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Listen to Jon Lord’s new album

JonLord.org has launched an exclusive preview of To Notice Such Things, Jon Lord’s new album, to be released on March 29.

Find out more about To Notice Such Things on JonLord.org/tnst

21 Comments to “Listen to Jon Lord’s new album”:

  1. 1
    HardRockPete says:

    Ahhh, thank you Lord!

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Did listen to it and burned onto a disc.
    My first one of something like this!!!!

    Lovely piece of introduction to his new album and this introduction grasped me very much.
    So much that I might be more eager to buy this soon than just copy it.

    Will be doubtful if “the others” surpass this sublime piece of work.

    Go Go Lordy!!!!

  3. 3
    Leonr2z says:

    Thanks for the tasters Jon.

    Really looking forward to buying the album so I can hear the rest!

    If it is only half as good as “Sarabande” it will be brilliant!

  4. 4
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Only one tiny point of critcism.

    It concerns the narrating Jon did.

    It happens a lot that soundlevels are not practical.
    Its like when you re watching a movie the commercials are terribly loud.

    The VOICE of Jon should be louder compared to the music.

  5. 5
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Copyrighted materials are being shared here but not for the taking. Come on….

  6. 6
    kraatzy says:

    Hey Mr. Lord,

    I miss a very amazing guitar … where is Ritchie and his Fender Strat ?

    It will be PERFECT …

    … oh shit … just wake up … what a beautyfull dream …

    Greets from germany

    kraatzy 😉

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Dusted off a few of other albums by Lordy and sort of got into a craze.

    For example…..

    ” Durham Concerto” , very underappreciated work got the complete spin and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

    Somehow got into YouTube again and found SEVERAL great clips.

    Incl a few of the SuperDrumming Sessions from German TV.

    Tracks called Sarabande, Gigue and R.U.N.
    The first 2 with a guitarist to modern for me, I prefer the one he used in Tilburg in 2004…..

    And the last one (RUN)a track with Nicko Mc Brain of IRON MAIDEN
    This one led to diving into an other song …a great stonking McBrain version of Rythym Of The Beast, incl Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray and on keys a certain Moran who I seem to remember from Gillan or Blackmore. A song?

    After completely being absorbed by the Lord section in FACE TO FACE I saw a similar section with mainman Tony Iommi…..

    My pc got a bit tired so we had to stop…..

    And it was already late in the evening on a sunday, so…..

    But the main bulk we got ourselves occupied with was the then found FACE TO FACE interviewshow with Rick Wakeman talking to Jon in 9 parts!!!!!

  8. 8
    Woodruff P. Hoppinstopp says:

    My Sweet Lord

  9. 9
    stoffer says:

    Very Nice, my wife overheard and said thats nice what is that? It takes a very talented man to write “such things”. 😉

  10. 10
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Mike Moran is his name, IGB first album CIT, good keyboard player who like david Stone, is nowhere to be found these days.

  11. 11
    Lordydos says:

    Hey Purplepriest1965 ! Just a quickie to say many thanks for the heads-up regarding Jon Lord’s Superdrumming youtube appearances! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the maestro at work; thanks once again !

  12. 12
    Roy says:

    Some guys here are absolutely right. When will Jon and Ritchie (or Ritchie and Jon, whichever) come to terms??? Is there a possibility to see them back together…??? The world is hungry for some of those long amazing organ vs. guitar (guitar vs. organ, whichever)solos.

  13. 13
    Svante Axbacke says:

    If JL and RB do something together again, I have a feeling it won’t be electric.

  14. 14
    Roy says:

    Svante, I have the feeling it will be eclectic. That is, both acoustic and electric…

  15. 15
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Why would it? None of them are interested in electric rocking anymore. And if they did go electric, do you really think it would be the same as 20 or 40 years ago? Of course not. Enjoy the music they made the instead.

  16. 16
    Roy says:

    It would, Svante. I would pay my money to watch them again live. But it’d have to be both acoustic ( a small part of the set, insignificant whatsoever) and mostly electric. All these past years, Ritchie and Jon (Jon and Ritchie, whichever) have been “pantomimes” of themselves. Just as David Coverdale, look at him now, a babysitter of sorts! And Glenn…?? he knows that DEEP inside his heart is PURPLE NOT “BLACK”….. LONG LIVE DEEP PURPLE MKIII EVER…..!!! STORMBRINGER COMING YOUR WAY….!!!!!

  17. 17
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Hello Roy – this is 2010.

  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I wish it was 1970

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And btw

    1 Thinking they are not able anymore to play rockmusic anymore makes me shake my head in complete and utter disbelief
    Ofcourse they are able too!!!!

    2 Roy might be a dreamer but he is not the only one.

    Jon Lords dream might have been denied by himself but he does change his mind wuite often, dontya think?
    Apart from that, loads of people would die in order to witness once again that foundation of Deep Purple with Blackers, Lordy and Paicey

    I dont think those 3 hate each other
    I dont think that it would be such an effort to get together for 1 or 3 shows or a mini tour and album.

    Hoping with ya Roy, but please forget Mark 3.

    If Id have to choose, give me the TRIO anytime

  20. 20
    Ashot says:

    Such a great work. Thank you Jon!

    Regards from Armenia,


  21. 21
    Rodrigo Rosas Fernandes says:

    My Sweet Lord [2]

    Thank you very much again!

    Best regards from Brazil,


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