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Burn, Wolverhampton, Burn!

Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa live in London, Sep 21, 2010; photo © Christie Goodwin

On December 29 Black Country Communion played their first public gig in the heart of Black Country — English city of Wolverhampton. The setlist was:

Black Country
One Last Soul
Revolution In Me
Down Again
Too Late For The Sun
Song Of Yesterday
Ballad Of John Henry
The Great Divide
No Quarter
Sista Jane
Black Country**Reprise

The local paper Express & Star has a rather enthusiastic review of the gig:

The 3,000-strong Civic crowd took up Cannock-born Hughes’ battle cry: “I am a messenger, this is my prophecy, I’m going back . . . to the Black Country.” From there it was no holds barred as the band ripped through almost all of its self-titled debut album, Hughes continuing to justify his “Voice of Rock” reputation.

Read more and see the photo gallery at Express & Star.

In other news, Glenn Hughes have just confirmed another extensive solo tour of the UK scheduled for May. Full details in our tourdates calendar. An exclusive presale is available from 9:00AM January 5th via www.ents24.com. General sale date is set for January 7th available through www.seetickets.com and www.thegigcartel.com.

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson and Express & Star for the info.

39 Comments to “Burn, Wolverhampton, Burn!”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Glenn might surpass a thousand concerts in his career with this. It’s kept his voice in shape so there is nothing wrong with that. This is great, Song Of Yesterday is too, excellent! A band that can both use old material and keep up with the times, proven!

  2. 2
    Danny says:

    Nice to see that GH can still rock out. Sounds like a great time was had by all! Hope BCC can make it to to North America some day.

  3. 3
    HZ says:

    OK! Go BCC! Great!

  4. 4
    Annemie says:

    Great voices here,and Glenn once more in splendid condition!!!Also great pleasure to hear him play magnificent on that bass…

    Only ‘bad points ‘for that slacking tempo.
    Rock à la Blackmore is the needed speed at all times,tense and high artistic expression in mood and melody.
    As many other songs, Burn looses all exciting credits performed so slow.

    Still I think they diserve a big applaus, compared with others these days…

    And I wish you all a super happy ,rocky, healthy, wealthy 2011 😀

  5. 5
    Lot says:

    Great!!! But…
    Superfaster Fireworks with Mr Lord an Mr Blackmore…
    This song needs some more speed…

    Nice to hear again 8)


  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    What a way to end 2010.
    Hopefully 2011 finally will bring us some real satisfaction.

    Glenn and the boys have shown the way.



  7. 7
    HardRockPete says:

    Damn, this is something else, isn’t it? There’s to few bands like this around today. Great line up, great musicians.

    Let’s hope this band stays together for a long time!!!

  8. 8
    stoffer says:

    36 years ago I saw DP do Burn on the US tour, this ain’t 1974 Purple but its still DAM GOOD!

  9. 9
    Jeff Goyen says:

    Glenn sounds in good voice here- just the right mix and looks like he is enjoying it as well….good to hear some fresh stuff ( as well as the oldies); take note IG, SM, RG, IP, DA…..FRESH STUFF….

  10. 10
    Drdp says:

    Awesome,Totally AWESOME. Album of 2010 & hopefully the SUPERGROUP of 2011.My New Years wish is for a proper U.S. tour as a headliner or even a support slot and not of the major markets but all nooks & crannies of the states. These guys NEED to get their music out there.Radio is of NO help so the only way is to TOUR! Maybe a immediate second album will spur them on. Fingers XXXXXXXed ,Regards,Drdp

  11. 11
    Martin says:

    Good version of ‘Burn’.

  12. 12
    Tommy H. says:

    That’s a rocking version, no question! Although Glenn sings well on that I felt he could do more. Sometimes he was out of tune, but it’s just an encore.

    I really find it a pity that the organ sounds so weak at all to my ears! The playing on it is cool, but the sound is too thin and not quite where it belongs in the mix. Everytime I hear BCC I’m very unhappy with that organ. Did anyone join a show and witnessed the opposite?

    If not: Crank the hell up that Leslie speaker! It’s a shame to watch such a talented keyboard player having such a gay sounding B3 for Christ’s sake!

  13. 13
    Crimson Ghost says:

    sup wit de Fender Precision?

  14. 14
    Bo says:

    Allways great to hear Burn. Well nothing can beat the Black more way of playing this song, but BB seems to be a VERY good alternative. Keep in the set and get to Europe soon with plenta of concerts. You are the thing to music in many many years. BBC is HOT – Whitesnake these years are NOT. Purple – I dont know. They need to produce a first calss Purple ROCK album. NO funne games here – we need Purple to sound like the Purple who created to fame. I know Gillan cant do the Child in Time thing anymore – and that is fine – but the note down and ROCK like only you can.

  15. 15
    oleg says:

    Hope to see BCC in Israel.

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Can someone tell the guys to turn up that HAMMOND?

  17. 17
    Dawg says:

    Hey Tommy, #12 and Priest #16. I thought the same thing the first time I heard the album. it really needs the strong Hammond presence. If you listen hard enough you can hear Billy playing some really impressive stuff but it needs to be on an even keel with Joe’s guitar.[Obviously the real signature of the Purple sound] I really love the album and all these videos but I agree. Does anyone else agree with me that Joe came up a little short on Burn? I remember J.J. Marsh doing some really impressive versions of burn. I’m not complaining here because I love this stuff. The album could have come out in the early 70’s and fallen right in place with the other great albums of that period. I just hate to hear something this good that could have been put over the top with nothing more than a heavier keyboard mix. Glenn always falls a little too much in love with his voice. [Hard not to] Just remember some of the live shows with his time with Purple. The wheels would frequently run off the tracks. He just knows how amazing his voice is and sometimes colors too far outside the lines. When he keeps in the road there is no one better.

  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Dawg

    You are indeed not the only one who feels that way about Joe doing BURN.

    I m not one of them,btw.
    I heard it from others.

    In general I think BCC is the best thing that has happened to us and other classic rock fans..

    Maybe Glenn thinks the Hammond cant be too dominant, trying to avoid the DP connection?

    He has this struggle for ages now.

    So many times during his solo career he vowed not to DP stuff anymore, but…….He always kept on doing them.

    Which I was very grateful for since 1993 because noone else did those songs(justice).

    Like with DP after a few years I felt frustrated he did not do enough classics of his own albums.

    Man, I almost could not even begin to choose which songs to put on a best of sampler.

  19. 19
    Tommy H. says:

    If no one disagrees with me then I’m not the only one to whom BCC comes across like a three piece band with the luxury of having a keyboardist with a Hammond organ around just for sound. And that’s a waste if you ask me. Either if it’s the Purple formula or not to use the Hammond as a lead instrument: it works, doesn’t it? Many musicians proved over decades that a Hammond organ deserves more than just making the sound bigger.

    @ purplepriest: If the music of the so called super-group BCC was so exciting and extraordinary then why should they fear a comparison with Purple just by putting the Hammond next to the guitar?

  20. 20
    Jeff Summers says:

    Everyones a critic eh? Even the fans it seems :o(

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I SUGGESTED that he MIGHT wants to avoid that comparison.
    I did not he DOES.

    Its not what you try to state.

    I m not sure why the hammond approach is like this.
    It just reminded me of things said in the past.

    Its obvious that a strong Hammond and leadguitar will often lead to thinking of what other bands did with that.

    Maybe the BCC keyboardplayer is not, like Don, a real Hammond player?

    Again, I d love to hear the balance a more ” Purplish” .

    But that would not be enough to make it like Mark 3.

    We would be missing Ian Paice, or someone like that, who always puts a lot of swing into the backbone.
    Jason is a great drummer, like his dad, but both are to put it very black and white, more bashers than someone subtle as Paicey.

    Oh, I forget to mention David.
    How great Glenn will be, I ll always that great harmonies what made the twin vocal approach so excellent.

    Set aside this wish for more Hammond, the SONGS are so good that I forget that wish most of the time.

  22. 22
    Tommy H. says:

    @ #21:

    I understood what you said at #18. Don’t get me wrong, I just thought no matter if you’re suggesting it or not: Why should Glenn or BBC avoid competition? They’re making really good music. So it doesn’t matter that a stronger Hammond will remind the people of other successful bands doing it like that. To me it’s absurd to decline something which has worked out really well for generations of musicians.

    “Maybe the BCC keyboard player is not, like Don, a real Hammond player?”

    I had the same thought. It just doesn’t make sense to me to form a band which has a focus on Hammond, apart from other things, and then choose a keyboardist who isn’t a real Hammond player! I heard that especially Glenn wanted a Hammond organ player to be part of the band. I’m sure Derek can play really well. But to have a decent sound doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with talent in playing.

    I totally agree with the rest.

    And not to cause any misunderstanding in this forum: To me it’s just their keyboard player and his main instrument which don’t get the attention they deserve. And his sound could be better, no comparison to Don Airey who really plays a beast! Maybe I go too far when I feel that BBC could do it without a permanent keyboard player. But the picture above says a lot. The keyboardist is far in the background and when you come to see a picture from a show where he is on it seems like an accident. Let me be clear: The music is the best I heard from a rock band in years! They recorded an outstanding first album, especially the singing on it is absolutely awesome! Glenn does what I think very few if any can do with their voice. But I don’t want to rise him too far above the others. The band is truly amazing!

  23. 23
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:


    Why can’t the drummer play more like Paicey??
    Why can’t the guitar sound more like Ritchie??
    Why can’t the Hammond sound more like Lordie??

    Are you all MADDDDDDD???? In case you haven’t realized, this band is called ‘Black Country Communion’, NOT Deep Purple MK3!!!!

    For the love of God, will any of you ever stop begging for something that isn’t and be happy with what is??

    Want to hear Burn sound like a MK3 version?? Listen to the Album..Deep Purple Burn. Or ‘Live in London’, or whatever.

    Here is a Fresh New Version of a song you have all heard a million times by now, except it sounds different than the original…

    KNOW WHY???? It’s a DIFFERENT BAND. Those Other guys you wish to hear aren’t playing in this band.

    Holy Crap what imbeciles….


  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Mister Mad

    I did not say that I feel shortchanged with BCC, you could already know that through my earlier posts,and longing for MK 3.

    I was trying to find a reason why the Hammond is so down in the mix.

    Really enjoying this lot does not exclude that I can speak out that I in general refer ” some other instrumentalists” like Paicey.

    As long Glenn does not go into overdrive too much, WE ALL KNOW WHAT MEANS, I dont miss David at all.
    Espescially not, knowing he has troubles live nowadays.

    We nutty people on boards like this just fantasize alot, why not?

    Its very tempting to fantasize about more Hammond, adding a DC in good shape and so on.

    Btw, one correction maybe :

    I used to see Don as mainly a synth man but I must admit he has done a good job soundwise in the band.
    Still, he aint no Jon.


  25. 25
    Tommy H. says:

    @ #23:

    Take it easy but your complains don’t fit to the subject of discussion above! No offence intended, ok? 😉

    Again: BCC is a band of outstanding musicians and I really like their album. It has many cool moments and a nostalgic “70ies-feel” to it. I’m just of the opinion that a better and louder sounding Hammond would be an over all improvement to their music. It’s obvious that there is a lot of potential if they’ll choose to change the balance of sound in favor of the Hammond organ. But of course it depends on how the artists themselves want to sound like. As a listener it’s a thorn in my side that everything fits unbelievably well till the moment where a Hammond would put it over the edge. But this moment doesn’t come – it’s like making love to a girl and stopping right at the point of no return, you know what I mean? 😉

  26. 26
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    I think it is apparent, they are not trying to emulate the Purple Sound. Thankfully they don’t as far as I’m concerned. If I want Hammond, I know where to find it. They are in control of their own sound and mix. I think it works well. Yeah, if this was a Purple Album or performance, I would be stating the same thing. Where is that full Hammond sound?? But IT’S NOT PURPLE. Plus, he ain’t even playing a Hammond. Know Why???? It Ain’t Deep Purple.

    As far as your reference to making love to a girl. If I whip out my Organ, it will be used and job will get done. But, it will not be based on a comparison to Deep Purple’s Hammond Sound. More like the massive sound of Cathedral Pipes at the end of a massive sermon…..”HALLELUIAH!!!!”


  27. 27
    Rascal says:

    Im glad BCC seemed to have developed their own sound.

    This isnt a tribute band (hello JLT), this seems to be an attempt to create something new.

    Good to hear Burn – Joe has a great talent – anyone remember when Blackmore had a similiar talent? So long ago now i forget!

  28. 28
    Tommy H. says:

    @ #26:

    Actually Derek is playing a THE Hammond (B3) with tube Leslie, I guess a 122 or 147. Pushing the Hammond a little further has nothing do with emulating the Deep Purple sound. Purple isn’t the only band where a Hammond organ plays a big role. I don’t wish that BCC copies the sound of Deep Purple. And excuse me, it’s indeed BCC’s sound mix which could be better, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s why I thought, it wouldn’t do much difference if the organ wasn’t there. It proves to me that I’m right if you didn’t know that B3 is part of their sound – because you didn’t recognize it at this low volume. So it’s my constructive criticism that a better balanced sound mix would help the overall sound to get a lot better.

    “As far as your reference to making love to a girl. If I whip out my Organ, it will be used and job will get done. But, it will not be based on a comparison to Deep Purple’s Hammond Sound. More like the massive sound of Cathedral Pipes at the end of a massive sermon…..”HALLELUIAH!!!!”

    If I only had known … 😉

    Cheers, buddy

  29. 29
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Actually Tommy H…

    I believe they are purposely shying away from the Organ sound as a prominent focal point. The Keys were an afterthought. Personally, I would rather they just do the 3 piece thing and just jam it up right with Joe crankin’ out some of his Blues based guitar instead of watering it down with the same old Purple/Organ sound. That’s for Purple. They could be the next Cream or Grand Funk if they would just get out there and jam it up right and not relate themselves to Purple. Throw in whatever songs from the past they like, but do it THEIR WAY along with jamming THEIR OWN tunes. I say get rid of Derek and just crank out some solid Bass, Guitar, Drums and Vocals……


  30. 30
    Tommy H. says:

    @ #29:

    That’s what I discussed a few entries above at #22. Why should they avoid competition? Their songwriting is good, the music is really fine, they are very accomplished musicians – no reasons to be shy, if you ask me. I said that Deep Purple isn’t the only band where a Hammond plays a big role. On the other hand I would enjoy far more bands if they had a Hammond. I simply like that special sound very much. Hearing that a new band called BCC of very good musicians, especially Glenn Hughes, forming a rock band and having a Hammond really made it very interesting for me.

    And I wasn’t disappointed by the music. I like their tunes. I’ve been disappointed that BCC unnecessarily is one of many bands where the keyboardist’s parts are playing intros and backing up the sound. They stand for a stereotype with the message that keyboardists, no matter how good they are, don’t get the guitar player’s attention. This makes me think that more and more the times, where great keyboardists are playing in hard rocking bands in the same limelight as lead guitarists, are over. I also felt that a good counterpart to the very talented Joe Bonamassa would bring them into far higher spheres which a three piece band wouldn’t be able to reach. That doesn’t mean they should copy Deep Purple but who said that anyway. Does Deep Purple own the Hammond-guitar-duels-rights? Wouldn’t it be interesting to witness a friendly duel between Derek and Joe?


  31. 31
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m so glad I have albums by Glenn he made around 2000.

    “Songs in the key of rock” and “Return Of Crystal Karma” for example)on which he chose deliberately for a Lordish MK 3 Hammond sound on top of the sound.

  32. 32
    Svante Axbacke says:

    I agree with Tommy H. DP was indeed not the only band in rock history to feature a Hammond organ. And I’m also confused why the Hammond isn’t featured more in BCC.

    No matter if you try to sound like another Hammond band or not, if you choose to carry around a heavy Hammond organ in a rock band, you are making a statement, looking for a certain sound. Then to not feature that sound is very confusing to me. You could just a well then make life easier for everyone and use a synth instead, or leave the keys player at home.

    Someone should maybe try to send BCC producer Kevin Shirley a mail about it and ask. He frequently answer mails from fans.

  33. 33
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Though I do love the Hammond sound also…..Deep Purple is my Favorite band since 1970. I also give credence to those whom don’t use it. Also, though I am an old foggy at 54 years old, I do hang with many 20 year olds. Sorry to state here, but today’s younger crowd finds the ‘Organ’ of any type to be….Old Hat. Not me, just reflecting on what I constantly hear from the younger crowd. So, being that I do have my own convictions and tastes, I also pay into the present realm of music appreciation. It doesn’t change my taste or love for what I like, it just gives me a window into what the younger ‘idiots’ find tasteful to their musical pallet…….

    Therefore, I get why BCC is toning down the Hammond. It’s there for those whom want it, and NOT for those whom find it ‘ancient’…..

    BCC is trying to compete in TODAY’s Market. Only the Hard Core Purple ‘Pinheads’ will diminish what they are trying to do.


  34. 34
    purplepriest1965 says:

    “HardCore Purple PinHeads”.


    I am all in favour of reinstating a big Hammondsound where possible.
    Its not old fashioned or soemthing like that.

    We have seen what happens when DP chose deliberately to circumcise their old 70 s sound, shortening their live renditions.

    Bands that did stick to their guns and REAL fans almost nothing changed to their sound and WON..
    Think Iron Maiden.

    talking about Maiden…..

    I ve watched many pro shot dvds coming from all over the years.
    Their, and I espescially single out Bruce Dickinson, performance is so much more stable than DP s, its a shame and disgrace!!!!!

    I know you dont really care for long renditions live but also belittling the Hammond?!


  35. 35
    Tommy H. says:

    @ #33:

    You are 30 years older than me and I got to say to you that those youngsters you are referring to seem to have a poor taste in music and/or sound. Trust me, a Hammond organ and a piano will never come out of fashion.

    The next time you visit a music store, please take a short look at the keyboard section. A lot of well known companies discovered that there is a big market out there for real instruments from the 50ies, 60ies and 70ies. Those keyboards just sound right and have balls. This is what counts! You can still buy Hammonds, Leslies, Moogs, Fender Rhodes pianos, etc.

    A few months ago I tested a Hammond C3 together with the same rare Marshall Major amp from the early 70ies which Lord (and Blackmore) used. It was fully cranked up. Goosebumps, what an outstanding sound! For a little while I thought that all other keyboards on earth can go to hell. It would be very interesting what those youngsters would say after such an experience.


  36. 36
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    As usual here, when one has His Personal Taste, he is incapable of seeing or understanding anyone else’s.

    I use the term “Hardcore Purple Pinheads” in description of those whom seem to be totally fixated on Pinhead Size faction of Purple, and expect All things Purple to be the same.

    The Hammond Organ is Music to MY EARS. I totally love it. I totally love Purple using it. Purple wouldn’t be Purple without it. I GET THAT. All bands that use it are welcome in my book. All bands that don’t are also. Just because BCC happens to be a ‘Purple Spin-off, those whom are ‘Purple Pinheads’ then expect the Purple Sound…..as I stated, I have been a Purple fan almost since their inception. I have seen every MK “live’ except for MK1, Many Times and hope to see many more. I would be totally Pissed if they decided to go on in the future with the Hammond. That would be total Blasphemy. The Hammond is as important an instrument to me as it you, trust me. But I also get the fact that not All Bands need it nor should use it.

    My reference to Today’s Youngsters is unfortunately true though. The Majority don’t seem to enjoy the sound of the Organ as much as WE do. I’ve heard it countless times. They find it to be Old Hat and relate to Old Music. The younger crowd wants what they want, just as we wanted what we wanted. I’m stating I agree with their opinion or taste in music, I’m just stating I get it and again, it doesn’t effect My taste in music. It Does however, effect the Following of a band. BCC is BCC, Not DP. They want BCC fans. If they chose the Hammond to be more prominent, that would be fine with me, but I do get the reason why they didn’t. Just I get the fact that Purple is Purple without Blackmore. The Players in the band are the Players in the band. You are just the listener. Don’t like the sound of what you hear??? Change Bands. You’re like the chic whom dates the guy for years and accepts him until she marries him, then expects him to change to what she really wants instead of just finding the Right One to begin with. Just as with people, there are tons of bands out there. Want the Deep Purple sound?? Listen to Deep Purple. Listening to a band and wishing they sounded like something else makes no since.


  37. 37
    Tommy H. says:

    I already got your point and I respect it. The funny coincidence is that I had a very similar discussion about the taste of today’s younger folks in music. My opinion is that there’s no such thing like a contemporary taste. It’s more like a parallel coexistence of pretty much everything that happened during passed decades. That being said …

    The 60ies and 70ies were a flowering time regarding rock. There was so much freedom and innovation in the music. Just think of Jimi Hendrix or Vanilla Fudge. That doesn’t mean that since then nothing has happened but the very special spirit of it is nearly entirely gone which is really sad. Whenever there was a Hammond organ around there were so many people who wanted to hear it and appreciated its sound. To me the sound still is what it was back then – one of the best there is. But as you rightfully stated, it has lost appreciation to a certain degree. This has nothing to do with its sound per se but rather with the fact that there are so much keyboards on the market that the Hammond isn’t a save choice anymore. Jon Lord himself said that he wouldn’t know what to start with if he had started playing nowadays. On the other hand it’s very difficult to think of a young rock keyboard hero to look up to as a young musician. Back in time we had Keith Emerson, Ken Hensley, Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman and many others to name. I recently went to some gigs and band contests to watch a few different bands. Nearly every keyboardist I saw had a very offside position on stage. What you saw was very similar to what you heard in the sound mix. To me that’s a worrisome development.

    I understand your point that not every band needs to have a Hammond organ. But those who use one and play hard rocking music should use it right. This hasn’t necessarily anything to do with Purple alone but with the spirit where the music comes from.

    A band like BCC should simply come up with a heavier keyboard mix because it fits to their music. I don’t want them to sound like someone else but they wouldn’t either by just changing this detail. On the contrary they would sound a lot better, not because I’m a Purple fan but because it would have a positive impact on their music. That’s as far as possible my objective opinion as a listener and we’re talking about a hard rock band where playing loud is an almost natural behavior if you want to feel anything and have an impact on the audience. Speaking of the audience: as a BCC fan I want to hear the FOUR musicians on stage and not just three of them!


  38. 38
    purplepriest1965 says:


    One of the examples of why HAMMOND is NOT uncool!!!!!

  39. 39
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:


    I concur with you regarding hearing the musicians in the band. If the Keyboard player is there, use him. Or as I stated earlier….remove him. Personally I’d prefer the later……I can always listen to Dream Theater if I desire to hear him play..


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