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Wacken and Budokan teaser

The record company has published Space Truckin’ video teaser for From The Setting Sun… (In Wacken) and …To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo):

Both releases are due out on August 28 simultaneously. Both will be released in the following formats:

  • CD+DVD
  • Blu-ray (3D and 2D for Wacken, 2D for Tokyo)
  • DVD
  • 3LP
  • Digital download

It appears that Wacken Blu-ray will be the first 3D video release for the band.

Thanks to Nigel Young for the video link.

15 Comments to “Wacken and Budokan teaser”:

  1. 1
    Tom Koifman says:

    Awesome Can’t wait

  2. 2
    Errol Arias says:

    what a lousy version of Space Truckin’…. It`s a pity

  3. 3
    DeeperPurps says:

    Fantastic! Great musicianship! Space Truckin’ just as I remember it from that afternoon last April at Budokan Tokyo. Am really looking forward to getting an official copy of the whole show. The best souvenir possible!

  4. 4
    rik_uk says:

    I’ll buy them but i’d be more excited if they threw in a wild card song at gigs…anything!!

  5. 5
    Michael says:

    A must have!

  6. 6
    Thunderhawk says:

    I can’t help but miss the Mandrake Root improvisation they used to do at the end of Space Truckin.
    This song used to be one of the highlights of a Purple show.
    Why did they ever change that??

  7. 7
    James Gemmell says:

    Looks like a pretty festive jam. Ian Paice impressive on the skins. If I hear one idiot compare it to 1972 or “Made In Japan”, I think I’ll scream. Enjoy DP while we have ’em.

  8. 8
    al says:

    Love it! Cannot wait till it is out on Amazon.ca or order at HMV store at some point.

  9. 9
    Mark says:

    We’ve heard the tunes from In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, and Perfect Strangers enough times already.

    Check out this amazing potential set-list for us long-time fans

    1. Cascades
    2. Loosen My Strings
    3. A Touch Away
    4. Picture of Innocence
    5. Silver Tongue
    6. Bananas
    7. Steve Morse Guitar Solo
    8. Wrong Man
    9. Rapture of the Deep
    10. Back to Back
    11. Don Airey Keyboards Solo
    12. A Simple Song
    13. Bodyline
    14. Uncommon Man
    15. Ian Paice Drum Solo
    16. Vincent Price

    Highway Star or Space Truckin’
    Smoke on the Water

  10. 10
    LRT says:

    Pathetic trailers, all three of them. First one showing Gillan arriving late on stage, second one gives away the best part of the concert, and this one shows not only a bad set list choice that has remarkably been going on way too many tours in the shape Ian is in by that time in the show. Absolutely crap marketing. You can’t tell the label anything, they don’t even effectively respond to criticism and suggestions on how to present the material. I’m buying but I’m already turned way off. As with any performance on DVD as of late, Gillan wobbling at the mic is hard to bare. My value of them all is down to the audio. Watching it on playback has lost most appeal. But if you listen to the concerts without watching, a fine product still exists, and that goes back as far as Montreux 2006. I still play the CD once in a while, it’s no complete disaster. The latest two circulated live U.S. shows play well too, when they aren’t doing Space Truckin’ anyway. As for how they used to play, huge apples and oranges, like not knowing they’re a different band by now.

  11. 11
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 2:

    I think that a lot instrumental parts have been adjusted recently to the limitations in the singing department which undeniably set in over the last few years. Keep in mind that Ian Gillan will celebrate his 70th birthday this month. I’d say he’s in tremendous form considering that. A lot of singers could not even think about doing what he does. Appreciate the fact that Deep Purple is still around and doing great. What I really like about this version is the awesome drumming! The only thing I don’t like at all is the way how Don plays rhythm organ on this (it sounds washy) – there could be more percussive elements. It could be of some help to stop the Leslie rotors from spinning around in order to have a straight organ tone in combination with the Hughes & Kettner Puretone amp. To my ears the Leslies tend to take away a lot of the song’s heaviness. In fact it changes the approach of an organ player a lot if there’s no Leslie around. I often thought that Don would sound even better if he got rid of the Leslies entirely, like Brian Auger did.

  12. 12
    steve strobel says:

    I thought it was supposed to be coming out on September 18. Ironic, same day the new Blackmores Night cd is coming out.

  13. 13
    Peter says:

    With replies like that, I have to ask myself “who is stuck in the past? band or some of fans?” It´s not 70s anymore, you are way too much used to very old DP recordings and forgot to “evolve” with band. Why would they do some x minutes long Mandrake Root instrumental jam (especially when Steve and Don have nothing to do with that song) when they can use this time for playing their own stuff or make a jam in different song as they want to do it? 🙂 Sadly – fans are stuck in the past, not band.

  14. 14
    Rock Voorne says:

    Larry commenting like that.

  15. 15
    KIDD PURPLE says:

    To my surprise -To The Rising Sun played on Palladia last evening!
    Cool to see Deep Purple on the tube ! Hate to say but, Big Ian should rest. Still love these guys!

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