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Jon Lord: Around the world in 20 concerts

Jon Lord in St. Petersburg, Russia 2009

“Around the world in 20 concerts” is the title of the latest interview with Jon Lord published on his website.

Here, he talks about a busy 2009 that took him to concert stages around the world – incl. places he’d never before visited as a solo artist – as well as into the recording studio to lay down his new album “To Notice Such Things”.

– Yes, this has been an incredibly busy year. We did all those shows, and especially getting the Lichfield show ready, finishing “To Notice Such Things”, recording it, then arranging all the stuff for the show with the college up in Edinburgh; the 40th anniversary Concerto show in Dublin, and then Russia and Bucharest and so on. So it’s been quite a busy time, says Jon Lord.

Read the full interview on JonLord.org.

18 Comments to “Jon Lord: Around the world in 20 concerts”:

  1. 1
    The Aviator says:

    Uow! Even Jon Lord asks for a new DP album:

    “- I hope they go back into the studio quite soon and just give themselves another boost with some more material. I’m really interested to hear what a new album would sound like. Maybe they’ll even ask me to write them a song. It’s time they had a ballad. A good ballad.”

    And a little help from Jon don’t hurt, for sure. 😉

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I wish Lordy could do a show in Holland again.
    The show in Tilburg a few years ago I ll cherish forever.

    Or do a mini tour with Blackers and Paicey
    SON OF ALERIK live, yes!

  3. 3
    Petor says:

    I also remember the show in Tilburg very clearly.
    A truly magic evening, five years ago already.
    So I put my thoughts on another show in Holland!

  4. 4
    T says:

    With Jon Lord now on the outside looking in, his perspective provides some insight that perhaps few in the current band manage to see. Sometimes, it appears the band can’t see the forest for the trees.

    For instance, Mr. Lord talks at length about Ian Gillan taking care of his voice. Although he chooses his words carefully, the message is clear: Slow down. As Lord says, Gillan is the only member who can’t buy a new instrument.

    The most telling segment of the interview was the comment on a new album. Again, Jon Lord is very careful in choosing his words so as not to be condescending, but even so, it is clear that he understands what the fans do: It’s been far, far too long between albums:

    “I hope they go back into the studio quite soon and just give themselves another boost with some more material,” he said. “I’m really interested to hear what a new album would sound like. Maybe they’ll even ask me to write them a song.”

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Petor

    Enjoyable website you made.

    Great pics and cartoons


  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Appearantly Lord does not think much of the softer tracks on the last two ballads?

    Gillans contributions to the Hoochie Coochie Mens album was more like we like I think.

    I still think highly of songs like BLIND, whish Gillan had done a retake on that one……

    Btw, I d say that they need a more rocking effort instead of too much softness.

    But Morse is still here and ABANDON was not really a 2nd IN ROCK like some people like to say…….

    Purpendicular was quite ok, but probably it s stupid to ask for a thing like that……


    Ask not only Lord for songs but the other founder as well.
    He must have shitloads of great material in his shed……
    Please hurry, it s damp in there…..

    Some orchids like it damp but orchids are not abot rock and roll I ve been told…..

    Cheers to you Misterrrrrr Lorrrrddddddddddd

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Last 2 ballads should have been last 2 albums ofcourse……

    I kinda liked HAUNTED…..

    Yeah, I know, me strange

  8. 8
    Larry Toering says:

    Yawn, love Jon but he made his decision years ago. At least he still has concerns though, one out of two ain’t all that bad. Where was he in that aspect during the Abandon sessions? Its just hard to swallow his comments, carefully worded or not. The Ian issue is not only Jon’s to express though, so that one is of the no-brainer school and not even necessary for him to publically opine, its silly. Its not like the others are going to stop the machine rolling over technical factors, never have, never will. Just to help my point, why didn’t they stop Ritchie sometime between 84 and 88 and tell him he sounds suspect and needs to re think his guitar sound? It was definitley sub-par for him. It just doesn’t work that way, the fans either like something or they don’t, there is no rocket science involved, its simply and naturally rock and roll. If it weren’t, they’d be a pop sensation to say the least. Its not bloody pop so it shouldn’t be measured by such standards. The biggest fact here is time is not on their side. Those worried no album will be made while they’re still around to make one, turn on the light, they’re working on it as we speak, if not we’re misinformed.(has anyone been reading lately?)

  9. 9
    Larry Toering says:

    Again, thanks for the spell check but it didn’t work.lol!

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I have great respect for Jon but unfortunately not for every aspect of his behaviour.

    I agree with Larry, tired of the nick?, Toering that Jons way of trying to put things is easy to dismantle after years of following things Purply.

    Indeed he shows contradictory tendencies.

    He often showed his, his own words, cowardness.

    I think that Jon was already very tired of the Morse era during ABANDON.
    He also had this beautiful piece of music called Pictured Within on his mind.
    Compare those 2, please.
    If you still try to think that the first was going to be a killer if Jon had been more present, well forget it…..

    He ll probably never, or not soon, admit, that doing the Morse thing was a wrong move , like he has done before with and towards the Bolin thing…….
    Due to diplomacy reasons…..

    One might say……Ohhhhhhhhhh, how kind of Jon, he s such a gentleman.

    Tommy and Glenn were easy victims to spit after the demise of MK 4.
    Glenn was indeed a troubleshooter and Tommy…….Tommy was dead.

    He said very negative things about JLT AFTERWARDS as well.
    He must have felt strong at the time saying that.
    He was negative about Gillan at the end of the 80 s as well…..

    He let it happen that Gillan left in 72 and not only one that let Old Rog in the cold after that.
    He silently agreed with ditching Rod and Nicky instead of trying to secure their royalties.

    he let it happen that David in WHITESNAKE claimed that HE wrote Mistreated…..

    Do I need to go on?

    Lord is a wonderful man but dont forget the other side as well.
    Maybe because he s a GEMINI, I dont know…..
    Every day an other face……
    Well, it gives alot of interesting variety as well.

    Cheers, Jon.

  11. 11
    grannypants says:

    What Mr Lord needs is a,,,,,

    Mark III reunion!!!!

    Oh wait thats just me needing it,,,,

  12. 12
    Rascal says:

    @10 Or maybe its beacause Mr Lord was born in the Chinese year of the Snake!

  13. 13
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Grannypants

    Forget Mark 3.

    It had great moments but Dave cant sing anymore and Glenn still has not learned to economise on the whooping and screaming.
    Such a waste….

    Mark 2 is possible, just ab few knocking on certain peoples heads.

    Emerson, Lake and Palmer WILL play a show this summer in London.
    Together on the bill are Heaven and Hell and Joe Bonamassa.
    Seriously dreaming of going…..
    But ofcourse not having to go abroad while having to economise myself………

    What I meant to say…..
    If ELP can overcome their personal shit MK 2 can too!!!!

    Ditch this terrible Morse era thing.

    Ofcourse I m not polite when saying his tone is as painful as Kurt Cobains celebration of hate and ugliness “voice”.

    But its true!!!!

    It hurts!!!!

    Gonna drink some more coffee trying to recover again….

    Or better…..

    Play Stargazer from Tokyo 1976 by RAINBOW…..
    On YOUTUBE people…..
    Listen and you ll know the difference.
    If not, you re not ready or hopeless.


  14. 14
    stoffer says:

    priest @ 10 while you make a few good points, IMO Lord would not ever admit that “the Morse thing” was a bad move because it simply was NOT. Without the “smiling American” as you have called him (or something similar) there is a chance there would be no DP (only solo efforts and little touring from the rest of the band) but of course maybe that is the way YOU would prefer it.

  15. 15
    grannypants says:

    MK2 will never reform imho.

    And yes, I’m sick of Morse too, hes way too sterile. He plays very well, but no emotion and no real creativity.

    I want a MK3 reunion just to see RB back in top form ripping up Burn and YFNO (possibly the best live song ever done in its many variations – after JL’s intro to that song and RB’s blistering attacks it still to this day leaves me breathless).

    I still think DC could do most of the MK3 stuff.


    Agree tho about the GH whooping stuff, that was the only part of MK3 that irritated me in any way.

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    GH did make quite alot of stuff on which he does NOT score too much on the annoyance level, actually.

    I m glad, I love loads of it.

    A new Whitesnake and NOT touring in 2010?
    Sounds very wise.
    Good example me thinks…..

    Ofcourse not evrything is fine and dandy with the brother of Steve filling in with BOTH Whitesnake and DIO…..

    I wish to see Craig Goldy return……

    Please Ronnie?
    Maybe the time in hospital also shifted your reasoning and you ll understand that fiddlers are wrong for Old school Classic Rock.

    Hope both Tony and Ronnie are recovering well.

    It must be, considering the announcement of Heaven And Hell at the festival in London, next june.

    Otherwise, I think, that would be a huge contractbreaker?

  17. 17
    stoffer says:

    GH at that time probably didn’t realise what he was whopping or jabbering about when he was onstage! IMO it almost ruined the live recordings from that era.

  18. 18
    james jay says:

    #10 a band is like family–love/hate/fight/agree/disagree/functional/dysfunctional…etc.
    i am positive the rest of the members were not always lovie-dovie either….but they made one heck of a band no matter what Mark line up you favor.

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