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Rainbow Show Manchester – Cancellation

According to a post on the Manchester Arena The Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow show on 22nd June will not now go ahead.

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow

Promoter statement
Following last month’s tragic incident and the subsequent temporary closure of the main area outside the venue, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow show on Thursday 22 June 2017 is unfortunately no longer able to take place at Manchester Arena.
Other shows on Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow tour are not affected and will continue as planned, including London’s The O2 (Stone Free Festival) on Sat 17 June, Glasgow The SSE Hydro on Sun 25 June and Birmingham Genting Arena on Wed 28 June.
From Rainbow – “Ritchie, all band members and management are sorry that this tragedy has occurred.  Our heartfelt sympathy to all victims and everyone in Manchester”.

6 Comments to “Rainbow Show Manchester – Cancellation”:

  1. 1
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Good call. Better safe than sorry. Be happy!.

  2. 2
    kraatzy says:

    ups …

    Sad news for the fans …



  3. 3
    David Sanderson says:

    I know Ariana Grande is a different type of music altogether but I’m sure every reader of this site sends their sympathy and prayers to the friends and families of the victims. We will never forget you. R.I.P.

  4. 4
    UWE HORNUNG says:

    I was at the Glasgow gig.

    Executive summary: I’ve been to better Rainbow and Deep Purple gigs, but I’m no sure that I have been to many gigs where Ritchie himself soloed better.

    I was highly critical of last years Loreley and Bietigheim-Bissingen (and justly so!), but Ritchie and the band have done their homework, in 2017 the band is way tighter. Ronnie doesn’t oversing as much (and his English has become a lot less cringeworthy), Bob has changed his sound (different bass too) and plays a lot less (sometimes too little in fact), the punky little drummer can now – for those of you who care about such things – do the drum intro to Stargazer (with the band then promptly not commencing to play … obviously the false start is an inside practical joke of the band).

    And then there is Jens Johannson, sigh! Still the weakest link in the package and the weakest keyboarder Blackmore has ever played with; the nadir was when people started booing and whistling during his shambles of an incohesive keyboard solo during Difficult to Cure. The poor guy is unable to play an entertaining keyboard solo that holds the listeners’ attention. No Jon Lord, no Don Airey, no Tony Carey or Colin Towns (whose solos were always great in their nerdishness), compared to him even David Stone and David Rosenthal were charismatic, attention-grabbing players. Even his solo during Burn was hushed and subdued, what’s wrong with him, is he not enjoying himself (he did smile to Bob once)? If the keyboarder abbasolutely has to be Swedish, why not get Benny Andersson instead? He at least knows how to entertain, write a tune or two, also has a double consonant in his name and – last I heard – Ritchie appreciates the band he used to play with?! ; – )

    Yes, Ritchie, I wanted to write about him too … He was quietly gifted in the Hydro, more of his idiosyncratic slide playing than I have ever heard before (nearly every song) – the arthritis in his fingers might make him lean more towards slide playing these days – and I love just that because his slide style is as original and unmistakeable as, say, George Harrison’s – worlds apart from what traditional blues players do in their classic open tuning. I infinitely prefer those majestic slide melodies to his shredding attacks in the late 80ies.

    He had difficulties on some faster runs, his picking hand isn’t as precise and strong as it used to be, but he makes up for it by choice of notes and feel. He took me on a journey with his solos more than once and that is what a good Blackmore gig should do. That said, he doesn’t have the nimble and sneaky elegance of, say, California Jam anymore, that gorgeous Burn riff doens’t run smoothly in his hands anymore.

    What else is there to say? Very good sound at the Hydro, Blackmore much more to the forefront (without drowning anybody out) and prominent than at the 2016 German gigs I saw. Set list lazy (not the song!): If you were waiting for Gates of Babylon or Tarot Woman, you were disappointed, it followed almost exactly last year’s gigs. Highway Star dropped from the set (thankfully so, all the versions I heard last year were severely botched), no screens which at a hall the size of the Hydro is hardly state of the art, especially given how many people came to watch Blackers play up close. While the band was much tighter than last year, they are still not really heavy, not compared to Rainbow of yore and not compared to current DP, what you get today is a sort of Dire Straits version of Rainbow.

    The highlight of the gig was telling though: It was Blackmore’s acoustic solo during Soldier of Fortune (which was nothing like the original studio version we all know and love). That was so beautifully nuanced and controlled, yet apparently off the cuff, you couldn’t help thinking that by now he just feels more at home expressing himself on an acoustic instrument than wielding a Strat.

  5. 5
    UWE HORNUNG says:

    That’s what I meant, Ritchie at ease doing what he does best these days (and that is not a knock from me):


  6. 6
    Bob Worm says:

    At last someone has posted something about the Rainbow shows on here. I agree in lots of ways with UWE, I was at all three gigs and some things needed to be improved, but there were some beautiful moments at all three events.

    The last show in Brum had the best bits for me, his solo in Mistreated was like a time gone by, with him going off on a journey and the crowd felt it big time and the crowd also loved the beautiful and fitting Carry On Jon at the end, which was particularly wonderful and moving.

    I so loved him doing the hit singles in all three gigs, I surrender, Since you Been gone and in Glasgow especially, All Night Long rocked big time, its just a shame the crowd didn’t show more appreciation for the one song I was hoping to here him play again, after hearing it in 1995, which was Temple of the King at the end, short but sweet and made my tour and it was way better than the Still Im Sad performance he did in London.

    So much more I could write, but the important thing to say here is….. Where the F*%K is the coverage Highway Star and all you constant posting folk, I am sorry to say its almost like you all dont want to acknowledge the tour and what was amazing about it from a 72 old legend with arthritis and a massive legacy to live up to. I think its shameful how the only post for ages on this website relating to the tour is this one about the Manchester gig getting cancelled!!

    The gigs were much better than last years and in fairness last years Brum gig was very good. Cant believe no other reviews or coverage has been put up yet, sort it out people and stop being moaning purists that lament the 1970 / 80’s and go on about it not being the same. Check out this clip I took of him doing the tribute to Jon Lord, that alone deserves a post and review.

    Long Live Rock and Roll indeed.

    Bob 🙂


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