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From the family

After the furious discussion of the latest Blackers’ offering, let us check upon the rest of the big family.

Glenn Hughes keeps churning out previews from Resonate. This time it’s a track called Long Time Gone:

Meanwhile, Graham Bonnet Band is also releasing a new double album of new material and golden oldies (we’ve mentioned it before), and there are already several preview tracks available:

Both Hughes’ Resonate and Bonnet’s The Book are due out on November 4.

And finally, not to be outdone by Glenn or Graham, Bernie Tormé is shooting for no less than a triple album — Dublin Cowboy — comprising of a studio CD, an acoustic CD and a live CD, to be released some time in March 2017. The album is being croudfunded via PledgeMusic.com, check there for further info.

Thanks to Blabbermouth (also this) for the info.

10 Comments to “From the family”:

  1. 1
    Hårstad Roy A says:

    Feckin’ ‘ell, what a great song!!!

  2. 2
    Rob says:

    Good on you for publicising Bernie Torme’s offering.

  3. 3
    Chris Sigman says:

    Honestly, I would be completely okay with gh hanging it up.

  4. 4
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Ohhhh…. Me so happy!. Muchos Gracias!.

  5. 5
    Ivica says:

    Colin Towns doing something new?

  6. 6
    kraatzy says:

    @ Glenn Hughes: This is the first NICE song I hear from this album…

    @ Graham Bonnet: You don´t need long hair … thats the evidence, that short hairy singers can make some very good rock songs



  7. 7
    stoffer says:

    This is the latest (4th?) preview from Resonate and they keep getting better! I never cared much for GH solo work, BCC or Cal Breed, but this is different. The music is crisp and fresh, not trying to use any DP influences, its GH at his honest best….its a keeper
    btw Chad Smith and Will Farrell…. look alikes?? LOL

  8. 8
    tahvo69 says:

    Now Glenn has made a great song, and I really like about the arrangement and sound. And his voice just gets better! Graham is also one of my favourite singers, and voice sounds still great. Just waiting also to get that album to my hands.

  9. 9
    Rock Voorne says:

    I really like this song “When I fall”

  10. 10
    Dave Alder says:

    Some excellent stuff on the GB album… Clearly Ritchie has rubbed off (???) on him!

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