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Find the words and make them rhyme

Doogie White was a guest on the latest Mitch Lafon’s podcast and the interview turned into the retrospective of his career. Starting with the ongoing reunion of his first band La Paz (which has now a third album out), to Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Michael Schenker.

If you’re really impatient, the Rainbow related part of the interview starts at around 16:55 into the show:

Did-you-know-that: La Paz is a charity project — all proceeds from the sales of music and gigs go to sponsoring children soccer teams in the Mexican city of La Paz.

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

20 Comments to “Find the words and make them rhyme”:

  1. 1
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    And as if all that wasn’t enough, he shares his initials with a certain travelling Timelord!. Lol. What a legend.

  2. 2
    nupsi59 says:

    “Stranger in us all” is the best Rainbow album next to “Rising”. It’s also the best sounding record, a very well done producer’s work!

    Unfortunately there was no follow-up, very sad in my opinion.

    By the way: “Hall of the Mountain King” is featured in our wedding video back in ’96…

    Have a nice Day!

  3. 3
    Adel says:

    The more I hear and read from the guys who worked with Ritchie the more I disrespect the guy. Leave his talent and great guitar playing to one side and let’s all deal with Ritchie the person.
    He is without a doubt a first class vampire and I can’t wait to see how Gillan and Paice and Glover will slaughter him verbally on stage on TRARHOF night.
    He destroyed every single band he played for and alienated every single person he worked with.
    I hope he will enjoy retirement after the expected failure of Rainbow Reunion and I hope his love and only friend left to him in Candice won’t desert him one cold rainy night.

  4. 4
    Marcus says:

    Where’s this year’s april fools story? I was looking forward to reading fake news like Glenn Hughes would be filling in for Ian Gillan on occasion of the RRHOF induction for Gillan being down with influenza or something like Rod Evans would be showing up with Ritchie playing Kentucky Woman on acoustic guitar…

  5. 5
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @3, Hi Adel, wow, what must your home life have been like as a child…. Such spite for a man that you’ve never met, that has done you no harm. In your comments I see the words disrespect, vampire, slaughter, destroyed, expected failure and desert. Almost sounds like some sort of ISIS propaganda. I’ve noticed that when you write disparaging comments about a certain musician, that you receive reactions from other forum participants. I think you like the sense of importance you feel as a result of this. It encourages you to write more of the same. Negativity is your niche. Positive comments are always welcomed, even constructive criticism is a good thing. But encouraging spite & hate is a negative & pathetic behaviour (It’s the sort of thing teenagers do), especially when you are only doing it to give your own mind some sense of importance in this forum, you crave the fame. I think Candice would disagree with you, I think Bob Curiano would disagree with you, I think Doogie White would disagree with you…. etc etc etc. The various side projects & artistes whose tunes, songs & albums that the man has been asked to contribute to would probably disagree with you also. With or without a certain guitarist, the mighty Deep Purple machine keeps rolling on… undestroyed in any way at all. Blackmore’s Night continues to this day & beyond the sunset!. Even the bespoke Rainbow brand appears to continue in fits & starts over time. Various band’s members come & then go. Some leave of their own free will, some go via dismissal, relationships don’t always work out for one reason or another. That’s life, it carries on regardless. Adel, you never got back to me about that Sun Dragon & it’s Five White Horses?, google can be such an educative tool. In any case, I wish you well Adel, be happy & may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your under garments!. Smiles to ya.

  6. 6
    RB says:

    Wow, such vitriol! Gillan and the chaps won’t have a go at Ritchie on the night because, as Ian said, “So, let’s all get up there, shake hands, smile for the cameras and get it done with dignity and respect for all the existing and past members of a very special family.” None of them will want to spoil the evening for the fans, so it will be smiles all round I’m sure.

  7. 7
    RB says:

    There is some good playing on ‘Stranger In Us All” and Dougie’s vocals are top notch, but you can tell on most of it that Ritchie is bored, for the most part going through the motions. All the albums with Ronnie and Graham are better by quite a mile than this. Having said that, there are some moments which I like.

  8. 8
    Adel says:

    Blackhood Richmore @4
    I totally and utterly agree with you. My comments are out of order like politicians who like to steer controversy by making stupid comments. But sadly you can never have a coin with two heads or two tails!!! That’s life!!!
    Let’s start the debate.
    Bloodsucker … What a great song from In Rock …when they asked Gillan about it he clearly referred that it’s about the people who run the music business and managers.
    Now as we all know and it’s documented that Ritchie gradually wanted to control everything to the point that Paice and Lord could not stand up to Ritchie and took his side in 73.
    Vampires don’t exist but they happen to be bloodsuckers who like to wear black and live in medieval castles but it’s all a myth!!!
    The issue of respect or disrespect is earned on actions not opinion. They asked Dio about what he leaned from his time with Ritchie in Rainbow, he replayed ‘ I learned how to love and respect the fans as Ritchie never did’
    Rainbow was never a group it’s was only a one man show hence why the reunion is without any ex Rainbow know vocalists.
    Ritchie told us about a great story that happened to Ian Gillan on his DVD and I quote
    ‘We were in Australia on tour and Gillan ran out of his hotel bedroom with a spider in his mouth he ran around the hotel completely naked four times with a spider in his mouth’
    Peace and Respect!!!!

  9. 9
    metaljim says:

    Dougie is a class act all the way. He comes off just like he is, a fan first and foremost and a talented singer secondly. He never takes the bait to say something bad about Blackmore, he always expresses his appreciation for the opportunity RB gave him. He seems like a down to earth guy and this interview seems to support that.

  10. 10
    MacGregor says:

    nupsi59 @ 2- yes I agree, SIUA is a strong record & as I have also stated here before, it is superbly recorded! What a great sound it has! A majestic effort indeed. However, I don’t know if a second album would have worked out so well though. I think there was a fair bit of frustration released on that record by Blackmore. He was keen do do something decent after the Purple demise! But we will never know, a second record could have been just as good & possibly even better! Cheers.

  11. 11
    Rock Voorne says:

    @ RB

    “but you can tell on most of it that Ritchie is bored, for the most part going through the motions. ”

    How can you tell/notice?

    Please enlighten me?

    I think you re just dishing up stuff other people said over the years, maybe even the man himself(who loves to yank your chain).

    He did not look bored on stage during the SIUALL shows.

    Did you think he did look bored?

  12. 12
    Mike Whiteley says:

    Having recently rediscovered it,I think SIUA is an under-rated & well produced album.
    Sounds like there was considerable thought put into crafting the songs ,Ritchie’s riffs & solos are among his best ever,tasteful and melodic. He does not sound bored,the producer brought out the best in him. If you want to hear Blackmore truly bored,listen to Perfect Strangers LIVE.Lots of his solos are just noise.He sounds like he’s not listening to the band he’s playing in.
    Speaking of Ritchie not listening to-or caring about- the band,I point you towards Come Hell Or High Water. Enough’s already been said on that one.

  13. 13
    Rock and Roller says:

    Classic Blackmore: “If you don’t like it, you can fuck off.” Long Live The King.

    As a rock and roll fan I’ll take Ritchie’s take it or leave it attitude over Adel’s Disney princess fantasy any day

  14. 14
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @ 8 Hi Adel, I believe that what’s coming is NOT a Rainbow reunion, just your favourite guitarist picking up from where he left off to play a few concerts, but with this years latest set of hired guns. Rainbow is the man, just as Whitesnake is David Coverdale, just as AC/DC is now Angus Young and whomever he hires to be in his band (Now that his brother Malcomb, singer Brian & drummer Ruddy have departed the lineup). Anyhow, happy days & smiles to ya!.

  15. 15
    RB says:

    @ Rock Voorne

    I never said he looked bored on the tour. Live, Ritchie can be quite a different animal – he’s never been happy with being the studio. Clearly you love the record and that’s great, but I’m never going to convince you to the contrary. However, I will go through the songs. So many of the numbers sound quite bland, rock by numbers if you will: ‘Wolf To the Moon’, ‘Cold Hearted Woman’, ‘Hunting Humans’ (which is just dull and plodding), ‘Stand And Fight’, ‘Too Late For Tears’ (which recycles the ‘Can’t Happen Here’ riff, which he has done a few times). ‘Black Masquerade’ has it’s moments, I do like the acoustic guitar passage, but the solo is a little lack lustre, ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’ is awful, not even a good solo to elevate it, by comparison ‘Silence is better, has some guts to it with Dougie the star of it I think, I really do like ‘Still I’m Sad, the guitar at the start is great. The best track of the album is ‘Ariel’, it’s majestic and powerful. The bonus track ‘Emotional Crime’ is ok, but you can understand why it was relegated to that position. Obviously, these are just my thought and others will completely disagree and think that ‘Stranger In Us All’ is brilliant. It didn’t help that the weight of expectation after Ritchie left Purple was rather heavy, with us fans wanting a stonking album from him. Unfortunately, for me at least, this album is kind of in the same category as ‘Straight Between The Eyes’, with the majority of material being somewhat dull, lacking the creative spark and stunning playing that are hallmarks of Ritchie. The best performance on the album is Dougie, the vocals showing great passion and revealing what he great range he has.

  16. 16
    RB says:

    ‘Come Hell Or High Water’ isn’t great (the production is though) but there are moments during solos when Ritchie is flying. I still stand by what I said concerning ‘Stranger In Us All’, a lot of this solos and songs lack imagination. By comparison, ‘Purpendicular’ is in a different league, a re-energised band and fantastic songs. I do agree that the production on SIUA is good though.

  17. 17
    Theo says:

    I’ve seen Doogie with Rainbow, Cornerstone, Demon’s Eye (3 times) and with Michael Schenker (3 times).
    He’s a great entertainer and singer, but most of all a real nice guy.
    Very honest in this interview, no bad mouthing.

    His best albums are with Demon’s Eye.

  18. 18
    Mike says:

    Ritchie is Ritchie!

  19. 19
    RB says:

    Apologies for getting Doogie’s name wrong. I was chatting to a mate called Dougie and I just wrote his name rather that Mr White’s. Doh!

  20. 20
    Rock Voorne says:

    I d not call SIUA brilliant, I never did.
    To me it is this , more or less what you said also, we were very spoiled the many years before and so it was easy to get dissappointed.

    I was not dissappointed.
    I have always felt that Doogies voice on this album sounded right because they did “something” to it.
    I love the man but in general I cant stand that Brave Heart accent through all the music he made.

    I never had a problem with SBTE and the tour that followed.
    Both contained many highlights.

    I LOVE Insatiable 🙂

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