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The Definitive Teaser

Tommy Bolin; image courtesy of 429 Records

429 Records is preparing a Tommy Bolin box set The Definitive Teaser — a three-CD collection featuring a remastered version of his classic album along with two CDs of outtakes and alternates. The project is produced by Greg Hampton and Johnnie Bolin.

Along with the three-CD Teaser box set, 429 Records will release a five-CD set, The Definitive Teaser Collector’s Edition which will also include the two-CD deluxe version of Great Gypsy Soul — a collection of Bolin songs recorded by a roster of players (including Steve Morse and Glenn Hughes) who signed on to pay tribute to Bolin. Both The Definitive Teaser and Collector’s Edition will be released on July 31.

The Definitive Teaser track listing:

Disc 1

Teaser Remastered

  1. The Grind
  2. Homeward Strut
  3. Dreamer
  4. Savannah Woman
  5. Teaser
  6. People, People
  7. Marching Powder
  8. Wild Dogs
  9. Lotus

Disc 2

Alternates and Outtakes

  1. Teaser
  2. Flying Fingers
  3. Cookoo
  4. Wild Dogs
  5. Chameleon

Disc 3

  1. Crazed Fandango
  2. People, People
  3. Smooth Fandango
  4. Marching Powder
  5. Homeward Strut
  6. Oriental Sky (Lotus)

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

8 Comments to “The Definitive Teaser”:

  1. 1
    Roberto says:

    FINALLY! I can get the remastered version without the irritating alternative mixing plus the wonderful outtakes of this Masterpiece created, played and Produced by this genius…

  2. 2
    buttockss says:

    Have the original ‘teaser’ album, definitely will be checking out the re-mastered versions of’ ‘wild dog’s howling in the night, and also she’s a ‘teaser’…….sweet!

  3. 3
    purpletemple says:

    How many more times!?!$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. 4
    Sami says:

    Teaser’s such a great album, will purchase the collector’s edition as soon as possible(looking forward to the tribute set from Hughes, Morse etc. as well, should be worth the money).

  5. 5
    evil_louie says:

    I thought the master tapes for this were lost…and didn’t they just release another version of Teaser last year?…and just how many Teaser outtakes are there that they can keep coming up with new ones? Or are these old ones?

  6. 6
    Michiel says:

    Finally, as the sound of the original is way too thin.
    And now I want a ‘Private Eyes’ with a 40-minute version of ‘Post Toastee’!

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    PRIVATE EYES is on my list for years now.
    Always loved the album.

    Is there really a 40 “version?(….)Or are you pulling my lerg? : )

  8. 8
    Michiel says:

    I am pulling your leg, but I really think there is a version of about 10-12 minutes.

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