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Teaser on vinyl

Teaser 40th anniversary box set; image courtesy of UDR

Tommy Bolin’s Teaser album will get a 40th anniversary vinyl treatment from a German label Urgence Disk Records. It will be released on a triple vinyl, supplemented by a double CD Best Of Live, which was compiled from three of Tommy’s archive releases: My Father’s Place, Live at The Northern Lights and Live at Ebbets Field. The whole thing will be packaged with a 12 page art booklet as a box set.

Teaser 40th Anniversary tracklist:

LP 1

  1. Teaser 5:21
  2. Flying Fingers 16:05
  3. Wild Dogs 13:52
  4. Cookoo 6:15

LP 2

  1. Chameleon 7:34
  2. Lotus 11:29
  3. The Grind 5:39
  4. Crazed Fandango 5:06

LP 3

  1. People People 6:09
  2. Smooth Fandango 6:15
  3. Marching Powder 6:38
  4. Homeward Strut 3:58
  5. Dreamer 5:14
  6. Savanah Woman 3:24
  7. Oriental Sky 11:26

CD 1

  1. Teaser (My Father’s Place) 6:02
  2. People People (My Father’s Place) 8:01
  3. The Grind (My Father’s Place) 3:29
  4. Wild Dogs (Live at The Northern Lights) 9:20
  5. You Told Me That You Loved Me (Live in Albany) 5:09
  6. Stratus (Live at Ebbets Field) 5:22
  7. Post Toastee (Live in Albany) 10:34
  8. Hoka-Hay (Energy KBPI Broadcast) 10:32
  9. Homeward Strut (Live at Ebbets Field) 4:24

CD 2

  1. Shake the Devil (Live at The Northern Lights) 4:35
  2. Marching Powder (My Father’s Place) 13:02
  3. Lotus (My Father’s Place) 6:18
  4. Homeward Strut (Live at The Northern Lights) 10:04
  5. You Know, You Know (Live at Ebbets Field) 4:34
  6. Crazed Fandango (Live at Ebbets Field) 7:17
  7. Post Toastee (Live at The Northern Lights) 13:29
  8. Walk In My Shadow (Live at Ebbets Field) 4:07

The box set will be released on May 11 in continental Europe, May 15 in the UK, and May 19 in the USA.

Thanks to Classic Rock and UDR for the info.

8 Comments to “Teaser on vinyl”:

  1. 1
    Blake says:

    It’s great Mr B’s talent is still being recognised after all these years. The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long … This certainly applies to Tommy!!

  2. 2
    maya says:

    from what source exactly r the lps done?

  3. 3
    Jeff Summers says:

    I’m sorry, but Tommy destroyed Purple and almost Glenn Hughes with it. The bands live performances with him were just awful. I’m really sorry that he died so young, but it doesn’t forgive his lack of respect for this amazing band. What an opportunity he had replacing Blackmore and yet he couldn’t even be bothered to learn the songs properly. RIP Tommy.

  4. 4
    MacGregor says:

    Jeff@3- The ‘fame’ or success element of Purple escalated Bolin’s demise incredibly. The last thing he needed at that time in his life, was to link up with a hugely successful rock band & tour the globe. This is all looked at in hindsight of course, maybe it would of happened anyway, if only he knew & also the people around him at the time!
    Glenn Hughes would have been well on the way to the ‘high’ life by then, looking at the Stormbringer tour & the way he was carrying on! Hughes & Bolin together was a complete disaster indeed! I have been listening to a few tracks from CTTB the past few days & I still like most of the album. But yes, I agree, the live playing was woeful & I have always felt embarrassed in a way to listen to it, from all those years ago. I have never listened to any of it since those days. It just wasn’t Deep Purple to my ears. It had some semblance of Purple of course, but the magic was killed off big time with the drugs & shit that was ‘going down’, as they say!
    What a shame. RIP Tommy Bolin. How many have fallen early as a result of fame & glory! Cheers.

  5. 5
    Alerickson says:

    In my books one of the greatest American rock guitarists after Hendrix, give witness to Bolin’s groundbreaking guitar work on Billy Cobham’s Spectrum album

  6. 6
    Alerickson says:

    Imagine if you will, a young guitarist replacing the lead guitarist in the biggest rock in the world at the time, but not only is the lead guitarist seen as one of greatest of all time that guitarist has a larger than life image with a large and loyal fanbase. At that time this news would be the same as if another guitarist had replaced Jimmy Page in Zeppelin. The outcome is almost that of a Greek tragedy.

  7. 7
    maya says:

    @jeffsummers dont jump to conclusions so easily. how do you know he didnt bother? or that gigs were awful? some were played badly but some were just brilliant. but hey a num of gigs were awful in orher lineups too. he was really gifted and great musician, the fact that drugs took better part of him doesnt mean he deliberately destroyed the band. he has contributed greatly to DP on CTTB, almost all the songs on it were his work originally. amazing talent and extremely tortured soul

  8. 8
    Jeff Summers says:

    Hi guys. I agree with a lot of what you say, but despite this, I have yet to hear a decent Tommy show. Live with DP, he was awful (and I don’t mean awful compared to RB) just plain awful. I was at Wembley in 1975 and couldn’t believe how poor he was. He definitely didn’t bother to learn those great songs properly. He could barely play the riff to “burn” and only in an extremely laboured fashion. I never heard a decent solo either. That is the truth of it. He was pretty good in the James Gang and played some nice stuff on Spectrum’s “Quadrant 4” however, much of what Tommy is credited for was infact Jan Hammer, emulating. Guitar sound and phrasing on his synth. His death at 25 was a tragedy, an awful fate for someone so full of life and dreams, however it doesn’t excuse what I hear as a lack of respect for one of the worlds greatest ever musical rock bands…

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