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Jon Lord on Planet Rock


On Wednesday, October 13, Jon Lord dropped by the Planet Rock studio to talk to Nicky Horne about the brand new Come Taste The Band remaster and the 30th Anniversary reissue of Deepest Purple. Both releases are due on October 25th.

You can listen to his interview through the Planet Rock Soundcloud using their player or directly here (mp3, 24 MB).

Thanks to Yvonne Osthausen for the info.

24 Comments to “Jon Lord on Planet Rock”:

  1. 1
    dale says:

    I do not why Gillan wont have Lord back its pretty clear and he said he wants to be in a five or six memebr band formation again.
    Its not good news for Don but DP been through so many changes and I think one is due soon to left the interest in the band back on track.

  2. 2
    micke says:

    Great.. great interview! As always.

  3. 3
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Would still love to find out that Jon and Steve are to hole up in a studio and place down the finest guitar and keyboard pieces whether or not with the slightest trace of R&R. Those two remain THE FINEST DUELERS within Purple or outside….




  4. 4
    Moreblack says:

    Jon will be back,if Ritchie came too.THE FIRST AND ONE DUELERS in Purple.

  5. 5
    MacGregor says:

    Where has Ted The Mechanic been hiding for the last 40 plus years?
    I am a big Morse fan in his solo & Dregs music, but it just does not work for me in the post Blackmore Purple. Although an album with just Lord & Morse in the classical style would be nice. Great to hear Lord talking about his desire to work with the maestro Blackmore again. I have been hoping for the past decade that these two may create some new music soon. Blackmore & Lord are the Purple trademark, forget the rest.

  6. 6
    micke says:

    @3 and @5

    Maybe Steve don’t fit Purple so well, but the early duels between Morse and Lord in the 90’s ARE awesome to say the least! The 1996-99 tours are proof of that.

  7. 7
    Jim Sheridan says:

    Dale, did Gillan say he would not have Lord back? The way I heard it in this interview, Lord got tired of Deep Purple’s non-stop touring and somewhat static setlists.

  8. 8
    T says:

    By Lord’s own admission, both he and Blackmore have sought each other out for a possible collaboration. The fuel and oxygen appear to be there–what is needed is the spark. Someone needs to be the first to light the fire. With the relative inactivity of the Deep Purple, a Blackmore-Lord collaboration would fill the void that the current band refuses to fill.

  9. 9
    stoffer says:

    I could listen to him talk for hours, Lord is honest and respectful of all members of DP (any MK), that he is just a pleasure to listen to.

  10. 10
    Manolis says:

    This is what I wrote on JL’s site.
    Dearest Mr Lord,

    While psychologically many of us wish for you and RB to re-join DP (no disrespect to SM/DA), I am guessing that ain’t about to materialise any lifetime soon. We all want you to get behind a Hammond for sure, and there must be many, many excellent musicians out there you could work with. For the record, DP2 is my all-time favourite but I really, really like lots of post-RB DP too.

    As you and RB moved on to more colourful/sensitive music, am I off-track in seeing the two of you in a studio, you with a piano and a Hammond, RB with an acoustic and a Strat and just pure magic flowing out? Paicey is in this studio too going from his delicate jazz inflections to full thunder. Let’s see…. PBL?

    Malice is among my favourite albums (and track actually, along with Remember the good times)! C’mon your Hammondness, get on the phone to his Stratness….

    PS- “Who Cares” sounds very interesting. Lord, Gillan and Iommi together- who would have thought? PIL anyone? Or should that be LIP- hah!

    Can’t wait, Manolis

  11. 11
    Miika says:

    I would love to see Jon and Blackmore back in Purple. Morse is a good player, but I still cannot say, that I like he’s style (I really don’t like his solos). BUT, I cannot see that happen, with Gillan on vocals (he and Ritchie just cannot get along, sadly). So, what I would like to see is Blackmore putting Rainbow together again, with Jon on the keyboards and Doogie White on vocals… Doogie is just, plain and simply, amazing singer! Ritchie knows him and what I have seen (Japan interviews etc.), they seemed to have good chemistry. I read from Cornerstone forum, that Jon said Blackmore would like to revive mk3-purple (with Coverdale on vocals)… I personally don’t like that idea one bit… I think, nowadays, Doogie is a way better singer… Well, personal opinions, I know, but… That’s my 2 cents!

  12. 12
    MichaelO says:

    Most promising interview I have heard in a long time (BCC excluded). JL & RB in a new band would be the ultimate line-up. Im too young, never had the chance to see MKII live. Pls make the dream true. It will be wicked.

  13. 13
    Tommy H. says:

    As much as I would love to see Mark II getting back together for one last time … we’re not living in the 70ies anymore. The magic they had back then couldn’t be reached by them any time in the 80ies or early 90ies. In the early 70ies it was the right line-up, music and time. Everytime I watch a youtube clip from an 80ies concert I find myself wondering what had been going on there. Apart from the Perfect Strangers material, on many gigs it seemed to be a mess. Regarding Ritchie Blackmore, as much as I like him, but it seemed to me that speed was he’s only interest. In the 90ies they got better but to me they were still far away from their class they had when they recorded Made In Japan.

    When I saw them with Steve Morse for the first time it was disappointing. I thought: How can someone like that who’s heard Blackmore before. Especially the guitar sound was weak. But it got better and better and the more I saw them with Steve I started to recognize what a fine guitar player he is. Now I appreciate what both guitar players did in Deep Purple and I like them both for their difference. But songwriting-wise one has to admit that Morse didn’t write anything that comes near the class of Blackmore. Franz Liszt was a better piano player than Mozart when you hear what he was capable of doing. But he didn’t write melodies like Mozart. Ofcourse this is a very humble comparison.

    Today’s Deep Purple line-up is really good. But there’re two things I don’t like: a) Don Airey doesn’t really improvise, he plays almost the same solos and arrangement the whole tour, apart from his solo spot where he plays tribute to the particular country. He isn’t as free as Jon Lord. And b) the whole performance sounds too laid back, the magic spark (of surprise) is almost entirely gone. But this might be because of extensive touring and their age I guess.

  14. 14
    Craig Storey says:

    With due respect to others comments on here, Steve Morse is a fantastic player and absolutely right for Purple now. I would not welcome back Blackmore in Purple at all. A fine player with the right guys at the right time, but Steve is the man now. Anything outside Purple with Sir Jon and Ritchie would be welcome…………so there.

  15. 15
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    Sounds very interesting! Even if this doesn’t turn out to be Purple based, If Lord and RB did a CD together, it would be interesting even if they could use a couple of Purple vocalists, say the main man Gillan and the second main man, DC,now that would be entertaining. Tieing up a few loose ends in the process. We shall wait and see. It’s time that Purple gets serious and reenters the studio! Quoteing RJDio, Long Live Rock and Roll!! Cheers

  16. 16
    Ralle says:

    @micke (6):

    you’re so right, Jon and Steve Live in the 90s were really in full flight. That was superb.
    Jon is a real gentleman and a true musician. Would like to hear and see something new from RB and Jon, it doesn’t need to have anything to do with Purple, it would be fine anyway.

  17. 17
    Crimson Ghost says:

    @ 11

    It’s histerically funny how conclusions are lept to!!!!
    Not just concerning what is interpreted by some here as to what Jon meant.. must be a language thing, ya think? I do like his very heavy hinting though, it does tell us something is most likely brewing between him and Ritchie, however, if it resuilts in jon playing anything whatsoever with BN, I’m afraid it’s not going to suffice much to say the least… very predictable how that wouild go, as the Hammond factor would serve to be an out of place thing and leave the whole project rather beneath what they could accomplish in just about any other musical capacity worth thinking of. nd this business about the Cornerstone foruim, ha ha ha, as I said, leeps and bounds… what a dumb drum crock of lies/inuendo and god forbid misenterpretation.

    Back to Ritchie, it wouldn’t be the first time someone got to him and tuirned on the brain lights by saying something in the press, rather than contacting him personally. Same goes for many who’ve worked together before, talked about one another in the press too or not, it has worked in Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blacikmore’s case once before.(if that’s how this is really going, that is)

  18. 18
    Crimson Ghost says:

    New ikeyboard on the way… less i’s will follow. lol!

  19. 19
    Phil (NZ) says:

    This arvo on the way to work the DJ, after playing a Whitesnake song, said that Coverdale had picked up a virus which affected his voice, in particular, the ability to hold a note at strength at the top end.
    Don’t care, I thought.
    He then went on to say this was causing concern as this was affecting the chance of resurrecting Deep Purple MK 111. He then stated that the drummer ( can only be Paicey), was not interested.
    Thought a bit interesting after listening to Jon’s interview this morning.
    Anyone know anything?

  20. 20
    Moreblack says:

    We talked so much about this,that i ende up dreaming with mkII tonight.
    Jon and Ritchie were aboard,the mean riff was pure Purple totally new to me,the song was very groove sufle like,nobody’s home or ramshcled man,and at the middle an organ break,a la place in line,then the guitar came and was hell.Great for a dream.Too real.Am i seeing the future?

  21. 21
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    Hey Phil, Sorry buddy but that isn’t going to happen, every member has been quoted on that one I believe, I don’t think that RB would ever want to work with Glenn or David for that matter, but stranger things have happened! Dreams are free! Cheers

  22. 22
    mike whiteley says:

    From all the flights of fancy expressed about reunions of former members and line-ups of Deep Purple,it’s pretty clear that a lot of us who gather here have grown weary & impatient waiting for something new from DP Mark 8 .If only the band cared enough to notice….

    From the interview,it seems Jon Lord is itching to play in a band again.The project with Anna Phoebe sounds promising.

  23. 23
    Miika says:

    I just want to set something straight, if I didn’t say it clearly enough on my earlier post. I absolutely do NOT mean, that Morse is a bad guitar player (or anything like that), he is one of the best, that is for sure. He did the only thing, that would work and that is making it HE’S OWN WAY. It would have been dreadful, if someone would have tried to imitate Ritchie. DP has made many excellent songs after Ritchie left and I salute them for that. I still don’t like the way Morse plays many solos, but that is just my opinion, he does them in his own way and that is (as said) the only way to do it. Regarding Don Airey, he blew me away… I cannot see anyone else, who would be a better fit to “replace” Jon Lord… Now, all I want, would be that Ritchie would make another rock/heavy record. Last couple of BN records I haven’t liked so much anymore… I actually would love to see something different from Ritchie, like a very heavy record. But, let’s just wait and see…

  24. 24
    Rascal says:

    Retirement approaches fast…………………rumours abound!

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