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BCC on Planet Rock

On Sunday, September 19, between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Nicky Horne will be joined in the Planet Rock‘s studio by three members of Black Country Communion — Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes, and Jason Bonham. The band will be coming straight from the rehearsal studios for this two hour exclusive in studio chat. Nicky will delve into the making of the new album and find out about their first and only UK show for 2010 which is happening the following night.

He’ll also be taking questions for the band sent in by listeners using Facebook, Twitter, text and email on the night. And play songs from some of the bands and artists that have influenced their careers over the years.

Monday 20th September 2010 9:00 p.m.:

Planet Rock will air the live performance of Black Country Communion’s only UK and concert for 2010 at an intimate venue in London. This exclusive worldwide broadcast can be heard online at www.planetrock.com as well as DAB radio and digital TV after 9pm.

Planet Rock broadcasts in the UK on digital radio, Sky 0110, Virgin Media 924, Freesat 730, and online www.planetrock.com.

Thanks to Planet Rock for the info.

19 Comments to “BCC on Planet Rock”:

  1. 1
    dave_wallis says:


  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    The new album is rocking the hell out of my house this weekend.

    Hopefully I ll be able to make time to listen tomorrow.
    Otherwise hopefully a RELISTEN OPTION.

    I m not sure of certain people I m going overboard with the following question……

    Is there a way or a site where one can download and BURN these broadcastings?

    In the past no one had a problem with TAPING things from radio.
    Or did I miss something?
    Was that already illegal?

    Did that differ from country to country legally?

    I had the perception that from Italy cane a lot of interesting stuff, in other countries blocked by so called authorities.

  3. 3
    Dirk says:

    what a surprise … and new album is great

  4. 4
    HardRockPete says:

    You know what? This project wont last very long. Both Hughes and Bonamassa have egos like, well…. the Twin Towers, and I suspect Bonham isn’t very far behind. Why put together a “supergroup” of personalities that all wants to be the “frontman”, spokesman and “Am I the coolest guy on earth, o’what”??

    Sadly, I don’t think this project will be very old before someone breaks out of the “band” and starts to talk shite about the others. History repeats itself.

  5. 5
    Drdp says:

    Great news here BUT is there anyway to save the live show to my computer? It is happening here in the US during my work day. Do I have to listen to it live or……. Any tech help out there??? Regards,Drdp

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Have to wrestle again with the broadcasttimes regarding the differences between UK and elsewhere……

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Listened to it after a lot of frustration because I got the time it started wrong!

    In the meantime I preferred other things but sticked to it hoping for the beginning of the show.
    I thought it would begin at 17 00 Dutch time.
    Instead it started way after 20 00!!!!!

    Jason was late, how charming. Duhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    MOMENTUM for this band is building up bigtime and what do they do?!

    Getting struck in traffic et all!!!!

    Get your ass into gear guys when you can do promotion like that, PLEASE!!!!

    The excuse of still working things out for the show of tomorrow is……..
    But I ll forgive ya if you put on a good show and continue with 2nd album.

  8. 8
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Well I must say….PRETTY FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!!!!

    I listened to most of the Album yesterday. Now today I recorded the whole show and listened to most of it also….I gotta say here that I am thoroughly pleased overall. I thought Glenn did a great job holding back on the ever-so tiresome shrieking which I was really concerned about. He really sounded solid and did more of a growl than shriek which was well received here….(probably due to the DIO tribute concert and keeping some that vibe and a welcome touch). The band sounded pretty tight and Joe is quite versatile. Can’t wait to put it on CD and play it through my sound system.

    Hopefully they will do the second record and go on a World Tour throwing in some of each’s personal favorites also. This is a really great collaboration that I can see sticking around for a while…


  9. 9
    HZ says:

    I’ve listened to BCC album last night – it’s great, great, great album! Glenn is just like in 70s, Joe is great guitarist, JB is just like dad (great drumming), and Derek is somewhere there and he’s OK. This album is rocking, and it’s a first one in long time to catch my whole attention and I’m saying more, more… All respect to our GH!

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:

    After all buzz the expectations were raised a bar to high maybe?

    LIVE it was not because appearantly the venue was not equipped to arrange such a thing.


    The show got shipped out on tape afterwards.
    A fan said that the sound was very LOUD and that the band were very tight.


    I worried.

    I dont think being LOUD is a good thing.

    Often the band cannot hear that because the audience gets it all but in a small venue I can imagine the band themselves have trouble too.

    Trouble too focus and fighting not to go into overscreaming the volume is a risk for the singer.
    And we all know that Glenn already has a tendency to do that….

    It took uptill 22 35 DUTCH time to play the recording on air.

    The show lasted not very long, well in my perception maybe, or things were deleted?

    The quality of the cd has struck me like lightning.
    Finally something really exiting and rocking in the DP family, duhhhhhhhh, and the live thing was hyped like nothing I can remember.

    Glenn sounded nervous?

    Time and again he seemed to go into overdrive but in all he sounded great.
    The band indeed sounds very tight.
    And ENERGETIC too!!!!

    The quality of the recording/broadcast dissappointed me.

    I dont know why really….

    On the headphones, which I never use btw, the keys were better audible.

    I must say that already on the cd I noticed far less keys than expected.

    The disc is great, very long too.
    But I would have loved some more Hammond!!!

    The interview part a day earlier was ok, but kinda short considering THEY appearantly did not get in time to the studio.
    Very dissappointing and frustrating when a MOMENTUM for the band seems to be there.

    Anyway, a lot of promotion, halfhearted executed or not, and I hope the best for it.

    See ya!


  11. 11
    Paal Hanson says:

    Don’t know about the pod cast or the Planet Rock stuff, but downloaded the album this morning and has been listening all day in the car while visiting customers, and I have to say I am not disapointed! It’s a great album, and I can’t wait for them to go live in Denmark…..!!!!!

  12. 12
    Crimson Ghost says:

    He is a messenger… this is his prophecy…. he’s going back, to the Black Country! Perfecto combo, Glenn and Joe move mountains here! An album for the times, it should stand the test of it!

  13. 13
    TruthHurts says:

    Great show (I was working late so had to catch it on a ‘shitty rental car radio’ (actually my DAB alarm clock!)) but really enjoyed the sound, songs and playing of this band.
    I got a download of the album, it is FANTASTIC!! Above all, I’m delighted to hear Bonnamassa’s guitar work, thought I never hear this kind of thing on a new record ever again..obviously most people will look at the history of the band members and think that it’s a mixture of DP, LZ sounds (which it is to a certain extent) but it actually reminds me more of early Queen, The Who (re: the gig), and Dio-era Sabbath. Hughes sounds great in this context, (scream all you like soul brother, it rocks!!) his lyrics and actually singing performances actually make perfect sense here. And with some really energetic and powerful drumming from Bonham the Lp doesn’t suffer from a ‘click’ feel at all. Nicely recorded and produced too (the songs don’t outstay their their welcome). I agree with CG this isn’t a retro album, it’s a great contemporary album for today and I think a classic for the future.

  14. 14
    HZ says:

    To be honest Bonnamasa reminded me of Eric Johnson, mostly. Great guitar work, and maybe I’m completely wrong, but it’s like Eric Johnson playing some Ritchie Blackmore beside his original tunes. All album is so full of energy. And about Glenn – man what can you tell. This guy is rocking on the same level from early 70’s. Hard to believe how we take him for granted. You know, his good singing isn’t question, it’s whether he did more of this or that. Rock on Glenn!

  15. 15
    Sami says:

    GREAT!!!…but of course it won’t last long as DixieDregsPete so knowingly informed us 😉

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Regarding the expected lenght of this adventure….

    For now I m a bit worried.
    They still do their solo thing as well.
    Should not be everything focussed on BCC now?

    I downloaded the stuff as well.
    More and more I do that.
    Sometimes I buy something.

    In the past I got almost bankrupt buying stuff and joining as much gigs I could.
    I was a student and felt I had missed out on the great days of my bands.
    So trying to catch up but not exactly able to spend that much was a real pain.

    I d like to endorse BCC so that it wont stop too soon but hesitate for more than one reason.

    How often one can see special editions coming a bit later or more with extra tracks?

    If I KNEW this is not the case I d feel for buying immediately the vinyl, I m a sucker for vinyl, and taste the download for playing untill the price drops.

    I know I should not complain because there s so much to enjoy/cherish and so on.
    And at the same time, unlike the old days, experiencing stuff I d otherwise I might not have gotten acces to is great as well.

    YouTube and downloading might be a bad thing at first glance but I think it has a positive side as well.
    EXPOSURE can be explosive compared to the old days.

    Here In Holland one had to rely on older friends, my generation went for disco and all,with shelves full of albums or a good radioshow.
    Radioshows with this kinda music were hard to find.

    Unfortunately i m not in the position to buy everything. But if I COULD I WOULD.

    In the meantime I m wrestling with the question if I should rip out a leg to see Jon Lord this autumn.
    The ticketprice is huge, and there s the traveldistance.

    Things like this I feel really passionate about.
    But there s more to life.

    Welcome to the real world.

  17. 17
    TruthHurts says:

    @ 16 sometimes you feel like screaming, eh?

    btw Amazon UK has the vinyl priced at £14 including postage (shipping). I would snap it up but will wait ’til next week when I’m in London to buy it over the counter at a ‘record’ store, the old fashioned way.
    Until then I’m listening and relistening to the download – 320kbps burned to CD-R and 192k through my soundcard and MP3 player. Great stuff!!


  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:

    320 KBPS……


    I m not exactly technical.

    But by now I kind of understand that it might make a difference.

    Thanx, Mark

  19. 19
    Sami says:

    @ 16 @ 17 Can relate to that 100 %, guys…
    mortgage, child to support, bills to pay etc. so gotta be selective of what I buy/what gigs I attend, but BCC is definately on my shopping list!

    Have a good week, cheers

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