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JLT’s open letter

Joe Lynn Turner, promo imageSomething went wrong in the Joe Lynn Turner’s camp and today this open letter landed on our editorial floor:

Dear Fans and Media Friends,

I am aware of a compilation of unfinished demo songs that was published on the Internet by an individual named Scott Rolaf. These demos were recorded in my studio about two years ago. While there was discussion of releasing some of them as part of an album for a special project, I was not happy with the way the collaboration was progressing on all levels…artistically, musically and in how it was prematurely presented online. This is why I stopped having contact with Scott Rolaf. We were at odds, however, he continued to pretend on the social media sites that we were still friends and that this project was moving forward. This was an outright lie.

I never had confirmed plans for this album to be released but Rolaf took it upon himself to publish a website and other social media sites (i.e. Reverbnation, etc.) without getting prior approval from me. This misled my fans, members of my street team and several reputable media outlets. I have since severed my professional and personal relationship with Scott Rolaf permanently.

Scott Rolaf’s recent posting of these demos for free download in the form of an “album” is unethical. I have taken legal action to protect my artistic/intellectual property and reputation. On July 21, 2011, Rolaf was served a Cease and Desist by my lawyers. Sometime around July 29, 2011, he had the audacity to post free files of these demos along with a “new” press release which he wrote. These actions are, in my opinion, nothing more than an attempt by Scott Rolaf to gain fame on my name!

I admit that I made the mistake of trusting Rolaf with some unfinished songwriting demos… simple ideas, incomplete performances, music, vocals, production, etc. He betrayed that trust by releasing these songs without legal or personal confirmation. This is an unscrupulous, immoral act, and, by the laws that protect artistic/intellectual property, it is criminal!

It is individuals who take actions, like Rolaf did, who hurt and destroy the hopes and chances of thousands of honest and talented artists who want and need a helping hand to climb the ladder of success! This action is a pathetic example to the true creative people who love to write and perform music. What a stain on the heart of honest art!

My loyal friends and fans know of the high quality of work I have delivered throughout my career. To think that Scott Rolaf, to whom I extended my hand in friendship as well as professional trust, has betrayed me by releasing unfinished/unapproved works, is an outrage!

My only hope is that you can understand this situation and realize that this is a sad event that can happen to anybody… anywhere… regardless of position and status. Don’t let it happen to you.

Joe Lynn Turner

The following interview with journalist James Gaden from February 2011 provides some background to what happened (originally published in Fireworks Issue 45):

JAMES: I’m also intrigued to hear the album you’ve done with Scott Rolaf, because again, the snippets I’ve heard online sounded good.

JLT: Well, look… alright, I’ve got to tell you the skinny on that right now. It’s on hold. I’ve got some personal problems with Rolaf… I never agreed to the Rolaf/Turner name. I never agreed to have any of the clips on Facebook or wherever the F**K they were. Everything has been taken down for now. The songs are still there, but we’ve had some problems between us. He’s the kind of guy – maybe you have someone in your life like this, they just go off and they do what they want. All of a sudden, you go ‘Hey, I’m supposed to be your partner!’ I’m over in Europe somewhere, I come back and there’s bits and pieces of this thing all over the place. That is not the way to market something. I don’t mind him leaking a few things here and there, but those were demos. You should hear these things now, we’ve got real drums, real bass, we’ve been tearing down the fluff and making it real. It’s so much better. So I don’t want to totally abandon “the songs” but I’m not Rolaf/Turner. I never agreed to that. This guy is a wannabe star, he’s putting his name first – this isn’t Hughes/Turner, this is not comparable. I was incised at that.

JAMES: I can understand that. It was your name that drew my interest to the project anyway. I’d probably have completely ignored it if you hadn’t been attached to it.

JLT: He’s riding on my back isn’t he? We were supposed to be getting a big marketing company, hitting the internet, setting up all the right things, putting out ads… that’s correct, that’s the way to do it. Then Scott starts releasing stuff everywhere and we were like ‘Hey, you’re giving away the game!’ I don’t mind a snippet here and there but it became ridiculous.

That, and the name he came up with, he did that himself and he was looking to press CD’s and put out the demos from the computer without real drums, the tracks were murky and awful… I said hey, I don’t do that standard. It’s a low standard for me. If my name is going on it, I’ve gotta have it right. Anyway, we had a big f**king argument and he called me all kinds of names and I was ready to punch him out, I swear I was. So I said ‘Alright, I’m done with your ass. You’re an egotist – you’re arrogant and it’s not even earned.’ I said ‘You’ve done nothing, and if I open my hand and release you, you’ll go back into obscurity where you belong’. I said ‘Just because you have a bit of talent to write a fair song… please, I’ve written hundreds of great songs. Have the common decency, respect and consideration for a partnership.’ If you don’t have that, you have nothing. So that’s it, you have the full story there in a nutshell. Right now, it’s on hold. The songs are there, lots of good songs, but I also got a whole album of songs with a guy in Sweden that will just blow your mind. I don’t mean heavy rock stuff, it’s in a much more commercial, radio orientated way. It’s got writing from guys like Gary Baker from Nashville, guys who wrote for Backstreet Boys, it’s just a set of brilliant songs. We’re finishing up the drums now and stuff – the only thing I’m worried about is the vocals, they’re demo vocals.

I was reading the lyrics, really just mapping out the songs, but the recordings sound so good! I don’t know whether I need to go and put some excitement in there… I don’t know, I feel I’ve got so much more ability vocally than what is on there, but people who’ve heard them are just saying it’s a great other side of me. I digress, but I’m just saying I don’t need this. Working with a guy who has come out of obscurity, all the while I was under the impression he’d follow my lead because I’m the experienced one, but I found out that apparently he was the important one, he was the rock star, and I’m just a tool to sing the songs. So I said ‘Oh really? F**k you’.

It’s tough, on one side he’s actually quite a nice guy, but on the other side, he can be a f**king asshole! Not unlike everyone else. (laughs)

Thanks to Lisa Walker for the info.

49 Comments to “JLT’s open letter”:

  1. 1
    The Holy Chair says:

    JLT is so productive!!!

    Still I wish he would have made a real effort to make an OTR album.

    One can reason it would never be the same quality as the work with Blackmore.
    But he now, for years now, produces so much that I cant help thinking :

    Would it really have been a fluke doing something with Rondinelli, Smith, Jurgen and Morris or Carey?

    Unfortunately, inbetween the gems, there s a lot of mediocrity in JLT s work.

    In this case and the one with Holberg theres also a lot of emphasis on balladlike material.

    For now I pulled them together and mixed them up : )

    Its not that bad at all!!!

    The first reaction on this thread fro me would have been :

    Is this a joke?
    A promotionstunt?

    Maybe the ROLAF guy is an asshole but hey……
    Very often assholes make great music! : )

    Maybe Joe can make a new band, Rolaf, Holberg, Rondinelli, Smith and Carey?

  2. 2
    Grimskull.no says:

    Have you heard the Sunstorm albums? I, personally, think it beats absolutely EVERYTHING he’s done before. Including Rainbow. It’s like pop metal at it’s best, and Joe’s voice has never sounded better. Best of all; he’s working on a third album right now!!

  3. 3
    scott rolaf says:

    OK so let me start by saying Joe And Myself Went Threw this record song by song as joe made
    his remarks…all vocals were great he agreed no reason to re sing any of them let’s just do some cleaning up…
    drums were done over…bass tracks keyboards tracks all re worked…and as joe sat and listened we all thought
    this record was crazy great…his words….BROKEN IS A MONSTER…now joe goes into rock star mode saying
    This Was Not Approved…That’s Not True… the truth of the matter is MONEY…Or There The Lack Of…
    Joe Had Side Projects He Did For Hire…I Helped Him On Over A Dozen Projects…He Said Hey Can You Help Me
    Out I Need The Money…His Words…I Never Took A Dime From Him And Helped When Ever He Needed It…Our
    Agreement From Day One If Some Happens With These Songs It’s A 50/50 Deal…I Said That’s Cool…He was
    well aware that i had done movies and TV commercials And That There was a chance we could get US airplay
    on a TV show…I Had Worked hundreds of hours on this record…only for the love of the music…and could
    care less about the money…but hey if someone wanted to use the music in a sound track or commercial
    Great Drop Off Some Currency…And If That’s Was To Happen Joe Would Get His Share…Now As Far As
    The Ass Kicking Comment He Made Goes…He May Want To Re think That Statement!!! JUST SAYIN…So Number
    1. This Is My Music My Record…My Time Spent Lots Of It…THIS RECORD IS NOT FOR SALE…I Record Joe’s Side
    Projects Free. For Him To Make His Money…He Sang My Songs So I Could Have A Great Record And Something To
    Be proud of…if something came from it great..if not so be it…as far as my talent is concerned yes i wrote the
    music the lyrics the melody the hooks……and Joe sang his parts…THE ONE AND ONLY REASON JOE IS UPSET
    is The money…FREE OMG Now What I Have To
    Play DINGBATS AGAIN…CMON Ok the bottom line is i did his stuff for free/he did mine for free EVEN FIELD…If Someone
    Wants To Use One Of These Songs I Will Buy Him Coffee And Have A Contract Drawn Up…NOW my little buddy sez
    he did not approve the ROLAF TURNER brand!!! That My Friends Is An Out Right Lie…He Went on radio splashing
    that name all over…he has used that name brand all over his Facebook pages and in online magazine and radio
    promo’s He Has Even posted and played Every one of those songs on his very own FACEBOOK page…Even Talks In His Notes…
    last year at this very time IN HIS WORDS AND I QUOTE… We Should Start A company RT Productions So We Can
    Take On Song writing And Video projects and do it all…END QUOTE…Waite There’s More We Had Another Discussion
    over dinner at charlie browns steak house over this very same topic with my daughter and his ex wife there… and
    i said joe we will talk about it another time let’s eat…CAUSE IM diabetic And His Ex Wife turns And Said really joe
    do that later….I Am Not Have not and will not lie…this is fact…there was never any financial contracts or verbal
    contracts what so ever…other then is something happens we split it 50/50…
    time time and more time…this upset is not about talent issues or my writing capability’s or
    me wanting to be joe’s shadow…i could give a rats ass about that…i enjoy writing sharing and making people
    smile threw my music….MY MUSIC…
    …let’s take a look at a magazine comment shall we…(This is among the best material performed by
    Turner since the eighties. Truly. Ok Joe??? So Let the people deside if they like this record…it’s not so bad to
    have what you call a DEMO be so well recievied…just imagine if we had BIG TIME PRODUCTION behind the record.
    I Have Done Nothing Wrong Here These are my songs we both did an even deed…where he has even used my name
    on That Jan holberg record when i said do not use my name on this stuff…And God Strike Me Down If Im LYING
    Joe’s Comment And I QUOTE…If im going down your going down with me…End QUOTE…and so he put it on there
    anyway with out my permission…where we going with all this crap….the record sounds killer…and as far as standards
    are concerned remember i have a few of your solo stuff!!!! im not touring/selling records/or hurting you name…
    personally i think this is the best you have done in a long time…and your fans deserve great stuff no ??? It’s Just
    A Money Thing My Lost Friend… Cause If There Was A Record Co On This You Be Yelling It All Over Town…Joe Should
    try and remember that he called my house to speak with me about working together just the same as richie blackmoore
    had called him when he was in fandango…so we all come from somewhere my friend and we both breath the same air !!!
    it’s not special jlt air !!!…So Really All This Great Music Should Not Be Shared With Fans Who Just Like Our Music…SCOTT ROLAF

  4. 4
    Rascal says:

    Super Star Wannabe JLT!!

    I like the the comment ‘He’s riding on my back isn’t he?’

    JLT has spent the last 15 years trying to ride on the back of others success. His tribute/collaberation bands/music have been an un successful farce – and lets not mention his solo crap.

    Nice to see that Mr ROLAF has made us aware that their is ‘two sides to every tale’.

  5. 5
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Neither of you will find much council to speak of here… just do what you do best and let your legal teams sort it out. Then we might be interested in the details. But this is easier than a CNN spot I suppose, but it doesn’t mean a more abundant concern will prevail. Good luck, we’re not the jury though. Let it be their business first, then see who cares.(the allegations are within the commercial code regulations, so watch the dogs where such bones are concerned, it could get expensive, and the state could take off with all of the revenue along with your legal fees. This is absurd, but that would be even more absurdity to show you who can really be the assholes. They do something about it when they’re bothered, we just type our opinions. You don’t want any domestic by disputes, it will be both of you against the system if you don’t grow up.

  6. 6
    The Holy Chair says:

    Is this the real Scott Rolaf responding?

    I can imagine both sides are frustrated for good reasons or not.
    But this, however I m for transparency and all that, is PAINFUL to read.

    Wasnt there a way to work this out without this dirty laundry buisness?

    I guess not.

    Such a shame because I am truly impressed by their combined work on this album.

    This stabbing back and forth probably triggers attention because of all the NEGATIVITY : (
    I hope that people will conclude they have found some great music during the ride. : )

    For now I experience this a TASTER for their work.

    Btw, Michael Schenker did put a combined effort by him on his website MICHAELSCHENKERHIMSELF.

    Why cant Michael make a complete album with Joe? : )
    Please, please, please : )

  7. 7
    Roberto says:

    now we wait JLT replay…

  8. 8
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Amazing. When I read JLT’s version of the story, I immediately felt that it contradicted the truth…..well I’d have to lean more toward the SR version. JLT has always come off like a vaudeville sleezeball. Yeah, yeah I know. He sings great. I totally agree. But as I have stated over and over…..”Sing and shut up”. When he speaks, the ‘crap runs deep’. ‘Truth hurts’. Hey Joe, where ya going with that BS in your mouth…..

    Thanks for setting the record straight about the record SR..


  9. 9
    StratKat (a.k.a. 'T') says:

    In my experience, there is testimony from person ‘A’ and then testimony from person ‘B’–and the truth lies somewhere in between. A disagreement escalates to the point that ‘winning’ becomes a matter of ego–even when one or the other realizes they are wrong–or made a mistake. It is human nature for this defense mechanism to kick in–and it is this aspect of psychology that prevents resolution of conflict. The key is not to allow ‘winning’ to get in the way of resolution. Sometimes, one just has to “let it go”–even in cases when one is “right”.

    Scott–Joe–you were friends, you’ve worked together before, and worked well. Obviously there has been a misunderstanding on both sides. Swallow whatever anger and hurt that has come between you, shake hands, and work it out. Communicate. What was it about your relationship that made it work so well in the first place? Does this misunderstanding override all that? Is it worth throwing away both what you have accomplished and could accomplish based on a single episode?

    Joe’s comment was full of anger and shock. Scott’s tone is one of being hurt. They both sound like they would rather remain friends.

    Maybe Scott jumped the gun and overstepped his bounds. Maybe Joe overreacted and didn’t understand the motive. If the music is *that* good, these differences are resolvable. If the friendship was that sound, they are petty.

    Sometimes it is just a matter of admitting wrongness even in cases when one wasn’t wrong–just for the sake of making a peace. Someone has to make the first move.

    “I’m sorry” are some of the most difficult words to say.

  10. 10
    Mark says:

    This JT statement is really funny:
    “Anyway, we had a big f**king argument and he called me all kinds of names and I was ready to punch him out, I swear I was”.
    You go Joe!… Just don’t mess up your hair or tear your spandex in the process.

  11. 11
    MacGregor says:

    Yes, if this is at all true, it makes you wonder when the former vocalist for Rainbow & Deep Rainbow collaborates with so many different artists over the years, that somewhere, sometime, something is going to turn ugly? This guy Turner is in my book, always trying to work with way too many musicians, no doubt in an effort to find the “holy grail”. He was very good when collaborating with ‘the man in black’ back in the early 80’s, but that in my opinion is where it stops? Typical soap box drivel me thinks this one? Not that I watch soapies, but you know what I mean!

  12. 12
    The Holy Chair says:

    I mentioned Michael Schenker in my last reply.

    I do remember the “phase” he went through some years ago, fights on stage with Phil Mogg, a painted black cross and more bizarre stuff.

    It kinda hurts to say I have that kind of association.

    T. said things which could be not far away from what happened.

    Hopefully this can be sorted out without too more emberassing media shit.

  13. 13
    The Holy Chair says:

    A black cross on his head, I meant to say.

    And after all, I think that surprised even the most sceptical ones, he returned into a a more healthy person.

    Yeah, yeah, how normal can he be?
    Like I said, ……… often make great music : )

  14. 14
    stoffer says:

    StratKat – Good….no Great intentions, but I don’t see any of that “admitting wrongness” happening! These guys are pissed, and it is a shame. “The truth lies somewhere in between” is where it stands and probably where it will end.

  15. 15
    Ted says:

    He’s so concerned with having a friggin’ hit. I’d suggest he first drop the whole “lene” thing and just go by Joe Turner.

    Next, update the look. A hit requires a current style. Or at least something from the last 20 years…learn to dance. Oh, and don’t forget to autotune the shit out of everything. That’s what being popular these days is all about.

  16. 16
    Robin Donahue says:

    JLT: “Well, look… alright; I’ve got to tell you the skinny on that right now. It’s on hold. I’ve got some personal problems with Rolaf… I never agreed to the Rolaf/Turner name. I never agreed to have any of the clips on Facebook or wherever the F**K they were.”

    I just revisited the interview from June 2010 that Joe did with Dancing PIG RADIO (http://scottrolaf.com/RadioPromos.aspx). He clearly stated a promotion of Rolaf Turner and even spelled the name to ensure an emphasis of what the project was called.

    JLT: ” . . . he continued to pretend on the social media sites that we were still friends and that this project was moving forward. This was an outright lie.”

    In that interview, he said that Scott Rolaf was in the next room.

    JLT: ” . . .He’s the kind of guy – maybe you have someone in your life like this, they just go off and they do what they want. All of a sudden, you go ‘Hey, I’m supposed to be your partner!’ I’m over in Europe somewhere . . .”

    It sounds like he could have been talking about himself. Was he doing the project, or was he off in Europe somewhere?

    JLT: ” . . .I said ‘Just because you have a bit of talent to write a fair song… please, I’ve written hundreds of great songs. Have the common decency, respect and consideration for a partnership.’ If you don’t have that, you have nothing. . . ”

    Again, if you didn’t have any one telling you who it was that said that, it could have been Scott Rolaf saying that to him.

    It sounds to me like the old saying, or rather, dirt cheap advertising scam, “Any publicity is good publicity. At least they’re talking about you.” It’s a trick of the trade in the music industry to get your name back in the media. All you have to do is be quoted as saying something negative about another musician (or get arrested doing drugs) and your all over the front page again…. for free!

    C’mon, anyone who has been following this knows that every song on that album got killer reviews! Even the instrumental, Northern Lights . . . along with the recording that didn’t feature Joe!

    My opinion, he wasn’t acknowledged for how good he actually was on those recordings (after a TON of mastering, btw) and his lower lip quivered a little bit when he realized “he could have had it all, I was too blind to see…” (My life~Scott Rolaf / Robin Donahue)

  17. 17
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Strat(T)Kat….(sorry, I’m sticking with this name till you change it)….

    Yeah, and if Frogs could fly, they wouldn’t drag their ass on the ground. The common denominator here, as far as the petty drama is JLT. Look, he ran his mouth when he promoted OTR and then bailed on the continuation and advancement of it. He has done the same prior and since. I will never forget his comment on the ‘Heavy Metal Pioneers’ video….”I have no interest in singing somebody else’s drivel”. Again, great singer, but an absolute Air-head regarding the Biz. He needs to be a recorded voice, singing great songs and a silent figure regarding promo and business. A hired gun on the vocals in the studio, without a voice outside. Great records could be made. He speaks, he sabotages the effort.
    That grey area, in the middle, both of their fault attitude is why this world is so frigging upside down. STRAT, you are way too PC. Sorry, but there is always a right and wrong guy. Just like there is left and right, light and dark, front and back, up and down, night and day, black and white, right key and wrong key….etc. All that sweet crap in the middle is a muddiness that interferes with the truth. Trust me, I don’t know either of these idiots, but one of them is telling the closer version of the truth, and my money is Not on JLT.
    Hey Joe….Sing the songs and shut up. Oh, and stay out of sight also. That poofy pouting facial antic went out back in the 80’s, when you were like 20. Looks really stupid at 50+.


  18. 18
    AVI ASOR says:

    I LOVE YOU JLT YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    The Holy Chair says:

    About the album.
    Personally I prefer the “feel” of the Jan Holberg project while thats heavy on softer material and I prefer Joe doing more rock.

    Not that I dont like softer stuff but it tends to get tedious sometimes.

    After listening to the Rolaf/Turner effort I think Joe was right about the drums, but it does not disturb as it sometimes can.

    I must admit I reacted way too soon and now am posting several replies.
    Could have been done in 1 or 2.Sorry, too impulsive.
    Its just that I like Joe s voice so much and he is in such good shape that I kinda overreacted maybe.

    The material has great moments but, as usual, also offers mediocre songs as well again.

    What bothers me is the song “Throwing Away”.
    Sung very strong but……
    Is it Joe?

    For now I dont think I ve read somewhere Scott or someone else sings as well.

    Well, I m POST 13 again, unintentionally : )

    Commercial over.

  20. 20
    Danny says:

    There are three sides to every story….one person’s version, the other person’s version…and the truth. Personally if I was Mr Rolaf I would not be using a public Deep Purple forum to present a long rant about who said what, did what etc, especially after having received a lawyer’s letter about this.

  21. 21
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Hey Chair…

    Speaking of ‘softer material’, Blackmore’s Wife, Candice Night has released a
    Solo album. I submitted the info to THS, but they felt it didn’t fit the criteria for this site…..WTF???

    Anyway, maybe there is a ‘Light in the Dark’ here. Now that Candice has gone and done a solo album, maybe our hero TMIB will muster up the cojones to do the same. I think it’s time.
    Since he is used to collaborating with the feminine side now after all the BN albums, maybe JLT is ripe for the taking……seems he would fit right in now. All though, there might be a cat fight between CN and JLT…….mmeeeeeeeooooowwwww!!!!!


  22. 22
    daviep79 says:

    I agree with Tracy @17! He didnt want to sing Gillan’s song, but had no problem doing them. He has no problem singing David Coverdale & Glenn Hughes songs. He sings Rod Evans songs as well! And Dio songs & Graham Bonnett songs,etc. I wished he would have done something with OTR or JR Blackmore but that probably isnt going to happen. Dont get me wrong. I love JLT’s singing & songwriting, I dont understand his actions!

  23. 23
    Rascal says:

    Unfortunately JLT’s ego is far larger than his success. In fact his claim to fame stems from his Rainbow days – 25+ years ago. He needs to get his head out his ass – stop acting like a prima donna.

  24. 24
    Hard Rock Pete says:

    …..and we also sighed a collective yawn…..

  25. 25
    Peter says:

    When Joe will stop parasite on success of others, than maybe his words will sound “serious”, but now?

    When will JLT stop to butcher great rock classics with his horrible performances which sounds like garage band during first rehearsal?! I dont mind – kill the stuff you wrote or co-wrote, but stop horrible mess with tracks from Dio era of Rainbow (RJD said his opinion on this…. please respect it!), or real Purple classics from Mk2-3 times…. After that, I´ll may respect this press release, but now??? Its more funny that serious thing!

  26. 26
    Gary says:

    For Scott Rolaf not to have a WRITTEN Contract about release and distribution with JLT truly complicates this issue. Oral contracts are often misconstrued. There probably was an informal agreement between them, but it needed to be put n writing before ‘ officially ‘ releasing the material.

    Just my opinion

  27. 27
    StratKat (a.k.a. 'T') says:

    Re: #17

    Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing wrong with this, except that it ain’t so.
    –Mark Twain

  28. 28
    Peter says:

    I have just checked out the jan holberg project on http://www.janholberg.com, the album is amazing, the songs are catchy and the sound is perfect. I wonder why you Scott Rolaf dont want to have your name on this stuff, is Jan Holberg a big asshole too?

  29. 29
    Roberto says:

    I listened to Rolaf/Turner songs…I just prefer ‘second hand life’ and ‘HTP2’ over any other record Turner sang on (outside Rainbow and Malmsteen)…

  30. 30
    Tommy H. says:

    I’m sorry but feuds like this one are ridiculous to say the least. Sometimes the comedy program outside Deep Purple has something funny to offer. After I read Rolaf’s entry a fit of laughter grabbed me instantly. Those two should get their shit together, I mean, what the heck was that all about?! Jesus!

  31. 31
    AVI ASOR says:

    J L T COME TO ISRAEL PLS……………………..

  32. 32
    gillan says:

    none of what scott rolaf above said made any sense to me. sounded like some gibberish posted by a 3 year old.

  33. 33
    The Holy Chair says:

    For those who think that Joe, like : ) Ian butchers songs all the time :

    Joe Lynn Turner Riverdale, NJ 01 26 08
    filefactory.com ext: .zip 122 MB date: 2011-07-10

    Source title: perfectos extraños: joe lynn turner \”live in riverdale 2008

    Joe Lynn Turner Riverdale, NJ 01 26 08

    http://perfectosextra.blogspot.com/2011/07/joe-lynn-turner-live-in-riverdale-2008.html – Download

  34. 34
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Strat(T)Kat @27;

    ‘The truth is the difference between what is real and what isn’t’. It is only relevent when one of two opposing individuals expresses a statement and that statement is actual or not. Both of them know the reality to the matter, and there is only One reality or truth. Some don’t want to go the distance to the truth and would rather bypass it in order to save peace or shortcut from the argument. All the while though, the simple truth still exists, which is the actual matter that truly matters. Usually, those whom are affected the most by the truth are those whom the truth exposes. Hence….”The Truth Hurts”.


  35. 35
    StratKat (a.k.a. 'T') says:

    Re: #34

    “Truth” is in the eye of the beholder. If I were to ask what color the sky is, most would say, “The sky is blue.”

    This is actually false. The sky is only blue half the time.

  36. 36
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    My point exactly. Though you are looking to discredit the ‘obvious truth’ with the grey area view, the actual truth remains regarding what actually is in the real world. Yes just as the blood that runs through the human veins is actually ‘blue’ until it is exposed to the outside elements, whereby we see it as red, the fact of the matter is what takes place during a particular scenario. It’s not the eye of the beholder….you have that analogy confused with beauty. The truth is nothing more than what it is. Clear and present, unwavering and real. It exists in the now, and isn’t grey. It is Black or White. Truth is the only Real Thing you can rely on. You know what is true in your existence and if you have true conviction, you stand by it. If you are a PC, grey area pleaser, then you are without conviction and direction. A pie in the sky with no substance….


  37. 37
    The Holy Chair says:


    You better put on one of the many gems made since Rainbow : BLOOD RED SKY.

  38. 38
    The Holy Chair says:

    Another example that JLT does not always(…)massacre other people’s “drivel” :


  39. 39
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Ah yes Priest, thanks for that visual. Plus if you look at RB and JLT, the only thing that separates the 2 is the guitar and the microphone…..’tmib’ had just started sporting that 12 pound rug on his head as did JLT. Forget the ‘drivel’, that fake hair and spandex that followed JLT onto the stage was the last straw. Thankfully up until you posted that link, long gone and….’Soon Forgotten’.


  40. 40
    Rascal says:

    @38 Your opinion

  41. 41
    Mr Simpson says:

    Who cares what JLT is getting up too, he is a complete non entity in the purple world compared with Mr Lord and thats where all purple fans attention should be at this moment in time

  42. 42
    TruthHurts says:

    There are plenty of recordings of fine MkV. performances still kicking round – Budapest, the first show in Ostrava, the German shows where Joe sang the the intro to SOTW in a great blues acapella style, and Richie smashed his guitar, Sao Paolo…….great moments that add to the history of Deep Purple, and to me sound a lot more relevant today than anything the band has done since.

    On the subject of the Rolaf collaboration, it does sound under produced and not the professional product that Mr. JLT always puts out.

    I guess any publicity has a certain value these days though, eh?

  43. 43
    The Holy Chair says:

    @ 42

    I m on it very much lately, the bootlegzone.

    But ofcourse I can’t get hold of everything.Maybe in time things will find their way to the Net without “tradershit”.
    I m not a trader, just a fan(…), so loads will probably never be available for me.: (

    Strange that those people sometimes react very agressively when I mention a thing like this.
    After all, what are they except for that recorded someone’s work?

    Could you bring me up to strenght with giving me some outstanding” titles”?
    Or email me?

    Thanx, Mark

  44. 44
    TruthHurts says:

    btw here’s a couple of Mk.V live links for you:



  45. 45
    The Holy Chair says:

    I already knew the Philly recordings.

    I think they are from FM?

    I collected them by YouTube but never got into scraping them together in right order and so on.
    I prefer bootlegsites from which one can pull it in with less effort.

    Some people would even prefer FLAC instead of MP 3 but uptill now I m not that pickey.

    JLT’s voice was better on that night I posted the BURN clip from.
    Hopefully I can find that one and some more somehow.
    Hoped you would know : )

    Have a nice weekend.After collecting this one :


  46. 46
    The Holy Chair says:

    @ 13 LESS sceptical persons.

  47. 47
    TruthHurts says:

    @ 43

    I hate the ‘trading’ thing too, I miss the days when I could go to a record fair or market stall and pick up an unofficial tape or CD-R.

    I guess it has to be this way for legal reasons?

  48. 48
    TruthHurts says:

    btw here’s a ‘holy trinity’ of free software which I find useful when putting together stuff from the internet:




    ………and here’s some Budapest from ’91


  49. 49
    The Holy Chair says:

    @ 47

    I did not know those markets or stands at festivals or whatever ceased to exist.

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