after my second Deep Purple concert in Frankfurt/Germany on Dec. 15, 1973, he signed my concert ticket and when seeing the ticket price, that was DM 14.– at the time being, he told me that this price for the show was pretty much too high. Jon was always a kind of man who never intended to have his music or his person commercialized.

    Unfortunately all fans, except the 500 privileged, are locked out for having a great souvenier of Jon! – Very sad!!!

  37. 37
    Ian Linn says:

    Way too expensive.

  38. 38
    Lars Karlsson says:

    I really can´t see why you are so upset by the price of the book.

    I´m not whealthy at all. This costed my one third om my monthly income. But this is a limited very lavished item.

    And it´s the same thing with every very limited item when it goes to art in the world.

    Privileged? I just love Jon Lords music and his enormous contribution to my music world.
    And I was willing to have a minimal budget for the next months. It´s just a choice you make. So if you think it´s only wealthy people that ordered this book and unique item your wrong.

    And if you compare salary by the countries, then you have to start working for a world that have equal pay in every country. It´s shit that chinese workers doesn´t get paid what their worth for making your mobiles.
    But that´s how the world works these days and have always done so.

    So come up with an equal economic plan that makes each inhabitants in the world have the same salary, if you haven´t then what?

    I might be interested in a lot of items but I realize that I can´t buy them. I choosed to spend a lot of my money on this, and I´m not ashamed of it.

    But in every discussion about Deep Purple it always gets infected. This doesn´t happen to other bands at all in the same degrre.
    Why are we as Deep Purple fans so quarrelsome?

    In a few years these item might come in a budget version. Is that a wrong thing?

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