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“Glut of foreign stars” forces cancellation of Finnish shows

After the Deep Purple’s Joensuu show has been cancelled a few days ago, we now have received news that Turku show is cancelled as well. YLE.fi speculates that both shows have been cancelled due to poor ticket sales caused by competition:

The Deep Purple shows likely suffered from competition from two big rock festivals, this weekend’s Tuska in Helsinki — starring Megadeth, W.A.S.P. and Testament — and next week’s Ruisrock in Turku, starring Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, the Specials and Canned Heat.

This caused a slew of cancellations and shifting the gigs to smaller venues. Other affected artist include Beach Boys, Green Day, Joan Jett, Nick Lowe, Dr John, and Good Charlotte.

Thanks to YLE.fi for the info.

85 Comments to ““Glut of foreign stars” forces cancellation of Finnish shows”:

  1. 1
    George says:

    I’m glad that it’s not only a Deep Purple thing and the state of low ticket sales are overall and includes stars like Green Day as well…

    Otherwise it would be a SHOCK for me, as DP has never canceled show because of low ticket sales in Europe.

  2. 2
    George says:

    That’s not a good sign anyway. Something happens wrong.
    Uriah Heep canceled a string of US dates this month. Ok, you say that Heep are a classic rock band and they’re not popular in the US, BUT (!) what happens when POP STAR Rihana canceled the half of her US Tour which was planned this summer…

    Is music industry in trouble?? or what?

  3. 3
    Bo says:

    The same could happen in Denmark. Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen area and Purple 3-4 hours away.
    The problem is (and has been for years) that Purple has gone from an event to a “oh are the here again – playing the same as the last 4 years”. They lost a LOT of magic when RB and JL left and without Gillan able to sing like he did years ago, they must do something more than just playing the same songs over and over again.
    I wish so much that they try to reevent they Purple name agin. Make it special to go to a Purple show. Have +/- 30 songs and play a new set every night. It must also be more fun than “the same and same and same” all the time.
    I love them big time. They are an important part of my 55 years life, and has been since my first concert in 1971. I’m so sure that they can do so MUCH better – also live. Right now it still looks like “another day at the job”. And that is not the way I want to see Purple. If you dont know what I say here – then find some old Purple DVDs and CDs. And play it loud! Then you know.

  4. 4
    HardRockPete says:

    Bad planning by the promoters!

  5. 5
    purpletemple says:

    Take the summer off and record a new album…Just a thought 🙂

  6. 6
    T says:

    This was the same musical climate in which Mark V had trouble in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Joe Lynn Turner got the blame, but the actual trouble was the state of rock music at the time.

    It doesn’t help that the current band has no product to promote; however, the groups against which they are competing are relatively “younger” and more in the forefront of recent memory.

    In America, Deep Purple’s *music* is well known, but most people do not know who they are. They have a name recognition problem amongst non-traditional fans.

  7. 7
    Soren says:

    Green Day? Poor ticket sales?
    I saw them in, i think it was, october in a sold out Globe arena in Stockholm, swedens largest indoor arena. About 15000 tickets sold. And then a few weeks ago at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg. 30000 plus, tickets sold…
    No problem with selling tickets there, at least not in Sweden…
    (And Dp now second on the bill to Twisted Sister(!) at a festival here in Sweden… Thank God Ritchie left the band when he did, eh big Ian? I mean otherwise you wouldn´t have all the good business you have these days, with ROTD beeing your bestseller of an album, all these tickets sold to the gigs, and the ever growing interrest in the bands new music… Good luck with everything! It´s been a long way down from your position, but soon enough you´ll reach bottom! Go for it!)
    All the best to everyone!

  8. 8
    George says:

    Another reason why Purple has problems with tickets sales is that they do A LOT OF shows. They should make fans to miss them, seeing Deep Purple live must be a surprise. take a one year off in every 2-3 years and fans will miss you. When the band tours each country for several times in a year with the same setlist, it’s obvious that nobody will miss them.

  9. 9
    George says:

    Another thing that offenses me, is that they do a show everywhere when they’re invited, Deep Purple became very easy to get. They don’t respect their own reputation.

    Last week they played in a public MARKET! in Belfast, what a shame. I read reviews on Ireland forum. Fans they the show was planned to take place in the city’s mains square. A promoter did absolutely NOTHING to promote the show. That resulted in a poor ticket sales, so, the venue was changed from city square to St. George’s Market. I saw the video and was SHOCKED. Purple played in front of several hundred people. The stage was smaller than the one which is used at local school concerts in my hometown, Tbilisi. They should have canceled Belfast show as well… otherwise it’s shame for them to play at market’s miniature stage.

    The second mistake they make is that Purple often play at festivals as a warm-up band. They should appear on festivals ONLY with the headliners’ status.

    they do destroy their own reputation themselves. It’s sooooo pity 🙁

  10. 10
    Sami says:

    @ 3 Well put Bo, agree with you wholeheartedly. Bad planning/-timing, lack of interest from the concert goers, multiple big name acts visiting our country this summer etc. etc. all come to it.

    I’m not really disappointed as such, there’s still ie. John Fogerty & OTR to look forward to(lots of local acts too), so it’ll be a good rocking July/August anyway.


  11. 11
    ormandy says:

    >>> Take the summer off and record a new album…Just a thought <<<


  12. 12
    Tim Corbett says:

    Could be bad planning by the promoters, but when you think about it they are all getting older, thinking about their pensions? Lure of the spotlight? Have they become a tribute act? What is the point of a new album? They’ll hardly play any of it anyway. The whole setlist needs to be revamped. We all want to hear our favorites. I think the problem is Gillan. Is he running the band? Forever touring, refusing to sing songs from Burn, Stormbringer, CTTB, S&M. Come on guys get your act together & for once deliver what we want to hear. Deep Purple is a brand name so lets hear music from all era’s of DP played by this current line-up!!

  13. 13
    jari says:

    Biggest problem is that DPis doing their own icehall gigs during midsummer.(Middle of the best Finnish festival time , and there is hundreds of them)Next february or something like that would be much better time for the touring.Why they are not doing festivals??? And promoter…eh…his quite green in this field….

  14. 14
    dave smith says:

    the promoter went bankrupt…..

  15. 15
    Bo says:

    #5 purpletemple: you are 100% right.

  16. 16
    George Martin says:

    Here’s an idea. Why don’t they tour the USA? Nobody else is. The only rock concert scheduled this summer at the PNC Bank arts center here in New Jersey is the Scorpions and that’s it. I can remember the day when there were at least 5 good rock concerts during the summer there and you had to pick and choose how many you could afford to go to. Now there’s next to nothing. Tour in areas where no one else is and your bound to do well. America is long overdo!

  17. 17
    Hiza says:

    Hi there!

    There´s some mistake in the information mentioned. OK – the DP shows are now both cancelled, and for example Beach Boys, too.

    Lowe and Dr. John were shifted in smaller venues, but not cancelled.

    I don´t know, what´s the situation elsewhre, but here in Finland
    there sure is too much everything under the topic “live music” right
    now, it´s been some years now, but 2010 will top them all. I mean these big gigs, of course.

    And for the record, Green Day, Joan Jett & Blackhearts and The Hives
    played their gigs 8th June, as planned. Jett kicked ass! Period.

    ZZ Top will headline today the Lakeside Blues Festival in Järvenpää. As You notice, there IS some live action here, in the Land of Santa.

    Have a pleasant summertime, You all!

  18. 18
    MortO says:

    @ 3 and 5: You are both SO right! Anf furthermore I’m concerned for Gillans health. He looks weak.

  19. 19
    stefan says:

    SPOT ON BO !!!!!

  20. 20
    elprupdeep says:

    well of course it’s summer in europe and of course it’s festivals time…
    so management problem maybe…..
    they do some festivals but at this time of the year they probably should try to do more of them or go in an another part of the world where its not holidays time.
    anyway time to relax a bit guys it has been a long leg….enjoy it or try to compose a bit for the new album….
    long live DP. CHEERS.

  21. 21
    elprupdeep says:

    hum sorry I forgot ….
    will be a good time for another band split like the oasis story last year
    but these things happened only when you are very busy…..

  22. 22
    marcinn says:

    Hey, there are only TWO cancelled shows out of how many? Deal with it and move on if you can. They surely do.

    Thanks, Soren. Future looks bright. Don’t you want to look at the bright side for a change?

  23. 23
    Tommy H. says:

    # 12: “What is the point of a new album? They’ll hardly play any of it anyway.”

    That’s indeed a good thought, although it’ll depend on the material! I’ve been looking forward to a new album for the last two years. But I’ve never been thinking about that. Next thing is that I’m worried that they’ll rather split than taking a longer brake and tour again. I would understand it because it’s getting harder and harder to get on stage every night at that age and doing a hard rock show at that energy level.

    On the other hand a new album would help a lot regarding gigs. If they are still hungry, like Roger Glover wrote lately, then there’s still something left in the basement which has to come up. For an artist it just has to be the right time to do that. So, Deep Purple, please get on fire and put out something aggressive again!!

  24. 24
    MacGregor says:

    Try the “flogging a dead horse” line! For the last 10 years or so, time waits for no one guys, a tribute band indeed, just like the so called version of Yes playing the same old music for safety, night after night with a tribute band vocalist, what has it come to in this sad state of affairs! So much shallow rubbish around these days, sheesh, ruining a name indeed, bring on the fat lady please! cheers or should I say woe’s, MacGregor.

  25. 25
    solaic says:

    And what else would one expect??? Only naive people or die-hard fans can speak BS about competition etc…Lets call a spade a spade – Ian for several years is out of voice, last studio album (and by the way not the biggest achievement of the band) released 5 years ago, senseless worldwide touring….it is simple over-exploiting of the brand, squeezing money out of the name. Pretty soon they will end up playing bars somewhere in East Timor….well this market is not covered yet, huge fan base there, right! It is a sell-out, guys!

  26. 26
    solaic says:

    This is a big art – to call it quits at the right time. Then you belong to eternity….Otherwise everybody will remember an outdated gang of old guys playing and barely singing the 40-years-ago tunes and the magic of original freshness and creation will be forever gone.

  27. 27
    nemanja says:

    New album! New album! New album! New album! New album! New album!

  28. 28
    Crimson Ghost says:


    The mkV US tour was cut off due to economical reasons surrounding Desert Storm, this is a fact that affected many that year including David Lee Roth’s last big solo tour ever…. didn’t happen. This also caused a lack in ticket sales that year for those who forged on anyway… and Purple sporting JLT simply didn’t help matters, but I don’t understand how he got the ‘blame’, but I’m all ears for any examples to back it up, anything I can think of came a while after he was gone… so looking back is one thing, but at the time nobody was blaming him for anything, the media wasn’t around to document it anyway like they would be now, in fact this website wasn’t even a thought yet at the time.

    Someone mentioned not having a current product out, why should they care? Their name is a big enough draw and the promoters simply aren’t interested in their forward musical progress, they want the same old thing to keep selling, they don’t put any stock in new product from an old name that’s still selling it’s back catalog very well and playing it for their living.(when MH sold more units last year than the mk Morse albums combined, I think they all really know where the pay check lies)

  29. 29
    David Sanderson says:

    DP should NEVER, EVER, under any conditions be a support band. They can’t live on past achievements but the name is legend enough to sell tickets, the guys will release another album, do another tour and come out fighting, I’m confident.

  30. 30
    dave smith says:

    George-“I saw the video and was SHOCKED. Purple played in front of several hundred people”. I was at the gig, and there were certainly more than a few hundred people there!! How the hell can you judge from a video?? Did it do a 360 degree pan? No thought not! Get off your computer and perhaps travel to some shows to see the truth. Once again you come on here talking absolute rubbish! You really are something else. Just like people who say “I heard a show on youtube (filmed on a bloody mobile phone) and try to judge a performance from that-you cannot do it! If youre so down on the band, why do you spend your entire life reading about them on the internet! This is not just directed at you but at many of the other people on this site who are very similar. If you no longer enjoy the band, leave it to the hundreds of thousands who do, and actually visit the shows every year!
    As i said in an earlier post, the gigs in finland are cancelled because the promoter has gone bankrupt (apparently due to promoting G n R recently and not managing to make any money-even though he sold 15000+ tickets! Rant over!

  31. 31
    indra kusuma says:

    agree with Bo, DP always played the same old songs, very very rare played Morse’s era. It’s a bad marketing strategy if they want to enlarge their fans; what they did years ago must be changed by now. I’m 56 years old wants them play newer songs.

  32. 32
    Sami says:

    …and now let’s wait for someone’s ‘reasoning’ why DP are constantly progressing/still exciting etc. mambojambo and ie. not relying on Mk II back catalogue. Glorified Tribute Act, anyone(nothing wrong with it, eh).

    Happy Holidays, cheers

  33. 33
    micke says:

    Two gigs out of hundreds and out of the woodwork comes all the “real” fans of dP.
    The ones that thrives on the negative stuff, the ones who seem to have something personal to discuss with the band…?

  34. 34
    fra says:

    @30 dave smith

    agree with you
    also, where did you get the gnr story from?
    i have to admit that when i heard “promoter went bankrupt” i directly thought about gnr, as they did play in norway recently.
    is it just pure speculation, or do you have any source?

  35. 35
    Leonr2z says:

    I’ve been a Purple fan for 40 years now, and whilst they will never again hit the heights of the early 70’s, they can still rock. Okay the last album wasn’t brilliant (nor was it bad), but I loved Bananas and thought it one of their strongest offerings for years. I would love to see another album if only as a swansong because at their age how much longer can they keep it up?

  36. 36
    HZ says:

    I think MacGregor and solaic have the point. Lord and Ritchie out, no true DP at all. I don’t find any of old excitement listening to them playing Mk2 list and saying Ritchie was asshole – well cut his riffs and come with something that’ll be like in his time…

  37. 37
    Sami says:

    …just pulling some strings, tongue in cheek, so no need to get all upset! 🙂

    take care everyone

  38. 38
    David Sanderson says:

    To me, DP are like the England football team (sorry Steve and Rog), you just support them, at times they are brilliant, at times average, at other times appalling but as much as you sometimes get frustrated, you continue your support, yeah, we need a new DP album but don’t get into condemining the guys, they will release a monster of an album, have faith.

  39. 39
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 28

    Hi Larry

    I suppose this discussion belongs to the …It s all water under the bridge for years now…. section.


    If even a coma brain OZZY can serve up an album with seemingly the intention TO ROCK and evolve as well….!!!!

    I m afraid all the nonsense arguments why DP cant deliver a new album still cant be taken serious.
    Maybe a lot of people will buy into them anyway, I dont know.

    Again it SHOULD not only be about how much they can profit in a economical sense.

    A GOOD album could give some credibility back on their name.

    Or is it a case of not giving a toss and squeezing that lemon untill it runs completely dry?

    They SHOULD think of what loads of loyal fans want IMO.
    We all must realise by now they cant do it on their own.
    But still I cant believe they are not able to serve something up.

    OZZY s album SCREAM will lure people into buying it instead of downloading.
    If I m right…..
    Why would that be so?

    About MK 5 with Joe….
    It s a pity he s now in much better shape than he way back was during the tour IMHO.
    It s weird to see 2 OTR gigs and apart from the known weak spots overall he now sounds stronger and more versatile and more passionate than my old hero Mister Universe.

    Desert Storm to blame for economical failure to get people into buying tickets?
    I always thought it was the musical climate with amongst other reasons the terrible GRUNGE period.

    I wish Gillan would remember HOW HE WAS way back.
    He always was the one talking about how things should progress and not be only about money, etc.

    I feel the real Gillan died years ago and instead we have this cynical man now wearing sunglasses as a new gimmick.

    Well, at least the sun finally came out.

    Cheers, Mark

  40. 40
    Roberto says:


  41. 41
    Eddie6String says:

    The next album should be called ‘Everything Louder than everything else’

    Recorded in a shed or some dank venue – written whilst experiencing hardships & personality clashes within the band.

    Then the metal of the band will be truly tested & something primeval will be produced & then & only then will the Global trend of financial prudence among ticket buyers be Bucked – Oh how I look forward to a less polished & raw CD & Tour of new material!

    Don’t grow old graciously guys!

    Don’t play for the pension plan of Old Rockers in a corner occupied by winded ‘Has beens’ – Create a new Corner to fight in! You did it before, you can do it again!!!!

    Don’t stop!!!

  42. 42
    Paul says:

    Whatever happened to touring the US.This summer is null of concerts,this would’ve been a good year to return..The other day a Boston DJ played a Purple song on the radio and after said” whatever happened to those guys,Ahh I guess they just faded into the sunset”

  43. 43
    Angelos Katerelos says:

    …what about retiring ? They are 65 years old.
    I remind you that heavy touring was the cause of many problems in the band.

    Right now this is not the best way to get richer….
    Dig in the vaults and pull up live diamonds, and are plenty !!!.

    And please retire, no point watching you hit rock bottom.

  44. 44
    sotw says:

    dave smith, thank you for good reply to usual trolling people.

  45. 45
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 44

    Trolling people?

    Has that something to do with looking like a troll or something?

    Cant be bad IMO

    ELF were very short almost troll like people, THEY ROCKED!!!!!

    Or is a troll different from a trol?

    I prefer to stroll.


  46. 46
    Pat Segriff says:

    If all of you people hate the current line-up and performances of Deep Purple, why do you keep writing here? Go to another band’s site. It is always criticism.
    These men are in their 60’s. We are very lucky just to have them still around, yet alone performing great rock music. If they come back to the USA, I certainly will be there. Rock will be gone soon, and we will be left with nothing but Lady Gaga. They are what they is. Enjoy the ride while it lasts!

  47. 47
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I found the term trolling on wiki.
    Interesting read.

    But I had to raise the eyebrows…..

    Theories about anything or everything amount in this world and all too much they become something like a validity.

    May I draw a comparison?

    In the wikipage its said amonst other things that trolling people do have some kind of purpose with their actions.
    To be more precise, to provoke others and so on…..

    In biology its often said people act and or reason out of subconscious desires.

    One theory is saying that men feel attracted to women with certain features in their appearance but thats evolutionary set.

    We men are expected by believers in theories like that that we not just like a woman attractive but because we want to breed youngsters.

    Well, if its subconscious WE never can be sure about anything so try to be a bit more restrained with your theories.

    Like Dio once cried in a song….


    I like well curved females because I love that and I write anything on the Net not to provoke but just because I love to write.

    I do not have the impression I provoke millions into other actions.

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It s ofcourse Stay Out Of MY Mind.

  49. 49
    Tommy H. says:

    What surprises me a bit is why the heros themselves like up to now don’t talk about their plans when everything feels so good. That is what makes many fans worried about. It seems to me that there’s nothing happening except touring, at least not musically. Even what you hear is a bit contradictory. I haven’t been understanding till now why they didn’t stop touring 6 months ago like they said in 2009. It appears to me that the whole purpose behind that 2010 tour is to delay important decisions, which might be: recording or split.

  50. 50
    marcos says:

    playing to 220 000 peoples




  51. 51
    George says:

    dave smith!

    Your offensive post made me think that I’d better not to answer impolite people like you… But, all right, I’ll answer.

    At first, Deep Purple is my all time favorite band. Not to include Turner-era, all their incarnations had GREAT music for us.
    I go on their every show which is near my country. First being in Turkey, 2009 and the second In Armenia, 1 month ago. In 2009 I even organized a fan-tour and collected overall 300-400 Georgians (several buses) and traveled together to Turkey for DP.
    I don’t say that their performance is bad. I say, both shows were simply OUTSTANDING. In Armenia DP was even in better shape than 1 year ago. Both in studio and live they’re amazing!

    BUT – It’s pity for me, as a fan, when they appear at festival as a warm up band. It’s pity, when they can’t sell tickets (on those 2 shows of Finland). It’s pity: they were going to play at city square, but instead they appeared at the MARKET, on a stage, which was smaller than a local school stages in my country.

    DEEP PURPLE is considered to be one of the greatest bands of Rock’N’Roll, but they do not respect their own reputation. they ACT like a second-rated band, while they’re in the premier league of rock. At some festival Twisted Sister is headlining over Deep Purple this summer. Could you tell me why Purple’s manager accepted that???

    my advice: first read what I say, and ONLY then comment…

  52. 52
    Eddie6String says:

    Hey Pat (Comment 46)

    It’s a very Deep Pur.. Perr.. PPPP .. passion that causes folk to comment on this amazing facility.

    Truth be known – DP are still uniquely identifiable in terms of the very High grade music they write & perform – and yet………. I can’t help but crave the Cruder, braver & Bold approach as with songs like ‘Speed King’ ‘Lazy (MiJ version)’ ‘Burn’ ‘Ted the Mechanic’ & ‘Watching the Sky’ – as opposed to the more Subtle, flowing, yet still musically outstanding tunes that make up the majority of recent material.

    I guess the ‘Old days’ were a lot more ‘Blues’ based & guitar riff driven?

    I don’t buy the argument that ig’s voice couldn’t rise to the challenge – it just requires a lateral approach that he’s intelligent & talented enough to execute.

    In the meantime – Let me out of Devon (Heaven)!

    If I’m allowed to mention: We can now boast a ‘Deep Purple’ finish to one of our guitars & Refurbished MARSHALL STACK – http://www.myspace.com/electricladyguitars

  53. 53
    joe says:

    @ 46 : Pat, you are absolutely RIGHT !

  54. 54
    Bo says:

    I do understand that the great people in Purple cant be as they where 40 years ago, but I still se Roling Stones playing for hours and creating new shows every time BECAUSE they pick from every LP/CD in their history. Just like AC/DC and others. It would be so easy for them to create “new” shows every night, but then they HAD to include MRKI, III, IV, newer songs PLUS some rare Mrk II songs. Why on earth is so difficult.
    It can be done, but as it’s now it’s far to safe. And “thanks” to the internet we all know 99% for sure what you get month before a show comes to your town.
    If this was most other bands I would not care, but this is DEEP PURPLE – my heros since is was 15 years (40 years ago) and to me and many others, by far the most important hard rock group EVER! Today they are still better than most of the rest – but it seems that they not realy care anymore. And that makes me (if possible) sad and angry at the same time. Because it would be so easy for them to make it an event when they came on tour. Also in Europe and the US. Maybe they should look into a new promotor – new blood and inspiration. Bruce has done a fantastic job for so many years, but something has to change – they need a kick in their a..
    Next year I would love to see Gillan on tour with his own band like on “Gillans Inn” and then a new steaming hot r&r Purple album. Then in 2012 a full power Purple tour – new songs and with a commitment to themselfs and all us fans that not two shows can be 100% the same. Surprise us. We all know you can – but dare you do it? I hope you do.

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    A few moments ago the Dutch won again.

    All around me everyone is going ballistic, completely nuts!

    I feel a bit like Lonely With X mas……

    I just dont give a damn about the game.

    But I ve got to hand it to them…..
    Swallow my pride and negative opinions on everything surrounding this thing.


    If only I could be able to swallow my pride gain and say….
    DP, the band that has depressed me for the last 16 years still knows HOW to do it and made me shut up.

    If only….

    Not an equal to anything with Blackmore kinda surprised me with PURPENDICULAR.
    Never again would they be able to set the mark like on that album.

    Apart from that the live experience gained a negative momentum that even my wildest nightmares did not match.

    True is that that many people still enjoy WHAT IS LEFT OF THE BAND.

    Should people like me really shut up because of that?

    Maybe I should not care what they are doing.

    But appearantly I do……

  56. 56
    Phil says:

    @ 30 & 46. You are absolutely right. As for that latest clip, Gillan certainly does NOT look frail. I agree there are decisions that will be made in the near future – either to split totally or perhaps partially & take a different musical direction. That would be next year’s project. Not quite to the extent of Robert Plant doing duets though.
    Either way, they are obviously comfortable with what they are currently doing and what ever direction they take going forward, I for one will continue to support them and remain a very proud fan.
    One final note.
    If the Netherlands loose the final there will be only one team that went through unbeaten. The All Whites.

  57. 57
    dave smith says:

    George-as i said you have only been to 2 purple concerts in your life, yet you sit on your computer and comment on gigs you have only witnessed through a mobile phone. You look at stuff on the internet and comment on it, even though you seem to have no idea how the music industry operates. offensive? why? because i speak the truth? you can only comment on something when you are actually there. If you were witnessing 50+ gigs a year (like many others), i might actually listen to you. I was there when you met gillan in turkey and am suprised you have managed to prise yourself from his behind!
    Just take a step back and actually look before you type. to all the others who take offence to the truth. Its true-if you dont like the band, then why the hell do you spend half your life on this site writing about them??!! If you no longer like them, log off and get on with your life, or go bug another band! Your negativity is draining and oh so boring!
    Yours sincerely dave xxxx

  58. 58
    dave smith says:

    and purple priest. You really outta get out a bit more!!!!

  59. 59
    Tim Corbett says:

    #46 In one sense fair comment. I don’t beleive any of us “hates” the band. But because we are all fans we are entitled to voice our opinions. We all have diferent opinions. This is good. If we liked everything the band recorded & played then we all need to get a life. Some of the stuff Purple have recorded I loathe. “Ted”, “Any Fule Kno That” for example. I’ll always look out for the band & it’s because I’ve followed the band for 40 years that I just get the impression that they are trading on past glories. Yes, before to long it’ll be too late. Now’s the time to play different songs from that back catalogue,open with “Highway Star”, close with “Smoke” but mix it up big time in between. They know they can do it should they want to. Greatest hits set lists are the easy option. Play for the fans who have been there from the start.

  60. 60
    Eddie6String says:

    Good comment Bo (54)

    Paicey is on record as saying that he takes the 18yr old Kid (That he was) on stage every night as a way of getting into the zone.

    I think anyone with the passion, Hunger & desire to Dazzle will always find a way, irrespective of age!

    DP are the most significant band for me over the last 39yrs (And counting) with ‘Family’ coming a very close second – Roger Chapman & Charlie Whitney never made it up & we were robbed of tasting their combined creativity again – Roger retired end of last year.
    So I must be so very grateful that DP are still going & with a happy momentum of sorts – What is it they say ‘Always count your blessings, because they won’t be chickens before they hatch’ or somesuch????

    Would love to see JL play with the guys one more time before travelling further than the local takeaway becomes prohibitively expensive.

    ‘Ain’t got no money – just like Jack Ruby’ Now there’s a tune that I can’t get out of my head!

  61. 61
    mrjone says:

    Maybe if they release something new, and stop playing those outdated songs from the 70’s. I’ve come to intensely hate SoTW and HS, cause for me, they now represent poor taste from drunken people who want to dwell in the past.

    Songs from the Morse-era only, and then a new album. Ian can’t sing the old shit anymore, but he’s brilliant on the new stuff.

    Please, stop acting like a poor pub-goer’s cabaret band, playing “Farsund garden and knitting-festival” or the other beer tents. Where’s your pride Purps?

    The 70’s are gone – your new stuff is now. Oh, and don’t use Bradford to produce your new album. Surely he is a nice bloke, but you need someone fresh.

  62. 62
    fernando says:

    Wait to begin this year to enjoy the new album from DP, and we ran all?, We learned that the band we love above all things, is worth the damn money than their fans.
    It is horrible, please say enough, do it for you and perpetuate his name as the cover of IN ROCK.

  63. 63
    Alan says:

    Lets face it. As much as I still love Purple they lost something special back in 1993 when Ritchie left and took with him the creative force that made the band. I still see them when they tour the UK but sadly its not the same.

  64. 64
    Paul Jacklin says:

    Love DP of old and love DP of the Steve Morse era too.

    Saw them in concert for 1st time at NEC last November – fantastic! I hope to see them again but good things never last and at their age you never know. I don’t/can’t knock them for touring if that’s what they want to do. I only care for the music and not the brand image.

    Yes, if you see them regularly you’d perhaps hope that they’d mix the set list up a bit more but if it’s a first time you probably want the MkII classics. I’ve no idea which category their typical concert audience falls into.

    On balance my favourite DP songs are probably MKII or MKIII but it is hard to be sure whether we’re entirely objective – nostalgia, “soundtrack of our youth” and all that might unwittingly close our minds.

    But I love ROTD (got it last Christmas) and I hope they choose to do another album because in all probability it will add to my collection of great DP songs. But it’s their choice and after 40+ years they can hardly be said to owe anybody.

    Of course in a way it’s a shame that they’re not as big as they used to be. I suspect that had they not reformed in 1984 but left it much later they could have ridden the nostalgia wave in the same way as Ledzep did – but what a lot of fantastic music we’d have missed out on. But they’re not “cool” and are ignored by the mainstream media by and large. I doubt I would have rediscovered them if it were not for the Internet (they were pretty much right off my radar from 1993-2003). Fans are no doubt dying off and for some rock/pop is something for their youth. Other than through their parents their is little scope for DP to tap into youth culture, at least in UK.

    My older cousin who was the first person who I knew who had some DP vinyls was surprised when I told him I went to see DP in concert. He had no idea they were still going, but it wasn’t that he didn’t like their music.

    I love DP and a bit of my youth will die when they’re gone but for now ROCK ON I say. If you don’t like them anymore fine, but whilst everybody’s entitled to their opinions I’m not sure what is to be gained by negative postings on this site

  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 58


    Excuse me…..

    Who are you?

    Do I know you?

    Guess not…..


  66. 66
    George says:

    dave smith,

    You are misinterpreting my thoughts again! That’s not good.
    I DO LOVE DEEP PURPLE and they are my all time favorite rock band. Why d’you keep saying that I don’t love the band or what they’re doing now??? I have never said things like that. I just say that sometimes DEEP PURPLE doesn’t act like one of the greatest bands in rock. E.g., on a forthcoming festival in Spain, Deep Purple is confirmed as a warm-up band for Twisted Sister. Can anyone here and there explain me, WHY???? WHYYYYYYY???? Why did DEEP PURPLE, one of the greatest rock band on earth accepted to be headlined by Twisted Sister??? Can you explain that?

    “I was there when you met Gillan in Turkey and am suprised you have managed to prise yourself from his behind!” – what you mean in “prise yourself from his behind!”?

    Why d’you want to draw my portrait as a hater of the band? I can’t understand, really.

  67. 67
    Perfectstringdangler says:

    Marty DiBergi: “A few years ago the band was playing to 10,000, 15,000 seat arenas, and now you seem to be more in the 1200, 1600 seat venues. After all these years, do you feel that the band’s popularity is…waning?”

    Ian Faith: “Oh, no. No no no no no no no…..uh, we just feel that our audience is becoming, ah…. more selective.”

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this thing is sputtering to close? I don’t think we’ll ever see another studio record, barring a long-overdue lineup shakeup.

  68. 68
    purplepriest1965@hotmail.com says:

    @ 57 again

    50 shows by this line up????!!!!

    No way in hell!!!!

    Only for MK 1, 2 and 3I d love to do that and I never had that kinda money.


    DP and this site is and never was only about and for loyal fans who insist THEY are the real fans because they endorse the band whatever they do……

    Thats like being footballfans who love everything their spoiled heroes deliver.

    I dont like to sound or think pretentious.

    But I always consciously or subconconsciously hoped that protesting against something might cause the internal momentum in the band to change one day.

    Its true…..

    Why would all those so called fans loving to see them with a wrong outfit and pleased out of their wits……..listen to so called narrow minded people like me?

    To draw the comparison again…..

    I would never imagine that it is possible to change the behaviour of millions of people who love to eat overpriced low quality shit at MacDonalds.
    It just happens most people dont have a clue what QUALITY is or dont give a damn.

    So why think things concerning DP would be any different?

    You seem to be one of those people that think only arse whiping loyal fans are entitled to waste precious time rambling about how wonderful they are……

    Why should I not be entitled to waste same amounts of MY time claiming it is horrible what they are doing to their legacy?!

    The more silly comments I read about how great their apalling gigs are the more I feel inclined to write the other side of the coin.

    I do like to go out a lot actually, btw.
    And I do KNOW the meaning of your implication but you are just dead plain fucking wrong about me.

    Right now its terribly hot and I did sleep not very well due to several aches.

    I do have more than many passions and interests but my health often stops me in my tracks.

    Untill that problem is solved I have to chose my activities very care fully.

    I d not not even go to a DP show if they gave me money right now.
    With the REAL people on board I d drag my self to the ticket offiche even when I was almost dead!!!!
    Recently I attended a great show by one my other favourites.
    That was hard due my condition even knowing they rocked!!!!
    But a show that exites instead of bores you helps to bear a lot.

    I agree with your opinion on judging their shows through bad quality tubes and so on.

    But I DID saw about 9 shows with Morse since 1996 so dont so I never had some kinda experience to judge.


    There are loads of footage of the Net who DO have the amount of quality to judge.
    I still have very good hearing and I can listen very carefully whats happening beneath a bad recording.
    In BOTH cases every retard can conclude that people who say they are lazy and sitting on their laurels are very damn right.

    Like someone and many others have said……

    Is it really that hard to study about 40 or 50 songs and surprise the audience instead of a largely predictable hitlist?

    Even when I dont like the Morse sound……

    I d given them a lot of credit if they had stuck out to their guns, showed some balls and integrity and ME the middle finger, and deliver a set of MAINLY Morse era tracks and promote that CONSTANTLY.

    They never really did, although the PURPENDICULAR was a very good start, and everyone with a sane mind knows why.

    Maybe if Ian Gillan would put the lyrics through some digital device beneath his sunglasses he would get out of trouble and deliver more different songs?

    16 wasted years!!!!!

    Guys, get your self together and show us what you re made of instead of insulting and depressing me.

    Now it is like meeting an old girlfriend who used to be hotter than hell grown in something bad you d never expect.


    People who care dont walk away and let be.

    Ofcourse one may find me a pain in the ass.

    Its your choice not to waste any more time reading my writings.

    YOUR time is precious as well, remember.

    Dont YOU have something better to do than defend a washed up band?

    Cheers, Mark

  69. 69
    Alex says:

    I think they should stop touring so much, have small rest, finish with the recent management and look around.

  70. 70
    Alex says:

    Ozzy is not touring so much, but now he did a new album. And every time he has no problems with poor ticket sales.

  71. 71
    Alex says:

    Otherwise, they will play soon before 100 people, like it was with Nazareth who had a show in a small Russian village in a village (!) club.

  72. 72
    dave smith says:

    Hello Mark (Purple Priest!!) Im not defending a ‘washed up band’ as you say. Im saying I enjoy their music as do the hundreds of thousands of people who go to see them every year-the majority of which couldnt care less about abandon, purpendicular and ROTD. They wanna hear the ‘classic’ songs. Thats why they go to see the band. I dont find you a ‘pain in the ass’ either, like i said before, it bemuses me that if you loathe a band so much that you seem to spend a large majority of your time reading about them and then slating them.
    You CANNOT judge a band through an internet recording-its just impossible-and if your ears are so good that you can, perhaps you should be working in a proffessional capacity as a sound engineer-you are obviously extremely talented.
    “DP and this site is and never was only about and for loyal fans who insist THEY are the real fans because they endorse the band whatever they do……” This actually makes no sense!
    Im not ‘defending a washed up band’ im stating that the band are playing great at the moment-in my opinion, as someone who goes to see them play
    Just out of interest-when did you last see the band perform, and where?
    The band at the moment are playing great, and gillan is singing great. Im not wiping their asses-im stating an opinion, based on witnessing things=not reading about them or watching them on the internet.
    Yes I have many things better to do with my time, which is why i only drop into this site from time to time, to catch up on news etc. Its just that every time I do, yourself, or 1 of the maybe 20 other ‘regular’ posters, have written something that I just find unbelievable-and for once i thought, bollocks im going to reply. In a way, i wish i hadnt, as all it does is fuel you into more inane ramblings.
    Richie has left the band. Jon Lord has left the band. Thay aint ever coming back! Get over it.
    This is Deep Purple in the here and now-and even on their worst night they are head and shoulders above the turge of torrid shit that record companies release now.
    Im not going to say any more on this matter, as it is actually rather boring. Perhaps just say to yourself-If i no longer like the band, perhaps I shouldnt visit a fansite dedicated to them?!
    Perhaps you and George should get together and discuss a few things!
    Ps george-which spanish festival are dp supporting twisted sister?!

  73. 73
    George says:

    Dave Smith,

    It seems I remembered mistakenly. Deep Purple are appearing at ‘Festival Les Deferlantes” (in France), where they are a WARM-UP band not for Twisted Sister, but for Gossip (a “newly” established indie rock band)


    So, I repeat: when DEEP PURPLE, my favorite and one of the greatest rock’n’roll band ever confirmed to be a supporting act for the “newly” established Indie rock band – That’s a SHAME!

    Now, you come again and say that just because I don’t like to see DP as a warm-up band, it means (for you) that I don’t love DP, I don’t like their live performances etc etc etc etc…

  74. 74
    mrjone says:

    Check out the band Spock’s Beard! They have a lot of “old Purple” in them, as well as elements from Dream Theater, Genesis and even Led Zep at times.

    They had to finance the new album by having us fans preorder it. They want to release new albums, so they can tour them.

    Hopefully, there will be another DP album too. It is such a waste that musicians of this quality spend their time being a “play old drivel for beer money-band”.

  75. 75
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Inane ramblings?

    I suppose thats meant to be kinda demeaning?
    Well, one can always try.

    If my writings are that stupid, pointless and so on why do you reply?

    I saw about 9 shows since 1996 incl 2 shows at the RAH in London.
    So my last one was early 1996.
    Are you really thinking to make a point here?
    Are you really convinced they improved?

    The progression as a band in the studio is minimal.

    The agression once a important part in the sound is gone.
    The real DP sound, which is the instrumentalists core of Blackmore, Lord and Paice is GONE.

    They dont have a clue how to write STRONG material.
    Again, that was Blackmores department.
    Ofcourse they, ahem….., I mean Gillan, Glover and Paice were part of the creation process…..
    But without Blackmore s DRIVE and COMPOSITIONSKILLS they would have made pointless albums way back already.

    In general the material after PURPENDICULAR is mediocre at best.
    Ofcourse there are NICE tracks but DP should not be about nice but about EXCELLENT.


    They keep on relying on things of the past.
    Why not try push hard convincing Morse era Purple is a REAL mark on their own?
    WE all know the answer.
    If not, get that head out of your arse.

    Its not very strong to say zillions of people love it.
    Thats called TASTE, not proof.

    Being a fan does not mean staying away from criticism.

    Like many others I witnessed that last soccerfinal between us and Spain.
    The Dutch get hard criticism for playing that dirty.
    Ofcourse one can suggest that this time they pushed it to the limits due to that attitude and style of playing.
    And thats why they got that far.
    They almost won.
    I agree, it could have been partly due to the ugly agression displayed by them.

    But I can empathise with analysts who say….they regret this match.
    Instead of delivering class football they were fighting like animals.
    I agree.
    Does winning count and not the rest?

    Like a true DP fan it hurts to see them pushing it to the end, losing all their integrity.
    But, ofcourse, many others dont give a toss and think its great anyway.

    I dont need a degree in soundengineering to hear Steve did not learn much in 16 years.
    I m not impressed by people or so called objective musicmagazines that say he is very talented.
    His solo s are utterly boring, repetetive to the extreme and so on.
    I m sure there are many musicians who are NOT known in the buisness who are better.

    Every stubborn fool, pun intended,should be able to notice such things.

    Apart from, I already adressed that, low quality tubes and so on, every retard, again pun intended, is able to hear certain aspects in the live performances.

    Their albums are in general mediocre.
    You seem to imply that you dont give a toss that they and their audience are mainly focussed on old stuff.

    Its your right to feel that way and its my right to feel otherwise.

    I do have agood hearing but I also have good skills in the area of having sex.
    Should I become a gigolo?

    Think not.

    The world is full of whores and they serve a purpose, appearantly.
    Its just I dont like to join them.
    Maybe you do?

    Dont try to keep demeaning listeners of tubes who do CARE and are not all retards.
    Maybe George and loads of others dont have the right to say they are experienced gig followers.

    Again, many tubes are good enough to say something about it.
    Stop suggesting on your high horse that you are the one who has seen the real thing and the others live in a cave.

    I dont feel for George.
    I dont know him.
    I notice awkwardness, stupidity and so on in his outings as well.
    Dont compare him to me, thats ridicilous.

    I m here since 1977 and witnessed many DP related gigs AND from others.
    Do you really think you can overrule people through saying you did see their recent shows?

    I did see a lot of shows but that does not make me God or an all knowing person.
    But I m very sincere and as selfcriticical as towards others.
    I dont lack empathy but honesty always counts.

    I do not read everything about DP on the Net, I dont have that kinda time and lust.
    This post and reading yours does not take hours.

    Try to stay away writing more bollocks, as you call it.

    Gillan is not singing great, go to a specialist, mate.

  76. 76
    Svante Axbacke says:

    George, it’s a festival, not a show with a warm-up band. A lot of factors determine who plays when at a festival. At a festival in Sweden last week, DP were supposed to play at midnight one of the festival days. A sort of headline spot if you like. But due to logistics problems (travel etc.) they had to switch places with a lesser known act and got to play at 1945 instead.

    At a regular show, no one would even have thought of pairing The Gossip and DP together. But things work differently at festivals.

    You also need to realise that sadly Dp isn’t the biggest bans in the world. In your world it is, apparently, nut not in the rest of the world. Like it or not but The Gossip’s latest album has probably sold more than Rapture of the Feep.

  77. 77
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Typos courtesy of Apple Inc. and iPhone. 🙂

  78. 78
    HZ says:

    iPhone rules! So The Gossip? 🙂

  79. 79
    George says:

    Svante, I don’t say that Deep Purple is the biggest band in the world. But it’s common that they’re one of the biggest bands of Rock’N’Roll.
    The most famous riffs of rock music
    Ritchie mostly in the TOP 10 or 20 of greatest guitarists
    Gillan mostly in the top 5 vocalists
    Lord mostly in the top 3 keys
    Paice mostly in the top 10 of drummers
    Whitesnake, Rainbow, Gillan – 3 mega bands which really rulled in the 80’s

    100 million albums sold, 3,800 shows in the career, millions of tickets sold. pioneers of the genre, etc etc… Isn’t that enough to call them one of the biggest band of rock?
    It doesn’t matter how many copies of the last album did Gossip sell (in contrast with Rapture). Deep Purple is the bigger name than Gossip.
    btw, Gossip’s last album sold 1,200,000 copies in the world, while, according to Gillan, Rapture of the Deep sold 1,500,000 and became their biggest selling album after Perfect Strangers.

    So, there was no reason why DP should be headlined by the “new” indie-rock band… and there was no logistic problems, as Gossip was confirmed as a headliner a very long time ago, DP being second on the bill.

    I’m happy that you don’t compare yourself with me, sincerely.
    What about Gillan’s singing, if we don’t count those earth shuttering screams which he used to do in the 70’s and 80’s, He still sings perfect. Singing is NOT only screaming. I still remember what he did in Bologna last year. Listen to Wasted Sunsets from that show to know what the singing is…

  80. 80
    George says:


    Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6qzoG_HrCg

    He sings with NO detonations, almost like in the original version.
    The only songs where Gillan struggles are Highway Star, Fireball and Space Trucking. He sings those songs in his current range.
    I’ve talked a lot about Gillan’s current range with one person, who’s a vocal specialist. He says that Ian Gillan had the widest range in rock music – 4 octaves if we count head voice. nowadays he sings in 3-3.5 octaves. Pay attention that in his best Robert Plant had 3.25 octaves range.

    P.S. maybe it sounds ridiculous, but sometimes I think that you’re Ritchie’s mother or someone like that, posting SHIT all the time…

  81. 81
    George says:

    Here’s a great review from the recent concert in Portugal.
    review + photos: http://cotonete.clix.pt/noticias/body.aspx?id=45761

    to translate it, use google translator

  82. 82
    Soren says:

    You seem to be a lot more interrested in sales figers and such than i am, but…
    I´m pretty sure i read somwhere (Slaves and masters tour program, maybe?) that the House of Blue Light had sold two and a half million copies. And, if that´s correct, that is a figure that is twenty years old!
    Who knows… (Anyone?)
    All the best!

  83. 83
    George says:

    I’ve read Gillan’s interview where he says that Rapture sold 1.5 million copies worldwide and became the highest selling DP album since Perfect Strangers. I just quoted Ian. Don’t know the other info

  84. 84
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Never put too much trust into what Ian Gillan says. His motto is “don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”. 🙂

    Sales figures are difficult. DP’s bio have said 100 million albums for many years now. And I believe they are still selling. 🙂

  85. 85
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I must admit I did go overboard when I said Ian cant sing well at the moment.
    I sent Gillan and his loyal fans my apologies ….
    I ve gotta hand it to you, George.
    I already realised that I slipped but your remark was the final trigger to open up about it.

    Apart from cringing moments in SKOW I noticed he is better than 1 year ago.

    I witnessed loads of tubes , but thanx for your zealous action to sent me alink.
    Maybe you should try to become Gillans agent?
    A passionate and young man might do wonders for his pensionfund.

    Although there might be the problem of lacking objectivity.

    I suppose it has become harder and harder for me to listen to Ian Gillan.

    I think thats due to…….

    The build up frustrations with him , the LIES about several things, the unfruitful and stubborn choice for working the wrong man all these years with the wrong man, the un adventurous setlists and so on.

    The man was 1 of my first and real inspirations and heroes.

    I CARE George!!!!

    You do as well.

    Funny pun intended section where you appreciate my wish NOT to compare us, hehehe

    Talking about comparing…..
    I d rather chose to be Margrit Blackmore than Ritchies mother in law.
    Just taste ofcourse.

    Btw, I did NOT say that your writings are all shit.
    I d appreciate you d admit the same about mine.

    Go go George.

    Cheers, Mark

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