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Made in Japan documentary teaser

Deep Purple (Overseas) has posted on YouTube a teaser for The Rise of Deep Purple MK II documentary (which, from this teaser, actually sounds more like The Fall of Deep Purple MK II 😉 ). The full documentary will be included on the DVD part of 4CD+DVD Made in Japan edition due out on May 19 together with many other formats.

23 Comments to “Made in Japan documentary teaser”:

  1. 1
    LorenZo Gonzalez says:

    Is there any pre order info available???

  2. 2
    John Chillingworth says:

    David Shea did they use you as editor / fact checker for this?

  3. 3
    Gerard Farren says:

    Pre ordered already best live album of all time

  4. 4
    Francesco Manfroi says:

    wow grandi deep

  5. 5
    Kevin Staden says:

    Nooooo!! Why do they insist on putting it on youTube befote its out.I’ve paud good money to have it!!

  6. 6
    purpledaniel says:

    This was allready shown a few months ago…

  7. 7
    Scott W. says:

    This has been posted on YT for weeks already, nothing new clip wise. I will be upset if the Documentary does not include ALL of the 26 min of Tokyo ’72 footage. Hopefully it will, along with the ’73 footage of the last Japanese MK II trip shown in this ‘Teaser’.

  8. 8
    henrik h says:

    Why a teaser from 1973 rather than 1972? I thought the doc would emphasize MIJ.

  9. 9
    Cameron Hons says:

    i want details of tracklists on more versions of this release. why are there 9 vinyls? i don’t care, that’s just awesome!?

  10. 10
    Jeff Summers says:

    The story of the end on Mk II Still stuns me. As a musician who has spent his entire career trying to “make it” Why, after less than 3 years would you leave the biggest selling band in the world?! And why, after so much success. would you allow your lead singer to leave after he has helped create said success? Edwards Colletta must have been insane!!

  11. 11
    David Shea says:

    John Chillingworth – don’t get how you hype the 72 live performances by noting the 73 end of the band…as I already have MIJ remaster AND the Live In Japan package (all 3 1972 shows), not sure what’s in this new thing that I don’t have…love DP, all the same…

  12. 12
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    I’d say this is the format to get then…..

  13. 13
    LRT says:

    I guess the smoke from Now What?! was left over so they used it for this, blasphemy a “tribute” band would inspire. lol I really wonder what the people behind this think of the perpetrators now in their place. Mixed up world, the real thing prevails to what appear to be too many deaf ears of taste, either that or Purple fans have become too lazy to listen. NW should have rocked this fan base here, but perhaps most are too stunned to admit it. 😀 That has about as much to do with MIJ as this trailer reveals.

  14. 14
    Ao says:

    On a whole, Now What?! is a far superior album, both in performance and songwriting to anything they did with Blackmore since WDWTWA.

  15. 15
    MacGregor says:

    Jeff@10- I know what you mean in regards to wondering why someone would leave something so successful. But when we look at what was going on at the time, it throws it into a different light indeed! Fatigue, stress, boredom of the constant repeated cycle of touring, record a new album then touring again, then recording again etc! Record company & management ‘pressure’ also. And then there is the ego clashing & mind games just to bring it all to a boiling point. Something has to give I suppose before all hell breaks loose. I thought the same thing in regards to Peter Gabriel, when he up & quit Genesis at the peak of their career! Well that 70’s lineup anyway!
    I have the same thought when other musicians seem to ‘throw’ it away suddenly in other bands also.
    At least they (Purple, or should I say Blackmore & Gillan) sort of made up for a brief period in the 80’s, before all the crap started again! Cheers.

  16. 16
    Jeff Summers says:

    Cheers MacGregor, but did you know that when Gillan offered his resignation, the management didn’t even ask why or try to talk him out of it? Surely they should have told him to take a break and think about it or try and repair the situation with Ritchie and him? I know it’s all history now and I love the Burn album which couldn’t have happened without IG and RG leaving. Genesis is a different situation. Gabriel left to pursue a solo career. Cheers. Jeff

  17. 17
    Jesper says:

    Does anybody expect the sounquality to be any better than on the previously released digitally remixed version?

  18. 18
    James Gemmell says:

    Perhaps a tad off subject, but this is an incredible little documentary on Jon Lord…hard not to choke up watching it:


  19. 19
    peter chrisp says:

    This will be massive, and for memory, copy number 3, the original on vinyl, the 1st cd version, the 25th anniversary and now the ultimate edition, now if everyone wants details you can go to 2 web pages, it gives you everything, check it out at these 2 listed below there are 2 d’s and 2 e’s in the spelling

    superdeluxeedition & seconddisc , and you can check out their reviews, enjoy

  20. 20
    metaljim says:

    Not only did management not try to talk Gillan out of leaving, no one else in the band did either. The last year of MkII must have been so horrible that everyone involved thought Gillan leaving was the way to find peace. Poor Roger assumed his place was secure until near the end of the US tour in 1973. Shameful behavior from Lord, Paice and management for letting Ritchie dictate his terms of “he goes or I go”. If they could have guessed RB would quit in a year and a half anyway, they could have called his bluff and we might have gotten something similar to Purpendicular in 1974….

  21. 21
    MacGregor says:

    Jeff@16- yes that would be where the ‘mind games’ comes into it I would imagine! Management already knowing something was going down, perhaps Blackmore telling them to ‘get rid of him’ or ‘let him go’, when Gillan notified them of his resignation! The attempt to lure another lead vocalist perhaps was already in the pipeline? Something he (Blackmore) was known to do occasionally, allegedly!
    There are a few other ‘leaders’ of big name rock bands who have acted similarly over the decades. Some musicians find out they are out of the band through the media, or via a friend who heard it somewhere at a party! It’s a cut throat game it seems, at least with certain musicians anyway! Cheers.

  22. 22
    MacGregor says:

    metaljim@20- I don’t know if it was ‘shameful behaviour’ from Lord, Paice & management. If Gillan was exhausted, burnt out & had had enough, let him go & move on! The core of the band as history has shown was still there with Blackmore, Lord & Paice. Sure they should have kept Glover perhaps, but hindsight is a wonderful thing at times! They (Purple) knew they still had a winning combination & when Blackmore did eventually leave, well we know what transpired don’t we? Lord, Paice & Coverdale all regretted going on with Purple, with a drug addict in Bolin, as fine a guitarist as he was, the live touring was a disaster, again the hindsight thing!
    Even with another guitarist, I don’t see how it could have worked back in 1975, but history can never be repeated! Morse replacing Blackmore in 1995 was an entirely different situation! Different for many reasons which we all know about, in regards to what we have heard from some Purple members in interviews & what we may have read in the press!
    It doesn’t matter, sure Glover was pissed about back in ’73, but he did team back up with Blackmore in 1979, so it was all good in the end, well up until 1993! As they (Purple members) all say, the good times easily out weigh the bad & that is the most important thing, in any situation in anyone’s life! Cheers.

  23. 23
    psuk says:

    BBC 4 will be showing this on Friday 12 Sept 2014

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