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BCC alive at sea

Joe Bonamassa, Kevin Shirley, Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, and Derek Sherinian do a Q&A session during the Keeping the Blues Alive cruise earlier this year.

Bonus track: Mistreated performed by BCC at the cruise

Thanks to Brad Kilgas for the q&a video and to Yvonne for bringing it to your attention.

11 Comments to “BCC alive at sea”:

  1. 1
    DeeperPurps says:

    Glenn Hughes! The Voice of Rock!! 66 years old and listen to the notes he can still hit! Unbelievable!

  2. 2
    Tommy H. says:

    I enjoyed Joe’s guitar playing in Mistreated but, to express it mildly, it wasn’t a good moment for Glenn. When David sang that song back in the day it had great dynamics, soul, tension building up and intensity. You could feel the emotion. Ronnie’s version was similar in that respect. And here, absolutely nothing and then all of a sudden these overpowering weird out-of-tune screams which end up anywhere. Terrible.

  3. 3
    HardRockPete says:

    Hah! Joe Bonamassa plays the riff wrong:-D And Glenn, why all those out of tune screams? Try to SING instead! You know, you are a great singer, but that wailing…. No!

    Other than that, fairly good version of a truly great song.

  4. 4
    ShrewsTyke says:

    Who called this man the voice of rock? He ruins what could have been an excellent version of this classic with his awful caterwauling.

  5. 5
    Adel says:

    What makes me laugh is the fact that people hates a singer with a great voice and can scream and hit the high notes with so much ease.
    I would love to hear their views on Our beloved Ian Gillan’s voice singing THWS or Space Trucking live recently.
    Glenn will not sing it like Coverdale because he doesn’t copy he sings from the soul.
    Peace and love to u all

  6. 6
    Tommy H. says:

    @ Adel:

    A brilliant voice is a great tool. It’s how a voice is used which makes a hell of a difference. You can even hurt yourself with the best hammer available.

    Gillan is far away from what Glenn can do – nevertheless he makes the best out of it. I can’t say the same thing of Glenn regarding this recording of Mistreated. Glenn himself sang that song so many times during his solo career and almost as many outstanding versions of his performances do exist. So it’s not about bashing the man.

  7. 7
    Matthew D. says:

    I always loved good screaming but when there a scream on every second word it’s just annoying to listen to. I said the same thing when Gilman put screams in everywhere.


  8. 8
    Theo says:

    This is Ritchie’s song. No one can do this song justice, Joe is a great guitarplayer, but he’s no Ritchie. Sadly Ritchie isn’t that Ritchie himself anymore. But hey he’s 70+ and he gave us so many great songs and riffs, so I can accept , at this stage of his career, he isn’t the best anymore.

  9. 9
    RB says:

    Oh dear, this isn’t good.

  10. 10
    Pedro Nunes says:

    I’d like to tell Glenn that I learned to listen to music with him, in Deep Purple three stupendous albuns, and that he has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve heard. But I’d like to tell him that he doesn’t need scream more in the wrong places in the tracks. It became bored. I’d like to hear him singing in Brazil, not screaming out of control. That’s not really necessary.

  11. 11
    NWO says:

    Saw these guys (Delta Deep) do this song during the G3 tour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJW8kCGnP5g

    Not a bad you tube version.. Sounded better at Massey Hall in Toronto! They did a Kick Ass version of Highway Star as well… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za3n9p4azzw


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