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Live tweeting from BCC CPH show

Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa of Black Country Communion. Photo Credit: © Christie Goodwin
Black Country Communion hits classic DP ground KB Hallen in Copenhagen on July 12 and THS will be there. As from the Whitesnake show at Sweden Rock and Sunflower Jam last weekend, we will offer you the chance to keep track of the show through our twitter feed. Søren Andersen, guitarist in Glenn Hughes solo band, will open for BCC at this gig with his own band.

5 Comments to “Live tweeting from BCC CPH show”:

  1. 1
    ryan says:

    thank you!! im loving these blogs and tweets, keep it up!

  2. 2
    The Holy Chair says:

    Wasnt it MK 3 that began their gig career there?

    It s “remarkable” that Glenn draws the DP name so much into his outings.

    Yesterday I read an old interview by Mike Eriksson(Deep Purple Forever from Sweden)and it s amazing when you read it.
    I knew ofcourse of the Glenn s”evolution” of thought but still….kinda confrontational.


    In the interview recognised excerpts from a “summary” Marc Brans from “Diep Peurpel” once wrote in Diep Peurpel.(Belgian fanclubmagazine that existed for a very long time).

    The Belgian DP fanzine that stepped down, due to, IMHO, Gillans blunt reactions towards Marc around 1996.
    It gave us (Although later on Frans van Arkel had his own thoughts about Brans his way of working with the concept of “copyright”)lots of excerpts, quotes etc from abroad.

    In that period(70 s/80 s) one did see a YouTube a day after the gig but waited for ages to read or see something “new”.

    People change and one could say maybe they are in their own right “compromising themselves a bit” because they NEED the money.

    But still its awkward to read and REMEMBER the contradictory statements made by Glenn(and others btw).

    But it has , probably I forgot a lot and Marc did not give us every detail : ( , interesting moments.

    Like this :


    Would you consider opening up for a bigger act?

    – Yeah, I…


    Have you been offered that at any point since you came back?

    – When Bruce Payne was managing me I asked him if I could open for Deep Purple and he said “No”. I was supposed to open for UFO last year in Germany but they broke up.

    ME: So you have…

    – A lot of bands won’t have me opening up for them because the singers get strange and worry about it.
    It used to happen in Trapeze a lot.

    The answer to this…
    I think what you are asking is, would I open for somebody.
    The answer is yes! I opened up for David Coverdale, 18 months ago in Holland, and Gary Moore, and that was fucking great. I loved it. I loved that!

    ME: Obviously when you open up for a big name act you meet a lot of new people.
    – That’s absolutely right.

    BTW : Glenn makes a mistake here and confuses the open air gig “Vlietpop”in Leidschendam with (AT THE SAME DAY!!!!)the gig he did in Germany.
    There he also played Highway Star.
    In Holland he was supposed to open for The Damned but instead he became the HEADLINER by chance.
    The singer of The Damned was ill or something like that and we got a complete Glenn Hughes show.

    Man, I wish I could go back and record that event……

    I m having trouble finding bootlegs of Glenn on the Net.
    Isnt that strange?

    I recall he DID get angry about it but around 1996 he suddenly said : Fuck it, do whatever you want.

    I even think he says that on a bootleg I have somewhere on tape.
    I suppose it was the gig from Heino?



  3. 3
    The Holy Chair says:

    Sorry for the typo s.

    Please respond to my call for bootlegs , please : )

    I m espescially eager for shows of 1996 and 1998.

    I see those on TRADERSLISTS.
    So, not for sale or anything.
    That thing infuriates me.

    Ugly behaviour.
    Instead of sharing that wealth with others.

    I might have been less frustrated if Glenn had released shows of those years himself but…..


  4. 4
    Drdp says:

    A little OFF TOPIC but do any of you ‘out there’ know if the bonus track “CRAWL” listed on the UK Slipcase version of BCC II actually exists? I can’t find definitive word anywhere. All thanks in advance, Regards, Drdp

  5. 5
    The Holy Chair says:

    Dont see CRAWL on my edition as well.

    Maybe it was one of those Limited editions?

    Did not see it on YT as well.

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