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Deep Purple live at Festival Park (Elgin, USA 2014-08-20)

I drove my son, who is 14, from Detroit to see this, his second Purple show (the first being a few years ago at the Fox, in Detroit). On the way there, he asked about The Orchestra, which we thought was going to be the same as the orchestra they brought with them last time. He wondered if we would be able to hear the conductor/violinist when he did his solo this time. (At the Fox show, the poor guy looked like he was absolutely JAMMING, but something wasn’t plugged in, so we could only assume he was as good as he looked).

Well, this show was opened by The Orchestra, made up of former ELO guys, and playing, quite well, their biggest hits.

Then, Purple came out. Powerful as always. Good start with Highway Star (though I really liked it several years ago, when they opened with Pictures Of Home!). So many great songs played so well. It was nice to hear “The Mule” for the first time. They played stuff from “In Rock” that sounded better and fresher than most new stuff from any band today. As they made their way through a great set, including excellent performances of “Vincent Price” (a song I don’t like all that much) and “Hell To Pay” (a song I do like), I couldn’t help but think that they need to be heard live, in person, by more people. You Tube doesn’t count. At one point during the show, my son leaned over and said, “The power feels like another heartbeat!”

This type of tight band…incredible musicians playing great music…is all too rare these days. And each incarnation of Deep Purple has been able to pull it off. I know…I’ve seen them. (Even the worst…about 1986…was still pretty good)

Ian Paice continued to be strong (I’ve thought for years that he’s the best…no…THE BEST rock drummer.) Steve Morse brings such muscle the the stage. Roger Glover seemed to take it easy for most of the show. But, near then end, pulled off a solo that was better than most I remember from him. Don Airey…well, if you can’t have Jon Lord, who could be better for this band? Ian Gillan worked it like a pro. (Another comment from my son, after the show, “I like how they didn’t waste a lot of time talking. They just made music”)

Now, for my nitpicky bad parts…Looked like Roger Glover had some amp problem that they solved quickly, and Steve Morse showed the tiniest bit of sloppiness I’d never seen before (what’s the thing on his wrist?). Ian Gillan sounded better than before, though they seemed to turn down some of the highlight screams. I also could have done without the pre-show DJ/announcer bitching about the Rock Hall of Fame…who cares? The venue…outdoors, in a park, was a disappointment at first. For $100, I didn’t expect a folding chair. But, then, it became a positive. They CRANKED it. Sitting ten rows back was perfect.

As we walked back to the car, my son asked if he could have ten free seconds. “Sure, bud.” “That was fvc%ing AWESOME!”

I wish they toured the States more regularly, because I really hope he gets at least one more chance to see them (me, too!).

Thank you to the band.

review by Mike

Comment to “With My Kid”:

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    Mike says:

    My 13 year old son insisted we go to the Roseburg, Oregon show. It was a 3 hour drive and despite 6 hours in the car with me he said it was all worth it. My son’s been a huge Ian Gillan fan since he was 6 and heard his work with Black Sabbath. He was thrilled to finally see Ian Gillan live, but went crazy for Steve Morse’s playing. I remember seeing Deep Purple in ’85 and being disappointed in Ritchie’s playing on the Highway Star solo. Morse NAILED IT!

    Glad to hear another fan was able to share Deep Purple with his son and had a great time. No opening act in Roseburg, The Mule wasn’t played but sounds like the set list was the same. Ian Gillan did talk a little between songs, but it was basically one song to the next. Hopefully the next time in the states, they’ll be able to get closer to bigger markets but for a day long road trip absolutely worth it.

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