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Tommy Bolin’s Whirlwind

Tommy Bolin Whirlwind artwork; image courtesy of Tommy Bolin Archives

The Tommy Bolin Archives are releasing a 2CD set of previously unreleased material called Whirlwind. The set includes demos and outtakes from his solo album Teaser, his jazz-rock band Energy and material he was working on for his next album before his death in 1976.

Track list

Disc 1
  1. Cucumber Jam
  2. Heartlight
  3. Hoka-Hay!
  4. Don’t Worry ’Bout Cash (Acoustic Version)
  5. San Francisco River
  6. Rock-A-Bye
  7. Dungeon
  8. Alexis
  9. Gotta Dance (Take 2)
  10. Spanish Lover (Instrumental Version)
  11. Sooner or Later
Disc 2
  1. Red Skies (Instrumental Version)
  2. Way It s Always Been
  3. Sleepwalker (Instrumental Version)
  4. Leave Other People Alone
  5. Marching Bag (26 Minute Original Version)
  6. Wild Dogs (Acoustic Version)
  7. From Another Time

The set will be release on August 13 as 2CD digipak, double vinyl album, and deluxe box edition, limited to 1,000 copies. The deluxe edition will include the 2CD digipak plus 3 postcards, Tommy Bolin signature guitar pick, collectible patch and a souvenir pin.
Tommy Bolin Whiwlwind deluxe; image courtesy of Tommy Bolin Archives
Thanks to Jim Sheridan for the info.

13 Comments to “Tommy Bolin’s Whirlwind”:

  1. 1
    Michael Johnson says:

    Great Stuff

  2. 2
    Drdp says:

    The TuPac Of Our Days, Getting right up there with Hendrix.

  3. 3
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    I look forward to this batch of goodies. I thoroughly enjoy Tommy’s solo material. CTTB along with Teaser wore out more needles on my turntable than I care to remember. What a shame he allowed his addiction to take over just when he needed to be at his best performing with Purple. Had he been in better control, all would have been different for him and Purple at the time. I am certain that had he continued on without the drugs he would have become a household name. When hearing his ‘live’ performances with Purple, it’s hard to believe he is the same guy who played on James Gang ‘Bang’ and ‘Miami’, Teaser, CTTB, Billy Cobham’s ‘Spectrum’, and Alphonse Mouzon ‘Mind Transplant’. Yes, there are a couple of shows that stand out and I was lucky enough to see one of them. The Miami show was one of those where he was on fire. They all were in great form. But unfortunately the majority of his performances were not and he quickly was giving Purple a black eye. He was without a doubt one of the finest players to date before losing it all. Plus he sang well too. He had a style all his own. He didn’t emulate anybody. He was a standout guitarist with a well rounded ability. His blistering jazz-fusion/hard rock/southern rock ability shown throughout just these 6 albums are a true testament to his prowess. If you want to spend a fabulous 5 hours of time, put these 6 albums on and play them back to back. All will be clear as to why he was selected to replace TMIB back then in Purple, Joe Walsh in The James Gang, and the guest spot with Cobham and Mouzon. Man I wish he was still around. What a loss. I think this release will give us a good sample of all that. Bring It!


  4. 4
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Wow another great TB Archive release.
    Over 20 minutes of Marching Bag.

    This is a musthave. I’m looking forward.

    Seems to be a great collection.

  5. 5
    Jim Francis says:

    A friend was listening to a record, I said WoW who’s this? Tommy Bolin’s Teaser, No shit Deep Purple just nabbed him. Amazing, blazing, funky, and soulful guitarist – great stuff with so many bands and solo. I bought a Whips and Roses release, phenomenal. Alexis was from the James Gang, Marching Bag might be a version of Marching Powder, and I’ll take as many versions of Wild Dogs as they got.
    Too bad his gutless “friends” left him to die in a Florida hotel room instead of taking him to the ER like the doctor they called said to do immediately, “didn’t want bad publicity.”
    Come Taste the Band was awesome, the Last Concert in Japan’s Wild Dogs is my favorite version, and Ritchie’s still my fave.

  6. 6
    Martin O'Keefe-liddard says:

    Unreleased material? This is fantastic! Cannot wait to hear this material. There is something very special about the musicality of Tommy Bolin.

  7. 7
    TruthHurts says:

    Really looking forward to hearing more material from this guitar god.

    btw also in August, Rainbow CD and DVD from 1995 is coming out:



  8. 8
    Frank says:

    Is this unreleased?? I have bunch of the archives material and does anybody know how much of this has been already released or it another money grab?

  9. 9
    Michiel says:

    Think I stop here. Have way too much ‘previously unreleased’ material already. The only thing I still want is a possible 20 minute version of ‘Post Toastee’.

  10. 10
    Michiel says:

    Beautiful picture though. Did he ever play a Gibson when he was with Purple?

  11. 11
    Roberto says:

    @8 just look at the tracklist…
    anyway there are other unpublished materials on you tube…take a look at the bootlegs…

  12. 12
    evillouie says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how much unreleased material there is from Tommy. And just when you think it has all been released, they come out with some more.

  13. 13
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Makes you wonder what kind of stuff of Blackmore is hidden behind locks et all. 🙂

    They might release it when the kids go to college.

    I m afraid I will still care at that time.

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