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Ulrich to present Deep Purple at the induction

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich will be presenting Deep Purple at their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame this weekend. He recently spoke with radio.com about his love for the band and what, in his opinion, makes them a driving force in music.

There is also a decent writeup on radio.com for the uninitiated regarding the whole induction soap opera.

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

27 Comments to “Ulrich to present Deep Purple at the induction”:

  1. 1
    Andy Thompson says:

    He’s a good lad?!

  2. 2
    Alket Kellici says:

    well he is been rooting and loving the band forever so what is wrong with that?!

  3. 3
    Karamjit Singh says:

    Anyone who is a fan of Deep Purple, is a friend of mine forever…!!

  4. 4
    Michael Field says:

    Lars was the obvious choice to do the induction.

  5. 5
    Adel says:

    The guy campaigned tirelessly for DP to be recognised and inducted in RARHOF and he is best of friends with Ian Gillan and he played the drums on some of the songs on Gillan last ever solo tour in Canada. So I think he will be on Gillan’ side if all breaks loose on stage and ex members starts fighting!!!!…I hope Ritchie ‘s operation on his fingers is healing well just in case Steve Morse never turns up!!!

  6. 6
    Russ Leonardi says:

    My favorite hard rock band, for sure.

  7. 7
    Randy Fielding says:

    And he won’t get to meet Ritchie.A shame thanks to Ego Gillan. I meant Ian

  8. 8
    Kasper Kjærsgaard says:

    Ritchie has always been welcome to join the induction but he will not be tolerated on stage during the music.

  9. 9
    Jim Manngard says:

    Awesome Lars! Good news!!!

  10. 10
    Charbel says:

    I believe Lars to be a magnificent supporter of Deep Purple in RARHOF and also convincing the idiots that the recognition was well & truly due.

    Thanks mate btw love Metallica too

  11. 11
    Michael Radosevich says:

    Who the hell is Lars Ulrich !?

  12. 12
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @ 3 Karamjit Singh, I guess we are going to be friends forever then buddy!. I say, isn’t it your turn to pour the tea?, I’ll supply the scones… Do you prefer them with butter & jam, or strawberries & cream?. Now to more weighty matters. Lars shares the same views as myself with regards to the Purps, Zeppelin & Sabbath. However, the Purps always had that constant mighty Hammond organ sound that the other two bands were without. Praise the Lord!. The funny thing is that if Sun Dragon had been successful in 1968, then the guitarist, keyboardist & drummer may have chosen to stay with the money & continued on playing pop music. Imagine that…. Of course fate was never going to allow such a thing to happen (there was a strike at the record pressing plant that denied supplies of the singles etc.), lucky for us!. As for the RARHOF, it would appear that your favourite guitarist shall not be attending the ceremony, so it’s up to Steve (& Joe Satriani?) to make Smoke On The Water shine like the diamond that it is. Smiles to ya!.

  13. 13
    LRT says:

    @5 He is not best friends with Ian Gillan. That is hilarious. He did no such thing either. He guest played with them at Slim’s in Fan Francisco, located a long way from Canada. There are no “sides.” It’s all in your mind. That also speaks for why nobody’s chewing out the HOF in this thread. Yet.

  14. 14
    The Mechanic Ted says:

    Props for the PAL shoutout.

  15. 15
    Marcus says:

    Obviously one of the right men – well known to younger US fans.
    And of course there was that talk of a Mk3 reunion.

    Perhaps he could play with Glen, David, Ritchie but who would play organ.

  16. 16
    chris s says:

    Good choice. He grew up on these guys….like many others did. Maybe he can talk Ritchie into showing up that night.

  17. 17
    Kim Peters says:

    Thanks Lars.

  18. 18
    Jeff Summers says:

    Thank the gods for the likes of Lars. While every other major rock band enthuses over Zepp and Sabs, he and James always champion DP. Well done that man!!

  19. 19
    Stephen Billington says:

    Like him or loathe him Ritchie is Deep Purple – end of – meaningless waste of time without him

  20. 20
    Randy Fielding says:

    I haven’t cared for Purple since 93 after Ritchie left

  21. 21
    Bob Beedle says:

    Tolerated????Mr. Deep Purple!

  22. 22
    Randy Fielding says:

    DP is never going to be a worthy band without Ritchie,and I don’t blame him for not attending.Ego Gillan knows he’d be upstaged with Ritchie back in the light.

  23. 23
    Ian Gillans Pants says:

    Seen the induction, loved what Lars said about Blackmore, you could just about hear Gillans teeth grinding.

  24. 24
    Marcus says:

    Pictures here – need to scroll down a long way.


    Sounds like a great night was had by all 🙂
    Steve Millar not impressed at his band not being invited, NWA not playing, no Ritchie. At least CheapTrick and Chicago seem to have gone smoothly.

  25. 25
    Scott W says:

    @5 and 13: I was at the show at Slims in San Fran, 9/11/06 when Lars got up to play Smoke. I video taped the entire show and met Ian afterwords. It ws Gillan’s best singing since 1993 and I have not heard him sing this well since. ‘Men Of War’ was stunning, he hit all the screams/notes!

  26. 26
    Rock Voorne says:

    @ Randy

    SOTW he could hardly do .
    Imagine if he had done SKOW or Highway Star.

    This was on the verge of emberassing.

    Such a lame version of SOTW!
    I think they did this version to help Gillan out.

    Unfortunately the only thing I heard from Glenn was the only thing I really loath about him.
    You all lnow what I mean 🙂

    Sorry Glenn, love ya!

    Did they really play only SOTW?

    Roger did not know what happened when Aint that a shame was played, hahaha

    And what a mess during that song.
    Too many people on stage.
    Sheryl Crowe was inducted as well. ? For what?

    Wasnt the error of Nick Simper not being inducted not corrected?

    I think Ritchie made a very wise decison.

  27. 27
    Scott W says:

    Happy birthday to Ritchie Blackmore.. born April 14, …1545?!

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