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Copenhagen: The business – and pleasure

I guess we get the best of both worlds on the current DP tour. The energy level is high and the setlist is interesting enough to enjoy even after 40 years(!). In Copenhagen we got the kind of show we expected – with dynamics, humor, improvisation and virtuosity.

The setlist is working fine to build up the atmosphere as you get (no formula here) 3 classics, 2 new songs, 2 slow ones and 2 instrumentals before we get the audience participation bit. The setlist is already widely known – see other reviews.

But it takes some courage to rely on 6 NOT sing-along-songs in a row and still expect people to be going crazy from one second to another in the middle of The well-dressed Guitar, following Gillan’s instructions to join in. IG has the courage and it happened.

In Sometimes I feel like Screaming I think there was a bit of confusion in the band and it sounded different as some parts were being left out, but then again we want something new and may be an apt title would be Sometimes I feel like playing something else…

One of the most enjoyable parts of the evening was Roger’s solo before Black Night. He was totally into it and played some raw stuff sounding very heavy and melodic at the same time. More of that, please. Paicey delivered as well and this rhythm section is hard to beat.

Wring that Neck was an interesting choice and could be the next vehicle for duelling between Steve and Don. Actually we never heard their interpretations of this piece in full length, so this is an opportunity!

Gillan has been pointing out that the audience nowadays is ranging from 18 years to whatever. If you haven’t been to the gigs I can assure you that they are selling t-shirts in all sizes incl. S and I was next to 2 Swedish guys 10 and 12 years old wearing the new DP t-shirts, so this is the way of the world.

Per Eidnes Sørensen/CPH

Speaking of age differences, Rasmus Heide caught this couple in the front row:


3 Comments to “Copenhagen: The business – and pleasure”:

  1. 1
    stefan says:

    It warms my old but strong “Purple heart”, to see such variation in age at the gig in Copenhagen!I met a whole family of DP afficionados:grandpa,son and a grandson(about 12)who couldn´t stop raving `bout Steve Morse!It´s still hope for the youth of today, and heartwarming too see and hear the enthusiasm for real class musicians,playing real music for the masses!

  2. 2
    micke says:

    I saw several, no wrong, many “families” at the Linkoping gig and the young ones seemed very exited and happy. I had my girl and boy with me and we had a good time together. I think they call it “quality time” these days..

  3. 3
    Ole Andersen says:

    Beside me in Odense there was a man with his, about, 5 year old son on his neck at the first half of the concert, then they left the floor, maybe the boy got tired.
    Are there any NOT-sing-a-long-purple-songs?

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