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ROTD US track listing

There has been some comfusion about the correct track listing on the US release of “Rapture of the Deep”. This is mainly because of Amazon’s listing of the album, which has a track listing that seems to be partly based on alphabetical order… Amazon probably got that from Eagle Rock’s ROTD page which has the same track list. But a press release from the US label Eagle Rock today shows that the track listing is the same as for the European limited edition.

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  1. 1
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Do you already know who represents the label in South America, more specifically in Brazil?

  2. 2
    Svante says:

    Neither Edel nor Eagle Rock seem to have representation in any South American country so I’m not sure the band have a deal there, sorry. But I don’t know for sure. I don’t know what the label is in japan either but it is apparently being released there since a Japanese bonus track has been announced. I will look around for info though and get back if I find any.

  3. 3
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Yeah, that’s what I found out in the research I’ve done – but still they’re coming here for a leg of the tour. (For my collection I’ll buy the European limited version, but anyway the information is important.) If you find something out, please do tell me.

  4. 4
    Milan says:

    I´m still confused about the tracklists. The promos all have Girls Like That as track 2 and Wrong Man as track 3. Just like the tracklist above. But all (supposedly final) tracklists for the regular and the limited edition(including those on amazon.de) in europe have Wrong Man as Track 2 and Girls Like That on 3. I also noticed that the japanese tracklist had those two swapped(WM on 3 and GLT on 2).

    So I see the main difference in tracklist is that the limited european and american editions have MTV squeezed between Back To Back and Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye and that the Japanese edition has Things I Never Said after Before Time Began(though I doubt that it can be a better Coda to the album than BTB) but which editions have WM and GLT on 2 and 3 or vice versa? That´s still confusing me.

    Personally I´d prefer Wrong Man to be on slot 2 as it´s the better track to carry on with what Money Talks started.

  5. 5
    Svante says:

    As usual, we don’t know for sure but an educated guess is that the final release will have the same tracklisting as the promo. There’s no reason to switch one or two songs around for different markets. The Japanese bonus track will be put on the end of the regular version of the album like they usually do. It’s also the easiest option.

    But, speaking of Japan, noone seems to know what label will release the album in Japan yet.

  6. 6
    Kasper says:

    Can you put questions here?

    Saw half of a trailer on SV1 or SV2 Thursday (30/9/05) about “the rock drum legend Ian Paice from DP who had also played with Paul McCartney, frank Zappa(?) etc”.

    My guss is that it has something to do with the drum clinic in Sweden today.

    Does anybody know if Swedish television is showing something? Channel? Time?

    Try to find out on text tv with no luck.




  7. 7
    Reinaldo Alves says:

    In Brazil the label that will issue ROTD is ST2.

  8. 8
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Valeu, Reinaldo!

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