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JLT and sour grapes

Joe Lynn TurnerJoe Lynn Turner recently gave an interview on Eddie Trunk’s satellite radio show, and Blabbermouth has big chunks of it transcribed. And what is transcribed is mostly JLT taking pot shots at Blackmore for excluding him from the Rainbow comeback, and insisting that he’s not feeling sour grapes at all.

I thought it was a classless thing to do that Ritchie by announcing in [the French newspaper] Le Parisien [that he was going out and playing RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE songs with a new singer]. I had to laugh. [Ritchie] said [to Le Parisien], ‘[Joe Lynn Turner] doesn’t know it yet.’ And the first thing I said was, ‘Well, I think he’s making a mistake, but he doesn’t know it yet.’ What I mean by that is, Ritchie’s allowed to do whatever he wants to do, and he always does. I have no sour grapes about this, so let that be told. But I think a man of his status, an icon, really deserves a lot more. And what we were trying to put together, and we had a turnkey operation with Live Nation, the biggest festivals of the summer; we had UMG — that’s Universal Music Group, for those out there that don’t know — we had Universal [express an interest in releasing] box sets; we also had Rock Fuel Media, a huge video company, going to put out a DVD and the whole thing. I wanted to do a new album — at least four cuts — and maybe redo some other, older cuts in a new way, sort of update them. So this was a huge package and it was gonna be a big deal. And apparently he didn’t wanna do that. So it was a shock to me that somebody would turn down not only an incredible way to, sort of, go out in style, but also to make a whole bunch of money for himself, because he was set to make quite a bit of money on this one. So I wish him well. Like I said, I’ve got no sour grapes. I’m very busy and very fortunate and blessed, and I thank everyone out there for that love and support all these years that keeps me going. But I really wish he had done it a different way for the fans. I think the fans deserve better than a cover band.

Read more in Blabbermouth.

54 Comments to “JLT and sour grapes”:

  1. 1
    Alexander Pronyakin says:

    This guy is out of his mind

  2. 2
    Bill Richardson says:

    Have to agree with Joe on this one. You can bet the new rainbow are on salery and get paid way less than any full band member. I dont thinl Joe would work for that kind of pay cut.

  3. 3
    Kevin says:

    Not sour grapes at all then! My goodness, he really doesn’t know when to shut up does he!!

  4. 4
    Thomas Pihale says:

    funny interview! 😀
    he´s over the rainbow mental wise

  5. 5
    Thomas Pihale says:

    absolutely! Joe, the mega rock star for centuries would be damned expensive….
    the fact is, Ritchie wanted excellent musicians and doing it his way and not doing tiring discussions which direction it should go with a JLT, Airey or a Daisley…

  6. 6
    Nicholai Pramolovskaya says:

    Give him some regards, his work was quite well and was one of the reason Rainbow’s commercial breakthrough (his voice and style is “Pop” enough to appeal the mass market). He also did well when he worked for Yngwie too.

    I think he is deeply felt discarded by his old employer.

  7. 7
    Edward Dailey says:

    Remember this is Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow. His name on the project. JLT shot his mouth off thinking he was getting the gig. Not quite JLT.

  8. 8
    Marko says:

    This maybe my personal thing, but I have a feeling that it really is not… JLT is simply the least favorite Rainbow singer. At the time, I thought Rainbow was horrible with him on board. I disliked the songs (boring and commercial), and I really did not care much for his stage appearance… Finally, his voice was just plain colorless… So, personally, I am very happy that he is not part of this project.

  9. 9
    Gene Boris says:

    He talks like ritchie is his ex girlfriend.. wanting to reconcile with him. Same premise..it’s always up to the dumper to get back together.NOT YOU JOLENE

  10. 10
    Thomas Pihale says:

    he´s well credited for his work back then. Great stuff!!
    But… does he know Ritchie?? How can he come up with such crap?? Playing the biggest festivals… including DP/Rainbow members…
    Ritchie has fuckin no bock playing things like Wacken or Rock am Ring with 80 shit bands in three days…. Imagine that… He does it exactly the right way and of course HIS way

  11. 11
    Alexander Taylor says:

    Can’t wait to the new rainbow band kick arse this year. Old wiggy will eat his words then….

  12. 12
    Thomas Pihale says:

    the best comment was that the new line up is just a cover band… 😀

  13. 13
    Greg Cummings says:

    Quit crying, Jolene!

  14. 14
    Rascal says:

    You’ve just got to laugh!

    Do you think JLT finally realises that Blackmore doesn’t need him?

    I doubt it!

  15. 15
    Nicholai Pramolovskaya says:

    I think he’s think that Rainbow is still in the “commercialised era”: play in the big big big stadium, release Pop singles like Stone Cold, I Surrender, Magic, do heavy concert tour,play in Monster of Rock.

    And he’s forgot that Ritchie stop fed up with these commercial things since he doing Blackmore’s Night, and gone for small venue and keep themselves low profile, and release thing on small label instead. All changes, upside down.

  16. 16
    Bill Richardson says:

    Fact? Sounds like you surely do not know how little the new part time Rainbow guys are gettin paid. Its an industry standard these days. Pretty sure Joe is aware that it has always been the Ritchie show and who is the boss. To infer that Joe is not an excelent musician is silly.

  17. 17
    Nicholai Pramolovskaya says:

    No, Ritchie was his ex-boyfriend 😛

  18. 18
    John Madric says:

    This whole HOF fiasco, and now JLT’s two cents worth only reveals these guys as infantile, petty, sheltered, and soft. I can sympathize with JLT, as this would have been a great boost to his career and an opportunity to get in front of serious crowds again. Blackers seems unwilling or unable to handle working with anyone other than those 100% compliant with his rules – hence the artists he’s chosen for the rainbow project. Gillan can’t bear the thought of performing with Blackmore unless it’s just a loose jam at the end. Meanwhile, those of us who have put them there and kept them there – DP fans and followers – have no choice but to sit back and watch the circus…

  19. 19
    Bruce Pedersen says:

    Turner has been rehashing Rainbow stuff with a band featuring Blackers son for years. Thats because as untalented as he is, that’s the best he could do . R.B.wanted a singer who could ACTUALLY do the early Rainbow material.You know,before it went all gay and popish!

  20. 20
    al says:

    seriously ? Joe Lynn?”fans deserve better than a cover band” ?!! Wasn’t you a few years ago,touring under the moniker Over the Rainbow with Blackmore’s son Jurgen and some former Rainbow names?!! what was that ?! real Rainbow?! One thing Joe Lynn,As much as i like the equality in the bands and sharing credits,Rainbow is Ritchie Blackmore and everything else out there without him is just a cover band.This comes from someone that has been singing and covering Deep Purple/Rainbow?Whitesnake songs all his life?! cmon get off the high horse dude,I know what you saying and yes the line up of Ritchie Blackmore is a little bit controversial,but if we knew Blackmore already,we all know that Blackmore doesn’t like to work with the same people,but always looking for new blood and talents.You are feeling sour grapes,Joe lynn and by talking about it,doesn’t make you look better and classy.Just move on and stop talking about it,we know you are dying to go and play with the big names out there and make a few bobs out of this, and there is nothing wrong with that but if there was a singer or line up that I would love to see,would have been Dio.Powell/Blackmore,not you.And to be honest,you don’t get too much credit Joe Lynn when you walk around and praise Putin like the greatest leader of all the time!! ouch sorry for the low blow dude,but seriously ?Putin?!well i guess it is the only place you are making some money nowadays and all the spiritual connection and all but wow!

  21. 21
    Anders Hjemdahl says:

    Well put!

  22. 22
    Anders Hjemdahl says:

    I think Carole is one of those pesky lizard people JLT believes are controlling the planet. It could also be the Jews who are brainwashing Ritchie into not seeing how legendary JLT is.

  23. 23
    Al Greene says:

    Quite the opposite Jo. One of the best decisions Ritchie made is not having you involved. It’s sad really because you sound so desperate it’s embarrassing. I’m not a hater but every time you speak, especially about purple I cringe. He’s One reason why not everyone in Deep Purple past should be inducted in hall of fame.

  24. 24
    LRT says:

    Purple PC nonsense. All of it lately. HOF, Ritchie’s upcoming shows, etc. Shut up and play. This isn’t important.

  25. 25
    Alket Kellici says:

    Oh yes he would have…the guy is talking about cover band and he toured under the monikers over the Rainbow a few years ago…..Rainbow is Blackmore and he shoulg go back and cover Purple/Rainbow in Russia and praise Putin as the greatest leader in the world.He is feeling sour grapes and all.The guys has been desperate to be on that big band and touring big venues and all.

  26. 26
    Thomas Pihale says:

    Bill Richard Michelsdson I did not say he is an excellent musician!
    but even IF Ritchie would have chose him… do you think he got paid more than Ronnie?? surely not… It´s Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow. dont forget that. And… one thing is for sure although I like Joe and his voice… the new singer matches way better with the Dio stuff.
    btw… I know what they get paid, but even this would be a lot of money for Joe…

  27. 27
    Steven William Van Meter says:

    JLT = my least favorite

  28. 28
    Joe B. says:

    And he expects Blackmore to be predictable and dependable? I saw something else where Turner was talking about this topic and in the same interview bad mouthed Ritchie’s wife….not a good way to get a job!

    I wrote JLT off a few years ago when he made some completely absurd political comments that I found quite offensive. It’s a shame, as I have seen him in small clubs where he does a blistering show of old Rainbow and Deep Purple cuts that you won’t find anywhere else. In fact he is playing less than 10 miles from where I live in a few days, but I have a hard time justifying spending any money on him at this point.

    Seems like he and Ian Gillan are in a race to see who can completely squander their fan base the quickest.

  29. 29
    Child of Babylon says:

    Poor Joe. Maybe Ritchie saw that Joe hurt his Mom : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdgyQhWsQvE

  30. 30
    Frank says:

    He is just nuts. The really por thing about it is that he really believes the absolute rubbish he is talking about. Shut up jolene…

  31. 31
    adrian says:

    I would really like to listen to the new singer who could sing “Streets Of dreams” and “Can’t Let You Go”better than JLT! I wish Blackmore all the best on that!!….But what is bother me for all these years really bothering me!! Is what Deep Purple was thinking when they recorded Love”s Hey Joe.That is what Blackmore should be thinking foremost before he calls it Quits! The Lead Guitar work is still awful to this day, funny on one ever raised this point before.Please do Hey Joe with a thunder for me!I know you have the ability to do it!!

  32. 32
    Don Berry says:

    Not a JLT fan, but he’s right: Ritchie has formed a cover band. He had numerous ex-DP and Rainbow personnel he could have called upon; instead he has a bunch of hirelings for his “final” rock project.

  33. 33
    Mike says:

    I think JLT has outdone Ian Gillan and Bruce Payne in the Blackmore bashing department this week. It’s clear to me that it’s a way for him to leverage Ritchie’s name to get in the press. Gillian has been doing this for years. It’s reprehensible. The fact that Ritchie and his team never respond to this garbage shows who is trying to get publicity and who could care less.The Man in Black continues to rise above the bottom feeders.

  34. 34
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    @ 29

    Isn’t that Kate Jackson from Charlie’s Angels?

  35. 35
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @ 24 LRT, you’re bang on the money there buddy!. I’m impressed.

  36. 36
    Anthony says:

    Yeah totally hilarious when he said that its a cover band..a Rainbow cover band with Ritchie Blackmore playing guitar haha. The JLT era Rainbnow has been done before and we are now getting a fresh new look Rainbow and interpretation of many Dio era songs which Ronnie Romero can certainly do justice

  37. 37
    Rick Carlson says:

    We had a turnkey operation?? LMAO!! This guy is out of his mind. Ritchie IS Rainbow no matter what lineup there is. Grow up Joe and maybe go write a hit all by yourself and start your own group.

  38. 38
    Chip says:

    I get why everyone is down on JLT. And he deserves the scorn. But there is a common denominator in every Deep Purple/Rainbow dispute over the years. Ritchie. It is quite possible that Blackers or his people (likely his people) strung him on until a final decision was made for a lineup. So he likely has at least a germ of a point in there somewhere…

    That being said, the front man for the Over the Rainbow cover band is complaining this version, which is specifically set up as a one (or three) off tribute, is a cover band is just about the dumbest thing I’ve read this week.

    And in the middle of a US presidential race, that is something…

  39. 39
    Tommy H. says:

    I understand that Joe is disappointed if he already had a serious talk with Ritchie about forming Rainbow again. On the other hand he is the last musician who should bash Ritchie’s band. He played with Over The Rainbow – well, that’s a cover band. Ritchie gave Joe two chances: with Rainbow (when Joe was a nobody) and with Purple. So apart from being disappointed there’s no reason to complain or even bash.

    Joe, sometimes you could put things a bit simpler and if you have nothing good to say then think twice how to put it. It’s not the first time I’m reading stuff like this from you and once again you have lowered your profile and that’s not necessary. Please move on from the past.

  40. 40
    Scott W says:

    I hope JLT does not read these comments. Glenn gets the same abuse from ‘fans’. I can only imagine how these fans felt about the HTP project…jeez!

  41. 41
    Rock Voorne says:

    JLT has a point regarding the story that it seemed for real he and Ritchie would reunite for something like this.

    If it really annoyed RB that JLT already spoke about it in the press I feel thats nonsense and childish.

    I understood that Joe not talked directly to Ritchie but indirectly, that sounds not good, me thinks.

    I see a lot of people bashing JLT again.

    He did a lot of Rainbow fans a big pleasure with the OTR thing.
    Great shows which I saw live.

    To say Ritchie , unlike Turner, does not play covers or fell back on past glories is both false.
    BN does a lot covers, so did Rainbow.
    Ritchie reunited with his past after 1984 when reuniting with DP.

    It appears it was mainly moneydriven.
    Both Gillan and Blackmore dissappointed many times during the 80´s shows. IMHO Paicey also was not what I wanted to hear. A lot of generic drumming, bash bash bash, reminding of people like Vinny Appice. Not the swingmeister of the 70´s.

    Blackmore and Paicey both returned to older form around 1990.
    Gillan always had good and better periods but never rose to the level of the early 70´s after he left DP.
    Singers, more than instrumentalist, should not indulge too much in boozing and smoking.
    And the latter was what he has done for many years.
    I did not understand why it was tolerated way back.
    I m afraid the only reason was the money.

    JLT also has good and better periods.
    Unfortunately the S & M tour was not his best period.
    Often it is said he is not a hardrocksinger but that has been proven false many times.
    Saw him with Malmsteen and he was excellent. And it was demanding stuff!

    Blackmore and new blood.
    Well, all is realtive.
    The bassplayer he has been working with for years in BN.
    Johanson, although a great keyboardplayer, isnt exactly a fresh kid on the block.
    This drummer looks more out of place than Bonnet ever did in 1980 with Rainbow.

    I dont know about Romero.
    he is young and kinda fresh but sounds , uptill now, more like a secondhand version of Jorn Lande who bored me quite quicly also.

    I suppose Ritchies choice for Romero comes out of the mind set he wanted to work with Coverdale again (With whom he parted because DC did not wanted to commit himself so much as RB wante drom him. He wanted to focus mainly on Whitesnake) and Romero seems to fit in that vein.
    Jorn lande could have done the job but is probably much more expensive.

    It all is quite emberassing , this start of 2016.
    Both HOF and this is not something to make me proud as a longtime fan.

    I think JLT meant well by giving us a show with many ex members and Ritchie has moved away from that idea.

    HOF, I wished that everyone had stayed his ground and said FY to the Hall Of Shame.

    Gillan & co decide to pedal back on their former expression of disdain for the hall and powerplayed it into the direction most fans(I think)did not want :

    Excluding members like Blackmore, Hughes, Coverdale to play.

    A meagre compromise(which he offered 1 day after the shit hit the fan)by offering Ritchie to play a few chords together with the current UNINDUCTED line up says it all.

    What is he going to do?
    Deny Simper and Evans(if he ever shows up)to play as well?

    Essentially it comes down to this :

    1) If former members would take stage it would become very clear how unfitting the curren t line up is and how little they have to do with what the nand is inducted for.
    Gillan cant handle that humiliation.

    2) From a buisness point of view it would damage the current DP if Blackmore, Hughes and Coverdale played stuff like BURN , Stormbringer and or Mistreated.
    It also would damage sales of the forthcoming new DP album I think.

    Both points are emberassing.

    And what about the integrity?
    What about the rock and roll?

  42. 42
    Hard Rock Pete says:

    One thing money does, and there’s a lot at stake thats for sure…it turns 60 and 70 year old men into school yard children,(JLT) and wankers(Gillan)
    If I were Blackmore I would just turn up at HOF gig. What are they gonna do? Not play and look like spoilt millionaires? Maybe then we could get a Blackmore/Hughes/Coverdale jam. Don’t get me wrong I like everything from’94-now, but no Blackmore..no show IMHO. BTW, where is Steve in all of this? Maybe told not to comment by his boss? Or maybe just too much class to get involved. Agree @24.

  43. 43
    al says:

    @ 32 funny coming from Joe lenne! but in all fairness do you ,Blackmore would have worked with the past ?! those bridges are already burned and it is culminating with Hall of fame.We need to listen to new blood not this clown,who every time is open his mouth we all cringe!! a wanna be a Lou Gramm and not presence on stage at all….so enough with a non sense of cover band.Rainbow is Blackmore and Blackmore is Rainbow.Every body else is expandable,despite of our wishes and dreams.This dude had some conversation a while ago,and right away assumed it is done and over with and it is going to happen,because he convinced himself that he has some kind of say on Blackmore,who doesn’t really care much about this and that,but he will do it in his own way.I would love to see more out of that line up,but hey no expectations,even a DVD of a last rock concert of Blackmore is good enough for me.

  44. 44
    ffitz says:

    No denying that Joe did some excellent work with RB. I like his efforts on Street of Dreams, Stone Cold, Jealous Lover etc. but Ritchie brought him out of obscurity. He seems to think the opposite and that’s a pretty distorted perspective.

  45. 45
    Dr. Bob says:

    Whenever someone says something like “I have no sour grapes about this,… But I think”, what follows proves the 1st part wrong.

  46. 46
    kraatzy says:

    @ 29 (aka CHILD OF BABYLON) and @ all others …

    Great video …
    What a poor boy (-: looking like a girl 🙂 …

    His only reason was to make a lot of money with or through “The Banjo Man In Black”

    He is a very poor boy … told us @ first, he is in contact with our hero Ritchie and after he ISN’T THE real NEW SINGER, he told US what a great mistake Ritchie is going to do …

    Ritchie didn’t make a mistake … he is smart enough to see what a poor boy / girl “Little Joe” is …



  47. 47
    Xavier says:

    Stop being a sour pussy and take the rejection or keep moaning ‘Stone Cold’

  48. 48
    uwe hornung says:

    “Isn’t that Kate Jackson from Charlie’s Angels?”

    Hey, I take issue with that statement! : – ) Kate was hot in a cute way, Joe isn’t and never was.

    Herr Turner is a fine singer in his AOR mold (and I don’t hate him for S&M, I think that is a fine album), his voice has admittedly aged better (or less) than either IG’s or DC’s. IT IS EVERYTHING ELSE about Joe that is hard to stomach and that interview is no exception but a nadir of sorts. More singing, less talk, Joe, stick to your strengths.

    For the record: Like anyone who served with my favorite band, he would have deserved to be at the RRHoF too. As long as he is only allowed a microphone to sing with …

  49. 49
    Andy says:


  50. 50
    Joe B. says:

    Well I couldn’t resist….JLT is doing some rare U.S. shows in my backyard and I went tonight…..and had a blast. No matter what you think of his comments or wig, he can still sing. He looked and sounded great. Plus, nowhere else can I pay a $25 cover, stand 15 feet from the stage with a cocktail in my hand and hear a setlist that includes some of my favorite songs of all time “Death Alley Driver”, “Spotlight Kid”, “Street of Dreams”, “Highway Star”, “Burn” “Man on the Silver Mountain”, “Long Live Rock & Roll”, etc. the band backing him was phenomenal. The guitarist was Steve Brown from local band Trixter and he totally did Blackmore justice. Great celebration of Rainbow/ Deep Purple music. Not too many opportunities to hear this stuff these days.

  51. 51
    Matt says:

    A lot of people bash JLT, but I think he has a point. Obviously he’s going to be asked a lot about the reunion and I think his answers are fine and credible. If there were talks going on and the first he heard was through the press, I’d be pissed off.
    The musicians Ritchie’s teamed up with may be more than able, but with a better lineup it could have been a far bigger event.

  52. 52
    Dick Pimple says:

    Ritchie wanted someone who can actually sing live ! JLT should never have been in Rainbow in the first place … AOR rubbish ! Not too fussed about any reunion to be honest without Dio , but glad to hear its not JLT fronting it .

  53. 53
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    The term REUNION is improper. A reunion is when a particular group of folks from a passed period get together at a future date. This is a whole new group of folks. It is a new incarnation. Ritchie is calling it Rainbow but… All other previous Rainbow line-ups were introduced to the public WITH AN ALBUM of NEW MUSIC! Until this happens with this line-up, Rainbow it ain’t. It is just Ritchie with session players doing OLD Blackmore music. 😉


  54. 54
    Rock Voorne says:

    What are you talking, Dick Pimple?
    JLT did sing very good live in Rainbow.
    Not so in DP during S & M days, I still dont know what happened there.

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