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Dream Theater covers Purple family

Dream Theater - Stargazer cover. Image courtesy of Roadrunner Records.

Dream Theater are releasing their new studio album called Black Clouds & Silver Linings on June 23. The special edition of the album will include a bonus CD of covers, with Rainbow’s Stargazer and Dixie Dregs’ Odyssey among them.

Drummer Mike Portnoy talks about the decision to cover Rainbow:

The album is given an elaborate promotional campaign treatment by the Roadrunner Records, during which tracks are being released for online download via iTunes to build anticipation in advance of release date. Stargazer was released for download (US only) on May 19th.

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson and DreamTheater.net for the info.

33 Comments to “Dream Theater covers Purple family”:

  1. 1
    AndreA says:

    Some mounthes ago I bought their covering
    “made in japan” ..I did not like it…
    different musicians than DPmk2..

  2. 2
    Tom says:

    I downloaded the song 10 mins ago and I`m listening to it the second time now while I`m writing this. I don`t like this version very much, the song is still groovin` after all this years but I prefer the original. Ritchie`s guitar playing is much more… … … epic! I`m missing the final orchestra strings and Ronnie`s screams are much more impressive!

  3. 3
    Jmb says:

    Purple could learn something from Dream Theater and start making albums for the fans. I think most fans aren’t looking for short radio friendly songs that they been doing lately. I wish they’d consider a long instrumental jam that would showcase all their incredible talent! Wish Glover would start producing DP albums.

  4. 4
    Patrick says:

    i heard there version of made in japan …….well ill give em a A for effort..but the organ player juss flat out sucked i dont know who the guy is but the LORD should teach em a few tricks about a beast..singer garbage .. i could belt out made in japan better than him .. guitar player …. never even frickin mind

  5. 5
    HZ says:

    I’ve heard this DT cover of Stargazer, and it’s really good. Also MIJ is good, smaller vocal problems because it’s very hard to cover Gillan’s vocal from 70’s.

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Although I resemble James La Brie, s appearance I really do not like his voice.

    Made In Japan I was longing for to hear but if failed to mesmerize me.

    Not always covers are uninspired or bad.
    For example Jorn Landes version of Stargazer amongst other Deep Purple and related songs is very strong. Like, someone said…..very funny, the parents of Coverdale and Dio produced a child, hehehe

  7. 7
    kraatzy says:

    To Jmb:
    You are right man, because there is the eventuallity, that DP will get lazy (except touring) to releese new material !!!


  8. 8
    Kimmen says:

    Well played, but a little too faithfull to the original in my opinion, just a few changes of harmonies here and there. A little more DT-heaviness, DT-intricateness and a different twist of orchestration would have been nice

  9. 9
    Patrick says:

    i think you need your ears checked HZ 🙂

  10. 10
    Doug says:

    When are they going to GROW UP and play their own music?!

    I certainly don’t need Dream Theater to introduce me to some music. Deep Purple has nothing to learn from them.

  11. 11
    SEVEN-47 says:

    At least the album cover is cool!

  12. 12
    purpletemple says:

    The thing when you cover such songs as Stargazer or albums as MIJ or Dark side of the moon, is that you can only do a weaker version…So what’s the point?
    It’s nice to do covers and to honour your “heroes”, but they should really go for more “affordable” and usefull covers.

  13. 13
    HZ says:

    @9 But why, Patrick? 🙂 Cover is good, not like the original, but it’s fine. Well maybe to me, because I’m fan of DT also.

  14. 14
    Kimmen says:

    Covering is great, otherwise the works of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven would be long gone. I also think DT:s habit to cover an entire classic album every now and then is a cool one. However, I stick to the opinion that they should DT-ify their versions more, really making the effort worth while for all parts

  15. 15
    BG says:

    Doug, you have completely missed the point, old chap! Dream Theater do play their OWN music, i.e. 10 albums worth of original material, however they are ALWAYS thinking about how they can give their fans more; these cover versions are on special edition bonus CD after all. Contrary to what you might think or want, DT do actually introduce a lot of fans to great music they may not be familiar with, be it cover versions on bonus CDs, live covers, or their careful selection of support acts. I personally have been introduced to more great acts by DT alone than all the other acts of the past 40 years put together, and I am very grateful to them for that. Ultimately, their OWN music is superior to their cover versions.

  16. 16
    Stefan says:

    DT can play whatever they want. great instrumentalists and a totally crappy vocalist!

  17. 17
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    It truly amazes me how a Deep Purple Fan can criticize a current, well established band whom pays homage to another ‘Old Band’ “Deep Purple” whereby going through the effort to totally replay a ‘Landmark Recording’ such as ‘Made in Japan’ and then totally complain about how it doesn’t sound like the Original……IT ISN’T THE ORIGINAL!!! They just paid homage to it……BE GRATEFUL!!!

    This is a “Perfect Example” of those whom are so far up the anal “Black Hole” that they actually are a negative reflection on the Purple Fanbase. Here is an actual Professional Band, whom has their own following, paying homage to Purple, and yet the very fans whom cry about their own band not getting noticed, bitch about another Band giving them Credence. Sorry for coming off so abrupt but, how can anyone not be happy with a band when another band goes through the effort to reproduce Purple’s most noted performance, and then the fans of the original can’t take it for what it’s worth? It’s seems Purple Fans are ‘Their Own Worst Enemy’ at times….

    Dream Theater are a great band and a next generation ‘Purple Type Band’. To not be appreciative of their appreciation for the Band YOU supposedly are a Fan of is indicative of the arrogance that has plagued this band..

    “Purple will not be around forever……Thank Those whom are willing to carry the torch……”

    Nuff Said…



  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:

    What has the black hole to do with this?

    I respect DT and can appreciate certain output by this band

    I just dont like their version of this benchmark ,this album which is a BENCHMARK for most DP fans

    Like with many newer metalmusicians …how perfect their skills are…..they lack the SOUL of the original.
    Too metal, too much shred and a singer who is very sympathetic, remembers me of a certain one in DP hehehe,but not exactly to be compared with Ian Gillan in his prime.
    Big deal!

    I do like certain other tribute versions, so there you go…..

    Maybe you can try to more supportive of a certain other Tribute, ahem, act?

    OTR is willing to carry a torch, if you like or not?

    No pun intended , not even a battle of sorts…..

    Have a nice weekend

  19. 19
    AndreA says:

    I agree with You TH,
    we should be glad toward to Dream Theatre for their homage to DP…

    but it is also true that they made a lot of homages on cd for covering the entire MASTER OF PUPPETS (metallica),the number of the beast (iron m.) and other bands..

    so,these stuff remains lovely homages,but I find a lot of commercial way to sell…

    I admire DT playing a lot of covers.

    tey are a great band and I love their PERFECT STRANGERS song from DP.

    wishin’well people


  20. 20
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Same Old Priest….

    If you want a cover to sound like the original, what is the use of the cover? Listen to the original.

    As far as supporting OTR, I already settled that. Tony Carey advise me and maintains that they are actually going to do some writing for an original album. I have never criticized Tribute Bands for carrying the Torch. It’s what a Tribute Band does. Some very well. Tribute Bands also go to the extreme to actually sound and look like the band they are Tributizing. It’s their soul purpose as a band. They have their place in line.
    The difference is when a Real Band with their own identity actually goes through the effort to pay tribute to another band they look up to by playing their songs, but doing it their way, but with utmost respect. That’s a classy way to say Thanks to fellow musicians they look up to.

    My criticism of OTR was just that they are a Tribute Band Tributizing Rainbow. That’s all, and when and if they actually put out that CD with Original Tunes they will then go to the next level and be a real Band whom also pays homage to Rainbow, thus carrying the torch and being of their own also….


  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Tracy

    You are a funny guy and I hold no grudges whatever……

    But very often I cannot follow you….

    Same old Priest?
    What are you referring to?

    I feel very ambiguous concerning bands and changing line ups, tribute acts with non or original members and so on……

    For example…..

    Lou Gramm is one of my Gods, amongst Gillan, Rodgers, Coverdale, Dio and so on…..

    Still I really could enjoy Kelly Hansens, he s DYNAMITE, vocals at the 2006 show whole only original member Mick Jones was present.
    Like DP with only Ritchie…….ahem

    I feel so sad concerning Lou Gramm and his brain tumor he had to fight and what it has done to him……

    So sad he s not in FOREIGNER anymore,….

    I think he and Mick are a bit like Blackmore and Gillan, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, David Coverdale and John Sykes, Paul and John,Dio and Iommi …..?

    Very often there is no logic to things…..

    And it seems I m not alone on that one.


  22. 22
    Kimmen says:

    Perhaps it’s because I’m from a different musical tradition, but I have a hard time grasping the aversion on bands changing members and not playing new or even their own material.

    Berlin Philharmonic was formed 1882 and is still around. I’m quite sure no original member is to be found in the present line up. I’m also quite sure they very seldom perform music written by themselves. I’m even quite sure they often give concerts with no new material whatsoever. Are they still Berlin Philharmonic? Yes. Are they mere followers without any visions or creative directions? No. Are they still making progress? Sure.

    There are countless Bach choirs all over the world, despite of the fact that TMIW (The Man in Wig) passed away in the summer of 1750. Shame on them?

  23. 23
    HZ says:

    @22 To the point!

  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 22

    I can understand your point but on the other hand……

    Within 20 years following a band releasing and playing under the name Deep Purple WITHOUT any current or ex members involved ???????

  25. 25
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Current or Ex???? Current is CURRENT!!!! What the f…!!!!

    Purple have evolved through the years, employing whoever was left at the time and hiring who would come on board. But there has always been a constant handover which keeps it real….


  26. 26
    Kimmen says:


    I think so. To me, a band or an orchestra is a concept rather than at certain set of members. For example, I thought Whitesnake was nothing but the Snakes also when they had two original members and one later member of DP. And despite DP has had four and still has two former Rainbow members, Rapture of the Deep is a true DP album to me.

    But your question is still good, especially put the other way around: Say a band keeps its members but take a different musical direction, would it in my eyes then be another band since it is a different concept? Tricky one. To me Genesis still was Genesis when Peter Gabriel left, but stopped being it when the Abacab album came out, even though Banks/Collins/Rutherford were still there. (Though I never blamed them for keeping the band name.) But on the other hand I always saw Queen as Queen, no matter what musical mazes they went into. Hm…

    When will DP stop being DP in your eyes? Or has it already happened?

  27. 27
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 26

    A difficult question it seems

    Its not IMHO, I think

    DP is a band I started with around 1977.
    Just before that I did not listen to music to all.
    I still think DP started my ongoing love for music and espescially classic rock like the Purps.

    Around 1977 the band had split and I was confronted with lots of different line ups, solo projects and so on within a short time.

    It took me years to dig deep and get a sense on what had been goin on and how….

    I m still able to read about them and find new information.
    Right now I m very open to the period before DP started. In 30 years of DP mania I did not get round to listening to lots of stuff DP is related with.
    The Searchers, with Chris Curtis, has surprised me a alot. I really like what they did!!!!
    Based on what Lord told in interviews I got the impression Curtis was a fool or something.


    By now it has become more than obvious the various DP members tend to exaggerate, distort and make up facts while being asked things.

    Somewhere in between we all have to find our PERSONAL CONCLUSION.

    Almost if not impossible but I ll try…..

    What one likes or not is ofcourse due to tastes which are impossible to change because someone else tells you so…..

    I found myself liking lots of DP and off shoots within a few years and it always went beyond that.
    Into classical stuff like the Baroque, Motown Soul, etc…..

    Why I can APPRECIATE certain stuff without Ritchie but not completely embrace as Deep Purple?


    Should one really need an explanation on whatever level?
    To me and many others its not a question just simple obvious that HE is the main corner stone.

    Maybe I ll continue later….

  28. 28
    Kimmen says:


    Interesting and personal answer!

    In a way I can really see how people can regard Richie as an indispensable part of Deep Purple, especially those to whom he was the first guitar hero. However, I really got my eyes on the Band when my home town happened to be on the Purpendicular tour. I have bought most of their albums pretty lately and listen to them, I wouldn’t say objectively, but yet without a certain feeling of nostalgia, personal bond or loyalty. And to me, the last four Deep Purple albums resembles a lot more of the Mk IIa stuff, then the previous four albums did. More bluesbased, dynamic, playful, experimental and diverse than the albums of Mk IIb, MkIIc and certainly Mk V. (Just listen to the regained intensity of Paicey on the Purpendicular album.) Not necessarily better, but neither less true.

    Does that sound strange to you?

  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Kimmen

    It takes a lot for me to judge something as strange.
    But thats ME.

    I think I was pointing out that in a REALY PHASE I already was kinda used to different people and line ups and so on.So, not really pigeon holed there.

    I started with Live In Japan and MK 2 was always my favourite line up.
    But to say things would have been different if, for example, I had started with BURN?
    Maybe wrong example, that is also a benchmark…..

    But what I mean to say is that the moment of getting introduced does not mean necessarily that the first always stays first.

    Recently a group of young DP fans have switched from their first preference, the line up with Morse because thats what THEY got into first,into a very big preference of the Blackmore led format.
    Is taht progression or a step back for you?

    Like with certain loves , later albums and bands and so on, regularly climbed in my list of favcourites.
    Since 77 I ve been completely passionate about things, persons, musicoutlets and other interests and favourites from early on but looking back my taste shifted, my preferences went back and forth.

    Sometimes you rediscover old loves.

    You said…..
    More bluesbased, playful, experimental and diverse……

    Mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh, are you sure?

    The last 4 albums resemble more the mk 2 a stuff than the albums before?
    Again, are you sure?

    I agree that Paicey and Blackers played not up to noth in the 8o,s but they regained a level of old fashioned majesty from S and M on , I mean espescially live……I found the drums on S and M horrible,and they continued that even on a higher level during the TBRO tour.

    Gillan was always up and down in performance during years but never really got back into shape.

    Glover played on a more inventive level after RB left, I think.

    On the whole its always plusses and minus, thats true.

    On the whole mk 2 made more strong stuff than mk 3 did, I think.
    But that might have had something to do as well with the fact that mk3 was short together compared to mk 2
    MK 1, which I hold very dearly to, produced 3 albums and a lot of gems in a even shorter time than mk 3 and I kinda favour them above mk 3, although…..It s difficult.
    Its has been said before….How to choose between your children?

    I m trying to give a serious answer to a serious question.
    But seriously, no pun intended, apart from that respectful attitude, I seldom cant understand…..and thats after years of trying, people who try to point out that line ups after RB left have the same level.

    It has been discussed so often here and on other boards and in other places as well, its kinda bizarre, dont ya think?

    I need coffee.

    I m gonna play The Eagles now…..

    Long Road Out Of Eden, another example of majesty.

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I meant EARLY instead of REALY….


    I m off again…….

  31. 31
    buzzbee says:

    purple rules!!!! rest are posers.

  32. 32
    skua says:

    The guys in Dream Theater are consummate musicians. To state otherwise only shows your ignorance. You may not care for their level of technical virtuosity… just like many people do not care for Bach… it has no bearing on the facts surrounding their talent or musicianship.

    To bemoan a band that decides to issue ‘tributes’ to people that inspired them is just crazy. You may not like their version as much as the original… fine… you’re not really supposed to! It’s not an attempt to replace or improve upon the original… it’s a CELEBRATION of the original.

    I happen to know that the ‘covers’ that Dream Theater choose to put out are very carefully selected. They are songs that have inspired them and pieces that they enjoy playing! I think it’s great that they are in a position where they continue to put out their own music and have the opportunity to put out their tribute performances like “Made in Japan”, “Number of the Beast” and “Master of Puppets.”

    Being a fan of both Dream Theater and Deep Purple I enjoyed listening to them HAVE FUN performing the Purple classics. It won’t replace the original for me… but it wasn’t intended to! Allow the artists to have their fun! No one is making you buy it. Personally I look forward to seeing what might come next! Iron Maiden always put out interesting B-Sides… Dream Theater just takes the idea to another level.

  33. 33
    jim says:

    the whole point of a tribute album or band is to keep the heart and soul of the original groups alive but the fans will always compare them to the original …….I know I do ….. I like to hear and see other bands interpritating Purple and Rainbow tracks its a pleasure to know that the influence from Purple and Rainbow still live long and prosper 43 years plus for Purple and 37 plus years for Rainbow ……….between Purple and Rainbow there’s always been great and unfortunatetly some weak links and some people will disagree with me about the weakest links……………with Purple Bolan and Turner where for me the weakest links …BUT YOU KEEP ON MOVING AND KING OF DREAMS ARE UP THERE WITH MY TOP 20 PURPLE STUDIO RECORDINGS……..in Rainbow again Turner was the weakest link for me but dont get me wrong there are some great vocals from JLT THERE …..LIKE STREET OF DREAMS AND DESPERATE HEART AND OF COURSE CANT HAPPEN HERE AND NOT FORGETTING EYES OF FIRE…Graham Bonnet was a great Rainbow singer and Down To Earth brought them into the foreground and to me this album was still half Dio and half Bonnet but was still Bonnets album………Dougie White brought back medievil without sounding like anyone else and I loved it……my only wish is that if Ritchie does Rainbow again please do it medivil style cos its the best and if you do Purple go to in rock or perfect strangers for inspiration but remember you and Jon have some unfinished buisness

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