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Amazing (despite)

Deep Purple live at Steinmetz Hall (Orlando, USA 2023-02-21)

Hi Folks,
Had the pleasure of seeing the band last night in Orlando.
Fantastic show. Set list as has been for the last 6 months or so.
One bad thing about the internet, no surprises because everything
gets posted (my own fault I guess, i dont have to read)
Suggestion to the band, have one or two wild card slots in the set.
That way there is some surprise.

Band was very good, as always. Was very impressed with Simon.
He brought a lot of power and virtuosity to the table.
I was disappointed that Steve did not come out, even though I did read
the post where he said he would not. Would have been nice to see a
little passing of the torch like Jon did with Don.
But the band is in very good hands with Simon.
Brought my 17 yo son and he even enjoyed the extended soloing, which
I did not expect his instant gratification mind to get around.
Don, Roger and little Ian were amazing as always. Nothing else to say
that would not just be repeating others.

Gillan was in fine voice, better than I expected and better than in previous shows that
I have seen. Pushing a little on highway star and space trucking’, which was surprising.
He gave this extended scream on intro to space that showed that he can still hit the notes
and has amazing breath control.

As to the venue. Have seen them before here in Orlando at many different venues and I
have to say that this venue did not suit them. Is a fancy theater that usual shows broadway
musicals. And the crowd acted like they were at a play. Everyone calmly in their seats pretty much
untill the last 3 songs. No one even stood for opener.
Finally, the acoustics were great and the mix was good. But the PA fed back and squealed and dropped
out 3 different times in the show. Twice we ended up only hearing the on stage monitors untill it wass fixed,
missing drums and Ian’s vocal. People in the rest room after were not happy.
I don’t know if the band carries their own PA or if this was an issue caused by interfacing with the theater
sound system, but it put a bit of a damper on things several times.

All in all, a great show. I have seen the band many times, in many different venues and with many different
line ups. This show and line up are a fantastic continuation of the amazing legacy of this band.

I dont know where you are in the world reading this, but highly recommend you catch them if they come by.

review by Harry

8 Comments to “Amazing (despite)”:

  1. 1
    Pier says:


    I would suggest this new live performance. Very good sound an vision. From the Rock Legends Cruise 2023.

  2. 2
    Jozef Štefurik says:

    Deep Purple je moja hudobná krv od 24.9.1971, keď som prvýkrát počul Child in Time! Mohutný rytmus DP, Blackmorove fantastické sólo a nadľudské vokály speváka Iana Gillana. Nikto neprekoná Blackmorove sólové riffy a vocály Iana Gillana. Od roku 1987 – 27.1.1987 do roku 2022 – 9.7. bol som 25 krát na ich koncertoch. Fantastické vystúpenia. Teším sa na Krakow, Viedeň a Budapešť – leto 2023: na ich koncerty. Bez komentára najslávnejšia a nalepšia hardrocková skupina vetkých čias!!! Deep Ian Purple Gillan Long live!!!

  3. 3
    AG says:

    It says on setlist.fm they played Any Fule Kno That during this show, but I gather from this review that that is incorrect?

  4. 4
    NWO says:

    I was at all 3 Deep Purple shows on the Rock Legends cruise! They were all FANTASTIC!
    I doubt they played Any Fule, as they played the exact same setlist for all 3 shows. The only difference was the great jam they did on show 2 in the theatre… Yes I wish they changed a song or 2 as well…
    Spoiler alert! Here is the setlist. (My wife got a copy!)
    Highway Star, Pictures of Home, No Need To Shout, Nothing At All, Uncommon Man, Lazy, When a Blind Man Cries, Anya, Perfect Strangers, Space Trucking, Smoke On The Water, Hush, Black Night..
    I was blessed to get up close and personal – Met Roger and Don again and had a 5 minute chat and a beer. Great people! If this is the last time I get to see this band, it was a great way to go out!

  5. 5
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Ok, same set as last year in Europe.

  6. 6
    kraatzy says:

    @ Uwe Hornung
    and all the others …

    The same set … so what .. they don´t have to rehersal so much, because the train is runnig well without much rehersal-work …
    And an another thing is more a question:
    Why did Steve Morse do not visit his “DP FRIENDS” to give a hand-shake or a handover to Simon … because maybe: “problems behind closed doors” ??

    But nothing happens …


  7. 7
    Jim Sheridan says:

    Steve Morse is currently on tour! He couldn’t sit in with Deep Purple because he’s been doing his own dates, Feb. 23-27. I saw his band in CT last night, and believe me, they are on fire.

  8. 8
    Uwe Hornung says:

    How was the lead singer? ; – )

    I only saw Steve once solo – back in the 80ies when Jerry Peek was still the bassist in the early Steve Morse Group line-up. It wasn’t even in a hall or a club, but in the room of some community center. Of course the chops of the whole band were amazing, but it had a bit the air of a guitar clinic at a music fair. Before I lie: I also have a faint memory of hearing/seeing him play Jessica from the Allman Brothers at the Frankfurt music fair ages ago in a lengthy jam with other guitarists.

    I’ve seen him twice with Flying Colors – now those gigs I really liked and I freely admit to needing vocals to really relate to music. And if I’m honest, then Steve was at both FC gigs more enthusiastic and inspired than I had seen him with Purple in a long time. It’s just more his thing, he likes to be challenged. I wish FC would do more, that band really has potential and crossover-appeal. They are melodic, PROGish and sufficiently rocky all rolled into one.

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