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Our 40th Anniversary Deep Purple Show

Deep Purple live at Snoqualmie Casino (Snoqualmie, USA 2014-08-10)

Our 40th Anniversary Deep Purple Show
August 10, 2014 – Deep Purple at Snoqualmie Casino, North Bend, Washington, USA.

On a perfect Summer Sunday evening with temperatures in the high 70’s, my wife Rita and I drove to North Bend, just 15 minutes east of Seattle. Deep Purple’s return to Seattle since 2004. We’ve seen them seven times since 2004 but all shows were out of state or out of the country! I call it our 40th Anniversary Show because 3 months after we were married, Rita and I drove to Kansas City, Missouri and saw Deep Purple Mark III in August 1974 during the Burn Tour. Now 40 years later, both Deep Purple, Rita and I are still together.
There was no warm up or back up band. Around 7:30 pm, Deep Purple hit the stage and played a non-stop 100 minute hard rock performance. I was wearing an Ian Paice shirt and after Smoke On The Water, Paicey threw his drumstick right at me. I also got a Steve Morse pick. What an anniversary gift!
Highway Star
Into The Fire
Hard Lovin’ Man
Strange Kind Of Woman
Vincent Price
Contact Loss
Uncommon Man
Well Dressed Guitar
The Mule
Hell To Pay
Don Airey Solo
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin’
Encore – Green Onions
Roger Glover Solo
Black Night

Harry Heathman III
Photos By; Harry and Rita Heathman

review by Harry Heathman III

7 Comments to “Our 40th Anniversary Deep Purple Show”:

  1. 1
    Héctor de San Martín says:

    Above & Beyond was no played ?

  2. 2
    LouisVA says:

    First of all, congrats on 40 years of bliss and I hope that you have many more. My wife and I are approaching our 42nd. We purchased the “Who Do We Think We Are” album on our honeymoon so we each had a Purple marriage!

  3. 3
    Harry Heathman III says:

    Hector, No. Only 3 songs off the Now What?! album. They need to replace Contact Loss and Well Dressed Guitar with either Ted, Sometimes, House Of Pain, and Silver Tongue. I’ve been to many current line up shows and the crowd starts to sit down when those songs, Contact Loss and Well Dressed Guitar are played. Great Show, the boys are in top form.

  4. 4
    oc says:

    Wow!! congratulations. My wife and I are going on 24 years married. And ever since 1994 we’ve traveled to catch Deep Purple shows all over the states, I’ve never seen Blackmore live so you guys are lucky to have seen the man in black live.

  5. 5
    Héctor de San Martín says:

    Thanks Harry Heathman III, but I am amazed that they have been removed from the setlist that song being a tribute to Jon Lord

  6. 6
    Harry Heathman III says:

    I forgot Smoke On The Water in the set list for some reason. They played it right after Space Truckin’. Paicey threw me his drum stick, then they went to encore. Sorry.

  7. 7
    Harry Heathman III says:

    OC- Thank you and congrats to you and your spouse. Only seen MIB 3 times with Deep Purple. 1973 Mark II, 1974 Mark IV, and 1985 Mark II B.

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