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Like a roller coaster

Yet another reaction video. You will not find here neither a Juilliard level analysis, nor an opera singer’s insights, or “professional gushing”. What you will find is a self-described introvert with somewhat less than perfect grasp of English, discovering music that came out 30 (or maybe even 40) years before she was born. And the music is In Rock from start to finish, no less. Proceed if this sounds intriguing.

As another band once said, feels like the first time, innit?

15 Comments to “Like a roller coaster”:

  1. 1
    Montague Winters says:

    Reaction videos are the most boring thing on earth.

  2. 2
    Gregster says:


    Too-bad she’s listening to the edited WB’s version that has the original introduction removed…And I’ll never-ever understand why they removed it, disgraceful editing imo.

    She’ll never have that moment again sadly, or anyone else who listens this version of the album. ( And her accent sounds very European, meaning you’d think the unedited version was available…) .

    Peace !

  3. 3
    AndreA says:

    in the concerts at the beginning of the tour here in Europe I see that Gillan is in great trouble and this causes me great suffering

  4. 4
    James says:

    I was looking forward to seeing her reaction to Ritchie’s intro to the album. Incredibly, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard Speed King without it so I probably looked as shocked as I expected her to.

  5. 5
    Buttockss says:

    I remember when i was 17 yrs young, the first time hearing Child In Time, i was just completely blown away that i listened to over and over. It was the song that turned me into the hardrock metalhead that i am today at 58yrs young. Thank You, DEEP PURPLE !

  6. 6
    Nick says:

    Gregster @2:

    > her accent sounds very European

    it’s French-Canadian

  7. 7
    Uwe Hornung says:

    La mademoiselle is French, n’est-ce pas?

    My hunch is that she not only lacks exposure to DP, but to hard rock in general. It’s kind of like me doing a podcast on nuclear physics which would be of similar revelatory nature, I know nothing about it.

    My wife’s daughter and her hubby dragged me to a TOOL gig last night in Cologne – I knew TOOL only casually, probably haven’t heard more than four hours of TOOL in my life. Anyway, I sat through a concert that was akin to listening to Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music (for manic Depressives!) over and over. Anthropologically interesting (the Lanxess Arena with its capacity of 15.000+ was sold out, amazing how many people will gather to hear music that sounds like AI composed it to bludgeon humans into submission), but compared to TOOL’s painfully angular and brutish, machine-like dytopian soundtrack – a cross between Kraftwerk and Heavy Metal? -, In Rock sounds today to me like a life-affirming, swinging pop rock record! 😂

    It’s all relative, just like this guy Einstein said. I really should do that podcast.

  8. 8
    Uwe Hornung says:

    In our continuing series “Great Moments of Subtle French Diplomacy” and “Making Lasting Friends on State Visits”:


    Well, that was 57 years ago and, alors, they haven’t seceded yet. 😁

    PS: I saw both the Brit and the French parts of Eastern Canada on a trip in 2006 – they were both lovely, though different, but the French part had better food and more unauthorized dump sites in nature. 😎 (You can’t have it all.)

  9. 9
    Gregster says:


    @6 said…( re-accents ).

    qt.”It’s French-Canadian”…

    Thanks Nick, your reply explains the reason how she has the WB issue of the album too…

    @7 said…

    qt.” It’s kind of like me doing a podcast on nuclear physics which would be of similar revelatory nature, I know nothing about it”.

    Everyone needs to know a little about nukes, whether they like it or not, since it’s more than knocking at everyone’s back door…You would be wise to do your podcast, if only to learn about the evil topic…Fingers crossed that people learn that Germany in 2023 used only renewables for all their energy needs…

    Now who’s going to find the little-lady a “proper” unedited edition of the album & send-it-to-her ???…

    Peace !

  10. 10
    Nick says:

    Gregster @9:

    your reply explains the reason how she has the WB issue of the album

    no it doesn’t. it’s not like she went to the store got a cd from amazon. most likely grabbed the first thing at hand from a streaming service du jour. completely oblivious to the fact that it has the gelded version of speed king.

  11. 11
    Gregster says:


    Who knows ???…You suggested she’s Canadian, it makes sense that the bogus WB edition is available…Artwork is advertised in the video frame, & the room she’s in suggests lots of “must have” recordings…

    Anyhow, the point is that it’s the bogus edited version she’s listening to, that’s a fact, but as for the other stuff ???…

    And even people that “burn” their music on their computers hard-drive, face corruption to different versions of albums if their file-sharing is not turned off, & privacy enhanced to 100%…Windows is disgraceful in this manner, but it is possible to remove library files without deleting your burned version. Remember the fine print here folks, you own the plastic, Widows owns everything you do with it.

    I had to re-burn “Fireball” once, as SKoW started playing instead of Demons Eye, & then promptly turned all the Windows sharing bollox off, plus the enhancements. I’ve had success now for well over 10-years, & my data usage dropped over 40%.

    Peace !

  12. 12
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Alors, she’s never heard Led Zep either.


    While that should elevate the charming Mademoiselle in my humble perception for showing (up to now) impeccable taste and generally avoiding harmful influences on youth, a nagging doubt about the truthfulness of it all remains, je pense. 🤔

    They do have radios in Canada, even the French part, oui?


    Or perhaps she went to a Catholic boarding school and they had this on power rotation 24/7? Mon Dieu, it even precedes Les Zepp’lins, vraiment!


  13. 13
    Nick says:

    Uwe @12:

    a nagging doubt about the truthfulness of it all remains, je pense.

    why is it so difficult to accept that people might not be exposed to the music that was created several decades before they were born?

    They do have radios in Canada, even the French part, oui?

    radio stations that play k-pop generally don’t play classic rock and vice versa. and young people typically don’t listen to the radio at all.

  14. 14
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Lieber Nick, it’s alright, you want to believe her. I’m not saying scientifically impossible, but damn unlikely.

    I could say that both my daughter, born 1991, and my son, turning 30 today, have a pretty good grasp of Deep Purple and, lamentably, my education wasn’t perfect, Led Zeppelin. But you would answer (i) that’s because you’re weird, Uwe, (I don’t contest that), and (ii) in unison with my daughter: parental abuse knows many forms 🤣 + knowing who Ian Gillan, Rob Halford and Ritchie Blackmore are is largely useless data in the life of a 30-something young professional working in Brussels. 😎

    I could also say that I was born 1960 and by the age of 10 knew Elvis and Bill Haley songs from the 50ies, Glenn Miller’s music from the 30ies and 40ies and the Comedian Harmonists from the 20ies and 30ies. And no, I’m not from a musical household, much to the contrary, but we had a kitchen and a radio. Plus my parents allowed me to watch as much TV as I wanted and also WHAT I wanted (it was unfathomable for them that the little box would have any effect – good or bad – on me, how wrong they were …). But you will probably say those days are long gone.

    Still: In the Western World it is damn near impossible to escape classic rock as you turn into a young adult. Casual listening is everywhere: In modern Hollwood Blockbusters (she didn’t watch those either?), Netflix series (she doesn’t have access?), in shops and boutiques with classic rock playing in the background (she only orders from Amazon?), in convertibles in the summer with rock blaring from radio or a streaming playlist (they don’t have cars where she lives and she always wears noise cancelling earbuds with her own music?), schoolmates who form a band (she’s home schooled?), parental music collections (her parents don’t know DP or LZ either, they were aliens 👽👽 and came from a spaceship?), modern acts citing classic rock (she was never taken to a Pop concert like I did with my daughter when she was around age 10 to Shakira who then proceeded to play – very well and with gusto – Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin covers live?).

    Not impossible, just darn unlikely. About as unlikely as finding a 70-year-old who has never worked with a computer, sent an email or used a cell phone. They are out there, I know, but I don’t see them (over)populating YouTube podcasts.

    For the record: There is nothing wrong with k-pop, I like some of it myself. Edith’s daughter (born 1989) even listens to both: k-pop and Dream Theater.

  15. 15
    Rock Voorne says:

    “I had to re-burn “Fireball” once, as SKoW started playing instead of Demons Eye”

    Which reminds us of the original difference between the USA pressed lp and whay other got.

    I d not exacly know the running order since I preferred the 25 th
    Anniversary for so long.

    Which is interesting cause since releasing the triple Live in Japan and the later Anniversary stuff I ve read complaints about them.

    It suggested Roger and Simon Robinson to go back in there.

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