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Coverdale inteviewed in Norway


As the Whitesnake’s 2009 tour kicked off in Norway, the local public broadcaster NRK has published an interview they did with David Coverdale:

OSE: On our weekly radio show «Radio Rock», the one song by Deep Purple people want to hear over and over again, is «Soldier Of Fortune».

COVERDALE: Yeah, there’s an interesting story to that song. Ritchie and I really enjoyed the song. But the musicians in Deep Purple were very reluctant. They didn’t buy the song at all. So Ritchie and I made a demo to present the idea. With just the two of us standing there, performing the song, they didn’t get it. So we made a demo, and they went: «Oh, OK. Let’s do it.» But that was something that was very difficult for Ritchie. He said: «That’s the last time we’re ever gonna do anything like that». And I think that was the big seed of him wanting to leave. I love the song, and it’s another one that’s developed a life of its own.

Read the interview at NRK.no.

Thanks to Roy Hilmar Svendsen for the info.

4 Comments to “Coverdale inteviewed in Norway”:

  1. 1
    kraatzy says:

    Yeah guys, thats our Ritchie who we know him …

    He doesn’t like any bullshit and if it’s even so happend,
    then he is the allways known “incalculable mystic man in
    black” who gaves his wayward honor his special reputation.

    A very short time after that, he kick ass DEEP PURPLE to
    make his own Rainbow thing … we know …

    I remember his son Jürgen Blackmore tells a story about a
    studio session with the MARK II lineup.
    Everyone of the Purple-guys wanted to have more output,
    because no one of this individual guys can hear enough his
    own instrument … !!??

    If I had read this, I’m wondering about the success of the
    BAND Deep Purple over this many years.

    But – I enjoy it all the time – especially RITCHIE and his
    own music (incl. today with his excellent guitar work at/with
    Blackmore’s Night).


  2. 2
    Sami says:

    I personally rate Soldier of Fortune above ie. Mistreated,

    just because it’s so goddamn emotional(eerie even),

    beautifully composed/played/sunged piece of brilliance.


  3. 3
    leppardsnake says:

    great interview..

    I’ve forgotten how to post new posts/topic, but anyways
    coverdale was interviewed whilst here in sweden.

    it was a 12 min long interview without subtitles.. here’s the url for it:

    they’ll remove it soon I believe

  4. 4
    Diarmuid says:

    I adore this song by fav deep purple song i wish Whitesnake would do the whole thing live and not just acapello

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