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Come Taste The Band due in October

Planet Rock reports that the (now) 35th anniversary reissue of Come Taste The Band is due out on October 25th. The album will be a double CD package, with first disc containing remastered version of the album along with the single edit of You Keep On Moving. The second CD will contain the album completely remixed by Kevin Shirley “with input from Glenn Hughes”, plus two unreleased instrumental tracks from the album sessions: Always the Same in LA and Bolin/Paice Jam. The tracks appear to be indeed unreleased, as they do not feature on either the Days May Come & Days May Go or on 1420 Beachwood Drive. DPAS describes them as “one is a five minute jam with Paice and Bolin, the other a short three minute track.”

The Deepest Purple reissue with bonus DVD is also due to be released on October 25th.

Thanks to Ulfinho for the info.

67 Comments to “Come Taste The Band due in October”:

  1. 1
    gustavo says:

    excelente ¡¡¡

  2. 2
    George says:

    Though i disslove (may be said: “hate”) Come Taste The Band album, this particular track You Keep On Moving seems to be a true masterpiece, It is, truly.

    btw, CTTB would be a GREAT album for any funk-rock band, but sorry, not for Deep Purple – a hard rocker and hard roller band.

  3. 3
    Jim Sheridan says:

    Bring it on already!

    I am no audiophile. I wonder how different the remix and the remaster will sound from each other.

    I also hope that when the Mark 4 DVD comes out, they have synched the sound of the CD “This Time Around” to “Deep Purple Rises Over Japan.” The sound on the CD is much, much, much better than what had been used in the movie/video initially.

  4. 4
    Henrik says:

    It isn´t Deep Purple when neither Lord nor Blackmore is in the band.

  5. 5
    nick says:

    Great album this is …looking forward to the remaster …
    Tommy plays a blinder on this album …

  6. 6
    Soren says:

    Some great releases are on the way, this autumn…
    And this is without doubt a real highlight! I´m really looking forward to this, to finally getting the last of the “classic” era, album released.
    I have high hopes for the remixed version (lift up, and clean up, the drums!), similar to what was done to “Machine Head”.
    And after this, it´s time for “Perfect Strangers” and “the House of Blue Light”…
    And “Nobody´s Perfect”!
    Where ARE they, Roger… 🙂
    All the best!

  7. 7
    Ke says:

    Im looking forward to this! The copy I got of CTTB cd is ok, but the sound volume is too low, which makes you have to turn up the volume button more than other DP cds. Also hoping that the sound quality will be better, so its noticable to hear that it is actually remastered. CTTB is Deep Purple, better than Bananas and Rapture of the Deep!
    (By the way the sound quality on Bananas is extremely poor, distortion on every track, sounds like my speakers are blown when that cd is played, tried the Bananas cd on different cd-players, dvd players, and receivers, even playstation 3, still distortion on every track. If DP makes another album, they should use the guys who produced/sound engineered Purpendicular, that cd got high quality sound, no distortion, nice clear sound, perfect for those who enjoys good hifi.

  8. 8
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Come Taste The Band was ALWAYS a good album, Blackmore or not.

    You Keep On Moving was agood song already in 1975!!!!!

    Purpendicular was done by Roger, I think.

    I do own the Japanese CTTB of around 1990, always good sound.

    The only reason I m gonna buy this cd is that I like the album and have the strange trait to want to be complete.

    The VINYL is the one I ll be first to look for.

  9. 9
    Heimdall says:

    I’m so looking forward to this one, my favorite DP album (even if I can understand why MkII fans don’t like it that much). Yeah, I also hope that the audio from the “This Time Around” CD will be at least an option on the DVD. I have four versions of the Tokyo show, the audience recording, the Last Concert In Japan album, the official CD, and the Rises Over Japan recording. They all sound very different and give completely different impressions of the show.

    My Japanese “mini album” CD of CCTB is a huge improvement over the standard CD:s I’ve heard, it actually sounds remastered with lots of little details and nuances suddenly audible for the first time. I highly recommend anyone with only the standard CD to download a copy and check out the difference, it’s night and day, I’m not exaggerating.

    Also, I totally agree about the sound quality on Bananas, not to mention ROTD which sound horrible and really distorted!

    A remaster of PS would be great, it could include a lot of interesting stuff. A lavishly packaged CD/DVD quadruple extravaganza, anyone? 😉

  10. 10
    Sami says:

    Gonna put my pre-order in today, can’t wait!!

  11. 11
    james jay says:

    keyboardist and drummer….outstanding.

  12. 12
    neven says:

    CTTB is my favorite album!
    Tommy Bolin is greate(I love him more than Blackmoore)!
    I just missing one more album with him in Deep Purple!
    Two months…

  13. 13
    micke says:

    First time I agree with you Sami.. ha,ha.

  14. 14
    Karl-Heinz says:

    One of my three favourites DP albums ever. The best one with Hughes/Coverdale (for me).
    This is NOT a funk rock album. Some songs off Stormbringer were Funk Rock, but not CTTB.

    These are my favourite songs of the album:
    Comin’ Home, Lady Luck, Gettin’ Tighter, Dealer,I Need Love, Drifter, Love Child, This Time Around,Owed to ‘G’, You Keep on Moving


    From the first notes of “Comin’ Home ” to the last soudn of YKOM. Fantastic.

    Listen to the voice of Tommy Bolin:

    “In the beginning all you wanted
    Was the calm before the storm
    If the bluebird plays the eagle
    He finds his song will turn to stone….”

  15. 15
    biz says:

    wow, no jon lord on CTTB? that’s something new. anything else you wanna tell us?

  16. 16
    stefan says:

    #4 Wake up, Lord is very present on CTTB, where´ve you been…Uranus ???

    Personally I can´t wait for this release, CTTB is one of the best DP albums of all time…..no matter what the Blackmore hardliners says !!!

  17. 17
    ormandy says:

    >>> And after this, it´s time for “Perfect Strangers” and “the House of Blue Light”…And “Nobody´s Perfect”!

    Agreed. Remixes would be such a great thing to hear.

    ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++

    >>> Also, I totally agree about the sound quality on Bananas, not to mention ROTD which sound horrible and really distorted!

    The blame should NOT go to producer MIchael Bradford. The blame is on whoever thought hard compression mastering was a good thing. I’ve heard a great sounding version of the song “Rapture of the Deep,” when Deep Purple were lip syncing on Swedish T.V. with Bradford sitting in for Morse on guitar. It proved to me, Bradford did a great job with the recordings but only to be screwed by the mastering monkeys.

  18. 18
    Eddie6string says:

    Interesting Vintage with a bouquet like an Ab*****ne’s Armpit – This isn’t a CD for enjoying, it’s an album for ‘Hand to Hand Combat’!

    Also it really shows IP to be a truly consummate percussionist as his approach to drumming displays an exceptional sensitivity to the music’s mood & feel, can’t imagine many drummers changing from Hard Rock to Funk to Rock ballad all on the same album & often with the first or second take!

    It may have been a ‘Blind Alley’ in the Maze of DP’s musical journey, but I’m glad they explored it!

    Ke – Valid comment about the ‘Mastering’ of recent CDs – Not enough ‘Headroom’ left – One reason why Vintage recordings sound so warm & the dynamics work so well!

  19. 19
    Moreblack says:

    The opener Coming Home,Gettin Tighter and You Keep on Moving,had good air play in Brazil by early 1976.
    Nobody undesrtand at the time.Sign o the times.The black music was taking it’s place in people’s preference.Non purple fans loved the album,old fans hate it.
    Months later,…an album call Rising was realesed,then it’s another story.

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Today I received my newsletter from PLANET ROCK RADIO.

    I missed out on the special they did last weekend on BCC.

    A chance to RELISTEN through this link, folks.

    Rock On!!!


  21. 21
    Jeff Summers says:

    “Gettin tighter” “This time around” You keep on movin” “Love child” – fantastic riff!! this is a great album. bolin, lord, hughes and paice are at their very best here…Really looking forward to “re-discovering this gem;o)”

    Btw, I’m a big Mk ii fan…For me Mk II IS Deep Purple…Doesn’t mean however that I can’t enjoy the other Mk’s. After all, the musicians are ALL exceptional!

    I’ve said this before, but the production, mastering, mix, sound quality of the last 2 albums (Bananas, ROTD) is abysmal…I mixed better demoes 30 years ago!!! Please, please, please get a decent producer in for the next (probably the last) Mk 8 album…It will be the one that Mk 8 will be most remembered for!!

  22. 22
    jantchc says:

    one of my least favorites albums of the band

    but a good album all-the-same

    i’ll certainly buy it

  23. 23
    Hans says:

    Come taste the band is really a good studio-album, but for this live performance …… well, it’s not only a showy overkill, but the singing (singing … ???) as well as the guitarplaying are really heavy out of tune
    I suppose it was dopy-time again, it’s a shame and better should’ve left under the rock they found it, i.m.h.o. that is …..
    I understand why Lord & Paice wanted to stop this
    Not one of the highlights in their impressive carreer …
    But feel free to disagree :-))

  24. 24
    Henrik says:

    – Lord is actually not featured on this album. He is playing some kind of solopiano on TTA, which Hughes made “up on the spot” high on coke. lol.

    And then Lord is playing a solo in YKOM.

    That´s it.

    It didn´t sell well. Deep Purple broke up on “the strength” of this album.

  25. 25
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Not featured? Playing is not only about soloing and Jon Lord is doing some damn fine playing on CTTB.

  26. 26
    Jeff Summers says:

    @24 Jon lord IS most definitely playing on CTTB and possibly some of his most musical concessions to any Purple album…He is much more dominant in the mix throughout. His chord inversions on “this time around” are soooooooo musical. And genuinely show how brilliant musically the band are…Less soloing maybe, but this album features less solos than all of the Blackmore era stuff. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a differnt “shade of Purple :o)”

  27. 27
    purplepriest1965 says:

    One can argue HOW MUCH Jon Lord did on CTTB, that is not strange.

    Like with ABANDON he had his mind mainly on doing a solo album, I THINK.

    And I feel free to say I prefer SARABANDE and Pictured Wihin above the 2 so called DP ones.

    Apart from the fact that I m not a Morse fan I HONESTLY can enjoy, well…..sometimes…..not everyday,some thingies of his era.

    Somehow I like lots of BANANAS and have almost nothing with ROTD.

    One could ofcourse take the albums together, pump up the sound a lot, ditch some tracks and have a uhhhhhhhhhh acceptable album?

    Something like a this……


    Right now even I am shocked to notice that I have trouble coming up with the titles!!!

    Up to you to make it up, its personal anyway.

    We agree, or not, upon…


    The production,it should be fixed.

    What the hell was wrong with the great balance they struck on PURPENDICULAR and the following tour?!

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmh, I should mention the exception that during the Morse/Lord years Lordy was way down in the LIVE mix compared to Airey later on.

    Who the fuck did think it was more important to hear Morse dominate in the sound instead of the Mighty Jon Lord!!!!????


    A lot of tracks are really trash.

    How did the hell did they think certain titles were worth their NAME????!!!!
    Girls like That is not even good for a b side while they push Welldressed guitar and TINS to a touredition!!!!


    Some are BIG potentials.

    Frustrating to hear a track you really dig and then it does not come into complete form.

    Perfect Strangers was a bit like that in that sense it lacked the UNMISSABLE live organ solo.
    A Gypsies Kiss went wild at the end and it would have been great to have that longer.

    The 2 albums from DP in the last decade….

    I feel that some tracks are fading out to fast or lack something.
    Before time began should be extended and boosted with loads of You keep On Moving kinda Hammond!!!

    Money talks begins with an awesome intro but gets killed by Gillans idea of putting in some nagging singing.
    Its not the only song he does that.

    Wuite ironically he sings somewhere on ABANDON……

    Here it comes again…..

    With that annoying nasal sound.

    Oh my God…..

    Listened to Boston 1973 the last days, he fucking rules!!!

    I do have trouble with extracting files after downloading.
    I dont know what the problem is.

    Digital Moron is checking out now.


  28. 28
    Henrik says:

    – Jon Lord is always great.

  29. 29
    Jim Sheridan says:

    Lord plays a mighty cool solo on “Love Child.”

    Purple toured on the strength of this record; they broke up on the erratic nature of the live shows.

  30. 30
    biz says:

    henrik – sorry but you have absolutely no idea what you’re writing about. either you haven’t heard this album for a loooong time or you’re completely deaf if you can’t hear any organ/piano/keyboard playing on the rest of this record.

  31. 31
    Moreblack says:

    Yeah Jon is great,with no solos at all,listen carefully his clavinet work,some sinths behind the scene.Take Lord out and adios come taste.

  32. 32
    Tommy H. says:

    Jon Lord’s playing on CTTB is very different to what he did before in Purple and may appear as weak to fans of earlier lineups where he stood more in the foreground then here. He surely has his moments but not like when he played with Ritchie. The songwriting and style has changed dramatically and till today I don’t know if it was the best decision to keep the name ‘Deep Purple’. Live Lord & Paice were most responsible to my ears that Mark IV didn’t fall apart. There were more organ parts, especially solos than ever before. Sometimes it sounded like Ian Paice was drumming as if his life was at stake playing fills almost non-stop. But this might also have had something to do with the musical direction, it wasn’t that straight-ahead heavy rock anymore.

  33. 33
    T says:

    Come Taste the Band is a great-sounding album. Bolin’s riffs are outstanding and his Stratocaster’s sound has a growl to it that is quite different than Blackmore’s but still maintains its bluesy tone. “Gettin’ Tighter” is an obvious example.

    Tommy is a master of effects, often using stompboxes as an instrument in themselves rather than just to add color, and his repeated pattern figures are not two-handed trill overdone but rather tasteful and clean. The playing at the rehearsals and on the subsequent album prove that Tommy Bolin was a more than capable replacement in the musical sense, even if his later habits helped destroy the group.

    That Come Taste the Band didn’t sell well can be attributed to many factors, among them the immense following Blackmore had, competition with Rainbow at the time, the luke-warm reception of Stormbringer, and let’s not forget what mainstream pop music sounded like in 1976–heavily discofied. As a side note, Donnie & Marie scored a #42 hit that year with “Deep Purple”.

    As for their recent efforts, I do blame Bradford for the poor sound of Purple’s last two albums. It is the producer’s responsibility for the ultimate product. That these two albums were copy-protected did not help matters as this technology is imperfect and does affect the sound of the music, especially on certain systems. Glover’s productions, in contrast, are often much superior.

  34. 34
    Bo says:

    Look so much forward to it, and more than the next boring Morse area Purple CD (but they might surprise me and MANY others with a real Purple ROCK cd).

  35. 35
    Bo says:

    Which planet are you from?

  36. 36
    thenightwatch says:

    I disagree with those who say CTTB is not a DP album. I was around in the 70s and my impression of the album when it came out was that, although no Blackmore, and hence and huge part of the DP sound and character gone, I thought it was a really great album for Lord and Paice. The production on this album is so much better than on previous albums. The drums, bass and organ are very full and loud compared to the tinniness of Stormbringer. Also, good album for Coverdale (his best with Purple I think), and a very strong showing for Hughes (who wrote the end of side 2 – This Time Around and You Keep on Moving). Very strong writing from Bolin. CTTB is quite an achievement actually.

    However, I did not like this line up live. Maybe they would have gotten better with time, but they were too sloppy and inaccurate to be covering the MKII and even the MKIII material.

    Also, Martin Birch is part of the DP sound, and I think he did his best engineering on CTTB. To me there are still enough elements of the “Purple” sound, especially Lord and Paice, and Hughes too to make it a very good DP album. DP is not just Blackmore.

    My one knock on this album is that Hughes and Coverdale didn’t harmonize as much (a big part of the MKIII DP sound). Instead they sang their own songs. Otherwise, another DP album where there isn’t a bad or poor moment.

  37. 37
    ormandy says:

    @36 thenightwatch, I agree with your post completely.

    I too wish Hughes and Coverdale had harmonized more, but what’s done is done.

  38. 38
    solaic says:

    Well, to me CTTB is a more Purple album than S&M and Abandon, for example. Side 2 especially is inventive and non-trivial. Just compare it with Abandon straightforward and non-refined “songwriting” and sound…..I can easily whistle Love Child, TTA and YKOM but I don’t remember a single hook from Abandon and majority of ROTD. That’s that.

  39. 39
    Craigie says:

    I agree with Bo.

    Henrik, what planet are you on?!

    In my opinion Come taste The Band is really good because it is different. Certainly better than Slaves And Masters by “Rainbow”, and it contains some wonderful stuff like Owed To G/You Keep On Moving etc…

    So there!

  40. 40
    Alex says:

    i don’t know bad DP’s album

  41. 41
    Alex says:

    For me CTTB is much better than Who Do We Think We Are

  42. 42
    fernando says:

    I think the album is great, I find futuristic for its time, it hurts to live as things were not coupled in the studio, and at that moment is the greatness of Jon Douglas Lord and virtuosity of Ian Francis Paice to avoid staining the reputation of the best band of all time.

  43. 43
    Henrik says:

    If people think that Deep Purple could continue based on the songwriting of CTTB, they are so spaced out that they don´t even live in our solar system.

    Come Taste The Bland.

    And of course Deep Purple disblanded.

  44. 44
    Alex says:

    I agree with Craigie and Bo)

    Henrik, what planet are you on?!

  45. 45
    Alex says:

    a planet out our solar system may be

  46. 46
    Jim Sheridan says:

    Just got my CTTB t-shirt in the mail from the UK! A Taste of what it is to come –

  47. 47
    Ke says:

    Where did you buy the CTTB t-shirt, which online store?
    I want one too.

    And what kind of cd players/LP players/receivers/speakers are the Purple fans here, playing their CTTB cds and other DP cds(or LPs) on?

  48. 48
    purpledaniel says:

    40 puonds on amazon.

  49. 49
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 47

    I m interested in the shirt as well.

    I missed out on the BURN Anniversary shirt unfortunately.
    Later on it seemed other parties made shirts as well.
    And one can always make it oneself…..

    Its just a snippet on my wishlist.
    I really cant afford to buy everything.

    Are you really asking us to write what equipment we use?
    Thats gonna be a technical debate again!

  50. 50
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    I personally think the CTTB is a great CD! It’s a very mature recording. When Blackmore left, the easy think to do was pack it in. But this is Deep F—–g Purple! Lord @ Paice wasn’t limited to just what Blackmore laid down and wrote. They still had something to say that it takes more than a Banjo player as Ian has so gracefully said over the years! so. Also, David sounds the best and most mature in his vocals on this CD up til then, that is! And to start letting Glenn sing a couple of tracks on the CD was a brilliant idea, that way, they didn’t have to fight for the vocal spotlight as bad. But as we all know the vocal wrestling of those to got very bad at some point. The solution that I would have done was let Glenn sing the Gillan songs, and by-G–, do then the way that Ian sang them, no compromising on that subject! and to sing the Burn @ Stormbringer tracks like they always had! But Tommy and Glenn well everyone knows what happened next! Bill hey wheres Tracey at lately?

  51. 51
    thenightwatch says:

    Henrix – This Time Around and You Keep On Movin’ are bland?

    solaic- Yes! Side 2 is as good as anything DP ever did IMnotsoHO.

    I’m a huge Blackmore fan. But in terms of songwriting, who’s “better”? Blackmore or Hughes/Bolin? It’s really a matter of taste, but I thought Hughes/Bolin/Lord were a great songwriting team.

    My DP wish list.

    MKII would have slowed their pace down, written more songs and waited before releasing WDWTWA.
    MKIII would have done one more album. Or Stormbringer would have been a double album with some more Blackmore songs.
    MKIV would have done another record.

    I wish MKIII would reunite! Hughes can still sing. Coverdale is doing ok. I really believe that a one-off record and tour by MKIII would be better than anything the current DP can do. Hughes and Coverdale (and even Blackmore), are still hungry and putting out good music. The last few Hughes albums, the last Whitesnake album and Blackmore getting in touch with his inner 16th century greensleaves, all good hungry music. Lord and Paice are still aggressive enough.

    I’m a big MKII fan, but I have to say that Gillan/Glover have lost it and Steve Morse (a very good guitar player), to me is less-right for DP than Bolin was.

    DP is dark and heavy. Steve Morse is light, country-ish and american. He doesn’t belong in DP. I’m american. But DP is a very british band.

  52. 52
    Jim Sheridan says:

    I bought the CTTB shirt from DPAS.

  53. 53
    George Fotis says:

    I’m sick of haveing to re buy things a second time. You end up with so many cds, am staying from this. The original cd has a very good sound to it. These day’s the speakers on stereo players are much better. All you need is a better stereo. Not as good as Machine Head but still a very good album , in it’s own way, for a new line up.
    Has a grudge type of sound to it with Tommy’s guitar, the only dissappointment is that they didn’t get him to sing on any songs . He was a great singer and had a good voice to, all he did was sing a sentence or 2 on ths. This album has aged well , it doesn’t sound real old ,still sound’s cool, most songs from back then like Abba sound so old and dated.

  54. 54
    George Fotis says:

    Hey the night witch, i saw them up in the very front row near Steve . He plays a much more heavy style of guitar live. If you closed youre eyes you would nearly think it was Ritchie or Brain May. His much better live, his work on the Purple studio album is real soft & plain compaired to live, especially when your’e in the front row getting all the sounds.

  55. 55
    Henrik says:

    er…isn´t Bolin as american as Morse?

  56. 56
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Bolin was a native Americain, not a whitey like the Scandinavian looking Plain Man.

    Tommy, like Ritchie had fire in his blood.

  57. 57
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Wow!!!! I’ve read it all now. Priest, you are allowed so much leeway regarding your personal attacks, race and politics here. Apparently us Whitey, Scandinavian looking Plain Men are stifled and monitored more scruetinously than our European Counterparts…..(as evident in the now closed thread “Last tour” rumors denied: http://www.thehighwaystar.com/news/2010/07/28/last-tour-rumours-denied/)
    whereby they allowed for your slamming Capitalism and Bush, then when I responded, they then chose to disallow it and removed the others including yours.

    Either way, Both Bolin and Morse did have a slight country background. Bolin actually moreso due to his Colorado based Zephyr and Energy days. Even upon replacing Joe Walsh and joining the James Gang, which was a southern rock roots band. It wasn’t until Purple that he truly turned towards Rock. But his prior influences along with Morse’s priors is what gives them their own style and made for another chapter in the Purple Legacy. Definitely not the same old, same old….. That variety is something to enjoy, not discriminate. ‘Sorry you find it so hard to adjust to an ‘American’ on the guitar in Purple’. Me???? It’s PERFECT.

    Based on all of Morse’s contributions such as his many Guitar Clinics, Article contributions in ‘Guitar Magazine’, session work, joining Kansas, Purple and Living Loud among many others, and doing it professionally and with a smile on his face, and not to mention also being an accomplished pilot. I’d say he has Plenty of FIRE in his blood. Even your constant tears pouring out for your long gone Blackmore can’t extinguish it……


  58. 58
    purplepriest1965 says:


    We have been told to take certain things somewhere else.

    I agree with you on several things and also the inconsistency of moderating.
    Although I do understand it might be difficult to decide where to draw a line.

    So why not follow this link?

    Btw, I reacted after a remark Ted made and I m definetely not a race opinated man.

    My concerns of men are more in cultural, religious, political and psychological spheres.


  59. 59
    marcelo says:

    Espero este disco, la edición que compre deja mucho que desear el sonido, me quedo con los temas “This time around/owed to “g”” y “You keep on moving”.

  60. 60
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Another lesson in how to use fora on the Net by our great host Svante.

    So true!!!!

    Now trying to push away the though he might be talking about some of us.


    Favorite Quotations Unfortunately, those people who have nothing better to do than post on the Internet all day long are rarely the ones who have the most insights. – Jakob Nielsen

  61. 61
    Car Mac says:

    This was truly a great album cover to cover. But I do agree with all that have said that it should have never been released as a DEEP PURPLE LP. For the person that said that it was better than the WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE LP, YOU ARE NOT COMPARING APPLES TO APPLES HERE. Two completely different bands. You need to go back and listen to that some more.

  62. 62
    thenightwatch says:

    Steve Morse is a great guitarist. His work with The Dixie Dregs is his true legacy. Technically speaking, he’s the best guitarist of the bunch, or at least his guitar playing is the hardest to play. And Tommy played some nice guitar on Billy Cobham’s Spectrum. But I have never found Steve Morse to present anything that I would consider the “DP” sound.

    George Fotis – I would have liked to hear Bolin live and see how his tone sounded loud. I never thought HiWatts were a good choice for guitar in Purple. Great for Pink Floyd.

    Blackmore is not without his bad moments. Search you tube for “All Right Now with Blackmore”. His style is so NOT right for that song.

  63. 63
    purplepriest1965 says:

    What a way to compare….
    RB GUESTING on a Paul Kossoff track, centuries ago and comparing it to what the others did.

    But you re right, SM does not grasp what DP really is.

  64. 64
    Terry says:

    Yeah, Can’t wait more for listen it!
    Glenn Hughes Rules!

  65. 65
    Axel Cordes says:

    Ain’t it great how CTTB still sparks off such controversy – after all those years. By the way, I for one DID like it at the time and I still put it into the player from time to time. Of course it was and is not DP as we used to know them, but it is definitely good music, innit – no matter what the name of the band was or is.
    Still I don’t know what to expect from the reissue (or rip-off). The Stormbringer re-release made me very sceptical. Nothing gained from that one really. Funnily, the instrumental version included was the most surprising and entertaining track for me. It definitely makes everyone a leadsinger behind the steering wheel or in the bathtub 😉
    I’ll probably buy the new CTTB anyway. Maybe it will make the sound a little less muddy. When Machine Head was re-released in 1997 it was as if someone had drawn the velvet curtains from the speakers – a revelation really.

  66. 66
    thenightwatch says:

    purplepriest1965 – But the comparison does show that every player has a sound and style that they cling to and RB, playing through the pure minor scale, and playing like he was in purple, it made RB sound bad, or out of place to what one would want to hear with that type of music – just like SM does now.

    With DP, a lot of us, like you and I, don’t like that chickin’ pickin’ sound of SM. For MKII to be effective you need a guitarist that has that angst that RB had. RB pushed Ian Gillan to the great heights he achieved.

    I honestly believe that if RB still has some of that left in him, then a reunited MKIII (yes that’s a 3), would BLOW AWAY the current DP. Hughes is on fire right now and Coverdale is still ok too. IG, I luv ’em, but he’s tired.

  67. 67
    karma_echo says:

    New York DJ Allison “The Nightbird” Steele in 1976, WNEW-FM
    NYC…… Jan 1976 ?? Radio City Music Hall

    Asked on how they rated COME TASTE THE BAND………

    Ian Paice:::::::::
    Out of a scale of 10. I don’t think we’ve ever reached a 10 out of 10. We’ve had a couple of 9/10 ( 3 or 4 of them ) and this has to be one of them. Being with the band for 8 years , I’ve seen a steady progression. Within all the changes. I think this album has helped us catch up to what we’ve lost by just becoming stagnant. It helped us catch up to 1976.

    David Coverdale;;;;;;
    I think it’s the freshest thing we’ve done since Machine Head.

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