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Notes from the road

Steve Morse

Back on the road again, Steve Morse brings us an update. Different realities, $60 bottles of water, the reasons of smiling on stage and (drum roll)

We’re on our way to Austria in the plane right now. We’re supposed to be trying some of the tunes from Purpendicular, so I’m looking forward to that.

Perhaps they do listen to the fans? We are eager to hear what setlist changes (if any) are happening on this tour.

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

22 Comments to “Notes from the road”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    “Playing onstage with the guys is so welcome and comfortable, like sitting in your favorite easy chair at home. That is the reason we smile onstage, because it feels right.” –SM

    I would have to say that pretty much sums it up. No matter what the critics say, there is no denying that the Morse era has been a very tight and happy band.

    Steve: “tunes from Purpendicular, so I’m looking forward to that.” What this means is that Morse is pro new-era songs (naturally–since he co-wrote them) and implies he’s been wanting to do more. I’m hoping for “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” “Somebody Stole My Guitar,” and “Purpendicular Waltz” in place of the regulars from the album.

    Steve: “I’ll get back to you soon, since I have to go check my new amp prototype from ENGL”. Prototype? What prototype? What’s prototype about it?

  2. 2
    Dmitry says:

    I hope, in Russia they will playing Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming… =)

  3. 3
    Andy says:

    They rocked in Split.What a concert.Guys are really rockin’.

  4. 4
    Tracy Heyder says:

    There is no good reason why they don’t play at least one song from all 4 Morse era albums. There are a lot of great songs on all 4 and it would be the proper thing to do. Not to mention it would make a great gig.

  5. 5
    mike says:

    i saw purple in brighton in april,and i nearly fell over when they played the battle rages on!!!it would be great to see the band play some more obscure stuff from the last few albums,come back to brighton purple,brighton needs you!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    Roberto says:

    The songs ‘T’ mentioned are exactely the only ones I don’t like from the Purpendicular album.
    The rest of the album is a masterpiece, but I really don’t need to listen to ‘Sometimes’ Live,I prefer something more particular like ‘loosen my strings’or ‘soon forgotten’ or ‘Castle full of rascals’

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    As a NON (…)SM fan I still do like lots of PURPENDICULAR………Most Of Bananas(hated the cover though), a bit(…)of ABANDON and almost nothing of Rapture……….

    It’s all very subjective…….Ofcourse. I really cannot stand songs like Aviator”……

    I think the ones I like are/have /include more of the ORIGINAL DP FORMAT :
    cascades, Rosa’s cantina, hey cisco……..and could relate to Ted and SIFLS as well……….

    Purpendicular Waltz I like too.

    The bonustrack of the then released Cd single :
    Deep Pimple(or something) I do not like not at all :
    Gillan is screeching terribly and the rest EXTREMELY PALES to something MAJESTIC like Son Of Alerik…….
    Yep, if you listen to this, It’s hard not say : This is THE MAN…………..

    Btw, this reply was NOT intended as a pun in any way………

  8. 8
    deep lavender says:

    “T”: Regarding the prototype Engl amplifiers: they probably just changed the material the resistors or capacitors are made out of. These tube amp makers get fanatical about the smallest little change in an amplifiers make-up and construction.
    And I, like you, am a fan of “Abandon”. One song I like is “Whatsername”, with its contradictory lyrics. “Perp” was an album to see if there was life beyond Blackmore. There is. Then “Abandon” allowed them to expand their creativity both lyrically and musically. To me, the results were very satisfactory.

    Long Live DP.

  9. 9
    PATRICK says:

    i love abandon except for maybe dont make me happy and i dont think they should have redone bludsucker any fule kno that is ok i guess but the rest of the album is killer my fav is seventh heaven

  10. 10
    PATRICK says:

    whatsername is awsome though

  11. 11
    Roberto says:

    The best tracks from A.band.on are ‘don’t make me happy’ a suffered blues ballad interpreted magnificently by gillan and morse and ‘fingers to the bone’ wich is very intensive.others highlghts:seventh heaven,bludsucker and scream of jeck ruby.
    I doon’t like evil louie,wathsurname and she was(they are nice but nothing particular)

    TO everyone:if you have the possibility go to check a bootleg of the first dates of the abandon tour(Istanbul,Rome june ’98).These are among the best performances of Deep Purple and Gillan ever!!!
    trust me.

  12. 12
    Cranberry says:

    The enjoyment, and fun is evident in the music that DP now produces, and plays. Its good to hear it from the ‘Horses Mouth’

    Its time to drop some of the ‘old stuff’ and have faith that the SM era music can easily survive on its own merits.

  13. 13
    Scratchplate1 says:

    Whilst holidaying in turkey a couple of years back, I watched a young band playing “Any fule” in a rock bar in Hasranu village! It was only then that I realised what a great slice of hard n heavy funk it is!! I asked the band why they played this of all Purple songs and they said this was there favourite and that Abandon was really big in turkey!

    I was very impressed by these young turks ability to play western music; Bearing in mind the complexity of the rhythms, great timing of the main riff and Gillans incredible vocal timing on the rapped verse!!

  14. 14
    marcinn says:

    And they did Loosen My Strings in Varese yesterday, so it seesm that we need the polls just to remind them they have the great variety of songs to choose from. Well done, guys. I miss you.


    Pictures of home
    Things I’ve never said
    Into the fire
    Strange Kind of woman
    Rapture of the Deep
    Mary Long
    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
    Contact Lost
    Guitar Solo – Giutar Parade
    Well Dressed Guitar
    The Battle Rages On
    Keyboards Solo
    Perfect Strangers
    Space Truckin
    Highway Star
    Smoke on the water
    Speed King (Drums solo)
    Black Night (Bass Solo)

  15. 15
    CP says:

    A few more newer tunes and I’d pay to see them again,maybe even travel a bit of distance.Loosen My Strings definitely a personal favorite.

  16. 16
    Bo says:

    WHY is “House of Pain” not here?
    It’s still in my opinion the best tey have done since Blackmore left. GREAT with The Battle Rages on. More of that – also from House of Blue Light and why not more rare ones from In Rock & Fireball.

  17. 17
    PATRICK says:

    wow i love loosen my strangs !!!!!!!

    you can say mabye or whatever its…….up to you 🙂

  18. 18
    PATRICK says:

    I WISH THEY WOULD COME BACK TO FLORIDA !!!! IM THE ONE WHO MISSES THEM DAMMIT !! that show in clearwater was insane !! and i got to meet them and get all there autographs:)

  19. 19
    Markus says:

    Great decision to choose Loosen my strings – fine song, I`m looking forward to hear it in Liege on monday !!! Well done – Steve !!!

    What I would appreciate is to reduce the number of songs but to play them in extended versions. I would love to hear a keyboard/guitar battle in speed king or a voice / guitar one in Strange kind of woman (12 songs or so instead of 20 – that would be great).

    Unfortunately they have kicked off blindman – in all concerts since blackmore left this one was the highlight of the show – instead of the last shows when they only did a short version of it.

    Anyway, I`m deeply grateful for every day they`re moving on.

  20. 20
    marcinn says:

    And in Toulon yesterday, Loosen sadly wasn’t played. I don’t know if it is the question of the public that did not ‘properly’ react to the song (that is what I heard about Varese) or maybe the band decided to skip this – for a show or two hopefully. Instead they did Sometimes which is a nice choice, but Loosen seems more acuarte. How about performing the two within one set??? 🙂

  21. 21
    purpleman says:

    Casscades/Im not your lover now is one of my favorite puple songs.In fact my favorite puple albums are: deep purple/deep purple,Machienehead,burn,come taste the band,Perfect strangers,and purpendicular.Im not a big fan of there newest album.It just sounded to compressed,and starchy,It didnt have that live let er rip feal of the previuosly mentiond albums.Just my opinion of course!and believe me i gave it a good try,just didnt do it for me.May be a live studio album?

  22. 22
    purpleman says:

    I would like to here cascades/ Im not your lover ,done live again…killer song

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